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NYC Subway Data
The NYC Subway Data API allows users to retrieve subway information from New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and integrate it into their own applications. The API allows users... Transportation 05.08.2014
Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
The Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) provides public mass transportation for Rochester, New York. The RGRTA REST API allows users to retrieve both static and real-time... Transportation 09.04.2013
Hired in NY
Hired in NY is a mobile app enabling users to discover, connect, and apply to jobs from New York based startups and tech companies. The application was originally built for NYC BigApps 2013. The... Jobs 09.03.2013
New York State Police IEPD
The New York State Police (NYSP) has published a collection of Information Exchange Package Documentations (IEPDs) that can be used by authorized agencies to build web service message exchanges.... Government 07.13.2013
Buyfolio Partner
Buyfolio was designed to facilitate and streamline the New York City home buying experience where listings and data can be stored in one place. The Buyfolio Partner API allows users to integrate... Real Estate 02.17.2013
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Name Description Category Date
NYC Cuisines
This map displays the amount of restaurants by category and neighborhood. Using the Google Maps API, the data is displayed on a map that can easily be navigated by users. Mapping 10.18.2013
Hurricane Zone Finder
This tool helps residents of New York City find evacuation areas in the event of a hurricane. The Google Maps based tool is designed to prevent confusion like what was witnessed during Hurricane... Mapping 08.02.2013
Apartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space. Rentals 06.04.2012
New York Metro Card Usage
Wall Street Journal mashup uses Google styled maps to show what areas of New York City have the most Metro Card usage. New York City 01.26.2012
Go Crowdless uses Foursquare check-ins to help you understand when 20 of the most popular attractions are least crowded and most crowded. eCommerce 12.05.2011
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Name Description Category Date
A very simple New York area craigslist apartment listings/google maps mashup. Rentals 09.11.2009
A mobile based navigation tool that finds nearby New York Public Libraries in NYC. Mobile 08.29.2009
GoBYO - Bring Your Own Wine Guide
Restaurant Guide exclusively focused on restaurants that permit you to bring your own (BYO) wine -- covering 10 major metro areas in the U.S. New York City 05.17.2009
Virtual Tour of New York City
Virtual Earth tour of New York City using Google Earth and Mapfish. Mapping 05.12.2009
New York Canal System Map
New York state's Contemporary Canal System educator's guide with an interactive area map. Also has directions. Was created for WCNY. Mapping 03.10.2009
A New York Times-built mashup that tracks the activity of elected officials in New York City. Uses the NYTimes Congress API. Government 02.03.2009
Makes home rental hunting suck less. Basically an improvement on - uses Craigslist and includes more listings, favorites list, and good filters. Zoom in to see popular businesses. In... Rentals 01.02.2009
Represent -
A sophisticated map mashup that integrates stories from the New York Times and the City Room blog to provide citizens of the Big Apple with relevant information about political representatives at... Government 12.27.2008
New York Art Beat - Bubble Machine
A visualization of events. Bubbles featuring the most popular art and design events in New York City. Built using the Art Beat API. New York City 10.23.2008
Manhattan Real Estate Guide
A Manhattan real estate buyers guide from broker Elika Associates, with interactive neighborhood map. New York City 10.19.2008

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