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Google Maps Android
The Google Maps Android API allows developers to add maps to their applications based on Google Maps data. The API automatically takes care of accessing the Google Maps servers, downloading data,... Mapping 07.12.2015
Google Maps Geolocation
The Google Maps Geolocation API provides developers with tools and documentation for incorporating geolocation with mobile and WiFi technologies. The Geolocation API specifically returns a location... Mapping 06.23.2015
W3C Geofencing
The Geofencing API by the World Wide Web Consortium is a type of geolocating API. Geofencing API allows apps to create geographic boundaries around a specific location, and then receive notifications... Location 06.21.2015
The Mapsense API allows developers to insert vector maps into their websites. This service is based on the Polymaps API and uses D3 for handling drawing and selection. Tiles are generated dynamically... Mapping 05.27.2015
Tgos Maps
The Tgos Maps API allows developers to integrate their JavaScript applications with the API, to get mapping information about different parts of Taiwan. Tgos is a Geospatial company, founded in... Mapping 05.20.2015
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Bing Maps Mashup Tilt Shift
With the Bing Maps mashup tilt shift by Aaron Hunter, users can appreciate miniature photography of landscape images when users perceive photographs in birds-eye mode. This work was created with Bing... Mapping 05.22.2015
Coopcities uses mainly the Foursquare API to provide improved interface, specially to desktop users. It offers more than Foursquare default 30 results with pagination, one click access to all... Classifieds 05.02.2015
Geoloqi Wikipedia Layer
This Geoloqi Mash-up uses InfoChimps Geo API and Geoloqi API to link Wikipedia content to users physical location. Mapping 02.09.2015
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the United States
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the U.S. is a web application that contains an interactive map showing the U.S. prevalence of diabetes along with diabetes clinical research sites. This... Health 11.11.2014
CensusMapper app: Mashup Census data with Bing maps
CensusMapper is a Windows 8 application that allows to access information from the U.S. Census Data using the Census API. The data displays on a map using Bing Maps API. This mashup is built with... Mapping 11.04.2014
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OpenStreetMap Taginfo
Taginfo is a web service for OpenStreetMap (OSM) that collects and shares metadata describing the tags OSM uses to add meaning to geographic objects. The Taginfo API provides developer access to the... Mapping 11.16.2013
Iowa Environmental Mesonet RadMap
The Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) collects and makes available environmental data from a network of independent members. The IEM produces several products to display their data, including the... Weather 11.14.2013
Philly Hoods
The Philly Hoods API is a simple REST service for retrieving information on neighborhoods in Philadelphia. It can provide users with the GeoJSON for a neighborhood when given its name, or it can... Mapping 11.12.2013
National Geographic FieldScope
FieldScope is an interactive mapping platform provided by National Geographic that allows citizen scientists to share, analyze, and interpret location-based data with other enthusiasts. Using... Science 11.12.2013
The Blink Network is an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, composed of charging stations spread through 16 major metropolitan areas throughout the US. The BlinkMap API provides a RESTful... Transportation 11.11.2013
Neutrino API is a general-purpose Cloud API. Features: • Email address validation and cleaning • Phone number validation and geolocation • IP geolocation • User-agent parsing with mobile... Tools 11.08.2013 is a free IP information web service providing geolocation, hostname, organization and other data types. The API returns a JSON response containing data fields describing the... Mapping 11.04.2013
Vicmap is a map that contains official spatial data on the State of Victoria, Australia. It forms the foundation of the state's geographic information systems and includes data such as addresses... Mapping 11.02.2013
Address Meister
Address Meister is a postal address verification and correction service designed to identify fake addresses, determine accurate postal rates, and fix address typos. For low-volume applications, users... Mapping 10.25.2013
Burning Man PlayaEvents
Burning Man is an interactive art event and temporary experimental community that gathers yearly in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.’s PlayaEvents API provides programmatic access to... Events 10.19.2013
rFocus GIS
rFocus provides a handful of GIS-related web services to the public free of charge. These are limited in focus, designed mainly to showcase some of the technologies that rFocus has been involved in.... Mapping 10.17.2013 Flag Counter provides a visitor counting widget that shows the most recent visitors, the flags of their countries, and the names of their cities, as determined by their IP addresses. This widget can be... Widgets 10.16.2013
SmartyStreets is a service for verifying and standardizing postal addresses. SmartyStreets can be used to get address completion suggestions, perform bulk address verifications for an Excel or list... Mapping 10.15.2013
AmeniMaps is a collection of offline Android Maps showing amenity locations in cities and other interesting places worldwide. The AmeniMaps API can return the location of the amenities near any... Mapping 10.14.2013
eContent.Maps provides an interactive map of housing, events, dining places, tours, and attractions that covers Germany along with parts of Austria and the surrounding countries. Users can set custom... Mapping 10.09.2013
what3words allows users to pinpoint any location on the globe using a unique 3-word combination. This allows users to relay exact (to 2 meters) locations to others in a format that is easier to... Mapping 10.04.2013
DemocracyMap provides a simple interface that helps citizens and journalists discover the civic entities and governing bodies for a given location. The DemocracyMap API provides contact details and... Government 10.04.2013 is the host of the National Solar Permitting Database, an online database of free information related to solar permitting requirements of cities and counties nationwide. SolarPermit.... Mapping 10.02.2013
HERE Traffic
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
HERE Matrix Routing
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
HERE Enterprise Routing
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
HERE Routing
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
Here Map Tile
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
HERE Custom Location
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.28.2013
HERE Batch Geocoder
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.27.2013
HERE Places
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.27.2013
HERE Geocoder
Find an address or resolve a geo-location into an address with Geocoder. Get accuracy to the door-step with global, fresh coverage based on continuously updated automotive-grade map data. Mapping 09.25.2013
Addy is an application that allows users to create, save, and share locations using a customized URL link. Addy also allows for map views and visualizations, as well as address book functionality.... Mapping 09.23.2013
Here Map Image
HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST... Mapping 09.20.2013
NL.AE iptoc
NL.AE provides free domain registration services using the domain. NL.AE’s IP to Country (iptoc) API allows webmasters to programmatically geolocate visitor IP addresses. The API accepts... Tools 09.17.2013
Geo IP Lookup
Geo IP Lookup is a mashup of several data sources providing IP geolocation. In addition to geographic information, the service returns nearby places of interest. The Geo IP Lookup API allows... Tools 09.17.2013
WorldIP provides free geolocation tools enabling users to identify the exact geographic location of a given IP address. The WorldIP API provides applications with the means to programmatically access... Tools 09.17.2013
FullContact Location
FullContact provides a suite of tools to support individuals, businesses, and developers in managing and enhancing their contact data. The FullContact Location API allows customer applications to... Tools 09.10.2013
Melissa Data GeoCoder Object
Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers... Mapping 09.08.2013
Melissa Data IP Locator Object
Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including Melissa Data creates... Tools 09.07.2013
Melissa Data Phone Object
Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including Melissa Data creates... Tools 09.06.2013 is a mashup of data from real-time public wind sensors and Google Maps. It was built as a resource for kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and other wind-based activities.... Sports 08.28.2013
VRPSolver is a web service that addresses the Vehicle Routing Problem. Specifically, VRPSolver was designed as part of a delivery planning system to address capacitated routing with a single depot.... Transportation 08.28.2013
The Telize API allows users to get a site visitor's IP address and then use it to obtain location information using REST calls. The API accepts calls in both JSON and JSONP, and it returns the... Mapping 08.28.2013
Code for Europe Aura
Code for Europe brings together a team of developers to solve local technical problems in ways that can be reused by other European cities. Developers work closely with end-users, civil servants, and... Other 08.15.2013
Iridize offers on-page guidance solutions for webapps that enhance user experience and improve usability. Show users around your app and highlight new features using guides, walkthroughs, overlays,... Tools 08.09.2013
Topoos offers services for developing location based and context-aware applications. Topoos provides all of the pieces and core features that you need so that you can focus your efforts on creating a... Backend 08.09.2013
Placed is a location analytics service. Placed allows marketers and publishers to track what customers physically do in the real world. Affiliates can monetize applications with Placed. The Placed... Enterprise 08.08.2013
Ideal Postcodes
Ideal Postcodes is a simple postcode lookup API for UK addresses. It uses Royal Mail's Postcode Address File, the most accurate address database in the UK. Mapping 08.08.2013
AfriGIS is a provider of geographical information systems solutions and location-based services in South Africa. AfriGIS’ business is built on the development of data-rich geographical information... Mapping 08.08.2013
Traveller Map
Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game (RPG) in which characters travel between star systems to explore, fight, and trade. It is a fairly open-ended game, and players may choose whether to... Games 08.02.2013
Nymbol is a content management system for mobile apps that connects digital content with physical objects and places. Nymbol lets you add “objects” to a collection, add text, upload photos and... Catalogs 07.29.2013
India PINCode
India Pincode is an information service that provides a listing Post Offices and Pin Codes by state. The PINCode API allows users to query using a PIN Code and receive the Post Office, District and... Mapping 07.22.2013 is a complete vulnerability scanning solution featuring hosted security testing tools, allowing organizations to test their internet perimeter and servers from an external... Security 07.18.2013
Oregon Metro RLIS
The Regional Land Information System (RLIS) is a GIS dataset from Oregon Metro, the elected regional government for the Portland metropolitan area. RLIS delivers more than 100 GIS map layers for the... Mapping 07.14.2013
TrackMatching is a cloud based web service for matching GPS/GPX data on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) road network. The service is accessible through a REST API. Supported data formats for upload include... Mapping 07.14.2013
Tarya Technologies IP2Country
Tarya Technologies is a UK-based web development and programming company. On their website, they provide a handful of simple SOAP APIs that, as of this writing, are free to use. One of these is the... Tools 07.13.2013
The Transit App
The Transit App is an application that helps commuters and travellers plan their routes and get directions in various cities. The Transit App API allows developers to access and integrate the... Transportation 07.09.2013
RedLine13 Zip Code Distance
The Zip Code Distance API is a web service from RedLine13, the cloud load testing service. The API can calculate distance between zip codes, find all zip codes within a given radius, and convert zip... Tools 07.07.2013
The PastPlaces API offers access to information from A Vision of Britain Through Time, a database that compiles the data from historical surveys of Britain. The database is part of the Great Britain... Education 07.01.2013
Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPS
The Atlas GPS service created by Fresh Logic Studios allows users to register up to 10 GPS devices and track their locations using Atlas. This tracking is done in real-time and can be viewed on a map... Mapping 06.29.2013
NetCom DataLayer
NetCom is a Norwegian broadband provider. Additionally, the NetCom website provides a mapping service that shows locations covered by various broadband providers in Norway. This map can be accessed... Mapping 06.26.2013
UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System
The UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) supports the conservation community by providing a place for people to post and search for information on work being done to benefit important... Science 06.26.2013
ProxAPI is a service and API that allows users to search, find matches, and receive automated real-time notifications for anything they choose within their proximity. The ProxAPI allows developers... Tools 06.22.2013
3.0 Trippin' in
Trippin'in offers hourly changing (!) restaurant recommendations, nightlife recommendations, outdoors and attraction recommendations via API. They disrupt the Travel and local market by... Travel 06.22.2013
Follow The Game
Follow The Game is a service for finding radio stations that are covering the Big Game. Users may enter a single location or the route for a road trip and receive back the station or stations that... Sports 06.22.2013
SircWeb for Logistics
SircWeb is a Chinese GIS software platform that also provides GIS-related web services. The SircWeb for Logistics APIs deal primarily with mapping, locations, and route-finding. Some of their... Mapping 06.22.2013
Toopher is an online authentication service that provides automated, two-factor authentication using the location awareness of smartphones to add another layer of security to traditional passwords.... Security 06.18.2013
City of Helsinki Geocoder
The City of Helsinki provides a Geocoder API that allows users to access geospatial information relevant to the Helsinki metropolitan area. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format to give... Mapping 06.13.2013
CitySDK Mobility
CitySDK is a project that's designed to make it easier for cities to expose useful information to developers. So far, the cities of Lisbon, Helsinki, Lamia, Rome, and Amsterdam have joined the... Transportation 06.10.2013
Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company specializing in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping. Originally developed to map... Mapping 06.08.2013
Glympse is a real-time location sharing application. Glympse allows users to share their real-time location with the people they choose to share it with. The Glympse API allows developers to access... Mapping 06.08.2013
Locaid Compliance
Locaid is a location-as-a-service company that runs ‘location in the cloud’. Locaid helps its clients to locate the physical location of their customers, employees, and/or assets. With the Locaid API... Localization 06.05.2013
USC Map Data
The University of Southern California’s Map Data API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving content from the University’s online map. The API supports JSON and JSONP formats. Users can... Mapping 05.09.2013
Oh Hey World
Oh Hey World is a service that lets users check in with multiple people via text or email with one click when they arrive at a new location. It also allows them to quickly share their new location... Travel 04.24.2013 is an online database of ski area maps. The database includes maps from resorts worldwide, as well as historical maps. The API provides developer access to the websites... Sports 04.17.2013 Local School Database is a non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading computer programming education. On their website, they provide the Local School Search, which allows users to locate schools near a given... Education 04.14.2013
Factual Geopulse Context
Factual provides a platform for developers to share, mash, and build applications on open data. Geopulse provides point-based access to geographic area attributes. The user provides a long/lat... Mapping 04.03.2013
1Map aims to provide basic GIS services to users throughout South Africa. At this stage, users can employ an address search in which multiple layers, including street addresses and stand numbers, can... Mapping 04.02.2013
Forecast is a weather application that provides weather forecast information for locations. Forecast aggregates numerous weather data sets and combines them for users to search and return weather... Weather 03.26.2013
Besucherzaehler (trans. Visitor Counter) is a German website visitor counter that also collects information about the most recent site visitors, such as referring website, country, and city. The... Widgets 03.20.2013
DB-IP is an online geolocation IP database. Users can look up IP addresses to find out locations of the IP addresses, as well as download and access the IP database. The DB-IP API allows developers... Mapping 03.17.2013
Jokahaku is a map-based service that people can use to search for products or food and find routes from one place to another in Finland. To find a specific location, users need only input the... Mapping 03.14.2013
Walk Score Travel Time
Walk Score is a website that allows users to search neighborhoods for information about local places and services to determine how "walkable" a neighborhood is, generating an walk score.... Transportation 03.08.2013
Vistarmedia is a place-based advertising platform. Advertisers and brands can use Vistarmedia to place ads in applications and websites to reach customers by location. Publishers can use Vistarmedia... Advertising 03.05.2013
MetaLocator is a feature-rich mapping and locator service that can be used to add and manage searchable maps on a website. It can serve as any type of location directory such as a store locator, ATM... Mapping 03.03.2013
PostcodePal provides geo-based datasets for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man. In addition to geographic location, available data... Reference 02.27.2013
Navionics is a location, GPS, and mapping service. Navionics provides maps, locations, and geocodes for numerous areas and in a variety of conditions (marine, skiing, etc.). The Navionics API allows... Mapping 02.27.2013
3DGeoStats provides a three dimensional visualization of the earth showing user-defined statistical data. The Data shown is connected to geo coordinates and represented as light beams. The 3DGeoStats... Mapping 02.26.2013
Pin 'n' Tag
Pin 'n' Tag is a location information service. Pin 'n' Tag provides information about locations for tagging, application integration, and mapping. The Pin 'n' Tag API... Mapping 02.17.2013 provides geolocation services that allow users to locate IP addresses, retrieve location information based on a postal code, and search for a store location in a given area or worldwide.... Mapping 02.16.2013
Danish Historical Atlas
The Danish Historical Atlas is a map-based digital project intended to breathe life into local history. The atlas includes data on archaeological finds and ancient monuments as well as more... Mapping 02.14.2013
GeoLoqal is a powerful platform for creating and testing location based services. It enables mobile devices, OEMs and enterprise partners to quickly add geolocation rich functionality to applications... Mapping 02.12.2013
GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service
Service New Brunswick (SNB) is the online services portal for the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It offers a number of tools, including the GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service (CTS). GeoNB... Mapping 02.04.2013
GeoRanker enables users to view search engines' SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as a local user in over 2500 cities and 150 countries around the world. Because SERPs differ based on a user... Search 02.04.2013
The service provides basic conversion of mapping data from the shapefile projection format -- .prj files -- to the encoding standard of the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG). The provider offers... Mapping 02.04.2013
Tagwhat is a hyperlocal application that allows users to see what is going on nearby them by location data. Tagwhat pushes a feed of events and information by location. The Tagwhat API allows... Mapping 02.03.2013
GeocodeFarm is the leading provider of Geocoding services. We take care of the process of turning human readable addresses into computer and map understandable coordinates. You can then use the... Mapping 01.31.2013
Flight Routing
Flight Routing is an API hosted by Mashape. It lets users get flight routing options, currently covering European and US airspace. For European airspace, users can retrieve CFMU validated (time... Travel 01.24.2013
Dazzlepod IP Address Lookup
ParkMe is a mobile application with parking information by location. Users of ParkMe can search for parking near them, sort by distance, price, and availability for parking in the area. The ParkMe... Transportation 01.23.2013
The service from the Canadian province of New Brunswick provides geographic information about its location and surroundings on the eastern coast of the country. It consolidates geographic information... Mapping 01.21.2013
Research Data Australia
The service provides a single, comprehensive point of access for research conducted or sponsored by the Australian government or its agencies. The national government has established an Australian... Search 01.18.2013
aisle411 is a platform that provides indoor maps of stores, locations of products in stores, and commerce solutions. aisle411 also offers other features, such as coupon applications and checkout... eCommerce 01.17.2013
USDA Soil Data Access
The service from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides data from soil surveys to support agricultural planning and geographic information about farming activities. Data provide geolocation and... Government 01.17.2013
Name Description Category Date
Roundabout is a London Digital Map that has different Startups, Agencies and Digital Companies. With this application, users will be able to search for companies in London by their names, as well as... Mapping 09.28.2014
StartupBlink is a web application that serves users as an interactive map which showcases new startups from around the world. It also has information on other entities such as freelancers,... Mapping 09.28.2014
MapMyRun is an application that allows users to track their fitness activities using the built-in GPS of their mobile phones. Users of this application can save and upload their workout data to their... Mapping 09.08.2014
Location based Instagram Photos
Mashup of Google Map and Instagram that displays Instagram photos based on location. The default is set at the current location and the photos are displayed in a flip board style. Mapping 07.18.2014
Searchable map of the University of South Florida (USF) campus. Mapping 06.14.2014
Goolzoom France
Goolzoom uses data from the Geoportail and Google Maps API to provide a searchable map. When searching in France, users can refine their searches by selecting different locations, businesses, and... Mapping 05.20.2014
The AroundMe app pulls data from providers around the world to give their users a sense of what is "around" them. Users must be connected to a WiFi/G provider for service. Mapping 05.08.2014
Maps Compare
Maps Compare compares the mapping service APIs provided by Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth. Comparisons 05.07.2014
Wifi and Plugs
This nifty app shows locations in London where you can be sure to get Wi-Fi and Plugs. Data is sourced from and user submitted entries. Wi-Fi 04.26.2014
Map Your List
Convert lists into maps, and annotations, and share or export maps in a variety of formats. Mapping 04.25.2014
Name Description Category Date
Google Places iOS Library by Lukas Kukacka
The Google Places iOS library by Lukas Kukacka uses a simple block interface to interact with the features of the API that include mapping, localization, and reference. This project offers place... Mapping 06.03.2015
Google Places iOS SDK by Tom Corwine
The Google Places iOS SDK by Tom Corwine aims to simplify auto completion using the Google Places API. The usefulness of the API is to return data about a geographic location with an HTTP request. In... Mapping 06.03.2015
GraphHopper Directions JavaScript Library by GraphHopper
The GraphHopper Directions JavaScript Library by GraphHopper allows developers to integrate the GraphHopper API into their Java applications. This code is offered under Apache License v2.0. Transportation 06.02.2015
GraphHopper Directions Java Library by GraphHopper
The GraphHopper Directions Java Library by GraphHopper allows developers to integrate the GraphHopper Directions API into their Java applications. Usage examples are provided in the documentation. Transportation 06.02.2015
MapQuest SDK by MapQuest
The official MapQuest SDK is available on the MapQuest site of Enterprise Edition APIs & SDKs. Resources include web services, JavaScript Maps API, leaflet plugins, sample code, and mobile... Mapping 06.01.2015
Data Science Toolkit JavaScript Library by Pete Warden
Pete Warden, the developer of Data Science Toolkit, offers libraries in JavaScript and Python based on the API functionalities of data, addresses, and mapping. This is a collection of open data sets... Data 06.01.2015
Data Science Toolkit Python Library by CloverHealth
The Data Science Toolkit Python library by George Leslie-Waksman contains information related to the libraries in Python and JavaScript, developed by the creator of Data Science Toolkit, Pete Warden... Data 06.01.2015
Google Places PERL SDK by Mohammad S. Anwar
This is a PERL SDK for Google Places. This SDK allows developers to access the Google Places API through PERL for integration with other applications and devices. The Google Places Web Service is a... Mapping 05.29.2015
Morrisjs JavaScript SDK by Olly Smith
Use this JavaScript SDK to build time-series line graphs. Morris.js will allows you to easily build simple line, bar, or donut charts for your website. Use of Morris.js requires jQuery (1.7 or higher... Charts 05.27.2015
Foursquare Ruby Merchant Library by Tim Olshansky
This unofficial library in Ruby language supports the Foursquare Merchant API. It aims to facilitate new campaigns, specials, and venues. Instructions to use Ruby as a gem available as two single... Social 05.27.2015
Name Description Category Date
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Traffic Sample
The Bing Maps C# Traffic Sample shows how to create a traffic layer overlay on a Bing map control by using Bing Maps SDK and C#. To use this source code Bing Maps SDK, Windows 8 , and Visual Studio... Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Map Shapes Sample
The Bing Maps C# Map Shapes Sample supplies C# programming language source code to add polygons, polylines, and additional shapes to Bing Maps. The sample code also differentiates between valid and... Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK JavaScript Code Sample
Bing Maps for JavaScript source code sample provides all code necessary to use JavaScript programming language to Bing Maps SDK to add Bing Maps to apps. This source code requires Bing Maps SDK,... Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Rotate Map Sample
The Bing Maps C# Rotate Map source code sample demonstrated how to create and rotate a bird's eye map on Bing Maps. This source code requires Bing Maps SDK, Windows 8, and Visual Studio 2012. Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# GPX Route Viewer Sample Code
This Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# GPX Route Viewer code sample allows a GPX file to be read and to display its associated contents on a Bing map as a route. To use this code you must have the Bing Maps... Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Location Tracking Code Sample
This Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Location Tracking code sample demonstrates code necessary to show current location on a Bing map using C# and Bing Maps SDK. Mapping 04.20.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps SDK C# Pushpin Code Sample
The Bing Maps SDK C# Pushpin code sample demonstrates how to place interactive pushpin icons onto a map using C# programming language and Bing Maps SDK. Mapping 02.12.2015
Microsoft Bing Maps Custom Animations in Bing Maps Code Example
Bing Maps Custom Animations In Bing Maps code sample demonstrates how to add custom animations to Bing Maps using C#, Visual Basic, C++, .NET, or JavaScript. Code sample is provided for scaling... Mapping 02.12.2015
Geology API Home Automation Source Code
This Ruby source code uses Geoloqi triggers and an x10 controller to control lighting in a home, through SMS messages sent when you enter or leave a specific location. Mapping 02.09.2015
Geoloqi API Sample Geoloqi Layer Ruby Source Code
This Geoloqi Ruby source code provides the script for creating a Geoloqi layer that creates triggers to send messages to people when they enter specific locations via SMS or push notification. This... Mapping 02.09.2015