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Name Description Category Date is a Trellian company that allows users to monetize transactions, either by selling or buying web domains. The main value of this API is the possibility to integrate platforms with domain... Domains 09.11.2014
The S3 Bubble is a cloud storage and media streaming service that syncs with an Amazon Web Services API. Through storing, selling, and streaming media S3Bubble states they are a revenue generating... Streaming 09.05.2014 is a service that allows users to shorten and monetize their URLs. Users can input a raw URL, and will create a shortened URL with a Speedcoin captcha box. Speedcoin is a... URL Shortener 08.18.2014
Tru Optik Tru
This is the basic access, free API developed by Tru Optik, a real-time & predictive audience intelligence company specializing in peer-to-peer analysis. Using True Optik, enterprises can harness... Analytics 06.02.2014
PaeDae is an advertising solution that turns ads for applications into engaging and rewarding experiences for application users. Advertisers can use PaeDae to place ads in applications and developers... Advertising 12.10.2013
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e-TXT Solutions
e-TXT Solutions is a web-based system that uses a process which combines text, mobile payments, gift, and loyalty cards into one integrated system. This system allows non-profits and political... Monetization 10.12.2014
Money URL Shortener
Why dont you make money when you shorten your URLs? Shorten URLs using this app and earn money for traffic following links on your site. It is free to sign up and free to use. This application has... Tools 09.17.2011
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Venueseen Campaigns API Leverages the Power of Instagram to Create a Powerful Social Photography Marketing Tool

Venueseen Campaigns API Leverages the Power of Instagram to Create a Powerful Social Photography Marketing Tool

Venueseen, a visual marketing and social media management solutions company, has just announced the release of the Venueseen Campaigns API allowing developers access to a powerful Instagram driven ...


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