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The Deskdoo REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Deskdoo with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.... Collaboration 06.29.2015
The Front REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Front with other applications. Some example API methods include managing teams and teammates, listing and retrieving... Email 06.23.2015
The Axosoft API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Axosoft data and services, enabling their customers/ project managers to produce software. Axosoft is a company provides... Project Management 05.18.2015
The Float API allows developers to integrate Float's team scheduling functions into their own applications. The API's calls allow users to create, share, and update their Float data,... Scheduling 05.06.2015
The GitLab REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of GitLab with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving and... Developers 03.03.2015
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SmartSheet + DocuSign Integration
Smartsheet is a SaaS company that offers a businesses collaboration and work management tool. The Smartsheet and DocuSign integration will enable users to electronically sign documents such as... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
Resgrid is a cloud management and logistics platform built specifically for first responder teams. They offer mobile apps to track the real time status of phone responders and geo-locate units in the... Collaboration 10.06.2014
TaskClone is the missing link to your productivity; automatically sending Evernote to-dos to your task management app(s) or Google Calendar. Works on all Evernote platforms, with over 50 tasks apps... Project Management 07.02.2014
A simple and easy-to-use tool to track time on your Trello board activities. Time Tracking 01.02.2013
Basecamp is a project management resource. Collaboration 10.22.2012
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Name Description Category Date
Project Kenai
Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's connected developer destination where developers can host open source projects and code, as well as connect, communicate, and collaborate with like-minded... Project Management 08.18.2012
Xtenit Subscriber
The Xtenit platform allows developers to manage operations and easily publish across media types. The Xtenit Subscriber API facilitates AJAX style access to articles, archives, subscriber data, and... Database 08.15.2012
Akvo creates open source software and builds partner networks to change the way development aid is allocated and reported, allowing funders to see where their money goes. Akvo Real Simple Reporting... Project Management 08.15.2012 is a project management platform for businesses. It is intended to integrate workflow and collaboration across departments. It does so transparently and informatively. Its dashboard... Project Management 08.09.2012
Project Kenai SunCloud
Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's cloud hub for developer that hosts open source projects and code and provides a forum for developers to connect and collaborate. The Project Kenai SunCloud API... Project Management 08.02.2012
The service provides access to task sequence and status data to allow reporting on process management activities defined in the system from within third-party applications. It reports on activities... Enterprise 07.31.2012
Codesion is a cloud management services company for tech businesses. They provide PCI level 1 compliant security for their products. They features they provide include solutions issue tracking,... Cloud 07.28.2012
Cheddar allows for task management with an emphasis on event syncing between multiple devices. Functions include: creating tasks, adding tags, setting due dates and assigning tasks to people.... Personal Information Management 07.28.2012
The service accepts scheduling data for projects and activities as input, then generates Gantt charts showing duration and current progress for individual tasks or actions. Charts also show overlaps... Project Management 07.27.2012
Morale is a simple team project management platform. It allows teams of developers to share tasks and bugs through a single textbox. Once tickets are created they remain active until they are... Project Management 07.23.2012
Shockey Monkey is a management and customer relations service. An account is required for use of the ShockeyMonkey API. The API allows users to use contact management, company management, and ticket... Project Management 07.22.2012
ScrumNinja is a programming project management service that is designed to increase efficiency, increase productivity, and create greater transparency in highly complex projects. The ScrumNinja API... Project Management 07.17.2012
OmniComm TrialOne
The service provides CDISC ODM compliant management of information about pharmaceutical clinical trials. It is part of a suite of tools for managing information about drug research, including subject... Project Management 07.17.2012
Jama Contour
Jama is a software provider. Their leading product is Contour, a web-based application that is used to plan product releases and manage requirements. Contour can be used to execute projects, approve... Enterprise 07.12.2012
The service provides task management and time-tracking functions to improve process management and activity reporting. It allows remote monitoring of task completion via shared screen images and logs... Project Management 07.10.2012
The ProjectPlace API allows access to some of the functionality of the ProjectPlace project management service through a REST API. The service uses the OAuth 1.0a authorization and application... Project Management 07.06.2012
The Doclanding API allows users to integrate other programs with the Doclanding service. Using this SOAP API, users can store and retrieve files from Doclanding, organize their files and cabinets,... Storage 07.05.2012
The Flintbox API enables users of the collaborative research community to import projects to an online workspaces. The API also allows for updating project status, adding additional text... Project Management 07.05.2012
Yes-co is a real estate project management system for brokers and agents. It also includes features to help facilitate communication with customers and to provide consumer feedback. The Yes-co API... Real Estate 06.25.2012
LeadSyncer allows users to collect and organize leads on a mobile device, using either a wireless or cellular network. This allows leads to be reliably saved while at exhibitions, going door-to-door... Project Management 06.17.2012
The Euro.message API gives users of the full functionality of the website from their remote systems. The API allows users to manage all of their online marketing campaigns from a... Project Management 06.13.2012
Visma Severa
Visma Severa is an enterprise project management service. It allows users to manage individual projects from sales to billing as well as their entire project portfolio. Visma Severa provides... Enterprise 06.11.2012
Snowy Evening
Snowy Evening is a bug and issue tracking service for developers and clients. Snowy Evening provides issue management solutions. The Snowy Evening API allows developers to access and integrate the... Tools 05.28.2012
Autodesk AutoCAD
The Autodesk AutoCAD API allows users to access and edit their DWG files from any computer or mobile device using only a web browser. This allows designers and engineers to access their plans at all... Project Management 05.27.2012
Gtdagenda is a mobile app that helps with personal task management. Users can track their tasks, goals, projects and schedules. It can sync with Evernote and Google Calendar. The API gives users... Project Management 05.25.2012
Crossbrowser Testing
CrossBrowser Testing is a service that allows website developers to test their pages. Developers tell the CrossBrowser Testing what browser and what operating system it should simulate. They can then... Tools 05.23.2012
TestFlight is a mobile app testing service. It provides space for testing and tools for analyzing trial use. Developers first upload their SDKs. Then, TestFlight distributes them to the developersâ... Project Management 05.23.2012
UCAR People
The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an organization focused on the study of Earth's atmosphere. UCAR promotes collaboration between numerous people and organizations... Project Management 05.23.2012
Integrify is a provider of Cloud based lean business process management software. The software offers process definition, workflow automation and visibility for areas such as Information Technology,... Project Management 05.22.2012
Easy Projects
Easy Projects is a web-based project management platform for businesses seeking to offer a collaborative online environment for team and individual projects. It offers team management tools for... Project Management 05.12.2012
Wrike offers a social project management software that allows businesses to manage over 50 projects in one workspace with the goal to increase team collaboration and productivity and overall... Project Management 05.12.2012
ActiveBuilding is a platform for property management and resident communications. Some features included in ActiveBuilding include maintenance request management and tracking, package tracking, and... Project Management 05.08.2012
Sandglaz is a task management application that allows users to create, track, and manage their to-do lists. The application allows for collaboration making it suitable for project management tasks.... Personal Information Management 05.04.2012
WorkingPoint is a small business software solutions package. It provides a bundle of tools for accounting, invoicing, and tax and financial reporting. These tools are all accessible on business... Enterprise 05.03.2012
The service replaces ad hoc email collaboration with a templated workflow and task-management platform. It includes messaging and communications functions tied to work activities. It also provides... Enterprise 05.03.2012
Comindware is a provider of web based work management software. Users get two pieces of software, Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management to help streamline their project management. The... Project Management 05.03.2012
RentJuice provides rental relationship management software for brokers and landlords. Their software provides functionality for data organization and sharing. Brokers and landlords can digitize... Real Estate 04.30.2012
DataDog is a multifunctional data management tool. It can be used for data visualization, contextualization, and other analytics. These functions are embedded into a collaborative work stream or... Tools 04.30.2012
NetProspex provides its users a crowd-sourced database of verified business contact information, cleaned by their proprietary CleneStep algorithms. Their Data Cloud API integrates business contact... Project Management 04.27.2012
Project Insight
Project Insight is a provider of mid-market project management software. Features include portfolio, project and resource management and collaboration. The API allows developers to integrate Project... Project Management 04.27.2012
Crisply is a time-tracking service that connects with other systems used to automatically track a user's time. Some features of Crisply include timesheets, project systems, and billing systems... Project Management 04.27.2012
Bugly is an issue tracking service with emphasized user experience and integration components. Bugly provides SCM integration, issue dependencies, project permissions, and much more. Their RESTful... Project Management 04.25.2012
Asana is an online platform for teams to manage and share tasks. Asana offers both web and mobile applications for teams to organize, assign, and track task management items. The Asana API allows... Project Management 04.23.2012
Trajectory is a software project management tool. It can be used for recording stories, bugs, iterations, and to-do lists as well as for hosting discussions. "Stories" are methods for... Tools 04.12.2012
Jimssquare is a provider of online time tracking software. This tool lets users track their time, capture, organize and analyze their tasks, manage their budgets and create invoices. The API provides... Office 04.12.2012
Grove is a hosted IRC chat service for teams that goes beyond basic IRC servers. It offers archived and searchable chat logs, channel management and access control, private messaging, and web client... Chat 03.28.2012
Clio is a legal practice management system suitable for small to mid-sized law firms. It offers a suite of tools to help users manage their practice including document management, time tracking,... Office 03.28.2012
Social Solutions ETO Software
Social Solutions creates project management evaluation software for human services organizations, mostly in the fields of health and social services. The ETO-1 API provides two kinds of applications... Project Management 03.27.2012
Rocket Matter
Rocket Matter is an online legal software system that offers a variety of features for legal professionals and attorneys to manage their legal documents, track and bill time, manage clients, and... Project Management 03.23.2012
TeamLab is an open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. The platform includes software for managing project, collaborating with team members, document management and a... Project Management 03.21.2012
AffinityLive is an online project management and client relationship management platform. AffinityLive can be used to manage sales, track projects, and keep track of client relationships. The... Project Management 03.19.2012
Fragmento is a process fragment repository that facilitates compliance management for process-based applications. Increasingly, companies must adhere to requirements from laws, regulations, and... Enterprise 03.15.2012
Traffic Live
Traffic Live is an online platform for managing creative studios and projects. Traffic Live has features for staff management, resource management, and time tracking for creative projects. The... Project Management 03.08.2012
Dovico is web based timesheet and time tracking software. Dovico offers two core products; "Timesheet", which is used for project-based time and expense tracking costing and billing, and... Office 03.02.2012
Kundo is an online customer service platform that allows companies to interact with their customers and handle customer service issues. The Kundo API allows developers to access and integrate the... Enterprise 02.21.2012
PROMOpark is a Russian service for business process facilitation. It helps manage projects, automate routine processes, and extract important information from data sets. The PROMOpark API provides... Enterprise 02.21.2012
Rally provides a platform and services for agile application development, focusing on supporting developers through Application Lifecycle Management. Rally works to facilitate agile development by a... Project Management 02.17.2012
Exceptional is a web application bug tracking service. Exceptional allows users to track bugs, comment on errors and bugs, search errors, and create error reports. The Exceptional API allows... Tools 02.08.2012
UserRules is a customer feedback application. UserRules provides a platform for companies to use to gather customer feedback on products and services. Users of UserRules can manage their customer... Enterprise 02.08.2012
gTrax is a time tracking system that can assist in project and resource management. It is integrated with Google Apps allowing users to import calendar information to assist in creating time tracking... Project Management 02.06.2012
OneDesk is a cloud based platform that offers tools to assist with product development and management. It is meant to help with the coordination of team members including product managers, engineers... Project Management 01.25.2012
Sazneo is an online and mobile platform for real-time group communication. Sazneo also integrates with SharePoint and other applications. Users can manage projects and topics and have group... Tools 01.24.2012
Sifter is a bug and issue tracking platform. Sifter provides an online dashboard for teams and organizations to manage and track bugs and issues that display progress, people working on the bugs and... Tools 01.20.2012
Trello is an online project management and collaboration platform. Users can manage their projects on Trello boards that display the various aspects of their projects, such as what has been done and... Project Management 01.19.2012
Mindjet offers web-based collaboration and mind-mapping tools for teams to collaborate and organize their projects and ideas. Some example uses include capturing brainstorming ideas with mapping... Enterprise 12.13.2011
Simprove Workity
The service headquartered in Germany provides task management, scheduling, messaging, and related functions for online project management and collaboration within a project team. Services supported... Project Management 12.12.2011 IronWorker's IronWorker is a task management system. IronWorker lets users manage their tasks and projects with queues, assign tasks to various people, and create automatic tasks that need to be... Project Management 12.09.2011
Yast is an online time and project tracking service. Features of Yast include tracking time and projects either individually or shared with others, making notes about time, creating timesheets, and... Project Management 11.30.2011
Bunker App
Bunker App is a project management platform designed specifically for freelancers. Freelancers can manage their various projects, create and send invoices to their clients, and organize all... Project Management 11.30.2011
Elementool is a provider of web based project management tools for help desk, bug and defect tracking and time tracking tools. The Elementool API lets users access the main features of Elementool... Tools 11.18.2011
Viewpath is an online project management tool. Some features included in Viewpath include timelines/GANTT charts, dashboards of activity, and reporting functions. The Viewpath API allows developers... Project Management 11.08.2011
Econz Timecard
Timecard is a mobile timesheet software solution that enables employees to log time, attendance, and job information remotely via their mobile devices. The Econz Timecard API is a SOAP based service... Project Management 10.17.2011
TeleNav Track
The TeleNav Track API is a SOAP-based interface that, when paired with a mobile client service, allows companies to persistently monitor and gather information about their mobile workforce. This API... Project Management 10.16.2011
ActiveCollab is a system that lets you and your team collaborate more efficiently by sharing files, discussing ideas and managing projects, as well as letting you track time, create invoices, and... Tools 09.21.2011
Planbox is a project management and collaboration service. Built on SCRUM, Planbox offers a dashboard that allows project and product management, tracking, and collaboration between team members.... Project Management 09.13.2011
IMS Enterprise Services
IMS is a non-profit consortium whose contributing members are leading institutions, suppliers, and governments worldwide that collaborate on: Interoperability, Adoption and Learning Impact. The IMS... Education 08.29.2011
Redmine is a customizable and flexible project management system. Redmine can be used across platforms and databases. Features in Redmine include numerous workspaces, issue tracking, assigning tasks... Project Management 08.22.2011
Flowdock is a service that allows project team members to collaborate with each other. It features a team inbox with real-time group chat and activity feeds. Chat history is stored forever and users... Chat 08.15.2011
TeamWork Live
TeamWork Live is a web-based project management software and online collaboration tool. TeamWork Live lets users run projects more efficiently and increase collaboration among team members. The API... Project Management 08.10.2011
WizeHive is a collaboration platform that allows users and groups to share and collaborate on information like conversations, notes, tasks, calendars, and files in secure workspaces. Information can... Project Management 08.10.2011
Backlog is a project management tool that supports collaboration and communication amongst team members. It provides features such as a gantt chart, file sharing, version control, issue management,... Project Management 08.09.2011
Cloudwords offers a web based translation management platform that enables the customer to select and interact with the translation vendor, and centrally manage all translation projects. Cloudwords... Project Management 08.04.2011 provides cloud based Project Management, Sales & CRM and Service Support tools for businesses of all sizes. The API lets users integrate their customer database, CRM, CMS, or e-commerce... Enterprise 08.03.2011
AceProject is a free, entry level, project management software. It comes with all the features of a paid account but with less usage capacity. The AceProject API is in private beta and facilitates... Project Management 08.01.2011
Projjex is a collaborative, web-based, multi-user software. It integratres project management, CRM, workflow and time tracking with a personal calendar. The Projjex API gives complete programmatic... Office 07.17.2011
TimeLog develops and sells web-based solutions within time tracking especially to project-oriented companies in Europe. The TimeLog API is based on standard web technologies, web services, and XML.... Project Management 07.13.2011
Interstate Developers
Interstate provides businesses and developers with a way to plan and share their development progress using project roadmaps. The API offers the ability to do things such as create roads, post... Project Management 07.13.2011
ScrumDesk is professional scrum project management tool helping agile teams to self-organize and product owners to plan products. The API lets users access data, edit them, create customized reports... Project Management 06.28.2011
ScrumWorks Pro
ScrumWorks Pro is Agile project management software. The ScrumWorks Pro API is a SOAP interface which allows developers to access data in ScrumWorks. The API can be used for building custom reports,... Project Management 06.17.2011
Origo is an open source software development and collaboration platform that can be used to host open and closed-source projects. Origo has a partially open API implemented in XML-RPC external. This... Project Management 04.20.2011
TeamworkPM (Teamwork Project Manager) is an online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. TeamworkPM... Project Management 03.26.2011
Cohuman is a task-centric, team productivity tool that helps users coordinate and plan their daily tasks to effectively complete projects on time. The Cohuman API allows anyone to develop... Project Management 03.02.2011
Teamly is a productivity tool that helps users focus on their top 5 priorities for the day, week and month. The API is in private beta and documentation is available by request. It uses RESTful... Project Management 03.01.2011
AddressTwo is a simple CRM designed for small businesses in particular. Core features include contact management, sales forecasting, project management, email marketing, auto-responders, and task... Enterprise 02.04.2011
Attask is a leading provider of on-demand project management software. The AtTask API allows developers to integrate their applications with AtTask. The API allows the entire functionality of Attask... Project Management 02.04.2011
The AgileZen API provides developer access to the functionality of the AgileZen application. AgileZen is a web-based project management application built on ideas from lean manufacturing. The API... Project Management 01.27.2011
Intervals is a time tracking and task management service. The Intervals API allows users to perform actions on various resources available within Intervals in a RESTful manner. Developers can add,... Project Management 01.13.2011
5pm is a project management and time management tool. The 5pm SOAP API provides developers tools to access their 5pm information from their own applications. The API provides methods for... Project Management 12.27.2010
Agile Bench
Agile Bench calls itself "the easiest way to manage agile projects." Agile Bench helps manage teams, products and releases. It makes estimating work and controlling costs easy. The Agile... Project Management 12.21.2010
Scrumy is a project management tool loosely based on the agile development methodology, Scrum. With it, you can create new projects, add stories for your projects and manage associated tasks. Scrumy... Project Management 12.16.2010
Name Description Category Date
Roadmap extends Basecamp to provide full project portfolio management capabilities: custom reporting, resource forecasting, and drag-n-drop project scheduling. Formerly called PPMLite. Project Management 05.04.2009
Rapid coding and collaboration tool that also integrates directly with the Basecamp task management service. Project Management 04.09.2008
A time tracking solution that integrates with online project collaboration software including Basecamp and Blinksale. Project Management 03.05.2008
Create, update, and track your business plan with your entire team and export out a document version at any time. Calendars 07.12.2007
Advanced Reporting and analytics for Basecamp. bcToolkit provides management overview reporting for Basecamp projects and time tracking. Personal Information Management 05.21.2007
Code collaboration tool for web developers with Basecamp integration. Besides importing people, messaging development log, you can review closed tasks and approve them or not directly on a site,... Application Development 05.07.2007
Import Basecamp time in to QuickBooks. Office 05.06.2007
Headquarters Basecamp Widget
Basecamp widget for the Yahoo Widget Engine. Manage your Basecamp projects from your desktop. Widgets 11.16.2006
Support Ticket add-on for Basecamp project management. Project Management 05.03.2006
Name Description Category Date
Redmine Java Library by taskadapter
The Redmine Java Library by taskadapter enables developers to integrate the Redmine API's functions into their Java applications. This library will run on any standard Java 6+ platform. Project Management 03.27.2015
Redmine PHP Library php-redmine-api
php-redmine-api is a library that allows users to integrate the Redmine API's methods into their PHP applications. In order to use this library, developers will need PHP 5.4 or later, the PHP... Project Management 03.25.2015
Shotgun Python Library
The Shotgun Python Library allows developers to access the Shotgun API's functions and integrate them into their Python applications. This library requires Python v2.4 - v2.7 and Shotgun server... Project Management 03.25.2015
Gurock TestRail .NET Library
Gurock Software offers this library for accessing their TestRail API. The TestRail API is a test case and project management application for QA and development teams. TestRail allows teams to create... Project Management 01.28.2015
Gurock TestRail Ruby Library
Gurock Software offers this Ruby library for accessing their TestRail API. TestRail is a test case and project management application for QA and development teams. This library offers full access to... Project Management 01.28.2015
Gurock TestRail Python Library
Gurock Software offers this Python library for interfacing with their TestRail API. TestRail is a test case and project management application for QA and development teams. This library offers full... Project Management 01.28.2015
Gurock TestRail PHP Library
A PHP library for accessing Gurock TestRail's API. This Gurock Software library allows PHP developers the full functionality of TestRail's test case API. Use it to access functions like... Project Management 01.28.2015
Gurock TestRail Java Library
Gurock Software provides this Java library for interfacing with their TestRail API. Use this library to access all of TestRail's test case and project management functionality like: submitting... Project Management 01.28.2015
Asana PHP Library asana-api-php-class
The asana-api-php-class is a wrapper for accessing the Asana API from PHP code. The wrapper is offered under the Apache 2 license. Project Management 01.19.2015
ActiveCollab API Node.js Library
The ActiveCollab Node.js Library is a user-friendly client module for accessing ActiveCollab's API. It is authored by Matt Apperson, and documentation can be found on GitHub. Tools 01.16.2015

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