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The Mapsense API allows developers to insert vector maps into their websites. This service is based on the Polymaps API and uses D3 for handling drawing and selection. Tiles are generated dynamically... Mapping 05.27.2015
Sunlight Docket Wrench
Use the Docket Wrench API by the Sunlight Foundation to investigate the rulemaking process of federal agencies. Leveraging text analysis and clustering tools, Docket Wrench uses metadata from... Government 05.07.2015
Sunlight Real-Time Federal Campaign Finance
Use the Real-Time Federal Campaign Finance API to find campaign finance information on federal candidates, committees, PACs, and other groups that file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The... Government 05.07.2015
Verisign OpenHybrid
The Verisign OpenHybrid API allows for interoperability between existing, on-premise devices and cloud-based platforms through an open API. The API allows for leverage on existing security devices to... Security 04.24.2015
EBSCO Discovery Service
The EBSCO Discovery Service API (EDS) allows developers to access to an institution's collection through searching. The API also allows for integration for search directly into a library or... Search 04.22.2015
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Name Description Category Date
To assist users when making Uber requests, SurgeProtector lets one know if the area they are in is currently experiencing peek pricing. This is filterable buy specific Uber model. If there is no... Transportation 11.24.2014
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the United States
Diabetes Prevalence & Clinical Research in the U.S. is a web application that contains an interactive map showing the U.S. prevalence of diabetes along with diabetes clinical research sites. This... Health 11.11.2014
Politics in Korea
Politics in Korea lists all politicians and bills in South Korea. It currently contains over 14,000 candidates and elected officials of the National Assembly Election. Government 06.27.2014
OpenJC Police Call Records
Demo application for SlashDB developed by the Code for America Jersey City brigate (OpenJC). Output can be seen in HTML, XML, XSD, JSON, CSV. Open Data 05.18.2014
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data. Reporting 03.11.2014
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