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Google Maps Android
The Google Maps Android API allows developers to add maps to their applications based on Google Maps data. The API automatically takes care of accessing the Google Maps servers, downloading data,... Mapping 07.12.2015
Google Maps Geolocation
The Google Maps Geolocation API provides developers with tools and documentation for incorporating geolocation with mobile and WiFi technologies. The Geolocation API specifically returns a location... Mapping 06.23.2015
W3C Geofencing
The Geofencing API by the World Wide Web Consortium is a type of geolocating API. Geofencing API allows apps to create geographic boundaries around a specific location, and then receive notifications... Location 06.21.2015
The Mapsense API allows developers to insert vector maps into their websites. This service is based on the Polymaps API and uses D3 for handling drawing and selection. Tiles are generated dynamically... Mapping 05.27.2015
Tgos Maps
The Tgos Maps API allows developers to integrate their JavaScript applications with the API, to get mapping information about different parts of Taiwan. Tgos is a Geospatial company, founded in... Mapping 05.20.2015
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Bing Maps Mashup Tilt Shift
With the Bing Maps mashup tilt shift by Aaron Hunter, users can appreciate miniature photography of landscape images when users perceive photographs in birds-eye mode. This work was created with Bing... Mapping 05.22.2015
Coopcities uses mainly the Foursquare API to provide improved interface, specially to desktop users. It offers more than Foursquare default 30 results with pagination, one click access to all... Classifieds 05.02.2015
Geoloqi Wikipedia Layer
This Geoloqi Mash-up uses InfoChimps Geo API and Geoloqi API to link Wikipedia content to users physical location. Mapping 02.09.2015
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the United States
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the U.S. is a web application that contains an interactive map showing the U.S. prevalence of diabetes along with diabetes clinical research sites. This... Health 11.11.2014
CensusMapper app: Mashup Census data with Bing maps
CensusMapper is a Windows 8 application that allows to access information from the U.S. Census Data using the Census API. The data displays on a map using Bing Maps API. This mashup is built with... Mapping 11.04.2014
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The service provides place names for geographic locations as specified in the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) list of subject headings. That list adapts the authoritative subject... Mapping 01.17.2013
Maporama Geocentric Web Services
Maporama Solutions is a leading provider of digital mapping solutions. Their mapping solutions gives users the ability to combine the strengths of geographical information and business intelligence,... Mapping 01.16.2013
Transit and Trails
Transit and Trails is a project of the Bay Area’s Open Space Council. The intent of the project is to connect users to parks and open spaces by helping them find, plan, and share outdoor adventures... Social 01.15.2013
NOAA Historical Observing Metadata Repository
The service provides metadata describing stations maintained by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for monitoring weather conditions. It does not provide measurements of... Weather 01.11.2013
Skobbler Tiles
The service provides additions to the OpenStreetMap in the form of map tiles that display information coded to locations so users can discover businesses and other facilities available at particular... Mapping 01.09.2013 is the official Opencaching site for North America and all US Territories. Users can add to the site's database of cache including descriptions and instructions necessary to find... Games 01.09.2013
Frontier Airlines Word Wheel Local
Frontier Airlines is a commercial airline whose primary hub is located at the Denver International Airport. Frontier Airlines is represented online by the Fly Frontier website. This site hosts the... Travel 01.05.2013
USGS Contour Service
The USGS Contour Web Service creates a vector shapefile of contours for the desired area, which the user inputs in terms of latitude and longitude. If desired, the user may also choose the contour... Mapping 01.05.2013
GPSit TrackFusion
GPSit provides covert GPS tracking services within the United States and Mexico. They specialize in providing solutions to owners of goods in transit, third party logistics providers, and law... Security 01.05.2013
Texas A&M University Geoservices Geocoder
Geocoding is the process of converting non-spatial locational data (such as an address) into its corresponding spatial representation (usually latitude and longitude). The Texas A&M Geoservices... Mapping 01.05.2013
Ledningskollen is an online service that allows anyone planning excavation work in Sweden to quickly and easily find out who has cables buried on a given site. Ledningskollen is available for use by... Nordic 01.05.2013
USFWS Geospatial Service
The service from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides geospatial data about U.S. wildlife habitats, including fisheries. It supports integration of data about animal populations and habitats... Mapping 01.02.2013
CORDC Nautical Charts
The Nautical Charts API displays NOAA Nautical Charts within Google Maps API v. 3. The Nautical Charts API provides map layering capabilities and gives developers access to the data. Functionality... Mapping 12.23.2012
GaiaSup is a spatial engine that developers can use to build location-based services or geospatial applications. GaiaSup allows developers to store and retrieve spatial coordinates that are managed... Mapping 12.19.2012
MapData Services
The Australian service provides mapping and location-aware information services for integration with other applications. Information available for a location includes property risks such as flood,... Mapping 12.18.2012
Auburn City Council Exponare
Exponare is a service that links geographic information from a range of databases and applications and displays this information in one map interface. This particular implementation of Exponare is... Mapping 12.17.2012
SIX Address Image
The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and... Mapping 12.17.2012
DocoDoco is an IP geolocation service allowing customers to present custom content based on user location. The DocoDoco API provides a RESTSful interface for customers to automate interaction with IP... Tools 12.14.2012
National Institute for Geographic Information and forestry
The service provides data for mapping and geographic information sysetms (GIS) applications related to forestry and agricultural conditions in France. It documents forest coverage, tree species and... Science 12.14.2012
Ancient World Mapping Center
The Ancient World Mapping Center is an interdisciplinary research center located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center promotes cartography, historical geography, and... Mapping 12.12.2012
The service provides maps at the neighborhood level representing data on criminal incidents from city and county police and other authorities. It provides alerts on incidents within specified areas... Mapping 12.11.2012
The service provides geolocation information by detecting the nearest cellular phone access point and marking its location. It was developed to provide location to a phone's systems without the... Telephony 12.11.2012
The service provides market definition and segmentation functions to help U.S. political candidates and advocacy groups target communications. By defining groups based on location, demographics,... Government 12.11.2012
SIX Address Search
The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and... Mapping 12.10.2012
Amazon Mobile App
The Amazon Mobile App SDK provides APIs that allow developers to use Amazon services to help build mobile applications. The tools include: In-App Purchasing API: For offering digital content and... Tools 12.07.2012
Argos WebService
The service provides tracking and monitoring of locations on the earth's surface by satellite processing of signals from a transmitter, either at a fixed station or mounted on a vehicle or other... Mapping 12.03.2012
UNAVCO Synthetic Aperture Radar
The service provides access to data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technologies operated by a consortium of university-based research programs. Its archive includes images of the Earth's... Mapping 12.03.2012
Longdo Map
Longdo Maps is a a Thailand based Map service that offers directions, information for mass-transit, traffic, and mobile maps. The Longdo Maps API allows users to build the mapping functionality and... Mapping 12.02.2012
Landcare Research Information Service
The service provides a map-based interface to access data about environmental conditions in New Zealand. The provider maintains a repository of scientific datasets reporting measures of water and air... Mapping 11.28.2012
SetGetGo IP Geolocation
The Geolocate an IP API provides users with a simple GET call to retrieve the International Organization for Standardization country code for a given IP address. Geolocate an IP is a RESTful API... Tools 11.26.2012
Eaupen provides an extensive map of places in Paris with free, publicly accessible drinking water. Such places include drinking fountains as well as restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Eaupen API lets... Travel 11.21.2012
Pleiades is a community-built geographical dictionary and map of ancient places. An outgrowth of the Classical Atlas Project and the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, it associates names... Mapping 11.21.2012 provides weather information with focus on historical weather tracking. Information is currently available from 53 years ago with access to over 1.9 million datapoints. A hourly... Weather 11.15.2012
SeaZone HydroView
The service provides marine mapping with configurable images showing depth and topographic characteristics of the world's oceans based on detailed bathymetric data. Requests to the Web Map Tile... Mapping 11.13.2012
SPOT Shared Page
The service provides capabilities to upload one-way messaging from remote locations to a feed accessible by others. It transfers message data via satellites of the global positioning system (GPS) to... Messaging 11.13.2012
TomTom Geocoding
The service generates precise geolocation and mapping coordinates and standardized addresses based on user or application input specifying a location in varying formats. It also provides information... Mapping 11.13.2012
TomTom Map Toolkit
The service provides map images for global locations to be transferred electronically as "tiles" that join together in a grid to display the complete map. Applications can submit location... Mapping 11.13.2012
BODC GEBCO Web Map Service
The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this... Mapping 11.12.2012
BODC Marsden Square Translator Service
The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. They provide several web services for implementing this... Mapping 11.12.2012
The service provides lookup and validation of U.K. physical addresses for web applications that accept user input addresses. It compares data entered by a user against continually updated postcode... Mapping 11.12.2012
The service provides a mapped image for U.S. weather conditions as detected by NEXRAD weather radar stations. Also available are GOES imagery created by geostationary weather satellites for inclusion... Weather 11.12.2012
RadioShack's cloud-based API suite allows customers the ability to create 3rd party applications that utilize the company's online site information about: coupons, store locations and... eCommerce 11.08.2012
Bavarian Authorities Signpost
Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser (trans. Bavarian Authorities Signpost) provides an API for retrieving information on local services, living conditions, authorities, addresses, and contacts from the... Reference 11.07.2012
Chicago Boundary Service
The Chicago Boundary Service is a Chicago Tribune project that provides geographic and political boundary information for Illinois. The Boundary Service API provides a RESTful interface to that data... Mapping 11.07.2012
Integrated Earth Data Applications
The service provides geology data and mapping through a set of web services built on the MapService platform of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). That architecture exposes datasets to a number of... Science 11.07.2012
National Map Elevation Query
The service from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center provides topographic and terrain information to complement mapping locations. It returns the elevation for a specific location, specified as... Mapping 11.07.2012
Mosaik Solutions Cellmaps
Mosaik Solutions, formerly American Roamer, provides a range of geospatial and map design solutions including CellMaps, an interactive global coverage map service. The Mosaik CellMaps API exposes... Mapping 11.01.2012
Pro6PP is a postcode database provided by d-centralize, a Dutch software company. A collection of SOAP-based calls enable users to find nearby postcodes, get auto-complete suggestions for place names... Reference 11.01.2012
Sound of the City
Sound of the City is a map of user-generated sound data in the city of Luebeck. Participants install the application on an Android device to record, geo-tag, and upload noises (for noise avoidance)... Mapping 10.23.2012
NREL Alternative Fuel Stations
The service provides listings and locations for stations providing fuel for vehicles powered by technologies other than gasoline and diesel engines. These alternative fuel stations can be rare and... Mapping 10.23.2012
NREL Solar
The service provides data collected about potential and actual solar energy collection along with analytical services for evaluating solar resources. Mapping functions generate averages, both monthly... Science 10.23.2012
NREL National Solar Radiation Database
The service from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) provides access to a database of solar radiation available at locations within the United States. The National Solar Radiation... Mapping 10.23.2012
MnGeo Composite Image
The service provides aerial and satellite photos depicting terrain within the U.S. state of Minnesota. It works through a single access point that automatically provides appropriate photos taken from... Photos 10.23.2012
MnGeo Geospatial Image
The service provides a repository of aerial photos and topographic maps of terrain within the U.S. state of Minnesota. Photographs are taken from aircraft to capture surface features, and... Mapping 10.23.2012
Environment Canterbury GIS
The service is provided by the Environment Canterbury Regional Council, a regional authority within New Zealand. It exposes geographic information service (GIS) data for open public access. GIS... Mapping 10.23.2012
The service provides address information for real estate and properties in the northern European republic of Estonia. Data are provided by the Estonian Land Board, an agency of the national... Mapping 10.22.2012
SolarGIS is a geographic information system designed to meet the needs of the solar energy industry. It integrates solar resource information and meteorological data with tools for planning and... Reference 10.17.2012
The service provides a platform for managing and scheduling municipal services provided by city and local governments. It includes cloud-based functions for scheduling service calls, public... Government 10.16.2012
Service-X Web Service Solutions is a web service provider from the UK that hosts an assortment of APIs. Most of these APIs provide mapping-related functions such as creating maps, identifying routes... Tools 10.15.2012
ForWhereIAm is a real-time, localized, short-lived information service that notifies users of announcements and deals based on where they are and what they are in the proximity of. The ForWhereIAm... Advertising 10.15.2012
The service provides a catalog of all “scenes” or earth images acquired by satellites in the SPOT series since February 1986. Images provide panchromatic and multispectral images of the earth... Mapping 10.15.2012
Google Time Zone
Google Time Zone provides time zone information for locations around the world, by latitude and longitude. The Google Time Zone API allows developers to access and integrate the data and... Tools 10.12.2012
Hosca BankFinder
Hosca is a website that offers a number of simple games and services. This includes the BankFinder service, which enables users to locate banks within a selected radius of a given zipcode. This... Reference 10.09.2012
OpenSignal is an application that allows users to find the best cell phone, wi-fi, and mobile coverage by location. OpenSignal provides a database of cell phone towers, cell phone signal strength... Telephony 10.07.2012
GeoClique is a social media platform that allows user to stay in touch with friends, share photos, and get involved. The companies main focus is to eliminate the things other social media sites take... Social 10.04.2012
European Alien Species Information Network
The service from the European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN) catalogs and reports on presence of invasive and non-native species within the European environment. It provides listings of... Science 10.03.2012
Fulcrum provides cloud based data collection for mobile devices supporting the creation, deployment, and management of location based data collection applications. Fulcrum’s API provides clients... Mapping 10.01.2012
AnnotatedEarth Location
AnnotatedEarth is a user-driven community for collecting location information. It is specifically designed to provide location-aware information to devices such as laptops, palm pilots, and cell... Mapping 09.27.2012
Arkansas GeoStor
The service provides a geographic information service (GIS) for locations in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It provides simple search and advanced (field-specific) search against a repository of... Mapping 09.27.2012
Malaika Consultants ZipCode Lookup
The service provides information about a geographic area within the United States specified by a particular Zip Code of the U.S. Postal Service. Available specifics include the location by state,... Mapping 09.27.2012
JetSetMe is an application that displays real-time roaming of O2 mobile SIM cards in Europe, such as when the mobile goes abroad and returns home. The JetSetMe API allows developers to access and... Telephony 09.26.2012
ThinkGeo Cygnus Track
ThinkGeo LLC is a provider of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS asset tracking technologies. Their Cygnus Track solution is a GPS tracking platform. It is used by businesses to track their... Transportation 09.25.2012
AFD Software Postcode Everywhere
The Postcode Everywhere API provided by AFD Software enables developers to look up addresses and banking information programmatically. API calls enable users to search for addresses based on a free-... Reference 09.24.2012
The service interacts with client software on a mobile device to sense presence of wifi networks and determine the device's physical location within Japan based on that access. The local client... Mapping 09.24.2012
TerraServer Landmark Service
TerraServer offers satellite image licenses for print, film, and TV purposes. Customers may browse through the map viewer or look at preselected landmarks and then purchase files, prints, or posters... Mapping 09.21.2012
Wheelmap is an online user generated map of wheelchair-accessible places. The Wheelmap API provides a RESTful interface for integrating many of Wheelmap’s features. The API returns JSON responses. Mapping 09.20.2012 NAC Geoservices
The service provides geolocation and geocoding services based on a Natural Area Code (NAC). Accuracy can vary, from a two-character code identifying an area roughly 1000 km east-to-west and 750 km... Mapping 09.16.2012
The service provides functions for visualizing data about the effectiveness of meteorological models to help evaluate their predictive success. A web-based tool plots measures of model accuracy using... Weather 09.15.2012
AND GeoAccess
AND (Automotive Navigation Data) is a leading provider of digital mapping data used for navigation and location-based services. It focuses on developing digital mapping data in Europe, North Africa,... Mapping 09.14.2012
nNetis Tennis Database
nNetis provides a database of tennis courts, tennis clubs, and tennis shops around the country. The data is presented in map form with details including, number of courts at the location, if the... Sports 09.10.2012
Open Places
Open Places is a web content provider. They offer written content and photographs describing places. Writers and photographers submit their pieces to the site for competition. Open Places’ editor... Blogging 09.10.2012
GeOAP is a web service provided by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. It exposes various GIS (Geographic Information System) methods, as well as a mapping service. GeOAP's SOAP-based API can be used to find... Mapping 09.10.2012
DC Location Verifier
The DC Location Verifier is a service for locating residences, streets, intersections, blocks, persons, etc. within the DC area, often through the use of an AID (Address ID) or SSL (Square, Suffix,... Government 09.10.2012
WiFiSlam is an indoor positioning solution. It provides real-time indoor location information based on WiFi signals. Their product offers developers to create improved location-enhanced applications... Mapping 09.09.2012
SDSS ImgCutout
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is a project dedicated to mapping the universe. Over eight years of operations, it has obtained deep, multi-color images covering over a quarter of the sky and... Science 09.09.2012
Adcentricity ADMobile
Adcentricity ADMobile is a location based mobile shopping platform. Adcentricity offers a mobile media network through which they collect and deliver data–rich analytics to customers. ADMobile... eCommerce 09.07.2012
Locu is a menu creation and management tool for restaurants. Locu allows users to create, manage, and edit their menus online for both print and digital menu formats. Menus are updated on the web... Tools 09.07.2012
Leaflet Vector Layers PostGIS
Leaflet Vector Layers allows users to add one or more vector layers from a number of different geographical web services to a Leaflet map. Leaflet Vector Layers monitors map events - like pan and... Mapping 09.05.2012
Simple Reverse Geocoding
The service determines the placename in Japan specified by location parameters such as latitude and longitude. Place specifications documented include the location's prefecture, municipality,... Mapping 09.04.2012
Route4me was designed to help business and individuals plan trips more efficiently. The service is designed to reduce travel time, save on vehicle expense. The Route4me API allows users to plan a... Transportation 09.03.2012
Telogis provides a scalable fleet management system to help improve asset utilization, driver safety, and reduce labor and fuels costs. The Telogis API is available in JavaScript and several other... Transportation 09.03.2012
InsightUSA is a business tracking service built around the integration of GPS into business services. The company's services include street dispatch, route optimization, public fleet display,... Transportation 09.03.2012
C2Logis provides route planning software to manage and maintain a route optimization solution. The C2RouteApp API enables users to enter up to 90 constraints ranging from truck size and type of... Transportation 09.03.2012
TrackRoad Routing
TrackRoad is a route optimization and dispatch service that is designed to help users make trips and deliveries more efficient. The TrackRoad API enables users to calculate distance between driving... Transportation 09.03.2012
The service logs communications between a GPS device and global positioning system satellites to allow analysis and interaction with its history of activity. An application can use the data to track... Mapping 08.31.2012
Curbwise is a service of, a collection of interactive projects from the Omaha World-Herald and Curbwise provides real estate information and data to the Omaha area, including... Real Estate 08.30.2012
IkiMap is a web service that allows users to create, organize, classify and ultimately share personal and public georeference information over the the web. The ikiMap is a set of several maps that... Mapping 08.28.2012
Map Data Services
The service provides route definition between stated starting and destination points, all as part of a general map rendering function. Map rendering options include specifying locations to place pins... Mapping 08.21.2012
Metropix is a supplier of floor plan based products for the real estate market. Its products include 2D and 3D models, basic floor plans, and Google Earth 3D models among others. The Metropix API... Real Estate 08.21.2012
EDINA Digimap OpenStream
The service provides web-based mapping using OpenData products from the U.K. Ordnance Survey. Options include overview and miniscale maps of Great Britain, color raster images at a resolution of 1:... Mapping 08.16.2012
Name Description Category Date
Wifi and Plugs
This nifty app shows locations in London where you can be sure to get Wi-Fi and Plugs. Data is sourced from and user submitted entries. The app takes MapBox, google docs and and... Mapping 04.22.2014
Map Your List
Convert lists into maps, add annotations, and share or export maps in a variety of formats. Mapping 04.21.2014
Nooblast is a visualization of real-time data from several APIs. It calculates the "network buzz" of two keywords and maps them on globes, creating noosphere clouds. Visualizations 04.18.2014
Roll Call Map
The SVG map shows roll-call votes by U.S Congressional district. The map displays yes in green and no in red by leveraging the New York Times Congress API. Mapping 04.18.2014
We Read, We Tweet
We Read, We Tweet is a geographic visualization of tweets about New York Times articles. It leverages the BackTweets, Google Maps, New York Times Article Search, and Twitter APIs. Search 04.18.2014
Netherlands CitySDK
All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to year of construction. Data from BAG, via CitySDK. Map made with TileMill by Bert Spaan, Waag Society, inspired by BKLYNR. Mapping 04.06.2014 Store Location and Hours
This mashup lets users find the store location of several different popular chain retailers in various cities across the US. The store locations are shown in Google Maps. eCommerce 04.04.2014
Uses Google Maps & Places API to make viewing nearby search results easy. Mapping 03.27.2014
A realtime map of Northern Lights locations and photos. See the current aurora forecast and latest Flickr and Twitter posts related to the Aurora Borealis. Mapping 02.20.2014
TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2
This is only for testing purposes Added this note at 4:17 my time. ws Mapping 02.10.2014
Name Description Category Date
Foursquare Go Library by Yamil Asusta
The foursquare Go library by Yamil Asusta interacts with the API functionalities such as venues, real time, and merchant. The RESTful APIs support XML, JSON, and JSONP. Includes installation, example... Search 05.27.2015
Google Geocoding .NET library by Andrew Burgess
This Google Geocoding .NET library created by Andrew Burgess aims to ease the work with the newest API version using Google Maps. Compiling, usage, and return data available. Users can download .zip... Mapping 05.27.2015
Google Geocoding Node.js Library by Felipe Oliveira
The Google Geocoding Node.js library by Felipe Oliveira can access the API functionalities of the Geocoding API that encompass latitude & longitude lookup and geocoding responses. To work with... Mapping 05.27.2015
Google Geocoding Android Library by Google
The Google Geocoder API transforms addresses into geographical locations with coordinates. This official Java library has the potential to expand functionality due to the other APIs that include... Mapping 05.27.2015
OpenStreetMap Ruby Library by Jochen Topf
This official Open Street Map library can read, export, and handle OpenStreetMap data in Ruby language. This library can export Google Earth files, GPS exchange format, and comma separated values.... Mapping 05.27.2015
OpenStreetMap Android Library by Benoit Zeler
The OpenStreetMap library for Android supports the API functionalities that include overlays of markers and tracks. Java users might benefit from additional API uses such as reading and writing... Mapping 05.27.2015
Cloudmade Geocoding Node.js Library by Joshua Thomas
The Cloudmade Geocoding Node.js library by Joshua Thomas supports Cloudmade's Geocoding API. Features of this API include conversion of addresses into latitude and longitude and the use of cloud... Mapping 05.23.2015
Cloudmade Geocoding Static Framework by Landon Fuller
Cloudmade Geocoding is a system that provides predictive learning, map data enrichment, and navigation & guidance in connected cars. Cloudmade blog encourages users to work with a static... Mapping 05.23.2015
Cloudmade Geocoding Mac OS Framework by Apple
The Cloudmade Geocoding API supports connected car content features such as map portals and driver analytics. This OS framework created by Apple can be useful for developers who want to build in... Mapping 05.23.2015
Google Earth Engine Python and JavaScript Client Library by Google
Use this Python and JavaScript driver to interface with the Google Earth Engine API. Developers should note that the API is in active development and applications using Earth Engine will need to be... Mapping 05.22.2015
Name Description Category Date
Google Maps API JavaScript Get Local Search Results from Google Source Code
This source code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for locating local restaurants, businesses, and landmarks through Google Maps. Additionally, this code allows for search data... Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Full Example Source Code
This JavaScript source code is for Google Maps API and will produce a complex, multi-location map, that is centered on the mid-point so that all points are visible. The map is stylized with a... Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Map Services Source Code
This code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains source code for Google Maps services. These services include reverse geocoding, region code biasing for Spain and the United States,... Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Map Types Source Code
This code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains source code for generating different map types, such as basic, overlay, image, and rotating imagery. Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Layers Source Code
This code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for generating various layers, including KML feature details, styling, Drag and Drop GeoJSON, earthquake, heat maps, engine, fusion,... Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Drawing on the Map Source Code
This source code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for drawing markers, animations, info windows, polylines, polygons, overlays, marker symbols and lines. Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Styles Source Code
This source code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for generating simple or complex Google Map styles. Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Controls Source Code
This sample code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for disabling, adding, customizing, positioning, and adding states to existing Google Maps controls. Mapping 12.08.2014
Google Maps API JavaScript Events Source Code
This source code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains code for generating event functions, including simple click event, using closures in event listeners, accessing arguments in UI... Mapping 12.07.2014
Google Maps JavaScript Signed-in Maps Source Code
This source code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and covers map functions such as enabling sign-in, default save, and creation of a custom save widget. Mapping 12.07.2014