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DreamFactory Live
The DreamFactory Live REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DreamFactory with other applications and to create applications. Some example API methods include... Backend 03.05.2015
The GitLab REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of GitLab with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving and... Developers 03.03.2015
The Etherpad API allows users to access, import, and export Etherpad data in many popular formats. Etherpad is an open source collaborative editing service that runs in-browser and allows multiple... Editing 02.26.2015
GoKeyVal is a key-value datastore, available through JOTFLOW. The GoKeyVal API lets developers integrate its services with their applications, enabling their users to access the datastore directly.... Database-as-a-Service 01.17.2015
The Odoo platform has over 3,000 free open source business apps that companies can use for building web presences, integrating sales & CRM systems, accounting and internal business management,... Business 12.23.2014
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Open Source Project Badge
This service pulls project details from either Google Code, or GitHub. Open Source 01.26.2011
Boxee is an open, social media center for Mac os x and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. It integrates various APIs including ffwd,, and flickr. Video 01.14.2009
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Name Description Category Date
SproutCore Framework
SproutCore is an open source framework on JavaScript. The origins of SproutCore go back to 2007, when the project was developed by Apple, inspired by Cocoa, and maintained by a growing community.... Framework 11.18.2014
Rico Framework
Rico is a framework on JavaScript that aims to ease interactive web application development. Drag-and-drop, HTML elements, and animation effects are some of the functions supported by this framework... Framework 11.18.2014
Google Fit SDK
The Google Fit SDK is an open ecosystem made up of Android device APIs & a RESTful API for all platforms to access. The APIs access wearable device sensors to sync Google Fit data with a single... Wearable 10.30.2014
Kaltura Native Client Libraries
Kaltura is an open source video service. The company features solutions for media, enterprise, and education that have the potential to be monetized. Along with increasing revenue, Kaltura offers... Video 10.22.2014

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