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URX App Search
The RESTful URX API, currently in a private beta, promises to be an easy way to link interactions within an app via deep linking tactics to retrieve information or perform actions within other apps.... Internet of Things 08.21.2014
Omega Ricochet
RacoWireless offers a collection of communication management tools with their DevCloud and Omega Management Suite. The platform is designed to increase interoperability between IoT devices with... Internet of Things 08.20.2014
The Chain API enables developers to work with environmental data captured on sensor devices. These sensors collect data on local temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The Chain API is a... Data 08.18.2014
CubeSensors are small devices that contain seven different sensors for detecting environmental conditions. They are capable of monitoring air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, barometric... Internet of Things 08.13.2014
Pulseway REST
Pulseway provides a RESTful API that monitors up to 5 IT systems for free and more with a subscribed account. With this application used in any mobile device, developers can manage systems, control... Monitoring 07.24.2014
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Real Time Chat App
This mashup is a simple web app demo that demonstrates how a real time chat application using the Beebotte API would behave. Users are able to create a tag ID, login, enter text, and post to a... Chat 08.12.2014
Fix it repair guides Playbook
need a fix? want to fix a device? this app interface pulls thousands of guides for thousands of devices. Easy to follow and easy to search this is a great app for anyone to have in their toolbox.... Internet of Things 09.17.2011
Deprecated is a fast video search engine for free movies and full episodes online. Search across numerous sites with a single click. You can even include Netflix or Amazon Prime in the results. Watch.... TV 07.12.2011
Wrist Watch Videos
Site that aggregates videos of watches by brand. Video 03.28.2008
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