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The Dealflicks API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Dealflicks with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving theaters, retrieving theater... Movies 01.07.2015
The Videogram API by Cinemacraft allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Videogram with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should... Video 01.07.2015
Star Wars
The Star Wars API, currently in a pre-release phase, is independently supported by Paul Hallett, a Python & Go API developer and avid GitHub contributor. The API is purported to provide... Movies 12.05.2014
Sezion Video
Sezion is a solution that automatically generates personalized videos using various types of content from a social media feed, databases, tweets, a website, and more. The Sezion video API automates... Video 11.25.2014
TVmaze shows information about TV listings. If users visit the website and choose a show, they can see the categories of episodes, cast, crew, characters, reviews, and galleries. They can also... TV 10.05.2014
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Yidio offers a service that aggregates streaming media found on a variety of sites and services. Yidio provides users with a platform to search, discover, personalize, and watch TV shows and movies... Streaming 11.29.2014
Fan TV
Fan TV is an "entertainment discovery engine" where a user can choose what genre they would like to watch. Fan TV then guides a user to where and how the content can be viewed, listing all... Streaming 11.28.2014
Flixster provides services for discovering, collecting, and watching movies and TV programs. Users can create a profile and store movie ratings, favorites, lists, and more. Users can connect their... Streaming 11.28.2014
NextGuide gives users the space to make their own watch lists and libraries for TV shows and movies. Search for live TV and movies and other content from a variety of providers. With NextGuide, users... Media 11.26.2014
Can I
Can I Stream.It? is a free service that lets users search across a variety of streaming, rental, and purchase services to see where a movie or TV program may be available. Some of the services... Streaming 11.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date
imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site. Images 04.14.2014 is a website to find and listen online to soundtracks. Amazon integration provides details. Movies 11.16.2013
Browse new DVD/BluRay releases by genre and rating. Filter for anything like Actors, Directors, Themes etc. Movies 11.10.2013
Movie Finder
This mashup filters out movies with low critic scores to make it easier to focus on the good ones. Movies 07.21.2013
Book vs Movie
What's better, the book or the movie? The answer to an age old debate, using science. Movies 07.20.2013
World Movie Search
World box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch. Movies 03.04.2013
On-Demand Movie Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes mashup with reviews for Comcast On-Demand Movies. When you don't know what to watch. Movies 02.25.2013
Movies Now Playing
Best movies in theaters, coming soon or on dvd. Search movies, find movie times for theaters. Movies 02.20.2013
Improve your movie experience with the Moviis android application. Film information, integration, check-in, recommendations, history, watchlist, collection, lists, upcoming and now playing... Movies 02.20.2013
Sweet Soundtrack is the spot where music and movie lovers unite! With song listings from thousands of your favorite movies, we are your number one source of movie soundtrack information. Heard an... Movies 01.14.2013
Name Description Category Date
tmdb_v3-PHP-API is a wrapper for version 3 of The Movie DB API. It requires the user to have PHP 5.2.x or higher, cURL, and an API key from Movies 09.29.2014
The Movie DB Symfony2 SDK WtfzTmdbBundle
WtfzTmdbBundle is a Symfony2 bundle that offers developers easy access to The Movie DB API via the php-tmdb-api library. Examples are provided to help users get started. Movies 09.29.2014
php-tmdb-api is a wrapper for accessing all of The Movie DB API's functions using PHP 5.3+. It comes with the BackoffRetry plugin, which handles rate limit errors. It also has an ImageHelper... Movies 09.29.2014
WWW::TMDB::API is a module for implementing version 3 of The Movie DB API in PERL. It uses the same parameter names as the API, but the method names have been slightly changed. Movies 09.29.2014
TMDB Perl Wrapper
TMDB Perl Wrapper allows users to access The Movie DB API from Perl code. Versions 0.04 and higher of the wrapper are compatible with version 3 of The Movie DB API. Earlier versions are compatible... Movies 09.29.2014
MovieDB API NodeJS Library
The MovieDB API NodeJS Library enables developers to interact with all of the methods in version 3 of The Movie DB API using Node.js code. Users will need to get an API key from in... Movies 09.29.2014
node-tmdb is an implementation of version 3 of The Movie DB API written in Node.js. Users can install it from NPM, and testing is done by Mocha. Movies 09.29.2014
tmdb-js is a simple JavaScript library for accessing The Movie DB API. Users will need an API key from in order to use the API. Movies 09.29.2014
The Movie DB Javascript Library
The Movie DB Javascript Library enables developers to access all of The Movie DB API's methods from JavaScript code. Users will need an API key from to use the API. Movies 09.29.2014
TheMovieDB API
TheMovieDB API is a wrapper written in Java code that can implement all of the methods described in The Movie DB API's documentation. Movies 09.29.2014

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