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Name Description Category Date is the demo site of Microsoft's Project Oxford, a cloud-based algorithm that guesses the age of humans based on facial recognition. With Face APIs, developers can experiment face... Recognition 06.16.2015
The Netra REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Netra with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service. Netra is... Images 06.10.2015
Office 365 User Photo
The Office 365 User Photo API allows developers to download the photo of any user in their organization, by integrating their applications with the User Photo service. This API is RESTful. Photos 05.20.2015
Microsoft Project Oxford Vision
The Microsoft Project Oxford Vision API allows developers to access and integrate the vision functionality of Microsoft Project Oxford. Some example API methods include processing images, detecting... Machine Learning 05.10.2015
Microsoft Project Oxford Face
The Microsoft Project Oxford Face API allows developers to access and integrate the face recognition and detection functionality of Microsoft Project Oxford. Some example API methods include... Recognition 05.10.2015
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Bing Maps Mashup Tilt Shift
With the Bing Maps mashup tilt shift by Aaron Hunter, users can appreciate miniature photography of landscape images when users perceive photographs in birds-eye mode. This work was created with Bing... Mapping 05.22.2015
Magic Mosaic
Magic Mosaic provides a fast, user-friendly way to create photo mosaics built from photos in online web albums and photo galleries. Photos 01.21.2015
Weglore: Geotag Photos & Geo News
Weglore is a location based photo sharing app that allows users to explore the globe with map navigation and photo markers. The photo series incorporates smart social functions that enable filtering... Social 01.14.2015 is a web-based version of Instagram that supplies to users the complete functionality of Instagram, including browsing user feeds, tagging users & locations, liking/unliking,... Photos 10.16.2014
Printicular aims to facilitate printing from social media. Users can order prints from a smart phone and pick up on Walgreens the same day. They also can receive the pictures in a specific location... Printing 10.13.2014
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Name Description Category Date
SayRoom is an application that allows users to voice and share their reactions to online images. SayRoom powers several kinds of feeds featuring images along with users' emotional reactions to... Social 05.02.2013
Twipple is a Japanese application for posting and collecting cute images on Twitter. Users can log on to the Twipple website using their Twitter accounts. Twipple provides a RESTful API that can be... Social 05.02.2013
Printzel is an iPad application for creating photo books that are professionally printed and bound in either hardcover or softcover form. An online reviewer allows users to view and share their books... Photos 03.29.2013
OCR-IT provides developers and organizations with backend cloud-based OCR API image processing services and documented conversion outsourcing. Images form mobile devices, PCs, scanners, or any other... Photos 03.11.2013
FancyBox is a tool for showcasing images, multi-media and html content in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page. The FancyBox API allows users to manipulate the padding,... Photos 03.04.2013
European Parking Association Photo Gallery
The European Parking Association (EPA) is the umbrella organization for all European parking associations. Its purpose is to facilitate cooperation and information exchange between its member... Photos 02.16.2013
PNI Photo Services
The PNI Photo Services API allows developers to monetize their photo-centric applications by providing an integrated "Print To Retail" experience. The API allows applications to create... Photos 02.14.2013
Montgomery County SPCA Pet Image
The Montgomery County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for unwanted, lost, and abused domestic animals in Pennsylvania's... Photos 02.11.2013
Images API is a service from Graphics Factory Clip Art allowing users to integrate royalty free clip art images into websites, applications, or print-on-demand services. The Images API supports XML... Photos 02.06.2013
Trovebox makes it easy for users to collect their photos from multiple sites and devices and keep them in one place. Trovebox has importers for Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram that allow it to... Photos 02.04.2013
Photocat is an online and mobile application for photo and image editing and retouching. Users can edit photos, resize photos, add photo enhancements, and retouch photos. The Photocat API allows... Photos 01.21.2013
Gracenote is a music and video metadata company. Gracenote provides metadata for music and videos for players in cars, mobile, web, and other player devices. Metadata includes cover art, photos,... Music 01.17.2013
Dextro Image Recognition
Dextro Image Recognition is a service that allows for object recognition in images. Dextro's functionality recognizes objects and the location of objects in images. The Dextro Image Recognition... Photos 01.15.2013
Infradox is a high volume photo and video archive service that provides secure storage and delivery to end users. Infradox offers a Partner API and a Backoffice API. The Partner API allows user... Storage 01.14.2013
All The Rage Faces
All The Rage Face is a website that hosts image files of meme faces for the public to view and download. These files can also be retrieved programmatically using a RESTful API. Calls are provided for... Photos 01.14.2013
The Mar-a-Lago Club Photo Album
The Mar-a-Lago Club is a private club owned by Donald Trump. It is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The club website hosts a photo album, which can be accessed programmatically using the Photo Album... Photos 01.13.2013
IfisClean Image Moderation
IfisClean provides moderation services for images by leveraging a trained worldwide workforce. Using an API, developers can pass a URL and IfisClean will POST back to their server letting them know... Photos 01.09.2013
Snapito! is a tool for taking screenshots of webpages. Users can take a screenshot by entering a web address into the box on the Snapito! homepage and clicking the Snap! button. There are features... Photos 01.08.2013
The Philadelphia Cricket Club Photo Album
The Philadelphia Cricket Club is a private club with several clubhouses located in Pennsylvania. In addition to cricket, they also provide facilities for golf, paddle, squash, swimming, and tennis.... Photos 01.05.2013
Charlotte City Club Photo Album
The Charlotte City Club - located in Charlotte, NC - provides social and business event hosting services to its members. Members may set up their own events or attend events held by the Club itself.... Photos 01.05.2013
Metropolis Country Club Photo Album
Metropolis Country Club is a private membership club located in White Plains, NY. They offer their members a recently-remodeled clubhouse along with golf, swimming, and tennis facilities. Their... Photos 01.05.2013
Overlake Golf and Country Club Photo Album
Overlake Golf and Country Club is a family club located in a residential area of Medina, WA. They offer their members an 18-hole golf course, 6-lane competition pool, and U.S. Open style tennis... Photos 01.05.2013
Pacific Links Hawaii Championship Photo Album
The Pacific Links Hawaii Championship is an official PGA Champions Tour golf tournament. It is named for Pacific Links Hawaii, a golf course investment company. The Championship website hosts a photo... Photos 01.05.2013
Glen Abbey Golf Club Photo Album
The Glen Abbey Golf Club is a Canadian golf club that is open to both ClubLink members and public golfers. Their website hosts a photo album, which is programmatically accessible via SOAP API. The... Photos 12.23.2012
Jonathan Club Photo Album
The Jonathan Club is a private social club located in California. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or... Photos 12.23.2012
21 Forty Medical District Slide Show Data Service
21 Forty Medical District is a community of apartment residences located in Dallas, TX. It is adjacent to UT Southwestern Medical Center and three miles north of the Central Business District. Those... Photos 12.23.2012
The World Photo Album
The World is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. It has 165 onboard residences and has been continuously circumnavigating the world since 2002. The World's website hosts a... Photos 12.23.2012
Sugar Creek Country Club Photo Album
The Sugar Creek Country Club is prestigious country club located southwest of the Houston Metropolitan area. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo... Photos 12.23.2012
San Luis Obispo Country Club Photo Album
The San Luis Obispo Country Club is a private country club located among the hills and vineyards of California. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The... Photos 12.22.2012 is a simple service that allows users to view and remove EXIF data from images over HTTP. Users can add /strip to their HTTP GET request and get back a URI to an exact copy of the image with... Photos 12.20.2012
Prometheus Image Archive
Described as a digital image archive for Art and Cultural Sciences, prometheus is a collaborative project of four German Universities. The archive provides access to almost one million digitized... Photos 12.17.2012
Stipple is an online photograph repository. Stipple allows advertisers to use images with their products, publishers to purchase images for use, and photographers to sell and get credit for their... Photos 12.14.2012
Gigatribe is a media sharing service allowing users to securely provide a select group of friends with access to media files on their hard drive. The Gigatribe API is a collection of HTTP GET and... Photos 12.12.2012
Wallpaper Abyss
Wallpaper Abyss is a site that contains a collection of wallpapers that are free for personal, non commercial use. The site contains over 200,000 wallpapers that are searchable by various categories... Photos 11.30.2012
Wookmark is a social site for collecting and sharing images and videos. Users can organize their images with groups and follow other users for inspiration. The Wookmark Plus upgrade allows users to... Social 11.29.2012
PiXlogic piXserve
piXlogic is a provider of visual search software that automatically analyzes, searches and indexed the visual contents of images and video. The piXserve API lets users access the piXserve... Search 11.27.2012
Phocoder is an application that allows developers to add photo handling capabilities to applications. With the Phocoder API, developers can access and integrate the functionality of Phocoder with... Photos 11.25.2012
ImageFly is a image editing service. ImageFly offers image editing features, such as resizing images, creating thumbnails, and cropping images. The ImageFly API allows developers to access and... Photos 11.25.2012
Chevereto is an image hosting service. Chevereto offers image hosting features like multiple file uploads, image management, and sharing services. The Cheverto API allows developers to access and... Media 11.24.2012
Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework that allows users to create and manage web and mobile image galleries. Galleria offers different themes for different design looks of galleries. The... Photos 11.23.2012
FetchApp is an online service that allows users to sell digital goods through various applications and websites. FetchApp allows users to sell digital goods such as photos, music, e-books, and videos... eCommerce 11.23.2012
Lvvki provides images of restaurants and venues in various cities. Photographers can upload and sell their photos to Lvvki and publishers can purchase the images for use. The Lvvki API allows... Photos 11.20.2012
Auto 3D Avatar WebAPI from the 3D Avatar Store
The 3D Avatar Store is an online destination to create and interact with 3D Avatars created through our automated, photo-real 3D Reconstruction technology. With the 3D Avatar Store's WebAPI... Photos 11.19.2012
Perfect Dating Profile
Perfect Dating Profile provides photo and profile editing services to create a more powerful and descriptive presence through online dating sites. Your online profile can be edited (£49.95) or... Dating 11.15.2012
Custom Tattoo
Custom Tattoo is a social networking and photo sharing site for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. The Custom Tattoo API provides RESTful developer access to Custom Tattoo data. Available calls include... Social 11.12.2012
Avatarion Portrait3D
Based on the Avatarion's Tethys 3D solution, Portraid3D allows developers to create realistic, 3D, animated avatars from image files. The avatars are web publishable through HTTP embed code or... Photos 11.08.2012
A View From My Seat
A View from my Seat provides a suite of services connecting fans to their favorite teams, primarily by providing photos from fans and showing them in seating charts on the team’s website. The A... Photos 11.06.2012
FotoZap is a photo sharing app for brand ambassadors. The app lets uses capture photos and videos of a customer's experience, then scan a Giveaway Card and hand it to the customer. Customers can... Photos 10.23.2012
DiscoverEDINA Tagger
The service extracts and gives access to metadata stored with document and resource files, especially image and multimedia files. Digital cameras and other image creation devices generate extensive... Photos 10.23.2012
MnGeo Composite Image
The service provides aerial and satellite photos depicting terrain within the U.S. state of Minnesota. It works through a single access point that automatically provides appropriate photos taken from... Photos 10.23.2012
MnGeo Geospatial Image
The service provides a repository of aerial photos and topographic maps of terrain within the U.S. state of Minnesota. Photographs are taken from aircraft to capture surface features, and... Mapping 10.23.2012
BiometryCloud is a face and image recognition service for web and mobile applications. BiometryCloud allows people to be recognized in images. The BiometryCloud API allows developers to access and... Photos 10.21.2012
Rethumb is a simple service that lets users create image thumbnails by accessing a URL. Users simply need to provide the URL of an image and can pass in the desired height and width. The RESTful API... Tools 10.18.2012
Annotate.IO helps you clean text data - you tell it "what you have" and "what you want" and it figures out how to convert the data into the format you need. Using the rules it... Tools 10.15.2012
SkyBiometry Face Detection and Recognition
SkyBiometry provides a face detection and recognition service and can be used as a drop-in replacement for discontinued API. The SkyBiometry Face Detection and Recognition API allows... Photos 10.12.2012
Scaled Recognition
Scaled Recognition uses image recognition technology to convert textual data in image files to UTF-8 (documents, files, receipts), and also allows you to recognize the positioning of faces in a... Social 10.10.2012 is a photo manipulation service that provides a variety of photo manipulation techniques and layering of filters. The service utilizes a RESTful API, managed by Mashape with prices... Photos 10.10.2012
GeoClique is a social media platform that allows user to stay in touch with friends, share photos, and get involved. The companies main focus is to eliminate the things other social media sites take... Social 10.04.2012
Stannp is a web and mobile application that allows users to create postcards from their photos. Stannp offers features that let users add effects and text to their photos for postcards to send and... Photos 09.26.2012
Taggstar is an application that allows users to make their images on websites interactive by adding and embedding videos, text, maps, and other pictures into the images. The Taggstar API allows... Photos 09.24.2012
DK Images
SnapCrowd is an online digital asset management platform. SnapCrowd allows users to store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, in the cloud. The SnapCrowd API allows developers... Media 09.12.2012
HP Imaging Cloud Photo Suite
HP Labs is a division of HP dedicated to researching and developing a greater expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines. The HP Imaging Cloud Photo Suite is a collection of services hosted... Photos 09.10.2012
nViso provides emotion recognition software to capture and analyze the emotional response and visual attention of consumers. The 3D Facial Imaging API provides a real-time solution to measuring... Photos 09.10.2012
Recognize.IM is an image recognition platform for mobile applications and photos. Users can connect their images from various online and mobile applications with Recognize.IM. The Recognize.IM Image... Photos 09.04.2012
The Rekognition API provides facial and scene image recognition optimized for social photo applications. Utilizing the eyes, mouth, face and nose along with mood recognition and sex dependent... Photos 08.28.2012
InterfaceLIFT Wallpapers
The InterfaceLIFT API offers downloadable high-resolution wallpapers for Iphone, Droid, computer screens, tablets and etc. Functionality includes calling about the camera used to take a certain... Photos 08.28.2012
Picovico is a slideshow creation tool. Its platform allows users to upload photo sets and arrange them in desired order. Users can spiffy up their presentations with Picovico’s themes and styles.... Video 08.15.2012
The website is for uploading and sharing My Little Pony fan art. Derpibooru is an image booru (sharing/commenting/voting system) for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A JSON API... Photos 08.11.2012 lets developers create micro-apps for mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS mobile devices. The micro-apps run on the mobile app. also offers an API for both Python... Tools 08.09.2012
PicarIS Platform
The PicarIS Platform generates variations of images in real time to multiple channels. The master images are manipulated by URL requests. The visuals can easily be recolored, retextured, resized,... Photos 08.08.2012
Avocado, a company catering to couples, provides couples with a private space to collect and share messages, photos, and ideas in their own unique way. The Avocado API provides documentation showing... Messaging 08.08.2012
Picplum is a company that specializes in sending high quality photo prints to specified recipients. After creating an account, users can order high quality prints and Picplum will take care of... Photos 08.07.2012
Yfrog is a photo sharing service and social networking platform. The yfrog API exposes the photo sharing functionality of this platform. With the API users can upload media files to yfrog, find the... Photos 08.03.2012
BioID Web Services
BioID Web Services (BWS) is a webcam based biometrics service for cloud, web, and mobile application developers. The service enables applications such as - Biometric authentication (face and voice,... Security 08.02.2012
Cortica is an image-to-text service that scans images for contextual meaning, offering in-image advertising opportunities. The Cortica API allows developers to access and integrate the Cortica... Photos 08.02.2012
Resighting is an application for geo-tagging and saving favorite places. Resighting allows users to also see other Resighting places nearby and create collections of favorite places. The Resighting... Mapping 08.02.2012
SnapReplay is an app that lets users instantly share photos of events they attend. When using the app, photos from the event are automatically sent to a shared picture stream where they are displayed... Photos 07.30.2012
Angel Eyes
Based in China, Angel Eyes provides cloud-based, image and video recognition and analysis services. Through their services, users can precisely detect image types from a large collection of files as... Photos 07.26.2012
LambdaLabs Face
LambdaLabs has created a new application that is a alternative. LambdaLabs Face is a photo recognition application. The LambdaLabs Face API allows developers to integrate the Face... Photos 07.21.2012
Pic Resize
Pic Resize is a web-based image editing service. Users add pictures for editing by uploading, linking, or pasting them into the homepage. They may then use Pic Resize’s editing tools to crop,... Tools 07.15.2012
Fujifilm Smart Publishing
Fujifilm provides an array of film and photo related services and products. The Smart Publishing API is a collection of mobile friendly services offering developers access to Fujifilm's... Photos 07.11.2012
Infinigag is a meme hosting service. It provides a public feed where users can share humorous captioned images with each other. The feed essentially captures images from’s frontpage feed.... Entertainment 07.10.2012
Chute Media
The Chute Media platform helps web and mobile app developers build any photo or video app they can imagine. The Chute Media platform includes a REST API and a set of developer tools that add greater... Photos 07.10.2012
Walgreens QuickPrints
QuickPrints allows mobile application developers to include the ability for their app users to print photos to any of the 8,000+ Walgreens locations. With every photo order that is successfully... Photos 07.10.2012 is an avatar hosting service. It is designed for integration with mobile apps and websites. Developers can use the to host the avatars their users assign themselves. After they... Tools 06.26.2012 provides collections of screenshots from around the Internet. Their automated system monitors web pages for visual changes and captures new images of each change. This provides them... Photos 06.24.2012
Print Mosaic
PrintMosaic is image creation tool. It creates mosaics out of users picture collections. First, users upload their library of images to the website. Then, they specific an image that would like to... Photos 06.24.2012
Yahoo Wretch
Wretch is a Taiwanese social site that provides users with free album and blog hosting services. The Wretch API allows users to access the functionality and data from the Wretch site including... Social 06.21.2012
The OpenPhoto Project is a web-based tool for aggregating and centralizing personal photos. It is an open source project that allows users to retrieve all of their photos from photo hosting sites... Photos 06.20.2012
The service builds a catalog of media assets, especially video clips and features, and makes them available, within the requirements of rights specified by the owner. It manages content files and... Media 06.18.2012
The Bigstock API allows users to tap into 11 million photos housed by Users can then offer print on demand services to customers, integrate images into facebook applications, or use it... Photos 06.14.2012
Popcarte provides custom cards, postcards and invitations, printed and sent directly to your recipient. The company's mobile app also allows your photos to be used on cards. The Popcarte SDK... Photos 06.13.2012
ShutterPro is an online, cloud photo storage and photo sharing service. ShutterPro also provides photo backup services. Users can make their photo albums public or private and can share photos across... Photos 06.03.2012
CU3ER is 3D image slider that can be inserted and integrated into a user's webpage using a JavaScript API. This API provides extended bidirectional communication with CU3ER that gives users with... Widgets 05.27.2012
Resizor is an image resizing service. It is intended for use by app developers who need their graphics resized quickly. Developers begin by uploading their graphic to Resizor’s API. Resizor then... Photos 05.23.2012
Digibug is a service for photographers. Digibug helps photographers set up websites for their work and helps manage photo buying and selling. The Digibug API allows developers to access and... Photos 05.21.2012
ZetaPrints is a web-to-print and imaging service. ZetaPrints provides e-commerce solutions, image printing services, and dynamic imaging processing for printing purposes. The ZetaPrints API allows... Tools 05.21.2012
Teleportd is a service that aggregates, organizes, and makes photos taken and shared from smartphones searchable. Teleportd allows customers to search photos and contact the owner for permissions.... Photos 05.08.2012
Lunapic is an online photo editing processor. Users can upload images from their computers or link image URLs to add effects, crop, and more. Users can also add multiple images to one project and... Photos 05.07.2012
Name Description Category Date
GetOutCast provides users with a customized forecast for the photographic potential for any location in the U.S. GetOutCast uses a mashup of atmospheric and weather data to analyze and get the most... Photos 09.16.2014
Hashtagmyass is a web application that allows users to create videos using photos that are found on their Instagram account. Customers have the options to purchase a music track of their choice to... Video 09.08.2014
DPhotoIndex is a website that aims to provide information with sample photos taken with certain cameras and lenses. Brief reviews of cameras and lenses are accompanied by series of photos retrieved... Photos 09.05.2014
Geo Location Atlas
Once visited, you can see nice OVI map of place based on ISP of yours with clickable foursquare places to explore. Plus current weather and forecast displayed. Just below the map you can see... Mapping 10.01.2013
Monarch Butterfly Migration Explorer
This tool searches Flickr to count sightings of Monarch Butterflies and display the results on Google Maps. It helps visualize the increase/decrease year over year. Mapping 08.03.2013
This mashup allows users to narrate a story and use their Instagram photos as the backdrop. This is a creative and fun way to share your adventures with friends. Photos 08.01.2013
Democrat or Republican
Guess if congress members are democrats or republicans based on photos. Photos 07.19.2013
PixtaPlace is a service that lets you look at images from anywhere in the world. Locations are looked up via the Google Maps API and the photographs consist of recent photographs on Instagram and... Mapping 07.13.2013
Clean Cruising
This tool shows the real-time position of Princess Cruises ships. Many ships feature a live webcam stream. Mapping 05.28.2013
The best way to find the latest Instagram photos from around the world, or around the corner. Photos 05.20.2013
Name Description Category Date
Google Plus .NET Library by Google
The Google Plus .NET library by Google includes a sample to build on top of the Google+ platform. With additional information shared on the site, users can browse .NET documentation for the Google+... Social 06.08.2015
Google Picasa Client Libraries by Google
The official Google Picasa client libraries help to write applications with the Picasa Web Albums Data API. Users can upload and share photos on Google+, tag friends, and filter images. Picasa is... Photos 06.05.2015
Kairos API Ruby Gem by Frank Kany
The Kairos API Ruby Gem by Frank Kany provides a Ruby wrapper for the Kairos Facial Recognition API. Photos 05.31.2015
Kairos Face Detection and Recognition API Ruby Wrapper by Chris Allick
The Gem by Chris Allick provides a Ruby wrapper Kairos Face Detection and Recognition API Ruby. Photos 05.31.2015
Instagram JavaScript Library by Tomomi Imura (girliemac)
Tomomi Imura (girliemac) created this library to manipulate images in JavaScript. Filters apply to images in browser. What this library does is to transform pixel data into a canvas that can be... Photos 05.28.2015
Instagram iOS Library by Huong Do
The Instagram iOS library by Huong Do can trim videos using CocoaPods. This could be useful to create aggregated visual media mimicking the optical properties of Instagram. Developers can select... Photos 05.28.2015
Instagram iOS Library by Brad Kendall
This library for iOS can populate photo library on the iOS simulator. Users can download images from a hashtag to seed images in iPhone and iPad applications. Set up instructions include to insert... Photos 05.28.2015
Instagram Go Library by Akeda Bagus
The Instagram Go library by Akeda Bagus can access the Instagram Search API. Available usage and data retrieval. With this library, users can access different parts of the Instagram API, set client,... Photos 05.28.2015
Flickr iOS Library by David Gileadi
The Flickr iOS library by David Gileadi offers to choose images from social media and photo libraries with flickr API. In his work, the author provides instructions to use the picker setting up... Photos 05.23.2015
Flickr PHP Library by Phan Thanh Cong
With this Flickr PHP library by Phan Thanh Cong that access the flickr API, users can upload images to Imgur, Imageshack, Picasa, Flickr, and Postimage. The author aims to ease the uploading process... Photos 05.23.2015
Name Description Category Date
Python Wrapper for Flickr API
From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate: Photos 07.07.2008
Perl Wrapper for Flickr API
Perl interface to the Flickr API Photos 07.07.2008
Flickr Upload in Perl
CPAN entry for Perl source to upload photos to Flickr. Photos 07.07.2008
Embedding Flickr Photos Using Java
rflickr Ruby Wrapper for Flickr API
rflickr is a Ruby implementation of the Flickr API. It includes a faithful reproduction of the published API as well as method encapsulation to provide more useful object mappings. rflickr features... Library 02.25.2007
Video Tutorial ASP.NET Mashups
Flashr, a Flickr Wrapper in Flash
A useful Flickr API wrapper for Flash. From Kevin Luck. Photos 01.22.2006
php, caching and the flickr api |
Short but clear Flickr REST API example with PHP. By Mark Zeman. Photos 11.30.2005
smugmug hacks
Collection of smugmug utilities and hacks created by outside developers. Photos 11.30.2005
Flickr Api Explorer
Nice utility that allows you to experiment with the Flickr API using a web form. Photos 11.16.2005