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Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API

Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API

Creative Market, an online marketplace featuring handcrafted design content such as graphics, templates, themes and fonts, has just announced the upcoming release of the new Creative Market API whi...
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Name Description Category Date
AddThis Smart Layers
The AddThis Smart Layers API allows developers to configure and customize the Smart Layers displayed on their webpages. Smart Layers are features that float over the user's webpages and provide... Tools 04.17.2015
Atlassian Stash Comment Likes REST
Atlassian Stash Comment Likes REST API allows for the addition, removal and querying of comment likes using REST resources. This API allows for the integration and script interaction of other... Software-as-a-Service 01.28.2015
Atlassian Stash SSH Rest
Atlassian SSH REST API allows for the management of user SSH keys through REST resources. Atlassian Stash SSH REST API allows for the addition, removal and querying of comment likes using REST... Software-as-a-Service 01.28.2015
Atlassian Stash Core Rest
Atlasssian Stash Core REST API allows core management of Stash functionality, including server administration, projects, repositories, pull requests and user management, through REST resources. This... Software-as-a-Service 01.28.2015
WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin, with different features built for website development. The WooCommerce API lets developers integrate its features into their WordPress website. Data is in... eCommerce 11.17.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Analytics Edge Connector for Constant Contact
Constant Contact data from inside Microsoft Excel. Supports the full suite of API commands, including the bulk export functions. Email 01.20.2014
AirSpeed is a browser plug-in that makes it easy to copy Emails, Contacts and Appointments from Google (Gmail, Google Apps) to Salesforce. Tools 12.27.2012
TopTechPhoto Space is a Lightroom plugin which allows easy storage for catalogs content onto a network(Dropbox, FTP, sFTP or samba) server, instead of a computer internal HDD, freeing up storage... Photos 08.16.2012
EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube
EmbedPlus is like YouTube on steroids! More seriously, it's a free and unique companion for the YouTube videos you find across the web when browsing with Chrome. You can now watch a video... Plugins 07.17.2012
Cirrus Insight
Cirrus Insight puts the power of CRM inside Gmail. Cirrus Insight is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that enables Gmail users to log emails and tasks, create leads and... Customer Relationship Management 08.25.2011
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Name Description Category Date
Notwilfications is a Google Chrome Extension that shows you when a call comes in and allows you to either ignore it or send it to voicemail, without ever having to pick up your phone to know who... Telephony 06.10.2010
foursquarefox | foursquare for Firefox
When you don't want to use your cell. Check-in, view friends, find places close by all from Firefox. Check-In 04.09.2010
The Whys between follows on the Web. Browser plugin to assist in finding out why people follow the people they do on Twitter. Blogging 11.20.2009
Microstock Photo Plugin for Wordpress
Easily add relevant photos to your blog posts without leaving Wordpress. Turn on the affiliate option to start earning money from links on your photos. Simple, automatic and lucrative photos for... Images 10.19.2009
Yahoo Geolocation Button for Wordpress
A Firefox Greasemonkey script to embed a "geo this" button within the WordPress admin screen. Click the button and it makes a YQL call to Placemaker, sending along the contents of... Mapping 07.04.2009
GlueToGo is a tool that let's you see what your friends and other people on Glue are saying when you don't have access to Glue. It runs as a bookmarklet in your browser (any... Social 06.22.2009
Shorten URL
Shorten long URLs from a Firefox context menu with your selected URL shortening service and display the result in a location bar. Tools 04.15.2009
Peoplepond Wordpress Plugin
Auto-generates your About page using your peoplepond profile. Social 03.16.2009
Twitter Search Box
Using Greasemonkey, this utility enables you to enhance by adding a search box to search tweets and help you find out what's happening right now. Messaging 02.25.2009
Smarter Wikipedia
This extension allows you to explore Wikipedia by adding a related articles side pane to Wikipedia. Additionally, it allows searching of highlighted text on Wikipedia from the right-click context... Reference 02.22.2009

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