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GSA Auctions
GSA Auctions is a site that auctions out Federal personal property assets such as equipment, furniture, vehicles, heavy machinery, helicopters, airplanes, and other vessels. These online listings... Auctions 12.02.2014 is a company that provides atmosphere data and software intelligence for improving weather and climate forecasting. They've built an open source platform that collects live... Weather 12.02.2014
The Openfit API is an open source software framework to store, organize and analyze fitness data collected from device sensors and provide access to all data and functionality through open APIs. The... Fitness 11.28.2014
Posty is an open source administration tool for mail servers compatible with Postfix and Dovecot. Developed in 2013, the RESTful Posty API is the core component of the Posty software stack, and can... Email 11.27.2014
Keybase is an open source data-encryption-themed command line program that hosts a directory of public social network keys and identify proofs. Developers can implement the Keybase API to access... Security 10.18.2014
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Open Source Project Badge
This service pulls project details from either Google Code, or GitHub. Open Source 01.26.2011
Boxee is an open, social media center for Mac os x and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. It integrates various APIs including ffwd,, and flickr. Video 01.14.2009
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