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Easy Recharge Solution
Easy Recharge Solution is an Indian service for recharging mobile devices, DTHs, and data cards. People can use the service themselves or resell it. Easy Recharge Solution is offered as a white label... Other 04.23.2014
The getBible API allows users to retrieve Bible verses for their websites in the version and translation that they want. If no version is specified, the English-language King James Version of the... Other 04.08.2014
ThingSpeak facilitates the collection of data from sensors and actuators in connected devices, the Internet of Things. Sensors monitor devices or conditions, and actuators allow control over devices... Other 03.21.2014
Adlib provides software to manage and share collections. Thier systems use an open platform, employing Microsoft SQL database technology, for ease of integration, and to ensure sustainability. Adlib... Database 03.14.2014
The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat that learns the homeowners' habits and then automatically adjusts the house's temperature. Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that... Other 03.12.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Easy Recharge Solution
Easy Recharge Solution is an Indian service for recharging mobile devices, DTHs, and data cards. People can use the service themselves or resell it. Easy Recharge Solution is offered as a white label... Other 04.23.2014
The getBible API allows users to retrieve Bible verses for their websites in the version and translation that they want. If no version is specified, the English-language King James Version of the... Other 04.08.2014
ThingSpeak facilitates the collection of data from sensors and actuators in connected devices, the Internet of Things. Sensors monitor devices or conditions, and actuators allow control over devices... Other 03.21.2014
Adlib provides software to manage and share collections. Thier systems use an open platform, employing Microsoft SQL database technology, for ease of integration, and to ensure sustainability. Adlib... Database 03.14.2014
The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat that learns the homeowners' habits and then automatically adjusts the house's temperature. Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that... Other 03.12.2014
meQuilibrium is a stress monitoring and management service. Users can use meQuilibrium to monitor their cognitive and stress indicators to manage their stress levels. Employers can offer it to their... Other 03.10.2014
TopCoder brings developers together for competitions in the fields of Design, Development, and Data Science. Competitors are encouraged to collaborate with and learn from each other within the... Other 02.05.2014
ChurchMetrics is a web-based church management service that helps churches keep track of important information. Trackable information includes attendance, donations, baptisms, and more. Historical... Other 02.05.2014
ChurchApp is a cloud-based church management system designed for churches of all sizes and denominations in the UK. The service provides modules for handling contacts, children, small groups,... Other 01.02.2014
Meniscus Real Time Calculator
The Meniscus Real Time Calculator is a calculation engine that helps turn raw data into information that is meaningful and actionable. Meniscus offers various data solutions. The Meniscus Real Time... Other 12.17.2013
"Project Ingeborg" ( is designed to promote local artists using samples of their work. Artists can put up stickers or flyers with QR codes on them that passers-by can scan using... Other 12.12.2013
yetu is a smart home platform. yetu's platform connects all smart devices in the home in one place for ease of use and standard monitoring and control. The yetu API allows developers to access... Other 12.04.2013
The Noun Project
The Noun Project is a collection of visual icons and images that cross languages and cultures. Users can upload, share, and download images and icons from the Noun Project's collection. The... Other 11.30.2013
kudosKit by ironSource
kudosKit is a user appreciation platform for application developers and publishers to integrate into their applications. kudosKit provides different appreciation options, like boosting social... Other 11.30.2013
Kiip is a rewards application that rewards users for using applications. Kiip integrates with applications to reward users and help brands build loyalty with incentives and rewards. The Kiip API and... Other 11.26.2013
PublishThis Content Platform
PublishThis is a content creation, management, and distribution platform. Brands, retailers, media companies, and trade associations can use the PublishThis Content Platform to discover, curate, and... Other 10.19.2013
Visualead is a QR code generator. Visualead allows users to create, design, and manage QR codes. The QR codes can also be tracked and edited from a dashboard. The Visualead API allows developers to... Other 09.23.2013
Preva is a networked fitness solution for fitness operators and service providers. Preva provides interactive data and solutions for fitness equipment displays. The Preva API allows developers to... Other 09.17.2013
BITalino is a solution that allows users to develop projects and applications that use body movements and physiological sensors to control the application and/or device. The BITalino API allows... Other 09.08.2013
Athey Creek Developer
The Athey Creek Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship located in Wilsonville, Oregon. The group is based in a warehouse and favors casual rather than dressy clothes. Athey Creek... Other 08.19.2013
Leanpub is a free online publishing service for authors. Users can publish both in-progress and completed books, allowing them to get readers' feedback on the earlier versions. Authors can write... Other 08.19.2013
Code for Europe Aura
Code for Europe brings together a team of developers to solve local technical problems in ways that can be reused by other European cities. Developers work closely with end-users, civil servants, and... Other 08.15.2013
Printful is a printing fulfillment company. Printful allows users to design and upload their design to Printful and select mediums for the designs to be printed on, from t-shirts to canvas to paper... Other 07.16.2013
electric imp
The electric imp is a tiny hardware module that can be installed in an electronic device. Once installed, it connects the device with the imp cloud, allowing it to interact with software, third-party... Other 07.06.2013
Booker is an online platform that allows companies and service providers to offer online booking for appointments, reservations, and other services. The Booker API allows developers to access and... Other 04.16.2013
Pebble is a smart wristwatch, enabled with Bluetooth technology that can connect to smartphones. The Pebble API and SDK allow developers to create applications for Pebble alone or for Pebble to... Other 04.14.2013
Block Avenue Neighborhood Reviews
The BlockAvenue APIs are RESTful APIs and users can retrieve neighborhood "BlockScores" and "BlockReviews" and lifestyle attribution regarding the nearby streets and intersections... Other 03.08.2013
Club Log
Club Log is a free, web-based tool for producing DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log search services, and most-wanted lists for ham radio. It also analyzes radio amateurs' log files,... Other 03.06.2013
Leap Motion
Leap Motion offers a motion controller that allows users to connect the controller to their computers and control the computer by touch. The controller senses the hand and finger motions of the user... Other 02.24.2013
Isis Forensics specialises in obtaining actionable insight from digital communications. Its technology allows the company to extract Language DNA and interaction characteristics from individual and... Other 02.21.2013
Jelastic is a cloud platform that allows for hosting and server services in the cloud. The Jelastic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Jelastic with other... Other 02.06.2013
wedjinni is a wedding planning website service. Couples can create a wedding planning website and account and use the features available to plan their wedding. The wedjinni API allows developers to... Other 01.21.2013
L-Vin Post
L-Vin Post is a service for sending postal letters to individuals or entire mailing lists and enables small corporations to set up output management solutions. Users submit letters as files to the... Other 11.10.2012
Light to Unite
Light to Unite is an AIDs awareness website where visitors can light virtual candles, share their stories, and make donations. Although the website does not provide significant documentation, there... Other 11.02.2012
TemplateCloud is an online marketplace for buying and selling design templates for a variety of materials like business cards, flyers, stationary, and postcards. The TemplateCloud API allows... Other 10.21.2012
Rogerthat brings a single A2P solution for all types of apps and web services. Rogerthat is a MEAP (mobile enterprise application platform) for business process automation, allowing developers to... Other 10.05.2012
CPP Score Request
CPP is a company that offers personality and personal strength tests for the business world. Although best known for their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, CPP also provides the Strong... Other 09.16.2012
Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows users to order custom-designed 3D objects online. Materials available for printing include steel, silver, ceramic, glass, and various plastics.... Other 09.06.2012
Behance is a website for creative professionals to share their work. Popular with photographers, artists and designers, the site allows its users to create portfolios of work and show current... Other 08.31.2012
Climate Counts
Climate Counts is a nonprofit organization that scores corporations on their efforts towards mitigating climate change. Corporations are scored on whether they have reviewed their own emissions, set... Other 07.26.2012
An online arbitration system, offers legally binding dispute resolution. administers the arbitration service, reviewing new case filings and appointing to the most appropriate of... Other 07.11.2012
BACnet Help
BACnet is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. It was designed to allow such networks to communicate with heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting,... Other 07.10.2012
Online Talent Manager
Online Talent Manager provides workplace-focused personality testing. The model it employs was created specifically for the workplace and is designed for finding the best personality fit between a... Other 06.26.2012
txtr Reaktor
txtr is an eBook and digital content reading application and eBook store in Europe. Reaktor by txtr is a service infrastructure to access txtr's digital content and reader services. The Reaktor... Other 06.14.2012
Saygent is an in-application feedback service. Saygent can be integrated into mobile applications, websites, and in-store POS to gather customer feedback. The Saygent API allows developers to... Other 05.21.2012
ISO New England
ISO-NE oversees the operation of New England's bulk electric power system. It seeks to ensure the day-to-day reliable operation of New England's bulk power generation and transmission... Other 05.11.2012
SirsiDynix Symphony
SirsiDynix provides library automation systems for more than 23,000 libraries in more than 70 countries around the world. SirsiDynix offers APIs that allow libraries to gain full access to all... Other 05.11.2012
The service provides basic SMS text messaging integrated with marketing and campaign management functions for targeted management of promotional contacts. Functionality includes control of messaging... Messaging 05.03.2012
HarperCollins Open Book
HarperCollins is a large book publisher. HarperCollins publishes a wide variety of genres, including fiction, memoirs, business books, biographies, cookbooks, and children's books. The... Other 04.06.2012
Thingiverse is an online platform for people to create, share, edit, and produce their digital designs. Users can share their designs, get feedback, and connect to resources to create their designs... Other 03.01.2012
Ponoko is an online platform that allows users to create, edit, manage, and make products that they can share, sell, and print. Users can also buy other products that other Ponoko users have made and... Other 03.01.2012
CloudFab is a 3D printing platform that allows users to create, customize, and print 3D objects. Users can upload files, edit and customize, and print a 3D version. The CloudFab API allows... Other 03.01.2012
VoiceBunny is an online platform for voiceovers and voice talent. Customers of VoiceBunny can search voice talent, upload projects for voiceovers, and run voiceover contests. The VoiceBunny API... Other 02.11.2012
EveryScape is a service that provides visual tours for businesses, restaurants, and hotels. EveryScape digitally architects businesses and creates visual tours that can be added to websites. The... Mapping 01.25.2012
Benchmark Automotive Data
Benchmark provides automotive data and intelligence. They build applications based on this data and also make feeds of the data available to clients. This data is provided via an API that lets... Other 01.25.2012
Unglue.It is a service, currently in alpha, that gives individuals and institutions a place to join together to free ebooks and other types of digital content by paying rights holders to relicense... Other 01.18.2012
MyRobots is a cloud robotics hub for connecting robots and intelligent devices to the internet, allowing them to be remotely monitored and controlled. The cloud-based robotics provided by MyRobots... Other 01.15.2012
BusinessRadar is an Italian company that provides an international, online portal for discovering and facilitating business deals. Users interested in buying or selling can leverage this free site to... Other 01.15.2012
The service provides information about electrical power consumption and access to electrical service from multiple providers within New Zealand, in areas where options are available to consumers.... Other 01.12.2012 provides software test case designs that are more efficient, by reducing the number of test cases needed and improving the test cases' abilities to find defects. The Other 01.08.2012
The allows developers to create Web and Mobile-Syndication between a large number of API-Services. When integrating the platform, developers gain access to over 100 web... Other 12.18.2011
FamilySearch is an online service that allows users to search for family records by names and life events, create family trees, and browse family records by location. The FamilySearch API allows... Other 12.16.2011
Family Photoloom
Family Photoloom is an online family tree service that allows users to create their family trees with photos of their family members. Users can also import family data and documents to their family... Other 12.16.2011
GenealogyCloud OneGreatFamily
GenealogyCloud by OneGreatFamily is a web-based genealogy family tree service. Users can build their family trees and add family members to the trees with this service. The GenealogyCloud API allows... Other 12.16.2011
AppleTree is a web application for creating family trees. AppleTree also features a "world" family tree that all users can add to. Users can also upload and share photos on their family... Other 12.16.2011
Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel is a collection of free typefaces that are licensed for commercial work. The Font Squirrel API allows users to retrieve fonts that are @font-face ready. The API exposes multiple... Other 12.06.2011
MetaLayer is a data visualization service that allows users to drag and drop data of various types, including imagery, for analysis and data visualization. MetaLayer can be used by a variety of... Other 12.05.2011
OpenAid is aimed at reducing poverty. is a website which tracks aid within Sweden and with partner countries, with the goal of opening this data for use in making more beneficial and... Other 11.10.2011
Network for Good Donation
Network for Good is an organization with the mission to make it as easy to donate and volunteer online as it is to shop online. They make it simple and affordable for all nonprofits, of any size, to... Other 11.10.2011
The GXchart API is a web service that allows users to automatically generate graphs and charts. When a user provides the GXchart API with the data they want visualized, the service will return a URL... Other 11.09.2011
Sparked is a microvolunteering platform that allows people to volunteer for small amounts of time or money online. Non-profits offer up "challenges" on Sparked that volunteers can sign up... Other 11.08.2011
Zypr is an application with an API that is designed to work across a variety of platforms, including mobiles, web applications, and other electronic devices. Zypr's API collects numerous APIs,... Other 11.07.2011
Extraterrestrial Embassy
ETE is a consulate for higher sentient entities from outside the spatial bodies of the solar system containing earth. The Extraterrestrial Embassy API allows users to submit documents or files, and... Other 10.27.2011
eBay Resolution Case Management
eBay's Resolution Case Management service allows users to retrieve, track, manage, and resolve complaint cases opened by buyers in the eBay Resolution Center. The API is primarily used by... Other 10.19.2011
eBay Feedback
The eBay Feedback API provides developers a means to monitor account-level Feedback data, specifically Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR's). The Feedback Service generates DSR summary reports for... Other 10.19.2011
PunchTab is a service that allows website owners, companies, and bloggers to add a customer/user loyalty program to their sites and applications. PunchTab has pre-made loyalty programs, like... Other 10.19.2011
CodeStock 2011
CodeStock was a two day event for technology and information exchange. Created by professionals for professionals, the event featured sessions for developers, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs as... Other 10.12.2011
BugHerd is a visual bug tracking and project management app built for web developers and designers. It lets you report issues directly on a website with a simple point and click. BugHerd... Other 09.24.2011
Artsicle is a website that allows users to discover art and rent original art to display in their homes. Users take a short quiz to begin finding art they like. The Artsicle API allows developers to... Other 09.24.2011
Cing is a deal service that provides daily emails, as well as search on their website, for available deals in a city. Deals include food and drink, services, events, retail, and other activities.... Other 09.13.2011
Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries
Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries is an online platform where users can share stories and rank them, as well as find other stories and topics that are interesting to them. Colorado Marijuana... Other 09.01.2011
MediaPiston is a service that provides written content on-demand. Through a pool of writers on a variety of subjects, MediaPiston provides content for product descriptions, websites, articles,... Other 09.01.2011
PC2Paper Letter Pricing
PC2Paper is a website that enables users to send actual letters and cards from the Internet. PC2Paper also provides users with a real letterbox, mail that arrives at this letterbox is scanned and... Other 08.29.2011
ThankThank Notes
ThankThank Notes is a service that sends hand-written thank you notes to their clients' customers. The thank you notes are customizable and can be sent individually or in bulk. The ThankThank... Other 08.22.2011
SMSimple is a a site dedicated to informing people that SMS is simple, inexpensive, available to any company, and very effective. The SMSimple API is a web interface for sending SMS messages to a... Messaging 08.18.2011
Newspaper Club
Newspaper Club is a website that helps users make their own printed newspapers. Visitors can use the online tool to upload and arrange their words and pictures or use the site to send a PDF. Users... Other 08.10.2011
Zumbox is a service that allows users to receive postal, paper mail in a digital format. Zumbox connects large mailers (financial, transactional, governmental) with consumer households to allow... Other 08.10.2011
ItsThisForThat is a fun site that randomly generates ideas for startups. The API lets users integrate the service with their own applications. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in... Other 08.10.2011
MyShows is a Russian site which allows users to view and rate television shows online. The MyShows API allows developers access to search for shows by name, id, genre and popularity. Developers can... Other 08.09.2011
PaperBack Swap
PaperBack Swap is a free book trading service. Books are also available for purchase from the website. The PaperBack Swap API allows for retrieval of information such as member wish lists, recently... Other 08.08.2011 is a font and web font store that offers many fonts available for download and purchase. also offers typographic resources for designers. The Web Fonts API allows... Other 08.08.2011 is an online service that allows users to search for images, colors, and color schemes. Users can edit colors and color schemes, tag them, and download them. Users can also search for... Other 08.07.2011
PGXN is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries. The PGXN API is an index API that distributes metadata about PostgreSQL extensions to distribution mirror sites... Other 08.01.2011
Paspartout is an online service that allows users to create and maintain online portfolios of their work. The Paspartout API allows developers or Paspartout site owners to create widgets and/or use... Other 07.17.2011
Touchatag Configurator
Touchatag enables service providers and enterprises to leverage ubiquitous identity � in contactless RFID cards, and NFC mobile devices � for wallet 2.0 services such as mobile payment, fidelity... Other 07.12.2011
Family Echo Family Tree
The Family Echo API allows any desktop or web application to display a family tree using the online Family Echo display engine. Your application sends a family description in GEDCOM or FamilyScript... Other 06.29.2011
LogMeIn Rescue
LogMeIn Rescue provides solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration, and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh computers,... Other 06.17.2011
ThingSpeak Charts
ThingSpeak is a platform for users to share information about their networked devices. Users can post real time information about their devices to ThingSpeak through channels. The Charts API allows... Other 06.13.2011
The ThingSpeak API allows you to build "Internet of Things" applications. Use the API to create cloud applications that interact with sensors and controls from anything that supports the... Other 05.30.2011
Grid'5000 is a scientific instrument for the study of large scale parallel and distributed systems. The suite of APIs was designed to ease scripting and provide better access to the grid... Other 05.19.2011

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Name Description Category Date
Pebble Node.js Library by Pebble
The Pebble Node.js Library by Pebble allows developers to integrate the Pebble API's functions into their Node.js applications. This library is offered under the MIT License. Other 04.01.2015
Django REST Framework drf-json-api
The drf-json-api is a parser and renderer for the Django REST framework. It also adds support for the JSON API specification, but it doesn't provide any of the additional functionality one might... Other 01.29.2015
Nest PHP Library nest-api
Nest-api is library that allows developers to easily interact with the Nest API from PHP code. It encompasses methods for monitoring and controlling the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect. Other 01.20.2015
Noun Project Ruby Gem noun-project-api
This is a Ruby gem that exposes a wrapper for the Noun Project APIs. The gem is owned by Tailor Brands, was authored by Nadav Shatz, and has an MIT license. Although an active gem, it is purely... Other 11.19.2014
Name Description Category Date
Open API Service Documentation
A sample Yahoo Valendar gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.29.2009
A sample Color Picker gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Google map gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Hello World gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Bar chart gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Pie Chart gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Color Palette gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
A sample Bar chart gadget for OpenAjax. Other 01.27.2009
SWX Twitter API
SWX is the easiest way to build Flash applications that use Twitter. SWX stands for SWF Data Exchange Format. It’s a new, native, data format for Flash that uses simple SWF files to store and... Other 11.11.2008