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Intention Analysis
Intention Analysis allows users to identify inquiries, expressions of immediate needs, complaints or frustration in social media messages. It allows users to filter out marketing messages from... Social 08.13.2014
Guesswork is a machine learning service to predict customer intent. You can use it to build intelligent CRM that increases customer conversion. Guesswork predicts customer intent accurately using a... Machine Learning 07.31.2014
PredictionIO is an open-source machine learning server. PredictionIO allows software and application publishers and developers to add automatic, predictive features to their products, such as... Customization 08.25.2013
Myrrix is a complete, real-time, scalable recommender system, evolved from Apache Mahout. Just as we take for granted easy access to powerful, economical storage and computing today, Myrrix will let... Recommendations 08.29.2012
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Linda is an artificial intelligence being developed by Basi Technologies that answers a wide variety of user questions. The AI is powered by several APIs and language parsing technology. Intelligence 07.29.2014
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