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Windows Azure Billing
The Windows Azure Billing API, that predicts and manages billing services, is available for preview. It works with HTTP protocol and authenticates with Token. The goals of this API include to... Billing 06.25.2015
John Deere Logistics
The John Deere Logistics API allows developers to integrate their business management systems with the AgLogic Fleet Logistics Application. This API enables users to maintain key account information... Logistics 06.25.2015
ShepHertz App42 Cloud Session Management
The ShepHertz App42 Cloud Session Management API allows developers to do persistent session management for native applications. ShepHertz Technologies is a cloud company that specializes in many... Cloud 04.28.2015
The Allscripts API allows developers to integrate and develop with Allscripts' EHR (Electronic Health Record) software. Developers can use Allscripts to discretely exchange data between the EHR... Healthcare 03.23.2015
Google Play Game Services Management
The Google Play Game Services Management API allows developers to reset achievements, events, quests, rooms, scores, and turn-based matches. It also allows them to hide or un-hide players and... Games 03.16.2015
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Sellf is a mobile CRM solution that lets you manage business opportunities on-the-go, quickly and intuitively. Users can automatically log customer interactions, record new contacts and deals while... Management 06.22.2013
Church Management Software
This is a mash-up of Google Calendar, Google Maps with our church management software that tracks church events and locations of small groups that are meeting. Religion 06.12.2013
InDash: SMS Dashboard & auto-responder for Nexmo
InDash allows you to manage and process your incoming text messages. It lets you quickly setup a dashboard for your Nexmo incoming numbers. You can configure SMS forwards to email / URLs or setup... Messaging 04.09.2012
Makes it easy to review and delete/keep your old delicious bookmarks by showing the web page in a n iframe right next to some delete/keep buttons Management 02.15.2010
XsDesktop helps you manage your business. Use contact management, project management and financial management modules. Integrates with Google Docs,, DigitalBucket, Dropbox and others! Storage 05.04.2009
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Name Description Category Date
The OCLC is a nonprofit computer library service and research organization which offers WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a suite of services that allow users to manage a library's entire... Reference 09.10.2012
ManageBGL Diabetes
Cloud-based diabetes management platform. Calculates doses and tracks insulin on board just like an insulin pump would. Predicts blood sugars up to eight hours ahead, and provides historical data... Medical 09.08.2012
Illuminate Education
Illuminate Education provides web based education software. Their solution allows educators to manage their gradebook, assessment system, parent portal, attendance, data management, report cards,... Education 09.05.2012
Forte Group
The Forte Group provides solutions for IT management. Their services include software development and hiring help. For software development, they provide custom product for enterprise, mobile, and... Management 09.05.2012
GatherContent is an online content management platform. GatherContent lets users curate website content, collaborate on website content, edit website content, and plan for website content posting.... Management 09.04.2012
PaperCut is a print optimization service that aims to help organizations reduce print costs and their environmental impact. The PaperCut API allows access to the functionality of the PaperCut system... Office 09.03.2012
GoMobileIQ Headlight
Headlight combines online mapping, routing, email and customer notifications into a online application. The Headlight API considers these fields and generates optimized routes for delivery.... Shipping 09.03.2012
ScienceLogic is a platform designed to support corporate IT operations. It discovers, monitors, and manages infrastructure and applications without the need for multiple tools and vendors.... Enterprise 09.01.2012
Alfresco is an enterprise content platform for storing and sharing important documents such as strategic plans, customer profiles, sales presentations, invoices, and contracts. It also features... Enterprise 08.30.2012
Silk is a web content creation and management platform. Users can organize their web content and add features and characteristics to their web pages with Silk functionality. The Silk API allows... Content 08.30.2012
WorkMarket is a labor resource platform that can be used to find professionals, get assignments, or both. The service enables companies to engage, find, verify, pay, manage, and rate the employees... Enterprise 08.27.2012
Practice Fusion
Practice Fusion is a provider of a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) application aimed at physicians. Practice Fusion is currently being used by over 150,000 physicians and practice managers... Office 08.23.2012
Microsoft Atlas
As part of Microsoft Advertising, Atlas is a suite of tools for publishers, advertisers and agencies. The suite includes a console for campaign planning, delivery, and reporting, management for paid... Advertising 08.23.2012
amoCRM is an online sales and relationship management service designed to help users manage and pursue sales leads. The amoCRM API allows users to retrieve, search, edit and add contacts, deals,... Enterprise 08.14.2012
Propertyware is asset management software for real estate. It is intended for landlords, fee managers, and REO asset managers. The software comes in different packages for different sized operations... Real Estate 08.14.2012
RentPost is a rental property management platform. It serves landlords, building managers, and tenants. For landlords and building managers, RentPost provices a dashboard with rent collection, work... Real Estate 08.14.2012
Keen Print
Keen is a Software-as-a-Service ecommerce and print shop management tool. Keen can be used to help find prospects, receive their orders and ship their products. Keen allows print companies to set up... eCommerce 08.13.2012
NextUser is a subscription services management platform. It provides extensible subscription marketing and order management features for businesses to consolidate their configuration overheard. The... Enterprise 08.09.2012
Jupix is a web-based estate agency management service based in the United Kingdom. The Jupix API covers three functions of the Jupix online management service. The API will provide property details,... Real Estate 08.07.2012
Blueleaf is a data solutions provider for financial institutions. They provide data management software and apps for financial advisors and their clients. Their product has features for client... Financial 07.29.2012
Webshell is an API platform that aims to make APIs more interoperable in an effort to boost innovation. Users can call and manage all of their APIs in a uniform way using an online command line.... Tools 07.24.2012
Ingresse is Brazilian event management platform. It allows event planners and attendees convenient access to ticket sales, as well as event information and communications. Events can range from... Events 07.18.2012
Vend is a retail management solutions provider. Their product combines point-of-sale software with inventory and customer tracking software. The entire package is web-based and allows managers to... eCommerce 07.13.2012
Jama Contour
Jama is a software provider. Their leading product is Contour, a web-based application that is used to plan product releases and manage requirements. Contour can be used to execute projects, approve... Enterprise 07.12.2012
BookingCenter Booking Engine
BookingCenter is a maker of property management software. Offering both web based and desktop solutions, BookingCenter software allows users to perform the following tasks: reservations, guest... Real Estate 07.10.2012
LessannoyingCRM is designed to be a simpler way for small business to manage their customer relationships. The LessAnnoyingCRM API supports data creation to through third-part... Tools 07.06.2012
Astroboa Resource
Astroboa is an information management service that provides a data services platform. Astroboa aims to cover the complete lifecycle of information management, from dynamic modeling to automated... Enterprise 07.02.2012
360 Business Tool
360 Business Tool is a Danish system for businesses to manage a variety of operations. 360 Business Tool offers CRM functionality, budget information, time and invoicing functions, and employee... Enterprise 07.01.2012
Google Coordinate
Google Coordinate is a workforce management application that lets organizations manage and keep track of their mobile workforce. The API exposes functionality such as job createion, listings, and... Enterprise 06.27.2012
NameSilo is a domain registrar service. They provide domain management services and tools to businesses, individuals, web designers, and others. From among their tools, users can secure their domains... Tools 06.25.2012
WiseNET is an information management solutions provider for registered training organizations based in Australia and New Zealand. They help vocational training institutions grow their business with... Education 06.23.2012
Clerk is a cloud-based hotel management system. It offers a variety of plans to meet different-sized hotels’ needs. Clerk’s plans include several tools for room and reservation management. These... Travel 06.23.2012
SmarterTools SmarterMail
SmarterTools is a software company that builds applications for small and medium sized businesses. Their software includes solutions for email, help desk and analytics. SmarterMail delivers Exchange-... Email 06.21.2012
Emergent One
Emergent One is an API building, creation, and management platform. Customers can build and create their APIs with Emergent One. Emergent One offers developers a development portal, with API... Backend 06.16.2012
APIphany is an API management and hosting platform. APIphany offers users API management, API statistics information, API testing, and API monitoring. APIphany offers developers portals and... Backend 06.16.2012
API Axle is an API management and hosting solution. API Axle also offers an API for users to access and use. The API Axle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of... Backend 06.16.2012
SubscriptionBridge is a subscription management system provided by Early Impact, an ecommerce solutions business. SubscriptionBridge combines automated recurring billing with account management... Payments 06.14.2012
MutualMind is an enterprise level social media management service. It is a web app that can monitor and promote brands across social networks. The API gives users access to the data behind the... Social 05.24.2012
SendGrid Customer Subuser
SendGrid's cloud-based email helps keep emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that scales with email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks. The Customer... Email 05.23.2012
SendGrid Reseller
SendGrid's cloud-based email helps keep emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that scales with email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks. The Reseller... Email 05.23.2012
eBay Platform Notifications
The eBay Notification API makes it possible for applications to receive notifications for events that occur on eBay. Notifications are triggered by events such as when a listing ends or the creation... Messaging 05.21.2012
Donor Tools
Donor Tools is a non-profit software for managing and tracking donors using a variety of tracking, reporting and communication features. The API offers the user complete access to same data and... Financial 05.18.2012
Qumu is a business video platform provider. Qumu's video platform lets businesses capture, manage, and distribute live and on-demand content. The Qumu Video Control Center gives businesses... Video 05.17.2012
Accthub is a service that acts as an account management system for app builders. It is used to store and mange user's account information, credentials, addresses and meta-data. Among the... Backend 05.17.2012
Openwave Network Address Book
Openwave Messaging is a provider of messaging solutions with cloud and social integration capabilities. The Network Address Book (NAB) synchronizes contact information across multiple platforms... Tools 05.14.2012
SirsiDynix Symphony
SirsiDynix provides library automation systems for more than 23,000 libraries in more than 70 countries around the world. SirsiDynix offers APIs that allow libraries to gain full access to all... Other 05.11.2012
New Dawn ACM
New Dawn Technologies is a provider of web-based, case management solutions for governments. Solutions include case management software, data sharing, e-filing, e-payment, e-discovery, and public... Government 05.11.2012
GameHUD is a video game monitoring and analysis service. Game developers can use it track user statistics such as returning or new users, unique machines, and where players are having difficulty.... Games 05.09.2012
MokiMobility +MDM
MokiMobility provides a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform allowing developers to manage iOS and Android devices remotely. +MDM is a platform for developers to create single-purpose... Tools 05.08.2012
Sapo Mail
SAPO is a Portuguese Internet service provider whose main web site acts as a web portal featuring a directory of Portuguese sites. SAPO Services provides a large suite of web services and... Email 04.26.2012
The Miso Project
The Miso Project is an open-source toolkit for data visualization. The Miso Project's first product, Dataset, is a JavaScript data library and management system. The Miso Project Dataset API... Tools 04.23.2012
GroupDocs is an online document management platform. GroupDocs allows users and organizations to manage and revise documents, create digital signatures, collaborate on documents, and search for all... File Sharing 04.20.2012
Medidata Rave
Medidata provides clinical research organizations with solutions for planning and managing their clinical trials. These tools can be used for study and protocol design, trial planning and budgeting,... Medical 04.16.2012
Certain is an on demand event management service. It's cloud based platform allows users to plan, promote, manage and track events. The Certain API allows developers to integrate some of the... Events 04.16.2012
SensorCloud is a data storage, management, and visualization platform. SensorCloud offers data storage and management solutions, as well as data visualization tools. The SensorCloud API allows... Tools 04.15.2012
Autotask is a cloud based business management software platform that lets users organize, automate and optimize their business. It gives users the ability to do their billing, scheduling, employee... Office 04.14.2012
Barium Live
Barium Live! provides tools and services for creating valuable and sustainable process solutions. Target customers are leading businesses and organizations that need to automate and ensure the... Enterprise 04.13.2012
BuzzData is a service that offers data hosting and management services. Users can upload data, track revisions, share data, and interact with the data with BuzzData. The BuzzData API allows... Database 04.05.2012
ADI Time
ADI Time offers a suite of workforce optimization and management software. The suite includes software for scheduling, time cards, absence management, payroll, compliance and more. The ADI Time API... Office 03.29.2012
Elite offers legal practice management software. The software automates accounting operations and gives access to critical financial and operational data. In addition to practice management, the... Office 03.28.2012
Clio is a legal practice management system suitable for small to mid-sized law firms. It offers a suite of tools to help users manage their practice including document management, time tracking,... Office 03.28.2012
MyCase is a social practice management platform for legal professionals. It allows lawyers to access their documents, emails, client contact information, billing data and other core applications. The... Office 03.28.2012
Aladtec - Online Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management - is used by thousands of people and supports many industries throughout the country. Proudly serving a variety of industries, including... Office 03.20.2012
AppHarbor is a cloud based Platform as a Service solution for .NET. that can be used to deploy and scale any standard .NET application. AppHarbor is used to host blogs, web sites and high traffic web... Applications 03.19.2012
Intralinks is a company that offers a variety of enterprise products and solutions for communication, collaboration, and data and information management for various industries. The Intralinks API... Enterprise 03.01.2012
The service enables management of member lists, subgroups, and other functions of clubs, interest groups, not-for-profit associations, and similar membership organizations. It establishes a platform... Social 02.24.2012
Z33K Tournament API
Z33K is an online platform that facilitates organized competitive gaming. The site provides access to thousands of tournaments for gamers, live streaming video, forums, and coaching services. Z33K... Games 02.21.2012
Desire2Learn is an online learning platform that offers a variety of online learning products. Desire2Learn offers numerous features for both teachers and students for online learning/ The... Education 02.14.2012
Hetzner Online is a web hosting provider and data center operator. The Robots API gives developers programmatic access to all of the server hosting functionality offered by the service. This includes... Hosting 01.31.2012
WebDAM is a web-based digital asset management platform. Users of WebDAM can upload, organize, store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, videos, logos, and other digital assets... Media 01.26.2012
Planmill offers cloud based CRM, ERP, PROJECT and PSA. The Planmill API lets developers exchange information between third party applications and Planmill. Examples of applications that can be... Enterprise 01.25.2012
DbApi allows users to access their SQL databases via a web interface. With the API users can manage their DB queries and credentials and then execute them. Functionality includes storing query... Database 12.09.2011
BlueKai is a data management platform that specializes in audience data. BlueKai offers marketing organizations and agencies data analysis tools for their 1st party data to understand who their... Enterprise 12.05.2011
Kaltura is an open source online platform for video publishing, management, syndication, and monetization. The associated APIs allow users to access every core service of the platform for... Video 12.04.2011
KnowledgeTree is a document management software provider that helps organizations to manage the growing amount of content within their lines of business. KnowledgeTree offers APIs that let developers... Enterprise 11.28.2011
Cloudability tracks and manages more than 80 cloud and SaaS providers to give companies the ability to monitor and analyze complete cloud spend across multiple vendors. Cloudability provides... Cloud 11.01.2011
FeedbackRoad is a web-based customer feedback and idea management service that allows companies and websites to collect customer feedback and ideas. The FeedbackRoad API allows developers to access... Tools 10.24.2011
Wappwolf is a file management application. Users can upload documents from a variety of sources (mobile, email, web, dropbox), process photos, process documents, and share files with other people.... Media 09.21.2011
InterWorx License
The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel is a Linux based dedicated server and VPS control panel. InterWorx allows users to easily build a load balanced cluster of servers, expanding their web hosting... Hosting 08.31.2011
FluidVM is a service that handles systems management, local and iSCSI SAN storage, and network management, along with supporting virtualization technologies, web hosting, and data center environments... Tools 08.28.2011
Carbon Calculated
Carbon Calculated provides industry leading carbon and energy management software that is fully compliant with government regulations. The data that Carbon Calculated is based on is accessible... Tools 04.06.2011
Kaavo Web Services
Kaavo Web services allows users to programmatically interact with IMOD. Kaavo provides solutions for managing distributed applications and workloads in the clouds. Kaavo’s core product,... Cloud 01.04.2011
The PagerDuty integration API allows users to add PagerDuty's advanced alerting functionality to any system that can make an HTTP API call. PagerDuty is an alerting system for IT professionals.... Messaging 12.22.2010
enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management solution for deploying and managing enterprise-class applications in public, private and hybrid clouds. enStratus' web services API provides a way... Enterprise 12.06.2010
AWS Identity and Access Management
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to manage Users and User permissions under their AWS Account. With it users can access... Other 09.14.2010
Dropstr is a cloud management service that allows for the creation of shared environments for friends and coworkers. The Dropstr API allows users to create applications for a way to access stored... Other 08.24.2010
ContractPal empowers web developers to quickly design, develop, and deploy contract-oriented web applications. ContractPal makes it easy: no hardware to buy, no software to license and configure, and... Enterprise 04.02.2009
Iron Money
Iron Money is a personal finance application that helps you keep track of your money across all your accounts. Your accounts on Iron Money contain all of your transactions in real life. You can keep... Financial 02.26.2009
MoneyBird is an online service providing fast and easy billing. You can create, manage and send invoices, but also manage your contacts, send recurring invoices and manage your expenses. PayPal... Enterprise 02.23.2009
The Gnip API provides notification of activities (events) occurring in a variety of services and, whenever possible, a guid that identifies the activity itself vis a vis the service it was created on... Social 07.01.2008
voo2do is the always-accessible, web-based time management spreadsheet for tracking tasks, projects, notes and deadlines. Other 02.07.2006

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