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Accurate Background
The Accurate Background API allows developers to integrate FCRA-compliant background screening into their web and mobile applications. It can screen thousands of individuals at once and provides... Human Resources 03.31.2015
Dansk Supermarked
The Dansk Supermarked API is a Danish Web API that provides geocoded store information. This includes store resources such as basic information, location, and hours for Dansk Supermarked stores:... Addresses 02.25.2015
The SpringRole REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SpringRole with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving jobs, posting jobs, retrieving... Jobs 02.18.2015
The Clowdy API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Clowdy with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving information about users, retrieving... Social 01.07.2015
DOJ Law Jobs
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Law Jobs API distributes available government legal job openings and vacancy announcements, sourced from the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management. This... Jobs 12.11.2014
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Name Description Category Date
SAP FICO Jobs is a job board for consultants and analysts of SAP Finance and Controlling modules. Jobs 02.24.2015
Hired is a job search process built specifically for Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UI/UX Designers, and Product Managers. Using this application, job seekers will be able to showcase their... Marketplace 09.28.2014
Python Developer Salary Survey
Analysis and visualization of Python Developer Salary Survey. Uses SlashDB API for data content and IPython Notebook for presentation. Analytics 05.18.2014
GlobAround is a desktop mashup that uses the APIs from Booli and Nestoria. It lets users search classified ads for free items from around the world. There are also sections for job listings and real... Search 05.05.2014
Fuzwire leverages the CareerBuilder job database allowing users to search for jobs by location and function. Jobs 04.01.2014
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The Pealk-Viadeo Merger Combines a Great Headhunting App with a Large Professional Social Network

The Pealk-Viadeo Merger Combines a Great Headhunting App with a Large Professional Social Network

Quick: Name that professional network with more than 50 million members. Did you guess... Viadeo? LinkedIn is larger, with over 175 million members. But Viadeo has upped it is game with its acquisi...
Name Description Category Date
USA Today Sports Salaries
USA Today's sports databases contain information about the salaries for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players for the past few years (since 1988 for baseball, and around 2000 for... Sports 12.09.2010
The Zipster API allows anyone interact programmatically with Zipster by providing a range of API methods and data, which can be easily integrated into an application or a website. Zipster is a career... Jobs 11.12.2010
The Elance Developer API exposes the Elance system through a Web-based interface that can be called from any application platform. Elance provides an online platform for freelancers and employers to... Jobs 10.01.2010
Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit is an Applicant Tracking System that provides an API. The product lets companies create job openings and track applications. Using the API, one might integrate with HR or other systems. Enterprise 08.04.2010
From their site: "The Freelancers API lets users access public information on programmatically. Such information has to be used in accordance with the and Affiliate... Jobs 05.25.2010
BrightFuse is a talent community "for professionals of all ranks and industries to showcase their unique skills and specialties, and interact with each other in interest-based groups". It... Social 04.30.2010
Tribe HR
TribeHR is the easiest way to manage your Human Resources. We offer human resources software that simplifies the task of hiring, finding, and engaging employees. For users and developers involved... Enterprise 03.11.2010
Zijob is a French employment site that allows candidates to seek employment from more than 600 jobs and submit their resumes, and recruiters to post job offers. The Zijob API allows users to search... Jobs 03.02.2010
LinkUp Job Search Engine
LinkUp is a job search engine that only lists jobs taken directly from over 20,000 company websites. Developers can use the API to develop their own custom job searching solutions. Access the data... Jobs 02.20.2010
Monster Web Services Toolkit
This API allows users to publish job ads to the job search and placement service. Users interact with BGW by sending SOAP messages over HTTPS. Monster service includings job seeking,... Jobs 12.18.2009
Peerlo JobGenie
The JobGenie social recruiting platform is a SaaS (Software-as-a- Service) application. The JobGenie API allows developers to integrate CRM systems with it or create other applications that interact... Jobs 12.18.2009
oDesk is a marketplace for online workteams, with a unique business model for both buyers and providers that looks to guarantee to buyers that an hour billed is an hour worked, while guaranteeing to... Jobs 11.06.2009
Getafreelancer is a resource for finding freelance programmers or looking for freelance jobs; thousands of skilled programmers are available for hiring. The Getafreelancer API allows users and... Jobs 09.29.2009
The LiveWork Open Workforce API (OWAPI) enables businesses to integrate applications with an on-demand virtual workforce provided by LiveWork. LiveWork’s platform, which integrates crowdsourcing and... Enterprise 09.16.2009
CareerBuilder API allows you to integrate their database of over 1.5 million jobs with your software or website. The API provides methods for basic job searching, retrieving data for a specific job,... Jobs 08.04.2009
UK Civil Service
The UK's Civil Service helps job-seekers find work or retrain for new careers in industry, government, agriculture, and education. The Civil Service API enables developers retrieve and list all... Jobs 04.28.2009
JobMotel allows users to discover web developer jobs, contract, permanent and freelance vacancies listed. JobMotel pulls its results from a number of sources and aggregates them into one resource. Jobs 04.14.2009
CATS is a web-based applicant tracking system used to track and manage candidates as they go through the hiring process. Jobs 02.03.2009
The XigniteCompensation API lets you access director and officer compensation of more than 6,000 U.S. companies. You can find salaries, cash compensation, option grants and more. Financial 01.14.2009
Use the JobCrank API to integrate JobCrank data with your internal applications. You an query jobs, post jobs, and look for new matches. View jobs for hire, project bidding, and volunteer positions. Jobs 11.04.2008
Cofundos helps developers realize open-source software ideas by providing a platform for their discussion development by establishing a process for organizing the contributions and interests of... Jobs 11.02.2008
Authentic Jobs
The Authentic Jobs API allows you to build a jobs mashup. Use the API to list jobs, list locations of jobs, job types, jobs at certain companies, and so on. Get results returned back according to... Jobs 09.03.2008
Simply Hired Jobs
From their site: Job Search XML API by This API gives developers access to all 7 million job listings on the web and Simply Hired's extensive advanced search capabilities.... Jobs 07.24.2008
JobCentral Jobs
From their site: The JobCentral XML API can provide free and easy job content to websites without the need to bulk up on servers or develop search technology. JobCentral's API will run in the... Jobs 03.16.2008
From their site: Zubka makes it easy to find and recruit the very best people through personal recommendation. Zubka's technology makes it easy to refer people you know into jobs on our site –... Jobs 03.01.2008
Use the Taleo Business Edition Recruit Web API to easily integrate with other enterprise applications, or extend Taleo Business Edition to create entirely new solutions. Taleo on-demand talent... Enterprise 09.07.2006
Google Base
The Google Base API makes it possible to get items in and out of Google Base; a free service for submiting various content for Google to host and to make searchable online. The service allows content... eCommerce 08.23.2006
Service for automating posting of job listings to multiple job sites including Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs. NOTE: contact for the api documentation Jobs 01.08.2006
Indeed is a search engine for jobs - with a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from... Jobs 09.04.2005
Name Description Category Date
Indonesia Jobs Real-time Search Engine. Using Indeed API, CareerJet API, Foursquare API, Facebook Open Graph API and built using Twitter Bootstrap. Jobs 08.24.2013
Coderbits is a network for software developers and designers that automatically builds knowledge portfolios using 60+ data sources. Portfolios are built using source code, packages, designs,... Social 07.22.2013
Turn your LinkedIn and Facebook profile into Europass CV/Language Passport! Jobs 07.06.2013
Jobs Search and Salary Research is a jobs listing mashup site using indeed and google map API . we use also payscale for salary research. Jobs 06.09.2013
Job Sniffer
JobSniffer helps you organize and automate your job search powered with the API from Indeed. -Create filters and automate your search. Let the app do the hard work and it will notify you when new... Mapping 06.05.2013
Job search that utilises,, API-s. Jobs 06.03.2013
AML Source
AML Source is a highly focused job board for anti-money laundering (AML) professionals. Jobs 06.02.2013
Job Search Engine for Indonesian
Simple apps to search a job for Indonesian. Jobs 05.29.2013
Companies Near Me
Companies Near Me is a Google Map of tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visualizations 05.24.2013
Location based job search. Helping locals find local jobs by plotting jobs on Google Maps. The easiest way to find a job near you. Jobs 05.11.2013

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