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UberStations Music and Radio Search
The UberStations Music and Radio Search API builds search engines for internet radio. The RESTful API accepts JSON or XML data types and requires a partner token for API authentication. Tokens are... Streaming 06.19.2015
MixerFactory Render
The Render API by MixerFactory leverages their video rendering engine to add video editing capabilities to web and mobile apps. The API uses XML and POST/GET methods, and requires an API Key for... Video 06.12.2015
BBC Nitro
The BBC Nitro API is a tool for developers that supports much of BBC online programming. The BBC Nitro API provides access to the entire BBC catalog- this includes program information, images,... Media 05.31.2015
The YLE API allows developers to integrate their applications with the YLE service and database, enabling their users to directly view YLE content on their device. YLE is a Finnish news and... Media 05.20.2015 is a full-text search & recommendation API for podcasts and radio. The goal of this audio intelligence API is to provide smart audio recommendations based on networks, shows,... Podcasts 05.07.2015
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Streamboxr is a free Dropbox audio player application that can be used to stream content on any device, including computer, tablet, and mobile. This application accesses audio files, podcast... Audio 02.24.2015
The AllFlicks site offers a comprehensive list of Netflix streaming movies, TV shows, and documentaries. This list can be sorted by Title, Release Year, Category, Netflix Rating and Availability Date... Lists 11.30.2014
Instant Watch Browser for Netflix
The Instant Watch Browser gives users the ability to browse the entire Netflix streaming catalog. Users can browse new, expiring and upcoming releases, genres, sub-genres, related titles, as well as... Catalogs 11.30.2014
Yidio offers a service that aggregates streaming media found on a variety of sites and services. Yidio provides users with a platform to search, discover, personalize, and watch TV shows and movies... Streaming 11.29.2014
Fan TV
Fan TV is an "entertainment discovery engine" where a user can choose what genre they would like to watch. Fan TV then guides a user to where and how the content can be viewed, listing all... Streaming 11.28.2014
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SnapCrowd is an online digital asset management platform. SnapCrowd allows users to store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, in the cloud. The SnapCrowd API allows developers... Media 09.12.2012
Baker & Taylor EDI
Baker & Taylor is the world's largest distributor of physical and digital content and value-added services. It supplies books and media to libraries and retailers, along with services for... eCommerce 09.12.2012
Open Places
Open Places is a web content provider. They offer written content and photographs describing places. Writers and photographers submit their pieces to the site for competition. Open Places’ editor... Blogging 09.10.2012
The Tweettronics Social Media API enables developers to track brands and topics and analyze what is being said about them. The easy to use REST-based API provides sentiment analysis, influence... Media 09.07.2012
WorldStream TV
The service provides aggregated access to video, audio, and multimedia content from across a wide range of cultures, languages, and ethnicities worldwide. Video options include subscription access to... Entertainment 09.06.2012
Big Content Search
Big Content Search is a searchable database of 100,000+ unrestricted Private Label Rights articles in 200 niches. The Big Content Search API allows developers to automate functions such as searching... Media 09.05.2012
4Chan is a forum for image posting and discussion. Users can post images to different threads, separated categorically into themes like videogames, anime, music, and more. Users can reply to images... Entertainment 09.05.2012
KnowledgeShift is a workflow management solutions provider. They offer mobile learning technologies, workflow automation, marketing solutions, and more. They also provide workshops for training... Media 09.05.2012
The service provides video management for recorded lectures as part of courses at universities in Switzerland. Instructors can use the system to create videorecordings of lecturers and class... Education 09.04.2012
SlipStream is social media for television. Clients can use it to aggregate multimedia into a single channel for sharable viewing. A Unified Content Guide allows users to choose from broadcast, on... Social 09.04.2012
Mosami is a cloud-based service for building real-time interactive video experiences and delivering them to the browser. The API offers access to media processing algorithms - face tracking,... Video 09.04.2012
Buzzoola is an online video storage and distribution platform. Buzzoola features analytic reports on video distribution and viewing, tagging functions, and other media management features. The... Video 08.30.2012
Online-Convert is a document conversion tool. Based online, users can upload documents for conversion from one format to another. Once converted, the files can be downloaded within 24 hours or up to... Tools 08.23.2012
Fisheye Analytics
Fisheye Analytics is a media analytics service. They monitor brands’ Internet presence across new, social, and traditional media. Fisheye is also able to distinguish between influential social... Social 08.23.2012
Gloomshade is a remote media company that provides a variety of services supporting freelance digital artists. The Gloomshade API provides a RESTful interface for members and partner organizations to... Jobs 08.22.2012
YuMe is a video delivery platform and service. Its extensive infrastructure offers opportunities for advertisers, publishers, app developers, and more. YuMe connects them in network that shares their... Video 08.21.2012
Compendium is a content marketing platform that allows marketers to capture and create content original content that can then be branded for distribution to any marketing channel. The platform offers... Media 08.17.2012
Xtenit Subscriber
The Xtenit platform allows developers to manage operations and easily publish across media types. The Xtenit Subscriber API facilitates AJAX style access to articles, archives, subscriber data, and... Database 08.15.2012
WriterAccess is a marketplace for writers and publishers to connect. As a content marketing platform, it allows businesses the opportunity to employee expert writers efficiently and remotely. Writers... Media 08.15.2012
TVSync is a media management API platform. It allows developers to build apps for web, mobile, TV, and more. It can identify media content from TV, music, and movies to authenticate and describe a... Media 08.15.2012
Barbershop Tags
Barbershop Tags is an online resource for downloading, uploading, and ranking over 1,946 Barbershop 'tags'. A tag in Barbershop music is a short arrangement towards the end of a song,... Music 08.14.2012
Avocado, a company catering to couples, provides couples with a private space to collect and share messages, photos, and ideas in their own unique way. The Avocado API provides documentation showing... Messaging 08.08.2012
Uniflip is a self service publishing system providing epublishing and file conversion services for clients wishing to create and publish a PDF flipbook. Uniflip can convert your personal or company... Media 08.07.2012
OverDrive is a digital media platform for retailers, libraries, and users. OverDrive offers features for users to access digital media content, such as eBooks from retailers and libraries, on various... Media 08.03.2012
Intigi is an online service that enables app developers, publishers, and website owners to deliver relevant third-party content to their customers. Intigi monitors the best online sources (Twitter,... Recommendations 07.31.2012 is an online database for video game fans and enthusiasts. The site serves as a frontend service that is linked to a database of video game metadata and high quality artwork. The... Games 07.31.2012
StormSwift is a mobile video distribution platform that can be used to send consumers video messages to their mobile devices. The StormSwift API allows users to retrieve video information... Video 07.17.2012
LoKast is social media product provided by NearVerse. LoKast allows users to create customizable mobile social spaces in the cloud. These spaces can be centered on locations, businesses, events, and... Social 07.16.2012
Medizza TV
Medizza TV is a web-based TV platform. Users can create networks of multiple channels and populate them with original video content. These channels can be monetized as packages and video storefronts... Video 07.15.2012
Regator Semantic
Regator is a company whose products are focused on the analysis and implementation of information concerning high-quality, topical online content. The Regator API is a semantic web tool that can aid... Media 07.13.2012
NetXposure is a provider of Digital Asset Management(DAM) software offered in both on premise and cloud based models. The software offers extensive functionality including search, automatic indexing... Media 07.10.2012
Streamio is a media management platform for businesses. Client can manage video content on Streamio’s web-based platform. Once videos are uploaded, clients can categorize their videos with Smart... Media 07.07.2012
Kensei Media
Kensei Media is a video hosting service. Clients upload and arrange their videos in the Kensei video dashboard. From there they may redistribute any videos to websites or mobile devices. Kensei... Media 07.02.2012
Latakoo Flight
The Lakatoo Flight API allows uses to send,store, and share large video files (HD or SD) over the internet. The API allows for integration of Lakatoo Flight into user applications. Using the REST... Video 07.02.2012
Mediaplatform provides a platform for utilizing video media for purposes of archiving and sharing across the web. Provides solutions to problems involved in the production, delivery and management of... Media 06.24.2012
MyAdMarket is an ad serving platform that allows advertisers and publishers to trade online media between networks. The MyAdMarket API allows users to connect multiple platforms together. With the... Advertising 06.21.2012
Unified Social
Unified Social is a platform for social media marketing. The platform allows marketers to engage social media audiences across multiple social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, and... Advertising 06.21.2012
The OpenPhoto Project is a web-based tool for aggregating and centralizing personal photos. It is an open source project that allows users to retrieve all of their photos from photo hosting sites... Photos 06.20.2012
Twistage is a hosted online video platform that provides video workflow and management for organizations. The company also provides whitelabel services for businesses that want to leverage online... Video 06.19.2012
The service builds a catalog of media assets, especially video clips and features, and makes them available, within the requirements of rights specified by the owner. It manages content files and... Media 06.18.2012
Favatar is a favicon hosting service. Favicons graphically represent a webpage’s hyperlink to users. With Favatar, web developers can retrieve permanent URLs for the favicons associate with their... Media 06.18.2012
EIDR (Entertainment IDentifier Registry) is a universal unique identifier system for movie and television assets. This sort of identifier helps improve internal asset tracking as well as decrease the... Media 06.17.2012
SubscriptionBridge is a subscription management system provided by Early Impact, an ecommerce solutions business. SubscriptionBridge combines automated recurring billing with account management... Payments 06.14.2012
The Euro.message API gives users of the full functionality of the website from their remote systems. The API allows users to manage all of their online marketing campaigns from a... Project Management 06.13.2012
Myxer is service for entertainment discovery. Users can browse through Myxer’s catalog of media for free music, apps, movies, games, and more. They may also upload their own creations to the... Entertainment 06.11.2012
Narnoo is a digital media platform for tourism and hospitality-based industries. It allows distributors and operators to upload media onto a centralized platform and distribute it from there. This... Media 06.10.2012 is a hosting platform for content for social media sites. Users can upload pictures, videos, and audio to and share that content across their social networks. A dashboard on the... Social 06.09.2012
Video Grabber
The service uses the public URL for an online video to access the file containing the content and make it available for downloading and saving locally. It requires no application installation. Rather... Video 06.08.2012
Koemei provides video and audio asset transcription services. Koemei transcribes video and audio files, indexes the transcripts, making the video and audio files searchable on the web. The Koemei... Media 05.21.2012 is an avatar-hosting platform for images of Christopher Lauer, a prominent member of Germany’s Pirate Party. Users can upload expressive images of Christopher Lauer’s face for... File Sharing 05.19.2012 is a gallery of facial meme avatars. Users can submit images of popular expressive memes to the homepage repository. Browsers can select the image they want to copy and paste it around the... File Sharing 05.19.2012 is a gallery of My Little Pony avatars. Users submit images or animated GIFs from the My Little Pony cartoon show that others can copy and paste as expressive avatars. The API exposes the... File Sharing 05.19.2012
SketchFab is media platform that hosts interactive 3D models. Artists can publish their 3D modeling work to share with friends, family, or perspective employers. Others can browse the site or look up... File Sharing 05.19.2012
eCoComa Video
The eCoComa Video API allows users to search for videos from a variety of online sources. Given a keyword to search for, the API retrieves a list of videos that are associated with the specified... Entertainment 05.10.2012
Scripted is a service that provides blog content from a pool of registered writers. Business request a blog post on any subject or length, and Scripted matches the prompt to a freelance writer to... Blogging 05.04.2012
Jamcast is a music streaming service. Jamcast streams digital media to DLNA compatible devices and applications, such as iTunes and Spotify. The Jamcast API allows developers to access and... Music 05.03.2012
Krames Staywell
The service provides management of health information for defined populations such as employees of a company. It is intended to promote health and reduce medical costs and health care spending.... Medical 04.10.2012
Dalet is a provider of media asset management and digital production tools. These tools can be used for acquiring, cataloging, producing and distributing multimedia content. The Dalet API exposes... Media 03.28.2012
NYPL Digital Gallery
The service allows applications to access digitized images from the New York Public Library collections. Searches can retrieve photos, maps, posters, illuminated manuscripts, ebooks, and other... Media 03.14.2012
The Triumph API allows users to retrieve lessons and tests on unspecified subjects. It also provides a calendar/planner function and methods for accessing media resources. It has the capacity to keep... Education 03.11.2012
The subscription service provides management tools for a DVD collection. It logs user submissions of new items and allows lookup access to the subscriber's own DVD records as well as those of... Media 03.09.2012
The service allows for management of a movie and media collection, including files stored locally on a computer system and DVDs or other storage media shelved separately from the PC. The service logs... Media 03.09.2012
Cloudinary is a web asset management platform that allows users to store and manage their digital and web assets in the cloud. Assets, such as images, can be stored, resized, and managed in the cloud... Media 03.07.2012
Chute is a service for managing and displaying media files in applications and on websites. The Chute API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Chute with other... Media 03.06.2012
The service provides a scalable platform for distributing and tracking video online. Applications can use the service to mass-distribute and track video as part of promotional or other outreach... Video 02.19.2012
SocialFlow is a social media publishing service that aims to help customers optimize their social media posts. The SocialFlow API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Social 02.17.2012
The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. Printing services generate standard print sizes, from wallet-size through wall-size posters... Media 02.16.2012
mPACT is a service that allows users to search for articles, tweets, blogs, and other web content based on keywords. The mPACT API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Search 02.16.2012
VoiceBunny is an online platform for voiceovers and voice talent. Customers of VoiceBunny can search voice talent, upload projects for voiceovers, and run voiceover contests. The VoiceBunny API... Other 02.11.2012
The service streams video from affiliated providers via wireless or wired network connections to television sets and other video display devices. Applications can establish public or private channels... Media 02.09.2012
Marqui provides on demand marketing software focused on web content management and email marketing. The software gives users a content management system, a blogging platform, a form builder,... Enterprise 02.03.2012
Myows is a web site that allows freelancers and other creatives to manage their copyright and protect their original work from illegal copying. The site lets users create proof of authorship as well... Security 01.31.2012
EdgeCast CDN
The service provides a content delivery network (CDN) to store, stream, and deliver rich media assets and other data with high performance and large capacity. It is designed to enable e-commerce,... Storage 01.30.2012
WebDAM is a web-based digital asset management platform. Users of WebDAM can upload, organize, store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, videos, logos, and other digital assets... Media 01.26.2012
The service hosts content, including media assets, in the cloud and delivers it, with control of appearance and branding, across multiple platforms. Service features include video encoding and... Media 01.18.2012
Supporting such clients as FOX Entertainment, Panasonic, the NBA, and THQ, ONEsite is an organization that specializes in the design, creation, and implementation of community websites and social... Social 01.15.2012
Streaming Video Provider
The service hosts media resources, video and audio, for access via online streaming. Applications can interact with the service to upload video for their account and manage hosted videos, including... Media 12.28.2011
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
The service is part of a re-release by the Library of Congress of its Print & Photographs Online Catalog. It provides access to a rich image collection for incorporation into other applications.... Media 12.16.2011
Open Images
The service provides an open media platform to access an archive of images and video from several European cultural institutions and other sources. Reuse rights promote its stated goal to stimulate... Media 12.16.2011
The service sends video from websites to TVs, blu-ray players, and other player devices via ordinary HTTP and javascript or Flash. The user places a simple anchor tag including a properly formatted... Media 12.12.2011
The MetaWeblog API is a programming interface that allows users to get and set the text and attributes of weblog posts. It is designed to build on the Blogger API, which was limited in that it could... Blogging 12.12.2011
The service allows interaction with an open source database of audio fingerprints. The provider's Chromaprint application generates these visual representations of audio data, and the Acoustid... Media 12.12.2011
iTunes & App Store Search
This API is available as a resource for participants in Apple's Affiliate Program. It allows the user to place search fields on their website to search for content within the iTunes Store, App... Media 12.06.2011
Orange MMS
The service pushes text, photos, other images, or videos to mobile phones in France via MMS technology. Also allows a receiving service to accept MMS messages from France and return a response. API... Messaging 12.06.2011
Kaltura is an open source online platform for video publishing, management, syndication, and monetization. The associated APIs allow users to access every core service of the platform for... Video 12.04.2011
Companies’ databases are often in silos between physical addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Fliptop removes these silos by connecting existing... Social 11.01.2011
Hosted service for cloud storage of digital assets and other content, duplicated among storage locations for security, with support for viewing, streaming, ongoing asset management, and content... Storage 10.21.2011
Civicboom is a news crowdsourcing platform that enables organizations to access news and rich media from their community or audience. Users can upload news and media that others have access to. The... News Services 10.21.2011
The service provides a platform for creating, hosting, and sharing video content, either for live broadcast or availability as pre-recorded downloads. It accommodates remote feeds and recording at... Video 10.12.2011
Wappwolf is a file management application. Users can upload documents from a variety of sources (mobile, email, web, dropbox), process photos, process documents, and share files with other people.... Media 09.21.2011
Pond5 is a stock media marketplace. Pond5 offers royalty-free videos, music tracks, sound effects, photos, illustrations, and After Effects projects. Customers can search and purchase media, and... Media 09.13.2011
Qwiki is an interactive wiki about a variety of topics. Qwiki returns text, audio, visual, and video media about the topic users search on. The Qwiki API allows developers to integrate Qwiki's... Search 09.09.2011
MediaEquals is a service that buys, sells, and trades advertising media on various platforms, including online media. MediaEquals represents both media owners and advertising agencies for their media... Advertising 08.08.2011
Joomeo is a personal media sharing application which allows you to upload content, organize it, and share it at your discretion. The Joomeo API uses XML-RPC to allows uses to create their own... Media 07.28.2011
Blubrry is a media hosting website. Users can upload and store their media on Blubrry, as well as access statistics on how the media is being accessed. The Blubrry API allows developers to upload,... Media 07.25.2011
Cincopa is an Internet platform that enables users to create media-rich web sites and applications by utilizing a cloud-like file system. The Cincopa API allows developers to create applications that... Media 07.14.2011
4shared is an online storage and file sharing service that was founded in 2005. Users can upload, store and share all types of files, including music, video, photos and documents. The 4shared API... File Sharing 03.30.2011
The INZU API is designed to allow external websites and other servers to access an array of content from through a series of data feeds and media references. The INZU API is an XML based... Media 11.12.2010
The Presseportal API allows access to all content (text, image, sound and video) within the Presseportal database for private use in projects and applications. The API is designed for all developers... Enterprise 11.04.2010
Transloadit offers media upload, modification, and storage as a service for developers who need that functionality, but don�t want to worry about it themselves. The service converts video into... Media 11.03.2010
Name Description Category Date
Create your own dynamic leaderboard by mashing data from various sources. Works especially well at increasing the number of tweets during live events. Engagement 05.08.2012 is an Aggregator and One Stop Search for the latest user generated media on a given topic. It searches most of the popular foto-, video- and document- sharing sites on the web at once! Try... Aggregation 01.16.2012
VOZIQ - Actionable Social Media Analytics
VOZIQ provides social media analytics solutions delivering insights into what customers and prospects discuss on social media sites. VOZIQ helps you stay focused on measurable results with a closed... Social 11.24.2011
Digest Report
Littera Report is a source for independent media that promotes all original content by geographic region. Site is still under development and uses Facebook, Twitter, Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. Voice 08.23.2011
The Social Media Marketing Dashboard Monitoring 08.05.2011
Mash Trends
mash trends takes the latest trending topics from google trends and twitter trends and uses the keywords to display breaking related news stories. A great example of a google twitter mashup with... Statistics 01.23.2010
Sing The World
Sing The World is a multimedia jukebox powered by Flickr, Google Maps and Seeqpod. To travel around the world with pictures and music, click on one tag e.g. Play pictures and music with "... Music 03.16.2009
Reading Radar
An automated reading list of bestsellers created by combining the New York Times Bestsellers API and the API. Media 02.06.2009
Provides image hosting and distribution. Serves your image right off Amazons S3 servers. Thumbnailninja automatically creates usable thumbnails for your images and shortened URLs for easy embedding... Photos 11.26.2008
Upload and embed slideshows into your space, blog, or to Skype. Photos 01.10.2008
Name Description Category Date
Webhose Java Library by Buzzilla
This Java library is for accessing the API. It allows you to access and inspects the data integration results. The API integrates data from hundreds of thousands of global... Integration 03.03.2015
LifePics Android SDK
The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. The LifePics Android SDK provides tools that enable developers to integrate the LifePics... Photos 01.22.2015
LifePics iOS SDK
The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. The LifePics iOS SDK provides tools that enable developers to integrate the LifePics OPEN (... Photos 01.22.2015
Plex JavaScript SDK
The Plex JavaScript SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Plex with devices and to create new mobile applications. The Plex SDK is written in JavaScript. Plex media... Entertainment 01.07.2015
Yahoo! Social iOS SDK
Yahoo offers an SDK in Objective C language to integrate social features in iPhone devices. Because some users prefer a portable device, this kit can help to create applications to connect using... Social 12.29.2014
Yahoo! Social Python SDK
Yahoo! Social SDKs showcase how to develop applications with social directory and contacts components. This kit has ben created in Python language for developers who prefer to work with this language... Social 12.29.2014
Yahoo! Social PHP Experimental SDK
Yahoo! Social offers a PHP SDK currently in Alpha stage. The main difference between PHP5 and PHP is the available storage. As the site states, the new implementation is more flexible because... Social 12.29.2014
MediaFire SDK
MediaFire SDK aims to improve cloud efficiency. With this service, users can download, upload, sync multimedia, and trans-code video. MediaFire SDK is available for Windows, OSX, iPhone, and Web... Cloud 07.09.2014
Ruby Library for Amazon S3 API
A Ruby Library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's (S3) REST API. Storage 07.10.2008
Official YouTube Objective-C Library
An Objective-C library for YouTube from Google. Built around GData APIs to provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web. Media 07.07.2008
Name Description Category Date
YouTube API Upload a Video Thumbnail Image Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code demonstrates how to upload and set an image as a thumbnail for a video on an authorized channel by using thumbnails.set method. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Add a Channel Subscription Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python code sample adds a specific channel subscription through a call to the subscriptions.insert method. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Search By Topic Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code retrieves a list of Freebase topics based on a user query through a code call to the API's search.list method. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Search by Keyword Python Source Code
This Python source code for YouTube API demonstrates how to call the search.list method to generate results from a specific keyword search. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Create a Playlist Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code demonstrates how to generate a private playlist and add video to a user's channel. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Retrieve My Uploads Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code retrieves a list of uploaded videos and retrieves the channel's playlist ID for uploaded videos through calls to the playlistItems.list method and channel.... Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Add a Featured Video Python Source Code
This YouTube API source code sets the invideoPromotion property, through the channel.update method, to add a featured video. Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Shuffle Existing Channel Section Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python language code sample shows how to use the channelSections.list method to perform the task of listing, shuffling, and using channelSections.update to change the existing... Video 01.31.2015
YouTube API Add a Channel Section Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code creates channel sections, including type, display style, title, position, and content by the channelSections.insert method. This source code also displays the... Video 01.22.2015
YouTube API Upload a Banner Image and Set as Channel's Banner Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code uploads an image by using the channelBanners.insert method and updates the channel's banner through sample calls to the channel.update method. Video 01.22.2015