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The Preact API enables developers to log events information in their applications. The API works for a given person or account individually. The objective of the API is to be able to predict... Events 09.21.2014
5 Day Weather
The 5 Day Weather API accepts a city as a single parameter and returns a 5 day forecast. Specifically, the API will accept an HTTP request with a city name identifier and will return a JSON object... Weather 09.17.2014
Firstrain offers enterprise tools for predictive analysis. Using the enterprise level API, developers can incorporate smart business insights to increase the effectiveness of their marketing... Predictions 09.16.2014
Ersatz is a web-based machine learning program that can automate recognition tasks that previously required human interaction. The Ersatz platform can be used or model & data visualization, team... Machine Learning 09.15.2014
Clarifai is an image recognition tool that assigns niched tags to objects and categories within an image, using a wide library of semantic and visual terminologies for artificial intelligence.... Recognition 08.08.2014
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By using the methodology described by John Walker in his book, The Hacker's Diet, TrendWeight acts as a weight trend analysis tool. Customers weigh themselves each day with either a FitBit Aria... Analytics 09.11.2014
Weight can fluctuate depending on a person's activity and diets. It can be hard to predict how the body will react in certain scenarios. With that said, WeightGrapher is an application that... Fitness 09.11.2014
New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports. Sports 12.28.2013
A social network where users can predict the future together by sharing information and opinions. See if the ZiiTrend community can predict the future better than any individual. News Services 08.18.2008
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PW Interview: Greg Lamp and Austin Ogilvie of Yhat on Shipping Predictive Models via API

PW Interview: Greg Lamp and Austin Ogilvie of Yhat on Shipping Predictive Models via API

The ŷhat Cloud Toolbox is a suite of development tools for integrating predictive analytics into existing Web and mobile applications. ŷhat deploys your models as RESTful APIs, so there’s no ne...


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