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Mojio Push
The Mojio Push API is a RESTful interface that lets developers to get real-time notifications whenever conditions are met for events that happen to an entity e.g. a vehicle, connected car. With this... Notifications 01.08.2015
Insteon is a home-automation system. Insteon allows users to automate various functions at home, such as lighting, power outlets, and wall switches. The Insteon API allows developers to access and... Home Automation 01.06.2015
Sony Lifelog
Sony Lifelog is an application for wearables that tracks and records various data from the user, such as health information, fitness information, and goal tracking. The Sony Lifelog API allows... Wearable 01.06.2015
Scio is a molecular sensor device that can read the chemical make up of materials and objects. With the Scio application, the chemical make up of whatever the user scans with Scio is retrieved. The... Internet of Things 01.06.2015
Misfit has a variety of wearable technology products that track a user's activity, health data, sleep, and more. The Misfit API allows developers to access and integrate Misfit’s functionality... Wearable 01.06.2015
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CubeSensors App
CubeSensors are devices that contain seven different sensors for detecting air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, barometric pressure, and sensor motion in indoor environments. The... Internet of Things 09.19.2014
Real Time Chat App
This mashup is a simple web app demo that demonstrates how a real time chat application using the Beebotte API would behave. Users are able to create a tag ID, login, enter text, and post to a... Chat 08.12.2014
Fix it repair guides Playbook
need a fix? want to fix a device? this app interface pulls thousands of guides for thousands of devices. Easy to follow and easy to search this is a great app for anyone to have in their toolbox.... Internet of Things 09.17.2011
Deprecated is a fast video search engine for free movies and full episodes online. Search across numerous sites with a single click. You can even include Netflix or Amazon Prime in the results. Watch.... TV 07.12.2011
Wrist Watch Videos
Site that aggregates videos of watches by brand. Video 03.28.2008
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Name Description Category Date
Thalmic Myo
Thalmic Labs has developed Myo, a gesture control arm band that interprets electronic impulses of muscle actions to wirelessly control devices. They have an SDK/Framework for creating applications... Augmented Reality 07.29.2014
CommonSense JavaScript Library
The CommonSense JavaScript Library is a JavaScript module that allows users to interact with the CommonSense API. It includes function calls for each available API call and permits access to the raw... Internet of Things 07.29.2014
CommonSense PHP Library
The CommonSense PHP Library is composed of a collection of PHP classes that allow users to access all of the methods available for the CommonSense API. The library requires a username and password... Internet of Things 07.29.2014
CommonSense Python Library
The CommonSense Python Library is a Python module that's capable of interacting with the CommonSense API. It offers methods for accessing each of the API's calls and can handle the raw... Internet of Things 07.29.2014
Carvoyant JavaScript
This library provides a JavaScript API for interacting with the Carvoyant REST API. This library works in both the browser and as a Node.js module. Internet of Things 05.29.2014
Name Description Category Date
Nest Thermostat Control
The Nest JavaScript Sample Code for Thermostat Control is a thermostat control application the shows how to display and control a thermostat by accessing the Nest API. The code shows users how to:... Internet of Things 06.24.2014