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GoKeyVal is a key-value datastore, available through JOTFLOW. The GoKeyVal API lets developers integrate its services with their applications, enabling their users to access the datastore directly.... Database-as-a-Service 01.17.2015
The Odoo platform has over 3,000 free open source business apps that companies can use for building web presences, integrating sales & CRM systems, accounting and internal business management,... Business 12.23.2014
The Web MIDI API is a browser-based JavaScript web API allowing low-level interactions with music or lighting devices synced with a host computer. Using the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI... Audio 12.19.2014
ShinyGeoip is a free and open-source IP to geoloaction API. The API accepts a user's IP address, and responds with available information such as city, country name, specific latitude and... Location 12.13.2014
GSA Auctions
GSA Auctions is a site that auctions out Federal personal property assets such as equipment, furniture, vehicles, heavy machinery, helicopters, airplanes, and other vessels. These online listings... Auctions 12.02.2014
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This service pulls project details from either Google Code, or GitHub. Open Source 01.26.2011
Boxee is an open, social media center for Mac os x and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. It integrates various APIs including ffwd,, and flickr. Video 01.14.2009
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