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IBM Watson Question and Answer
The IBM Question and Answer API provides responses to questions based on cognitive analyses of bodies of information called corpora. Each corpus uses a set of information and documents to supply... Q&A 02.11.2015
The Braineet API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Braineet with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.... Social 02.10.2015
Nanorep Knowledge Base
Nanorep is a customer service and support platform. Businesses can use Nanorep for customer engagement and customer service and support functions. The Nanorep Knowledge Base API allows developers to... Customer Service 01.20.2015
Nanorep Event Widget
Nanorep is a customer service and support platform. Businesses can use Nanorep for customer engagement and customer service and support functions. The Nanorep Event Widget API allows developers to... Customer Service 01.20.2015
Biostars is a bioinformatics, computational genomics and biological data analysis resource on the web, where users can post and search for information of their interest. The Biostar API lets... Science 12.03.2014
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Jawaab Do
A question & answer portal with a unique feature that assures atleast 1 answer for every question (as of now accepting questions related to gadgets only). Q&A 01.19.2013
Evergreen Content
Evergreen Content is a tiny Javascript which allows you to keep your written content fresh by always pulling the latest numbers for dynamic attributes, such as the imdb rating of a move, for example. Q&A 09.25.2012
Qabic allows you to effortlessly handle Q&A for your talks/panels by allowing your audience to submit and vote on questions throughout the event. This allows the best questions to be easily... Tools 09.05.2012
Crowdbeacon is a location-based service focused on providing relevant, localized communication and information to users based on what they need and where they are. Localization 01.04.2012
Loqly is a platform to discover places around you and ask/answer questions about local businesses. With Loqly, users can ask for business recommendations or search for a business and ask specific... Recommendations 01.04.2012
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Name Description Category Date
Smart Bulbul
Bulbul is a smart Twitter bird that lets people get answers to questions on Twitter. Ask any question in plain English to @smartbulbul and it will gives you the perfect answer in minutes!. Q&A 11.21.2010
Real Estate Answers for Wordpress
This real estate plug-in allows you to join a "network" of real estate web blogs who are growing their traffic through real estate Q&A. Q&A 04.03.2010
ChaCha Answers
This plugin integrates ChaCha with WordPress. It also provides a dashboard that displays trends from Google Search, Twitter and ChaCha. Q&A 03.28.2010
LazyTweet is a question and answer service built on Twitter. By embracing and extending the questions already being asked on twitter, it gives an added chance of getting an answer by exposing... Blogging 07.16.2009
QuizBot was built as a demonstration of the True Knowledge direct-answer API. Q&A 05.14.2009
Google Enhancer - True Knowledge
The True Knowledge Firefox add-on enhances your search engine results by inserting a direct answer to your question above your regular search results. Search 05.14.2009
Question Bank
Provides an auto-updating feed of the latest questions being asked on Yahoo Answers. Reference 02.24.2009
What Does Web Think?
A site that uses Yahoo BOSS to answer yes/no questions such as "Is Elvis Alive?" or "Should I buy a new car?" Q&A 11.19.2008
Hiogi Questions
Local-based questions shown on a Google Map. Built using the Hiogi API. Mapping 11.03.2008
A community-based expert system for answers, questions and problems. Integrates Yahoo Answers API. Search 04.09.2008

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