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Mobile Search on Urban Dictionary
Language 10.12.2006
Social 07.01.2007
Messaging 09.20.2007
Learnit Lists
Education 02.20.2008
2lingual Google Search
Search 08.06.2008
Education 03.29.2009
Wijng Learn Languages
Video 04.24.2009
Q&A 05.14.2009
Fast & Quick Online Translator
Translation 04.26.2010
Learn English online with songs
Language 04.27.2010
Sing And Study
Video 04.29.2010
Popup Chinese pronunciation feedback
Voice 06.03.2010
Quisoft's mashup playground
Translation 08.25.2010
2lingual Twitter Search
Search 09.29.2010
Blogging 01.19.2011
Alconost Nitro
Language 04.28.2011
Google Multilingual Voice Search
Search 05.18.2011
The pronunciation guide for Windows Phone
Telephony 05.22.2011
Twitter Multilingual Voice Search
Search 06.08.2011
How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...)
Audio 09.08.2011
2lingual Bing Search
Language 10.28.2011
How to say
Voice 10.29.2011
Urban Dictionary TV
Video 01.31.2012
German-Korean Dictionary
Language 05.01.2012
VocaBoca Visual Translator and Vocabulary app
Language 07.19.2012