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Based in Amsterdam, Coinzone enables European online retailers and eCommerce providers to accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin instead of traditional payment methods. Using the Coinzone REST API... Bitcoin 10.14.2014
BTC Markets
BTC Markets is an Australian based BitCoin and cryptocurrency exchange. Using BTC Markets, users can buy, trade, and sell their digital currency all through their bank account credentials. BTC... Bitcoin 10.14.2014
Balanced Payments
Find equilibrium for marketplace payments with Balanced Payments. This service permits to pay sellers, campaign organizers, and service providers. In the API site, users can find resources that... Payments 10.08.2014
PayStand is a full eCommerce platform that allows providers to receive debit and credit card payments online. PayStand supports standard credit card carriers (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and... Payments 10.02.2014
The RESTful Ziftr API allows online retailers to accept cryoptocurrencies such as Litecoin and BitCoin instead of normal payment methods. It also allows programmatic access to the Ziftr eCommerce... Bitcoin 09.30.2014
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Name Description Category Date
UP▲HAIL gives users real time price comparisons between using Uber and Lyft. It can also respond with nearby rideshare opportunities, price surges, nearest cities with on-demand rideshares, available... Transportation 10.16.2014
Octobat uses a user's web payment Stripe account in order to access account history to automatically prepare invoices. With the Octobat web app, users are able to generate customer invoices with... Invoicing 09.19.2014
LevelUp for Pebble
Payment app powered by LevelUp’s API leveraging the Pebble Smartwatch. Payments 04.08.2014
eDigiCash Shopping Cart
Embedded shopping cart with integrated payment gateway. Allows anyone, anywhere to sell tangible goods, digital products, and memberships from a website. eCommerce 09.12.2013
FastCashier Wallet
FastCashier Wallet is a cross-platform that allows payment and receipts to be made through a portal. It serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as cheques and money... Messaging 02.05.2013
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Name Description Category Date
VeriFone Open
Verifone is a global technology provider for electronic payment and point-of-sale services. The company provides services to the financial, retail, hospitality, government, petroleum and other... Payments 09.10.2013
Paysera Wallet
Paysera is an online payment service that allows users to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Developers can use Paysera's Wallet API To get... Payments 09.07.2013
EgoPay is an e-currency that can be used to pay for goods and services online without having to provide sensitive credit card or bank details. Users can sign up for EgoPay for free without providing... Payments 08.29.2013
ChargeOver is an automated invoicing service designed for use by subscription-based businesses. It includes features for recurring billing, dunning, accounting integration (QuickBooks), and reporting... Payments 08.28.2013
Groosker is an online shopping solution that eliminates the hassle of entering credit card information by using QR codes to handle payments. Shoppers need only scan the Groosker QR code with their... Payments 08.26.2013
Gharpay is an doorstep cash payment network based in Hyderabad, India. The company offers its services to online merchants whose customers choose to make a cash payment for online transactions.... Payments 08.26.2013
Instamojo is a simple payment system that lets users sell digital creations directly to customers simply by sharing a link. Instamojo provides an out-of-the-box e-commerce framework and takes care of... Payments 08.26.2013
PayZippy is an online payment service for merchants. PayZippy allows merchants to integrate payment processing functionality with their online stores, websites, and applications. The PayZippy API... Payments 08.23.2013
Powa is an eCommerce and mobile commerce solution provider. Powa provides online and mobile sales platforms for companies, vendors, retaillers, and other organizations in need of online sales... Payments 08.21.2013
Birdback is an app platform for payment cards providing a card-linked loyalty solution for financial institutions and the development opportunity for apps that consumers can add to their payment... Payments 08.20.2013
CloudZync is a mobile wallet provider. CloudZync offers a mobile wallet application that allows users to pay with their mobile and redeem vouchers and coupons at merchants. Merchants can accept... Payments 08.13.2013
ALFAcashier is a currency exchange service that also facilitates payment services. The site maintains currency reserves and will exchange singular monetary units for a basket of other currencies. The... Payments 08.11.2013
FastSpring is a complete, cloud-based e-commerce solution for selling digital products worldwide. It provides users with mobile-compatible order pages that can be customized for their brand. Its... eCommerce 08.08.2013
Paytrail Connect
Paytrail is a Finnish online payment service that aims to help companies provide a pleasant shopping experience for their customers. The service allows customers to make purchases using their... Payments 08.08.2013
Simple Legal
Simple Legal is a legal billing and payment service. In addition to sending legal bills and receiving payments, Simple Legal also scans bills for potential duplicate charges and fraudulent charges... Payments 08.06.2013
ERN Global
ERN Global is a transactional big data platform. ERN Global offers features to capture, store, analyze, and manipulate transactional data. Consumers, merchants, credit card processors, and card... Enterprise 08.02.2013
SlidePay is a credit card payment acceptance service. SlidePay allows merchants and users to accept swiped credit card payments in their applications on a variety of platforms. The SlidePay API... Payments 07.31.2013
App55 is a UK-based online payment service that enables merchants, websites and mobile application developers to offer their customers secure, one-click payments for products or services via any... Payments 07.31.2013 is a secure payment service that allows users to store use Bitcoins for payment. The service uses two factor authentication for security and is designed to enable users to get a wallet and... Financial 07.30.2013
CoinJar Checkout
CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. Coinjar Checkout offers same day transaction settlement, accurate exchange rates, a 1% fee... Payments 07.17.2013
Paddle is an online and mobile payment application. Paddle allows merchants to accept payments via Paddle online and in applications and allows users to pay with Paddle, encrypting their credit card... Payments 07.15.2013
Judo Pay
Judo Pay is a platform to build complete mobile payment solutions and applications. Judo Pay allows for mobile payment solution customization and addition of a variety of features. The Judo Pay API... Payments 07.15.2013
PassVerse provides for generating and updating passes for Apple's Passbook. PassVerse allows developers to create and manage passes, tickets, coupons, and more for Passbook. The PassVerse API... Payments 07.14.2013
Standard Treasury
Standard Treasury is a financial and banking service to connect developers and banks and the banking industry. The Standard Treasury API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality... Financial 07.09.2013
Shopgate Merchant
Shopgate provides mobile shopping solutions for commerce, providing merchants with tools to create mobile shopping websites and connecting shoppers to thousands of shopping apps with a single... eCommerce 07.09.2013
CoinJar Trade
CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. The CoinJar Trade API allows users to make queries to retrieve account information, get a... Financial 07.07.2013
mcxNOW is a digital currency exchange platform where users can buy and trade multiple currencies. The site handles Bitcoin, among other currencies, and offers low trading fees, a C++ trading engine,... Financial 07.07.2013
FirstACH is a business and eCommerce payment solution. FirstACH can be integrated with business and account management software and applications to make and receive payments. The FirstACH API allows... Payments 07.03.2013
Pensio is a payment management company that offers technical processing and complete end to end reconciliation of payments across Europe, Asia and the US. The Pensio technical payment gateway... Payments 06.29.2013
Quickpay is an online payment solution for merchants that allows the secure integration of credit and debit cards with an arbitrary site on the Internet. The service works with all major credit cards... Payments 06.29.2013
Envoy Services Merchant
Envoy Services is a global payment gateway that provides access to over 200 local payment services. Envoy users can accept payments using services like eWallets, real-time bank transfers, vouchers,... Payments 06.29.2013
SPHERE.IO is the first and leading platform-as-a-Service eCommerce solution. Built to serve eCommerce and mCommerce that include features like product information management (PIM), customer... eCommerce 06.22.2013
Bitcoin-Contact is a site that lets users receive and send messages to Bitcoin Addresses. They aim to all Bitcoin owners to validate the identity of those they are speaking/exchanging with, and... Email 06.22.2013
BitMarket is a Bitcoin exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins in a variety of currencies. The BitMarket API allows users to submit REST requests to get the market volume, min... Financial 06.22.2013
BitcoinJS Wallet
BitcoinJS is a open-source resource for the development of Bitcoin projects. The site provides libraries of Bitcoin-related code that can be used for mobile, wallet, and trading services. The... Financial 06.22.2013
PikaPay is a mobile virtual wallet for sending and receiving Bitcoin payments via Twitter. The PikaPay API provides a RESTful interface for the same wallet functionality as exposed through the... Payments 06.12.2013 allows users to shorten bitcoin addresses. This service was designed because the entry of bitcoin address into mobile devices and other places can be difficult to perform due the length of the... Tools 06.04.2013
CoinCard is a service that allows users to submit Bitcoins and receive giftcards in return. The CoinCard API can convert Bitcoins into giftcards and allows users to structure requests to include the... Payments 06.04.2013
PayNetEasy is a payment service that handles payment processing, payment management, fraud prevention, security analysis, and mobile payment. The service is targeted towards banks, credit card... Payments 06.03.2013
A DoneCard is a type of cash card that can be used for online, mobile, and in-person transactions. The card does not require a bank account and can only be used to spend as much money as is placed on... Payments 05.24.2013
Celery is an application that lets businesses and merchants accept pre-orders and allow customers to pre-pay for goods and services. The Celery API allows developers to access and integrate the... eCommerce 05.22.2013
LitePay-App is a web payment service that handles payment for merchants utilizing litecoins. The service takes orders, issues a litecoin pay address to the customer to use, and confirms payment to... Payments 05.22.2013
Unocoin aims to be a centralized location for all Bitcoin information. It provides lists of forums, news, mining technology, Bitcoin wallets, and other information. The The Unocoin API allows users... Financial 05.20.2013
CatLab Bitcoin Gateway
CatLab Interactive is a computer game and browser based game development community. The CatLab Bitcoin Gateway is a user interface designed to ease the bitcoin transfer process. The service uses an... Payments 05.20.2013
BitMyMoney is a Netherlands based payment service that allows users to accept and make payments in Bitcoins as well as hold their Bitcoin investments securely offline. The BitMyMoney API allows users... Payments 05.20.2013
Billaway offers businesses a rewards program that reduces customers’ monthly bills at the time of payment. The users can shop at designated locations and earn points that cab be applied towards... Enterprise 05.08.2013
BIPS is an online payment service that allows users to buy, sell, trade, withdraw and accept Bitcoins as payment. The BIPS API allows the users to send bitcoins, get the balance of the user's... Payments 05.07.2013
Pin Payments
Pin Payments is a multi-currency payment system that accepts payment from an Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card both locally and internationally. The service operates without requiring a... Financial 04.30.2013
Paidpiper is mobile payment platform. Paidpiper allows businesses to collect and manage payments and customers to make payments and get digital receipts. The Paidpiper API allows developers to... Payments 04.29.2013
MangoPay is a full-stack payment platform for accepting online payments and managing e-money. It gives users the ability to create e-wallets, transfer money between e-wallets, allow group payments,... Payments 04.19.2013
Ribbon is an online retail platform that enables its users to sell all kinds of goods and services, both physical and digital. After creating an account and adding their products, sellers receive a... eCommerce 04.19.2013
Senddr is an online platform that allows users to create, send, manage, and share invoices across multiple applications. Users can send and receive purchasing invoices with Senddr. The Senddr API... Financial 04.16.2013
Fusebill is an online platform for billing, payments, and subscription plans for recurring payments. Fusebill offers automation for invoicing and receiving payments. The Fusebill API allows... Payments 04.16.2013
Gyft is a digital gift card platform that enables users to manage mobile gift cards and use mobile gift cards at retailers and businesses, as well as send other people gift cards with their mobile... eCommerce 03.27.2013
CardFlight is an in-application payment service. CardFlight allows application owners and developers to access credit card payments in their applications. The CardFlight API allows developers to... Payments 03.23.2013
Leaf is a platform that allows merchants and their customers to interact. Leaf provides merchants with tools to collect payments from their customers and ask for feedback. Leaf provides customers... eCommerce 03.21.2013
CompraFácil provides a payment platform that allows any member company (Partner) to generate Referrals for payments with a debit card, online banking, or by cash. By issuing calls through CompraFá... Payments 03.19.2013
Ripple was created to provide a free, open-source, payment service that exist without a central authority. It is open-source, almost free to use, an can pay out in an currency. The Ripple API allows... Payments 03.17.2013
StrongCoin Merchants
Strongcoin is a hybrid wallet Bitcoin service. The wallet is browser encrypted to prevent anyone from having access to the Bitcoin address except the owner. The service does not require a specified... Payments 03.16.2013
SecureTrading is a UK based online secure payment service that processes billions of dollars annually. The SecureTrading API allows users to automate refunds and authorization reversals and control... Payments 03.14.2013
Rixty is an alternative payment system that uses cash and coins rather than a credit card or other payment method that could expose sensitive information online. Users can convert their cash to... Payments 03.12.2013
KashFX is a we-based commodities, currency, futures, credit, and equity trading platform that offers browser-based front-end so that the entire service is accessible via the web. The service has a 3... Financial 03.11.2013
Shoebooks is a fully featured online accounting and payroll solution that is based in Australia. The Shoebooks SOAP interface ensures that all business rules and data structure complies with the... Financial 03.08.2013
AstutePayroll handles the payroll and timekeeping for businesses around the world, and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The API can be used to integrate the Financial 03.07.2013
PaymentEvolution is a secure online payroll service aimed at small and mid-sized businesses in Canada. The PaymentEvolution Payroll API supports calculations from simple federal/provincial deductions... Financial 03.07.2013
KeyPay YourPayroll
KeyPay is a cloud-based payroll and accounting service for Australian employers. The service allows users to make automate simple functions, allows them the flexibility to configure the system, and... Financial 03.05.2013
Fierce Payroll
Fierce Payroll is a web-based payroll service for small to mid-sized businesses that helps employers meet compliance and infrastructure needs. The Fierce Payroll API enables users to import data... Financial 03.05.2013
Plastiq is a credit card payment processing and service provider. Plastiq allows merchants to accept credit card payments for their goods and services. The Plastiq API allows developers to access... Payments 03.02.2013
Genie CashBox
Genie Cashbox is a communication and payment processing service that plends products and services to facilitate business operations and member to member payments. The Genie Cashbox API allows users... Payments 02.18.2013
Yandex Money
Yandex is a major Russia-based internet company and search engine with the stated mission of answering any question internet users may have. In 2012 Yandex handled the majority of all search traffic... Payments 02.18.2013
The service provides financial functions and account management for applications used by customers to interact with the French bank. Functionality helps developers to register with the provider'... Financial 02.13.2013
The service provides payment management for e-commerce and other merchants in Norway. The provider offers both hosted white-label checkout pages and full integration via a RESTful API. Payment... Payments 02.12.2013
The service provides online payment processing for e-commerce vendors and integration with other applications. It aims to ensure PCI compliance with options for transparent redirects, white-label... Payments 02.12.2013
BillingOrchard is an online billing system. BillingOrchard offers automated billing, online invoicing and online payments, reporting, and integrations with other systems. The BillingOrchard API... Payments 02.06.2013
mPAY24 is an online payment platform that combines many frequently-used and innovative payment systems within one interface. Available payment methods include credit and debit cards, national and... Payments 02.04.2013
Tinypass is an e-commerce platform. Tinypass allows website and application owners to integrate e-commerce services with their applications and websites to charge for content and services. The... eCommerce 02.01.2013
WalletKit is a service to create passes, tickets, coupons, and more for mobile wallets, such as PassBook. Developers can create passes and tickets for Apple's PassBook and other mobile wallets... Payments 01.29.2013
PayOnDelivery is an online payment platform for buying and selling items on online marketplaces, such as Craigslist. Users do not pay for items until they are delivered. The PayOnDelivery API allows... Payments 01.28.2013
Metanga is an online billing and subscription payment service. Metanga offers merchants tools and features to bill for and accept payments for services and goods, either one-time payments or... Payments 01.23.2013
Lexity Commerce Central
Lexity Commerce Central is an online commerce platform. Lexity allows users to bill and accept payments online for goods and services. The Lexity API allows developers to access and integrate the... Payments 01.23.2013
PayLane is an online payment platform. PayLane offers online payment services for merchants in a variety of languages and in a variety of currencies and payment methods. The PayLane API allows... Payments 01.21.2013
The PCI-compliant service provides online payment processing to merchants across Europe and South Africa via several different methods suited to different sets of needs and merchant capabilities.... Payments 01.18.2013
WebPay Direct
Webteh is Croatian based ISO/MSP/PSP registered and licensed for differnet banks in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro with presence in UK for EU based Merchants (Webteh LTD) and USA (Webteh... Payments 01.18.2013
The service provides payment functionality within the Philippines without processing through debit and credit card accounts. It routes secure payment transactions through funds transfers via that... Payments 01.18.2013
micropayment GmbH
The service from Germany provides payment processing for small amounts of money, especially suited to fees for software downloads, content access, and other inexpensive online services. It... Payments 01.18.2013
PayWay, from Westpac, provides web based customer payment collection and management services. The PayWay API allows developers to automate credit card processing, including debiting and crediting... Payments 01.12.2013
SeQR Pay
SeQR Pay provides a new way to purchase products. The basic concept is that products, product packaging, and advertisements have unique SeQR Pay QR codes on them so that anyone may scan that QR code... Payments 01.12.2013
Microbust e-stores
The service provides hosted e-commerce functionality to be integrated with web content management, ERP, and back-office transaction reporting platforms. Its tools allow creation and updating of... eCommerce 01.11.2013
The service headquartered in the UK provides payment processing for e-commerce transactions and other online exchanges. It can verify validity and credit limits for credit and debit cards, then... Payments 01.03.2013
ChargeBee is a subscription billing service for recurring charges for software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions. The ChargeBee API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Payments 12.29.2012
The service provides online shopping cart services to be integrated with web pages either via Javascript or via REST web service requests. Implementation options include linking to white-label pages... eCommerce 12.27.2012
The service provides payment processing for e-commerce and other online transactions within Australia. It works through Australian banks to verify customer accounts and availability of funds, then... Payments 12.26.2012
MYSuite is an electronic billing service for companies that do business in Mexico, especially independent, small, and medium companies. MYSuite is also an authorized provider of Digital Online Tax... Payments 12.23.2012
Facturar en Línea Remote Connection
Facturar en Línea (FEL) provides Mexican companies with electronic billing services. These services adhere to Mexico's legal requirements regarding the use of CFDIs in online billing. CFDI... Payments 12.22.2012
Meracord is a payment processing solution that focuses on collecting, holding, and distributing funds. The Meracord API allows developers to integrate the Meracord payment solutions with their... Payments 12.20.2012
Mocapay offers users a platform that mobile-enables their businesses’ current payment, loyalty, gift, social media and coupon programs. The Mocapay API allows developers to integrate the Mocapay... Payments 12.12.2012
CrowdTilt is an online group fundraising site. CrowdTilt offers features for users to create their own crowd-funding sites to raise money for various reasons and sites to allow for group funding.... Payments 12.12.2012
Ukash is a form of eMoney - it is treated exactly like cash, but it is spent online. Ukash is useful for those who don’t have a credit or debit card, or who don’t want to use their card to pay... Payments 12.10.2012
SumUp is a service that allows users to accept and process credit card payments via mobile devices with the SumUp application. The SumUp API allows developers to access and integrate the... Payments 12.07.2012
Kusinaatbp PayPlus
Kusinaatbp is an online database of Filipino recipes. It provides recipes for traditional Filipino and Filipinized dishes ranging from the very popular to the very unique. The Kusinaatbp website... Payments 12.02.2012
Name Description Category Date
Sportmeets connects online users who love sports so that they can meet, organize their teams and events and compete offline. Sports 06.05.2010
Online Alternative Trading System (ATS) with Paypal Express Checkout API. Available on sourceforge. Payments 10.23.2009
Give 1 Get 2: Moneybookers Exchange
Give1Get2 is an online trading platform based on win-win-win strategy. Users can do online payment and receive money with the Payment Service Provider (Moneybookers API). The PSP is regulated by the... Payments 07.16.2009
Twippr Twitter Payments
Twippr is a safe, simple way to send and receive money online, using direct private messages from your Twitter account. Accept Twippr micropayments to save Paypal fees. Payments 01.06.2009
PayPal Refunds Made Easy - MassRefunds
Online service that lets you issue bulk refunds from your PayPal account. Also, search your transaction history and view transaction details. Refunds 01.04.2009
E-junkie Shopping Cart
Shopping cart and Buy Now buttons for selling downloads and goods on your site, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList etc. using PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, 2CheckOut, and... eCommerce 07.15.2008
Dropcash allows you to setup campaigns to raise money (charity, a trip, gift, etc). Service uses TypeKey for user management and PayPal for handling your funds. Payments 10.09.2005
Online invoicing service that uses PayPal API. eCommerce 09.15.2005
Name Description Category Date
PayStand iOS SDK
PayStand is a full eCommerce platform that allows providers to receive debit and credit card payments online. The PayStand iOS SDK allows develops to construct applications that easily interact with... eCommerce 10.02.2014
eBay SDK for .NET
Just like the Java SDK, eBay offers a kit for the .NET community codebase project. The documentation of the kit contains .Net release notes, installation requirements, guides, libraries, and... eCommerce 10.02.2014
eBay SDK for Java
eBay offers an SDK for the Java community codebase project. The main benefits of this kit include simplifying development processes using the eBay API, saving time by offering easy modules, and... eCommerce 10.02.2014
CyberSource Apple Pay SDK
Cybersource is an online credit card payment system that manages fraud and security issues. CyberSource Apple Pay SDK's guide shows how to work with iOS SDK for Apple Pay, methods, objects,... Payments 10.01.2014
MangoPay SDK
MangoPay accepts payments and manages e-money. It is targeted to users, marketplaces, crowfunding platforms, and collaborative consuming platforms. The SDK can be found on Github, where developers... Payments 10.01.2014
UberKit is an Objective-C wrapper made to interface with the Uber API, allowing developers to call the Uber API without requiring users to sign into their Uber account. Calls to the Uber API can be... Transportation 09.30.2014
MobiCart PHP Wrapper
MobiCart is a mobile commerce (mCommerce) management platform that works with mobile, tablet, and web applications and links to a company's website. The PHP library endorsed by MobiCart lets... eCommerce 09.10.2014
Node Bittrex API
Node Bittrex API is a Node.js library for interfacing with the Bittrex API. The library is open source, however, the Bittrex API requires an API key for use. The library is not officially owned by... Bitcoin 08.21.2014
SDK libraries for the Authorize.Net API in PHP, C, Ruby, and Java. Each language has a variety of examples to help developers implement the functionality. Payments 05.29.2014
Recurly Ruby client library
Ruby wrapper for the Recurly API. Payments 05.09.2014

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