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Pemilu Geographic
The Pemilu Geographic API allows users to retrieve information on the geographic boundaries relevant to Indonesia's civic government and the 2014 elections. Users can also download TopoJSON map... Politics 07.09.2014
OpenCage Geocoder
OpenCage Geocoder combines multiple geocoding systems and lots of open data to provide geocoding and reverse geocoding services that cover the entire world. Users are free to display geocoding... Mapping 07.09.2014
GraphHopper is a travel routing service designed to find the fastest route between two locations based on OpenStreetMap data. GraphHopper provides worldwide coverage and can suggest routes to take by... Transportation 06.21.2014 is an API for geocoding and reverse geocoding Colombian addresses. Developers can integrate the ability to derive addresses from geographic coordinates (and coordinates from addresses)... Mapping 04.23.2014
StrikeIron US Geocode Information
Pinpoint the exact location of customers, prospects or competitors with geocode data. The US Address Geocode Information Web Service uses geocode technology from DataFlux to provide a powerful... Reference 04.14.2014
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Location based Instagram Photos
Mashup of Google Map and Instagram that displays Instagram photos based on location. The default is set at the current location and the photos are displayed in a flip board style. Mapping 07.18.2014
Searchable map of the University of South Florida (USF) campus. Mapping 06.14.2014
Goolzoom France
Goolzoom uses data from the Geoportail and Google Maps API to provide a searchable map. When searching in France, users can refine their searches by selecting different locations, businesses, and... Mapping 05.20.2014
The AroundMe app pulls data from providers around the world to give their users a sense of what is "around" them. Users must be connected to a WiFi/G provider for service. Mapping 05.08.2014
Maps Compare
Maps Compare compares the mapping service APIs provided by Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth. Comparisons 05.07.2014
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Name Description Category Date
The Transit App
The Transit App is an application that helps commuters and travellers plan their routes and get directions in various cities. The Transit App API allows developers to access and integrate the... Transportation 07.09.2013
RedLine13 Zip Code Distance
The Zip Code Distance API is a web service from RedLine13, the cloud load testing service. The API can calculate distance between zip codes, find all zip codes within a given radius, and convert zip... Tools 07.07.2013
The PastPlaces API offers access to information from A Vision of Britain Through Time, a database that compiles the data from historical surveys of Britain. The database is part of the Great Britain... Education 07.01.2013
Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPS
The Atlas GPS service created by Fresh Logic Studios allows users to register up to 10 GPS devices and track their locations using Atlas. This tracking is done in real-time and can be viewed on a map... Mapping 06.29.2013
NetCom DataLayer
NetCom is a Norwegian broadband provider. Additionally, the NetCom website provides a mapping service that shows locations covered by various broadband providers in Norway. This map can be accessed... Mapping 06.26.2013
UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System
The UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) supports the conservation community by providing a place for people to post and search for information on work being done to benefit important... Science 06.26.2013
ProxAPI is a service and API that allows users to search, find matches, and receive automated real-time notifications for anything they choose within their proximity. The ProxAPI allows developers... Tools 06.22.2013
3.0 Trippin' in
Trippin'in is like Nielsen for places. They disrupt the Travel and local market by offering a new method for local recommendations, replacing the known "review-based" method offered... Travel 06.22.2013
Follow The Game
Follow The Game is a service for finding radio stations that are covering the Big Game. Users may enter a single location or the route for a road trip and receive back the station or stations that... Sports 06.22.2013
SircWeb for Logistics
SircWeb is a Chinese GIS software platform that also provides GIS-related web services. The SircWeb for Logistics APIs deal primarily with mapping, locations, and route-finding. Some of their... Mapping 06.22.2013
Toopher is an online authentication service that provides automated, two-factor authentication using the location awareness of smartphones to add another layer of security to traditional passwords.... Security 06.18.2013
City of Helsinki Geocoder
The City of Helsinki provides a Geocoder API that allows users to access geospatial information relevant to the Helsinki metropolitan area. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format to give... Mapping 06.13.2013
CitySDK Mobility
CitySDK is a project that's designed to make it easier for cities to expose useful information to developers. So far, the cities of Lisbon, Helsinki, Lamia, Rome, and Amsterdam have joined the... Transportation 06.10.2013
Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company specializing in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping. Originally developed to map... Mapping 06.08.2013
Glympse is a real-time location sharing application. Glympse allows users to share their real-time location with the people they choose to share it with. The Glympse API allows developers to access... Mapping 06.08.2013
Locaid Compliance
Locaid is an enterprise mobile location provider that works with companies to provide Location-as-a-Service. The service aims to facilitate location based marketing, reduce fraud expense, enhance... Mapping 06.05.2013
USC Map Data
The University of Southern California’s Map Data API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving content from the University’s online map. The API supports JSON and JSONP formats. Users can... Mapping 05.09.2013
Oh Hey World
Oh Hey World is a service that lets users check in with multiple people via text or email with one click when they arrive at a new location. It also allows them to quickly share their new location... Travel 04.24.2013 is an online database of ski area maps. The database includes maps from resorts worldwide, as well as historical maps. The API provides developer access to the websites... Sports 04.17.2013 Local School Database is a non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading computer programming education. On their website, they provide the Local School Search, which allows users to locate schools near a given... Education 04.14.2013
Factual Geopulse Context
Factual provides a platform for developers to share, mash, and build applications on open data. Geopulse provides point-based access to geographic area attributes. The user provides a long/lat... Mapping 04.03.2013
1Map aims to provide basic GIS services to users throughout South Africa. At this stage, users can employ an address search in which multiple layers, including street addresses and stand numbers, can... Mapping 04.02.2013
Forecast is a weather application that provides weather forecast information for locations. Forecast aggregates numerous weather data sets and combines them for users to search and return weather... Weather 03.26.2013
Besucherzaehler (trans. Visitor Counter) is a German website visitor counter that also collects information about the most recent site visitors, such as referring website, country, and city. The... Widgets 03.20.2013
DB-IP is an online geolocation IP database. Users can look up IP addresses to find out locations of the IP addresses, as well as download and access the IP database. The DB-IP API allows developers... Mapping 03.17.2013
Jokahaku is a map-based service that people can use to search for products or food and find routes from one place to another in Finland. To find a specific location, users need only input the... Mapping 03.14.2013
Walk Score Travel Time
Walk Score is a website that allows users to search neighborhoods for information about local places and services to determine how "walkable" a neighborhood is, generating an walk score.... Transportation 03.08.2013
Vistarmedia is a place-based advertising platform. Advertisers and brands can use Vistarmedia to place ads in applications and websites to reach customers by location. Publishers can use Vistarmedia... Advertising 03.05.2013
MetaLocator is a feature-rich mapping and locator service that can be used to add and manage searchable maps on a website. It can serve as any type of location directory such as a store locator, ATM... Mapping 03.03.2013
PostcodePal provides geo-based datasets for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man. In addition to geographic location, available data... Reference 02.27.2013
Navionics is a location, GPS, and mapping service. Navionics provides maps, locations, and geocodes for numerous areas and in a variety of conditions (marine, skiing, etc.). The Navionics API allows... Mapping 02.27.2013
3DGeoStats provides a three dimensional visualization of the earth showing user-defined statistical data. The Data shown is connected to geo coordinates and represented as light beams. The 3DGeoStats... Mapping 02.26.2013
Pin 'n' Tag
Pin 'n' Tag is a location information service. Pin 'n' Tag provides information about locations for tagging, application integration, and mapping. The Pin 'n' Tag API... Mapping 02.17.2013 provides geolocation services that allow users to locate IP addresses, retrieve location information based on a postal code, and search for a store location in a given area or worldwide.... Mapping 02.16.2013
Danish Historical Atlas
The Danish Historical Atlas is a map-based digital project intended to breathe life into local history. The atlas includes data on archaeological finds and ancient monuments as well as more... Mapping 02.14.2013
GeoLoqal is a powerful platform for creating and testing location based services. It enables mobile devices, OEMs and enterprise partners to quickly add geolocation rich functionality to applications... Mapping 02.12.2013
GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service
Service New Brunswick (SNB) is the online services portal for the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It offers a number of tools, including the GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service (CTS). GeoNB... Mapping 02.04.2013
GeoRanker enables users to view search engines' SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as a local user in over 2500 cities and 150 countries around the world. Because SERPs differ based on a user... Search 02.04.2013
The service provides basic conversion of mapping data from the shapefile projection format -- .prj files -- to the encoding standard of the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG). The provider offers... Mapping 02.04.2013
Tagwhat is a hyperlocal application that allows users to see what is going on nearby them by location data. Tagwhat pushes a feed of events and information by location. The Tagwhat API allows... Mapping 02.03.2013
GeocodeFarm is the leading provider of Geocoding services. We take care of the process of turning human readable addresses into computer and map understandable coordinates. You can then use the... Mapping 01.31.2013
Flight Routing
Flight Routing is an API hosted by Mashape. It lets users get flight routing options, currently covering European and US airspace. For European airspace, users can retrieve CFMU validated (time... Travel 01.24.2013
Dazzlepod IP Address Lookup
Dazzlepod is a privately held web development agency based in Malaysia. The IP Address Lookup API lets users determine real-world geographical location of an IP address or domain by country, region,... Mapping 01.23.2013
ParkMe is a mobile application with parking information by location. Users of ParkMe can search for parking near them, sort by distance, price, and availability for parking in the area. The ParkMe... Transportation 01.23.2013
The service from the Canadian province of New Brunswick provides geographic information about its location and surroundings on the eastern coast of the country. It consolidates geographic information... Mapping 01.21.2013
Research Data Australia
The service provides a single, comprehensive point of access for research conducted or sponsored by the Australian government or its agencies. The national government has established an Australian... Search 01.18.2013
aisle411 is a platform that provides indoor maps of stores, locations of products in stores, and commerce solutions. aisle411 also offers other features, such as coupon applications and checkout... eCommerce 01.17.2013
USDA Soil Data Access
The service from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides data from soil surveys to support agricultural planning and geographic information about farming activities. Data provide geolocation and... Government 01.17.2013
The service provides place names for geographic locations as specified in the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) list of subject headings. That list adapts the authoritative subject... Mapping 01.17.2013
Maporama Geocentric Web Services
Maporama Solutions is a leading provider of digital mapping solutions. Their mapping solutions gives users the ability to combine the strengths of geographical information and business intelligence,... Mapping 01.16.2013
Transit and Trails
Transit and Trails is a project of the Bay Area’s Open Space Council. The intent of the project is to connect users to parks and open spaces by helping them find, plan, and share outdoor adventures... Social 01.15.2013
NOAA Historical Observing Metadata Repository
The service provides metadata describing stations maintained by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for monitoring weather conditions. It does not provide measurements of... Weather 01.11.2013
Skobbler Tiles
The service provides additions to the OpenStreetMap in the form of map tiles that display information coded to locations so users can discover businesses and other facilities available at particular... Mapping 01.09.2013 is the official Opencaching site for North America and all US Territories. Users can add to the site's database of cache including descriptions and instructions necessary to find... Games 01.09.2013
Frontier Airlines Word Wheel Local
Frontier Airlines is a commercial airline whose primary hub is located at the Denver International Airport. Frontier Airlines is represented online by the Fly Frontier website. This site hosts the... Travel 01.05.2013
USGS Contour Service
The USGS Contour Web Service creates a vector shapefile of contours for the desired area, which the user inputs in terms of latitude and longitude. If desired, the user may also choose the contour... Mapping 01.05.2013
GPSit TrackFusion
GPSit provides covert GPS tracking services within the United States and Mexico. They specialize in providing solutions to owners of goods in transit, third party logistics providers, and law... Security 01.05.2013
Texas A&M University Geoservices Geocoder
Geocoding is the process of converting non-spatial locational data (such as an address) into its corresponding spatial representation (usually latitude and longitude). The Texas A&M Geoservices... Mapping 01.05.2013
Ledningskollen is an online service that allows anyone planning excavation work in Sweden to quickly and easily find out who has cables buried on a given site. Ledningskollen is available for use by... Nordic 01.05.2013
USFWS Geospatial Service
The service from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides geospatial data about U.S. wildlife habitats, including fisheries. It supports integration of data about animal populations and habitats... Mapping 01.02.2013
CORDC Nautical Charts
The Nautical Charts API displays NOAA Nautical Charts within Google Maps API v. 3. The Nautical Charts API provides map layering capabilities and gives developers access to the data. Functionality... Mapping 12.23.2012
GaiaSup is a spatial engine that developers can use to build location-based services or geospatial applications. GaiaSup allows developers to store and retrieve spatial coordinates that are managed... Mapping 12.19.2012
MapData Services
The Australian service provides mapping and location-aware information services for integration with other applications. Information available for a location includes property risks such as flood,... Mapping 12.18.2012
Auburn City Council Exponare
Exponare is a service that links geographic information from a range of databases and applications and displays this information in one map interface. This particular implementation of Exponare is... Mapping 12.17.2012
SIX Address Image
The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and... Mapping 12.17.2012
DocoDoco is an IP geolocation service allowing customers to present custom content based on user location. The DocoDoco API provides a RESTSful interface for customers to automate interaction with IP... Tools 12.14.2012
National Institute for Geographic Information and forestry
The service provides data for mapping and geographic information sysetms (GIS) applications related to forestry and agricultural conditions in France. It documents forest coverage, tree species and... Science 12.14.2012
Ancient World Mapping Center
The Ancient World Mapping Center is an interdisciplinary research center located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center promotes cartography, historical geography, and... Mapping 12.12.2012
The service provides maps at the neighborhood level representing data on criminal incidents from city and county police and other authorities. It provides alerts on incidents within specified areas... Mapping 12.11.2012
The service provides geolocation information by detecting the nearest cellular phone access point and marking its location. It was developed to provide location to a phone's systems without the... Telephony 12.11.2012
The service provides market definition and segmentation functions to help U.S. political candidates and advocacy groups target communications. By defining groups based on location, demographics,... Government 12.11.2012
SIX Address Search
The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and... Mapping 12.10.2012
Amazon Mobile App
The Amazon Mobile App SDK provides APIs that allow developers to use Amazon services to help build mobile applications. The tools include: In-App Purchasing API: For offering digital content and... Tools 12.07.2012
Argos WebService
The service provides tracking and monitoring of locations on the earth's surface by satellite processing of signals from a transmitter, either at a fixed station or mounted on a vehicle or other... Mapping 12.03.2012
UNAVCO Synthetic Aperture Radar
The service provides access to data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technologies operated by a consortium of university-based research programs. Its archive includes images of the Earth's... Mapping 12.03.2012
Longdo Map
Longdo Maps is a a Thailand based Map service that offers directions, information for mass-transit, traffic, and mobile maps. The Longdo Maps API allows users to build the mapping functionality and... Mapping 12.02.2012
Landcare Research Information Service
The service provides a map-based interface to access data about environmental conditions in New Zealand. The provider maintains a repository of scientific datasets reporting measures of water and air... Mapping 11.28.2012
SetGetGo IP Geolocation
The Geolocate an IP API provides users with a simple GET call to retrieve the International Organization for Standardization country code for a given IP address. Geolocate an IP is a RESTful API... Tools 11.26.2012
Eaupen provides an extensive map of places in Paris with free, publicly accessible drinking water. Such places include drinking fountains as well as restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Eaupen API lets... Travel 11.21.2012
Pleiades is a community-built geographical dictionary and map of ancient places. An outgrowth of the Classical Atlas Project and the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, it associates names... Mapping 11.21.2012 provides weather information with focus on historical weather tracking. Information is currently available from 53 years ago with access to over 1.9 million datapoints. A hourly... Weather 11.15.2012
SeaZone HydroView
The service provides marine mapping with configurable images showing depth and topographic characteristics of the world's oceans based on detailed bathymetric data. Requests to the Web Map Tile... Mapping 11.13.2012
SPOT Shared Page
The service provides capabilities to upload one-way messaging from remote locations to a feed accessible by others. It transfers message data via satellites of the global positioning system (GPS) to... Messaging 11.13.2012
TomTom Geocoding
The service generates precise geolocation and mapping coordinates and standardized addresses based on user or application input specifying a location in varying formats. It also provides information... Mapping 11.13.2012
TomTom Map Toolkit
The service provides map images for global locations to be transferred electronically as "tiles" that join together in a grid to display the complete map. Applications can submit location... Mapping 11.13.2012
BODC GEBCO Web Map Service
The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this... Mapping 11.12.2012
BODC Marsden Square Translator Service
The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this... Mapping 11.12.2012
The service provides lookup and validation of U.K. physical addresses for web applications that accept user input addresses. It compares data entered by a user against continually updated postcode... Mapping 11.12.2012
The service provides a mapped image for U.S. weather conditions as detected by NEXRAD weather radar stations. Also available are GOES imagery created by geostationary weather satellites for inclusion... Weather 11.12.2012
RadioShack's cloud-based API suite allows customers the ability to create 3rd party applications that utilize the company's online site information about: coupons, store locations and... eCommerce 11.08.2012
Bavarian Authorities Signpost
Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser (trans. Bavarian Authorities Signpost) provides an API for retrieving information on local services, living conditions, authorities, addresses, and contacts from the... Reference 11.07.2012
Chicago Boundary Service
The Chicago Boundary Service is a Chicago Tribune project that provides geographic and political boundary information for Illinois. The Boundary Service API provides a RESTful interface to that data... Mapping 11.07.2012
Integrated Earth Data Applications
The service provides geology data and mapping through a set of web services built on the MapService platform of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). That architecture exposes datasets to a number of... Science 11.07.2012
National Map Elevation Query
The service from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center provides topographic and terrain information to complement mapping locations. It returns the elevation for a specific location, specified as... Mapping 11.07.2012
Mosaik Solutions Cellmaps
Mosaik Solutions, formerly American Roamer, provides a range of geospatial and map design solutions including CellMaps, an interactive global coverage map service. The Mosaik CellMaps API exposes... Mapping 11.01.2012
Pro6PP is a postcode database provided by d-centralize, a Dutch software company. A collection of SOAP-based calls enable users to find nearby postcodes, get auto-complete suggestions for place names... Reference 11.01.2012
Sound of the City
Sound of the City is a map of user-generated sound data in the city of Luebeck. Participants install the application on an Android device to record, geo-tag, and upload noises (for noise avoidance)... Mapping 10.23.2012
NREL Alternative Fuel Stations
The service provides listings and locations for stations providing fuel for vehicles powered by technologies other than gasoline and diesel engines. These alternative fuel stations can be rare and... Mapping 10.23.2012
NREL Solar
The service provides data collected about potential and actual solar energy collection along with analytical services for evaluating solar resources. Mapping functions generate averages, both monthly... Science 10.23.2012
NREL National Solar Radiation Database
The service from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) provides access to a database of solar radiation available at locations within the United States. The National Solar Radiation... Mapping 10.23.2012
Name Description Category Date
Roll Call Map
The SVG map shows roll-call votes by U.S Congressional district. The map displays yes in green and no in red by leveraging the New York Times Congress API. Mapping 04.18.2014
We Read, We Tweet
We Read, We Tweet is a geographic visualization of tweets about New York Times articles. It leverages the BackTweets, Google Maps, New York Times Article Search, and Twitter APIs. Search 04.18.2014
Netherlands CitySDK
All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to year of construction. Data from BAG, via CitySDK. Map made with TileMill by Bert Spaan, Waag Society, inspired by BKLYNR. Mapping 04.06.2014 Store Location and Hours
This mashup lets users find the store location of several different popular chain retailers in various cities across the US. The store locations are shown in Google Maps. eCommerce 04.04.2014
Uses Google Maps & Places API to make viewing nearby search results easy. Mapping 03.27.2014
A realtime map of Northern Lights locations and photos. See the current aurora forecast and latest Flickr and Twitter posts related to the Aurora Borealis. Mapping 02.20.2014
TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2
This is only for testing purposes Added this note at 4:17 my time. ws Mapping 02.10.2014
Place My Past
Place My Past is a family history mapping application. Family 01.12.2014
SeiDiStrada allows one to search for shops, attractions, and places while on a route. You can insert the starting point, the end point, and a keyword for the place you want to reach. It will extract... Mapping 01.12.2014
New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports. Sports 12.28.2013
Name Description Category Date
as3 Mappr Library
ActionScript wrapper for the for the Mappr API. Mapping 11.11.2008
Python Wrapper for Google Maps API
Easily create/display Google Maps without Javascript. Very useful if using maps in a webapp using a Python framework like django or turbogears. It currently supports points, points with html and... Mapping 06.30.2008
Ruby Library for Geonames
A Ruby wrapper for the Geonames API. Mapping 04.26.2007
Ruby Geocoding Library
Ruby bindings for the three major geocoding APIs as gems. For Google, Yahoo! and By Eric Hodel. Mapping 02.02.2007
Phoogle Maps PHP Library
PHP library that simplifies geocoding with Google Maps. Mapping 11.27.2005
Name Description Category Date
Easier way to use google latitude api
Its a blog that contains source code and Howto integrate latitude api with other api's Mapping 03.22.2011
Latitude Longitude Functions
Page contains sample code for querying the methods for great circle distance and zip code distance. Reference 12.17.2010
Foursquare voice
Check into Foursquare over the phone, using only your voice. Mapping 11.14.2010
GeoPicker Widget API - Easy Latitude / Longitude lookup for forms
A DatePicker helps people to enter calendar data into form fields. This GeoPicker helps people to easily enter latitude, longitude, postal code, etc. A popup with a Google Map lets the user search... Mapping 10.16.2010
Getting Started with Postcode Anywhere
Learn the basics of the UK address lookup API. Mapping 09.09.2010
MapQuest API: Location Plotting, Centering & Automatic Zooming using PHP and jQuery
Use the MapQuest API to create a map that can automatically plot locations specified in a text field, calculate center point and select best zoom factor. Mapping 08.20.2010
The code to create a Zillow and Google Maps Mashup Real Estate 04.06.2010
Display a list of Tours based on a proximity location search
Full PHP code for carrying out a location based search and displaying a list of all product within a certain distance. Products 03.29.2010
Geolenz Developer Help
The Geolenz developer help page with service descriptions. Mapping 02.24.2010
web-map builder
Web-map builder designs your map, as you want it, then prepares and writes the web page for you. When you’ve finished adding markers and routes, just collect the final script and copy it into your... Mapping 01.11.2010