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Peace Corps Countries & Regions REST
The Peace Corps Countries & Regions REST API allows access to geographical information and Peace Corps volunteer service histories and statuses from around the globe. The API can accept a... Geography 12.03.2014
The Neon API is for customer relationship management applications for non-profits and is currently in the Beta testing stage. It's features include working with accounting data, managing... Non-Profit 11.10.2014
Action Network is an online organizing resource that groups can use to promote campaigns and petition for progressive causes. Users can create petitions to collect signatures, create forms to... Events 10.21.2014
Wild Apricot
Wild Apricot is a cloud service that offers solutions for non-profits and small organizations to better manage and store their contacts, membership information, website, and events. The service is... Contacts 08.01.2014
BlisterPool P2Pool Donation
BlisterPool is a non-profit Bitcoin mining pool that focuses on decentralized mining in order to prevent individuals from gaining enough control to manipulate the blockchain. It rewards miners with... Bitcoin 07.19.2014
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Passione non profit
Passione non profit is an Italian site. It appears to be an aggregate of non profit blog posts. Charity 04.04.2012
socialConnect is a platform that uses the Social Actions API to search Social Actions from across 50+ sites and provides tools to the user to promote the Social Actions on various networks like... Non-Profit 04.26.2009
A word cloud visualization that shows you frequency of popular terms in Kiva microfinance loans. Non-Profit 02.23.2009
Kiva Alerts is an alerts application built on the API to let you know when loans of your interest appear on Non-Profit 02.23.2009
Kiva World Map
This mashup plots the microfinance loans from Kiva lenders on a Google Map. Popups show details on the individual loans and borrowers. Non-Profit 02.23.2009
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The Newsroom: Public Insight Network API Connects Journalists with Local Sources

The Newsroom: Public Insight Network API Connects Journalists with Local Sources

The new Public Insight Network API from American Public Media aims to help journalists and media outlets more easily connect with community sources when drafting news content based on local issues.


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