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CHINO API provides to mHealth app developers secure API and storage for health data according to EU Data Protection laws. API applies RESTful principles and simplifies law compliance... Backend-as-a-Service 04.06.2015
EnClout Pacer
The Pacer service provides online access to documents related to appellate, bankruptcy, civil, criminal and multi-district litigation in the United States. This API about public access to court... Data-as-a-Service 07.21.2014
Lleida ENUM
Lleida is a service for turning email and SMS communications into legally binding contracts, but it also provides an ENUM service, which uses DNS queries to map phone numbers to the internet... Telephony 04.03.2014
Doxpop is a site that provides public access to court information without having to physically go to the courthouse. Any person may use the service, but it is particularly useful to professionals... Database 01.31.2014
CourtListener is a legal database which has collected nearly 2.5M (and growing) legal opinions with rich meta data and citation network. The Opinions in the site's archives date back to the... Database 11.14.2013
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Equaldex: The Collaborative LGBT Rights Knowledge Base
Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and... Reference 01.12.2015 App for the iPhone App for iPhone lets you find and contact attorneys when you are on the go. The App uses Martindale-Hubbell APIs to perform Search and retrieve profile information of Lawyers and Law firms. Law 11.01.2011 now has a click-to-call button to call a lawyer immediately from their website using Twilio Client. Reference 08.15.2011
Find-a-Lawyer is a simple Android native application to find a lawyer in United States. This software uses's API. Search 07.18.2011
Last Call Blood Alcohol Estimator
Last Call is a free, easy way to estimate your blood-alcohol level and determine if it's safe for you to drive after drinking. If not, use it to call a cab. Last Call also provides a list of... Law 02.02.2011
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Can Developers use APIs and Data Tools like to Create Commercial Products?

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