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littleBits Cloud
The littleBits Cloud API allows developers to connect their littleBits devices to the internet. LittleBits sells sets of tiny electrical modules that users can snap together to easily create and... Internet of Things 07.12.2015
The BeaconsInSpace REST API provides developers with access to beacons across establishments in major cities for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists... Location 07.10.2015
Zatar is an Internet of Things cloud based service, designed to ease collaboration and application development. The API affords to create apps with customized experiences such as virtual world and... Application Development 06.23.2015
The Sense360 API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sense360 with other applications. Some example API methods include returning event details, retrieving places of... Motion 06.23.2015
Neura is an Internet of Things service that aims to improve engagement with users' communication and increase security with home automation. API/SDK documentation is available to build apps with... Internet of Things 06.22.2015
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Click4Support provides a broad array of services for its customers from PC repair for virus removal in Essex, CT, US with customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.... Customer Service 05.22.2015
iBeeKing is a beacon detection and management system allowing businesses to target customers with special promotions and offers who are verified to be in the physical location near the beacon up to... Internet of Things 04.26.2015
CubeSensors App
CubeSensors are devices that contain seven different sensors for detecting air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, barometric pressure, and sensor motion in indoor environments. The... Internet of Things 09.19.2014
Real Time Chat App
This mashup is a simple web app demo that demonstrates how a real time chat application using the Beebotte API would behave. Users are able to create a tag ID, login, enter text, and post to a... Chat 08.12.2014
Fix it repair guides Playbook
need a fix? want to fix a device? this app interface pulls thousands of guides for thousands of devices. Easy to follow and easy to search this is a great app for anyone to have in their toolbox.... Internet of Things 09.17.2011
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Name Description Category Date
The service allows applications to deliver notifications, called Tile and Toast messages, to mobile devices running the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It centralizes and simplifies error and... Telephony 06.15.2012
The service polls a mobile device and provides information about its capabilities and desktop configuration. It detects a range of over 500 capabilities including operating system, Javascript support... Telephony 06.05.2012
The service manages configuration of Over-the-Air (OTA) communication settings for interaction with mobile devices, including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), IAP(Internet Access Point) and MMS (... Telephony 05.22.2012
Sonos Music
Sonos is a consumer electronics company offering a multi-room audio system that lets users listen to music stored on a computer or the cloud. The Sonos Music API is a web-services API that provides a... Music 12.05.2011
Withings is a company focusing on the development of connected measuring devices, such as scales and blood pressure monitors, that can send health information directly to the internet. Withings Body... Medical 08.15.2011
Interpair is a cloud-based device pairing service. By using a dynamically generated PIN code, two clients can exchange pairing information. To send pairing information one client posts information... Internet of Things 06.15.2011
ThingSpeak Charts
ThingSpeak is a platform for users to share information about their networked devices. Users can post real time information about their devices to ThingSpeak through channels. The Charts API allows... Other 06.13.2011
The ThingSpeak API allows you to build "Internet of Things" applications. Use the API to create cloud applications that interact with sensors and controls from anything that supports the... Other 05.30.2011
The ioBridge Data Feed API allows users to connect sensors to web services, receive alerts, and data log the results. Additional functionality enables control of devices via web services and make... Tools 10.29.2010
Pachube enables you to store, share and discover real-time sensor, energy and environment data from buildings or other devices. Pachube provides most of its functionality through its API, rather than... Other 10.18.2009

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Name Description Category Date
Pushmote iOS SDK by Pushmote
The Pushmote iOS SDK in Objective-C provides developers access to the functionality of Pushmote for integrations with other applications and devices. Pushmote is a service that allows users to manage... Internet of Things 03.23.2015
CloudRail JavaScript SDK
This CloudRail SDK provides multiple aspects and functions to create, read, update and delete files and folders in JavaScript programming language. Internet of Things 02.21.2015
CloudRail Node.js SDK
This CloudRail SDK provides multiple aspects and functions to create, read, update and delete files and folders in Node.js programming language. Internet of Things 02.21.2015
Nest PHP Library nest-api
Nest-api is library that allows developers to easily interact with the Nest API from PHP code. It encompasses methods for monitoring and controlling the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect. Other 01.20.2015
Livescribe iOS SDK
Livescribe’s iOS SDK, written in Objective-C, allows developers to integrate the functionality of Livescribe with devices and to create applications, by pulling in handwritten notes, drawings and... Writing 01.06.2015
Scio SDK
The Scio SDK provides access to the Scio API and Scio's functionality for integration with devices and application creation. Scio provides access to the SDK for both iOS and Android, written in... Internet of Things 01.06.2015
Misfit Scientific Library
Misfit provides a scientific library to help developers access and build applications and integrate devices from Misfit's functionality and API and SDK. Misfit has a variety of wearable... Health 01.06.2015
Misfit Device SDK
The Misfit SDK provides developers access to the functionality of Misfit and Misfit's API to integrate with applications and Misfit devices to create new applications. Misfit has a variety of... Fitness 01.06.2015
theThings.IO Node.js Library
thThings.IO offers cloud-based backend and database services for IOT devices. Using the Node.js Library, applications can sync with theThings.IO REST API endpoints to programmatically store and... Internet of Things 12.19.2014
Freedomotic Framework
The Freedomotic Framework is an open-source, flexible, and secure development framework. It's functions can help in building and managing modern smart spaces for individuals and business users.... Internet of Things 11.18.2014
Name Description Category Date
Nest Thermostat Control
The Nest JavaScript Sample Code for Thermostat Control is a thermostat control application the shows how to display and control a thermostat by accessing the Nest API. The code shows users how to:... Internet of Things 06.24.2014