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Zilpy Rent Estimate
Zilpy is a web service that can provide a fairly accurate estimate for rental prices given a property address, using data mining algorithms that consider crime rate, school ratings, walkability,... Real Estate 12.23.2014
Archilogic allows prospective tenants and buyers to view 3D models of available apartments and houses. These models can be explored in-browser without the need for special software or plugins. The... 3D 12.20.2014
Floify is a borrower portal that securely collects mortgage loan documents and allows borrowers to check their loan status. It helps loan originators with the process of requesting and gathering loan... Real Estate 11.21.2014
Immobilienscout24 Construction Financing
Immobilien Scout 24 is a Real Estate company in Germany that lets customers to search for ads, build houses, and decorate. The Construction Financing API allows developers to integrate functions such... Real Estate 10.26.2014
ImmobilienScout24 Valuation
Immobilien Scout 24 is a Real Estate company in Germany that lets customers to search for ads, build houses, and decorate. The valuation API lets developers to integrate features as cross referencing... Real Estate 10.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date
The PropertyWizza mashup compiles information by zipcode to help users make decisions about buying or renting a home. With the help of and the Nestoria and Zoopla APIs, PropertyWizza... Real Estate 11.04.2014
GlobAround is a desktop mashup that uses the APIs from Booli and Nestoria. It lets users search classified ads for free items from around the world. There are also sections for job listings and real... Search 05.05.2014
DocuSign & NAR
National Association of Realtors integration with DocuSign. Electronic Signature 12.06.2013
Find Properly
The new intelligent property search engine for London. This tool uses Zoopla to aggregate and display search results. Search 09.09.2013
HouseinCity is a search portal for residential apartments .It offers features like metro connectivity and proximity search. Mapping 08.07.2013
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Name Description Category Date
Use the RentRent API to return the rentals listed on Craigslist. You can search for rooms, apartments, or houses, and you can provide a parameter so that you only return rooms, versus apartments and... Real Estate 09.07.2008
Fizber Neighborhoods
The Fizber Neighborhoods API lets you embed U.S. neighborhood information by state, county, city or postal code in your web pages. Information such as population and average household size is... Real Estate 06.21.2008
From their site: Add a PeekaCity™ Amenity Map to your website The Peekacity API Network enables member sites to easily add amenity information by offering unmatched local information to keep people... Mapping 05.25.2008
Mortgage Marvel
From their site: Our API enables your users to get the same mortgage rate comparisons available on Mortgage Marvel right on your site. Our API allows you to collect rate search parameters and present... Real Estate 04.12.2008
Access to real estate agent sales, forecasts, and reviews from Real Estate 03.23.2008
From their site: Using our easy-to-integrate API, you can request information such as low, median, and high rental rates and comparable market data for a specific property or area. Real Estate 09.01.2007
From their site: Searches as many local authority planning websites as it can find and emails you details of applications near you. The aim of this to enable shared scrutiny of what is being built (... Real Estate 05.29.2007
Trulia is an online residential real estate search engine that lists information on properties for sale, real estate trends and neighborhood information. With the Trulia API, developers can add real... Real Estate 02.21.2007
The Zillow API Network turns member sites into mini real estate portals by offering fresh and provocative real estate and mortgage content to keep people coming back. There are four categories of... Real Estate 10.26.2006
Nestoria is a vertical search engine for property in the UK and Spain. The site offers an API to their database of geocoded properties. Real Estate 07.29.2006
Name Description Category Date - huse til salg
A real estate website from Denmark that uses Google Maps for tracking the houses for sale or rent on the map. Real Estate 07.27.2012
Apartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space. Rentals 06.04.2012
Rent Compass Facebook App
The app allows users to search for rental apartments and houses right on Facebook. A combination of Google Map and Facebook API mashup allows users to search for rentals, share postings with friends... Mapping 05.17.2012
The City 4 Me
A website that elicits the personal preference of a user to determine the most liveable city according to the EIU indicators. The website is an entry into the Best City in the World Contest (http://... Real Estate 04.09.2012
Estate Agent Locator
Agent locator using the ST_INTERSECTS statement of Google Fusion Tables. The Application shows the location of estate agents that speak english located in france. It displays this information on a... Mapping 04.01.2012
Deep Blue Apartments
This web site integrates the popular Joomla CMS framework with a Google Maps API integration, to facilitate both geographic search, proximity search, directory search. The aim is to bring the... Rentals 01.16.2012
Turkish Real Estate Search - Powered by Google Maps
Turkey's first Google Maps powered real estate marketplace. Includes real estate search. Search 01.11.2012
Belmonte Online
Thanet Real Estate Mashup combining Blogger, Google Maps and Twitter Mapping 12.18.2011
Real Estate Charts using Trulia API
TRULIA provides statistical information like visitor traffic, hot markets, average and median home prices over a period of time and even breaks down prices based on home size. Search neighborhood... Real Estate 10.06.2011
Real estate mashup
Search homes, get estimates, view Walk Score and Yelp listings and plot them all using Google Maps. Visualizations 10.06.2011

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