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Clearent's developer-friendly payments platform offers multiple integration options so you can provide your customers with a seamless transaction experience. When you integrate credit card... eCommerce 12.15.2014
Self-service Bicycles
Self-service Bicycles API, developed by JCDecaux, is an online platform that provides customers with information on bike stations and the bicycles availability. There are two types of data, static... Data 10.20.2014
Landscape Computing
The Landscape Computing REST API provides access to a wide range of data generated by parking sensors within the Landscape Computing Architecture. The sensors are accessed on two levels: sites and... Data 10.15.2014
Streetline ParkerData
Streetline is a company focused on improving parking in cities around the world. Streetline brings together aspects of parking management technology in one integrated system, street-level sensors,... Transportation 03.24.2014
Park Shark
The Park Shark City Platform is a set of free tools from Dutch developers Glimworm, designed to provide citizens with open access to their city’s parking data. The Park Shark API allows developers... Tools 11.28.2013
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SpotHero -- Find Parking, Prepay & Save
SpotHero is a free website and app (iOS & Android) that helps drivers search for and reserve discounted parking in major cities such as Chicago, NYC, D.C., Boston, and others.<br> <br... Parking 07.23.2014
Park in Toronto
Park in Toronto is a simple web application that crunches parking ticket data to display visual representations demonstrating when parking tickets are issued within the city. This information can be... Mapping 09.02.2013
City of Santa Monica Parking
Google Maps mashup of available parking spaces in Santa Monica. Parking 04.03.2010
Toronto Free Parking
This website helps Toronto drivers to locate free parking locations in downtown and beyond. Mapping 02.10.2010
Motorcycle Network
Everything motorcycle in Australia. Motorcycle and scooter parking, shops, mechanics, training, tours, all linked with all the products that they sell. Transportation 09.10.2009
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Airport Parking
A single place to find everything you need when rushing to the airport and need parking. Find out which airport parking facility is closest to you or to the airport, which is cheapest. Mapping 07.30.2006
Find Parking by Phone
If you are stuck downtown and need to find parking. Ask 411Sync and get back a list of all parking spots within a 1 mile radius. Use WAP, SMS or EMAIL. Just send the zip code. If using WAP, also see... Mobile 07.17.2006
Motorcycle Parking in San Francisco
A mashup showing Motorcycle Parking Sopts in San Francisco using Google Maps Transportation 06.16.2006
Find Parking via ParkingCarma
Mashup of events from with local parking facilities. Advanced reservations are also possible at some locations. Mapping 02.18.2006

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