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Keybase is an open source data-encryption-themed command line program that hosts a directory of public social network keys and identify proofs. Developers can implement the Keybase API to access... Security 10.18.2014
Apache Cordova
Apache Cordova provides device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device functions from JavaScript. This, combined with a UI framework allows a smartphone app to be developed... Mobile 10.15.2014
RIPEstat Data
RIPE NCC is a regional internet agency responsible for registering IP addresses and AS numbers in Europe and Asia. The public RIPEstat Data API can be used by NCC members or by the web at large to... Registry 08.25.2014
Taxee is a RESTful API that accepts an income amount and filing status, and calculates the tax amount owed. This filing preparation service takes federal and state mandates as well as deductions into... Taxes 08.19.2014
The POERUP project is made by a team of experts in Online Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). The project hosts a database of research that has been accumulated on... Education 08.18.2014
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This service pulls project details from either Google Code, or GitHub. Open Source 01.26.2011
Boxee is an open, social media center for Mac os x and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. It integrates various APIs including ffwd,, and flickr. Video 01.14.2009
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