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The Myfox API allows developers to integrate their apps and devices with Myfox's home surveillance and security products. The API uses basic HTTP POST/GET methods with responses in JSON, and... Home Automation 04.21.2015
Konekt provides a REST API and a low-level TCP/IP socket service API that allow developers to provide cellular connectivity for devices. The REST API offers device management, SMS, and cloud features... Internet of Things 04.17.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand Update Connector
The Update Connector API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers retrieve information from external systems and update it through IDOL OnDemand APIs. This API updates the parameters for an... Data 03.21.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand Start Connector
The Start Connector API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers retrieve information from external systems and update it through IDOL OnDemand APIs. This API triggers a run of the connector... Hardware 03.21.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand Retrieve Config
The Retrieve Config API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers retrieve information from external systems and update it through IDOL OnDemand APIs. This API returns the configuration information... Data 03.21.2015
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Name Description Category Date
CubeSensors App
CubeSensors are devices that contain seven different sensors for detecting air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, barometric pressure, and sensor motion in indoor environments. The... Internet of Things 09.19.2014
Real Time Chat App
This mashup is a simple web app demo that demonstrates how a real time chat application using the Beebotte API would behave. Users are able to create a tag ID, login, enter text, and post to a... Chat 08.12.2014
Fix it repair guides Playbook
need a fix? want to fix a device? this app interface pulls thousands of guides for thousands of devices. Easy to follow and easy to search this is a great app for anyone to have in their toolbox.... Internet of Things 09.17.2011
Deprecated is a fast video search engine for free movies and full episodes online. Search across numerous sites with a single click. You can even include Netflix or Amazon Prime in the results. Watch.... TV 07.12.2011
Wrist Watch Videos
Site that aggregates videos of watches by brand. Video 03.28.2008
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Name Description Category Date
Scio SDK
The Scio SDK provides access to the Scio API and Scio's functionality for integration with devices and application creation. Scio provides access to the SDK for both iOS and Android, written in... Internet of Things 01.06.2015
Misfit Scientific Library
Misfit provides a scientific library to help developers access and build applications and integrate devices from Misfit's functionality and API and SDK. Misfit has a variety of wearable... Health 01.06.2015
Misfit Device SDK
The Misfit SDK provides developers access to the functionality of Misfit and Misfit's API to integrate with applications and Misfit devices to create new applications. Misfit has a variety of... Fitness 01.06.2015
theThings.IO Node.js Library
thThings.IO offers cloud-based backend and database services for IOT devices. Using the Node.js Library, applications can sync with theThings.IO REST API endpoints to programmatically store and... Internet of Things 12.19.2014
Freedomotic Framework
The Freedomotic Framework is an open-source, flexible, and secure development framework. It's functions can help in building and managing modern smart spaces for individuals and business users.... Internet of Things 11.18.2014
Licas Framework
Written in Java and Java ME, Licas allows one to build service-based networks. All of the main SOA features are included for distributed communications or architecture. Additional packages allow for... Infrastructure-as-a-Service 11.13.2014
Pebble Watchapp SDK
Pebble is a smart wristwatch, enabled with Bluetooth technology that can connect to smartphones. Enabling the development of Pebble applications, directions are included on how to install and utilize... Wearable 11.10.2014
This is a Python library made to interface with the PushBullet API. The PushBullet web API enables developers to build applications on the PushBullet infrastructure. Using PushBullet, applications... Notifications 10.06.2014
Wit SDK for iOS
Wit is a natural language for the Internet of Things that can work for mobile apps, home automation, wearable devices, robots, and SMS remote control. Wit SDK for iOS is available on Github. The... Internet of Things 10.01.2014
Garmin Connect IQ SDK
Connect IQ a platform for third-party developers to create apps for Garmin products, and the Connect IQ SDK gives developers the tools to build these apps. With Connect IQ developers can customize... Wearable 09.25.2014

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