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The SmartNotify API allows developers to track and analyze communication habits of customers. The aim is to provide optimized integration for communication mediums such as emails, phone calls, text... Messaging 12.09.2014
Gini is an information management company that provides users a way to manage their information on the cloud, some of the features include information extraction, storage, backend, search. The Gini... Analytics 11.30.2014
Indico provides machine learning technologies for managing large datasets and using them to make accurate predictions. They provide a free development environment that eliminates the technical... Sentiment 11.29.2014
Apache Spark
Apache Spark is a fast cluster computing system. The tool enables developers to quickly write programs in Python, Java, and Scala that access a unified processing engine in order to process large... SQL 11.17.2014
Feedzai Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention that learns. Feedzai aims to learn, predict, and prevent questionable profiles using fraud models, scoring algorithms, and machine learning. The site shows a graphic representation... Payments 11.05.2014
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Text Analysis in Google Spreadsheet
With the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, web users can analyze text from social media using Google Spreadsheet. The way this add-on works is by copying and pasting text from the social media channel to be... Text 09.24.2014
Linda is an artificial intelligence being developed by Basi Technologies that answers a wide variety of user questions. The AI is powered by several APIs and language parsing technology. Intelligence 07.29.2014
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Name Description Category Date
InSight SDK
InSight Software Development Kit (SDK) is an individual face analysis software toolkit which uniquely combines emotion recognition, demographics and eye tracking technologies in one solution. It can... Machine Learning 09.16.2014
Infantium SDK
Infantium is an app that provides cognitive learning tools for infants. The service uses playful imagery with a methodical approach supported by research in cognitive technology, machine learning,... Learning Management Systems 09.05.2014

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