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Name Description Category Date is an Italian website that provides information about movies and TV shows, including which ones are available for viewing on TV or at the cinema. The API allows... Movies 06.17.2014
Tank Top TV
Tank Top TV helps users discover what's available from the UK's on-demand video services. Users can see what's available at the moment or ask to be notified when the program they want... TV 05.29.2014
iWatchOnline is an online platform for watching TV shows and movies. The iWatchOnline API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of iWatchOnline with other applications and... Entertainment 05.17.2014
Netflix Roulette
Netflix Roulette is a service that returns a random Netflix title based on the user's input. Input options include the desired title's genre, rating, and whether it is a movie or a TV show... Entertainment 04.25.2014
AcidJs IMDb Fetcher
The AcidJs IMDb Fetcher API can retrieve several kinds of data from IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, although it is not affiliated with IMDb. The API can (1) search IMDb for movies, television... Entertainment 03.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date utilizes rating APIs to provide users with a grouping of individual ratings from multiple sites. Specifically, it allows users to search for products, movies, and business ratings. When... Search 06.11.2014
Particle Reviews
Particle Reviews leverages the Rotten tomatoes API and Hulu's unofficial API to provide movie ratings on its site. Movies 06.03.2014
imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site. Images 04.14.2014 is a website to find and listen online to soundtracks. Amazon integration provides details. Movies 11.16.2013
Browse new DVD/BluRay releases by genre and rating. Filter for anything like Actors, Directors, Themes etc. Movies 11.10.2013
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Name Description Category Date
Improve your movie experience with the Moviis android application. Film information, integration, check-in, recommendations, history, watchlist, collection, lists, upcoming and now playing... Movies 02.20.2013
Sweet Soundtrack is the spot where music and movie lovers unite! With song listings from thousands of your favorite movies, we are your number one source of movie soundtrack information. Heard an... Movies 01.14.2013
similarkind helps you find stuff similar to a particular thing of your interest. For example, you wish to find movies similar to "The Dark Knight", or TV-shows similar to "... Search 11.19.2012
Movies worth watching. Current releases and upcoming releases of quality are shared. Features full-screen trailers. Movies 10.20.2012
Fetches all upcoming movies on belgian tv and links them to movie sites Movies 10.01.2012
Posterizer is the best way to show what movies you love. Create a virtual poster wall with posters from you favorite movies. Export your poster wall to an image, and make it your new desktop... Movies 09.08.2012
Qup is a web application that combines Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes into a handy notification service for movie buffs. Movies 06.15.2012
Flickd Movies
Never forget a movie again. Flickd Movies lets you make a beautiful list of movies that you want to see, notifies you when they're available in theaters and on Netflix, and can even add them... Entertainment 06.14.2012
Hycke helps you to discover what movie, tv show or music you should like, based on your tastes. With recommendations for movies, tv shows and music Music 04.10.2012
Showtime Plugin Youtube
This is a plugin supporting Youtube for Showtime. The idea of the plugin is to allow users to do anything they can do with Youtube official website. Movies 02.14.2012

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