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Wise is a machine learning company that aims to provide value with target market, client retention, customer behavior, and marketing automation services. The API is about machine learning. It helps... Machine Learning 10.07.2014
Facten is a lead-generating service focused on connecting sales teams with the scientific community. Companies seeking to increase their pipeline may use Facten to acquire additional potential... Sales 10.06.2014
The Preact API enables developers to log events information in their applications. The API works for a given person or account individually. The objective of the API is to be able to predict... Events 09.21.2014
API.AI enables programmers to add speech interface to their apps and devices allowing them to understand and perform verbal requests. It creates a mapping between language and data structures to... Natural Language Processing 09.16.2014
MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for natural language processing and machine learning customized for... Data Mining 09.15.2014
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Text Analysis in Google Spreadsheet
With the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, web users can analyze text from social media using Google Spreadsheet. The way this add-on works is by copying and pasting text from the social media channel to be... Text 09.24.2014
Linda is an artificial intelligence being developed by Basi Technologies that answers a wide variety of user questions. The AI is powered by several APIs and language parsing technology. Intelligence 07.29.2014
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How to Perform, Visualize Sentiment Analysis with the WebKnox Text Processing API

How to Perform, Visualize Sentiment Analysis with the WebKnox Text Processing API

Sentiment analysis is an important community engagement metric, and with APIs like the WebKnox Text Processing API, it is an analytical technique now open to any business. This tutorial examines ho...


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