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Best Buy Recommendations
A family of endpoints providing access to top trending products, most popular products and similar products based on customer behavior at BESTBUY.COM.<br> <br> /products/mostViewed<... eCommerce 08.07.2014
Tank Top TV
Tank Top TV helps users discover what's available from the UK's on-demand video services. Users can see what's available at the moment or ask to be notified when the program they want... TV 05.29.2014
Apperian Crowdsourcing Ideas
Apperian is a mobile app management platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value. The Crowdsourcing Ideas API... Recommendations 04.16.2014
Oslo Public Library
The Oslo Public Library (Deichmanske bibliotek) is the largest public library in Norway. The library has an online book recommendation service that can be accessed either through the website or via... Recommendations 03.19.2014
Validas is a service for mobile operators and resellers that helps select the best plans for customers who are upgrading devices or switching operators. They provide a Customer Data Acquisition API,... Recommendations 11.30.2013
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Keyword Eye
Keyword Eye is a suite of affordable, fast, no-nonsense visual keyword and competitor research tools to help with your PPC and SEO campaigns. Keywords 08.27.2013
Primal for Wordpress
Working directly with Primal&#039;s data service, the plugin automatically builds rich interest graphs around your pages, filtering news and information from across the Web. Contextual links to... News Services 07.22.2013
Sound Shelter - An electronic music discovery engine
Sound Shelter is an electronic music discovery engine. We listen to the opinions of the top taste makers from across the planet to bring you the world’s best House, Techno, Disco, Dubstep and... Music 06.27.2013
A new way of discovering music artist and albums by reading tumblr reviews about them and browsing recomendations. Music 09.09.2012
Moveboxer is the best way to find a reputable mover and instantly get a quote for your move. Moveboxer combines Yelp ratings and reviews with a price estimate so users have more information along the... Search 04.10.2012
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Name Description Category Date
Vizimo enables content to find relevant viewers. We are in the discovery business and our goal is to help viewers answer the 'what should I watch?' question. Vizimo's approach to... Recommendations 03.27.2009
Blips are 160 character reviews with smiley icons that sum up your opinion. Carry on the blippr conversation elsewhere � connect to other services and make your voice heard across the interwebs. Recommendations 03.17.2009
BMAT music recommendation engine which provides a simplified version of BMATs music analysis and processing services. Ella provides unlimited search, discovery and personalization options leveraging... Music 03.12.2009
Snooth is a growing online community of wine lovers. The Snooth API allows access to the extensive database of wines hosted by Snooth. Snooth users can rate wines and get recommendations based on... Recommendations 02.03.2009
It's about The Concepts The BeliefNetworks service is about discovering concepts locked within data such as unformatted text documents, HTML documents, Word documents, PDF files, RSS feeds and... Recommendations 01.23.2009
The Qype API gives you access to their database of over 0.5M reviews and ratings of pubs, bars, restaurants and other local businesses across the world. You can search by name, longitude and latitude... Recommendations 01.07.2009
Use the Evri API to get access to Evri's mapping of the entity web, or the web of people, places and things connected to one another via language. Portions of Evri's NLP-based (natural... Recommendations 12.14.2008
Use the RateItAll Consumer Rating API to add to your consumer reviews with some of the millions of consumer ratings in RateItAll's database, to collect and display ratings and reviews from your... Recommendations 11.28.2008
Use the RatePubs API to get two-way access to bar information, including reviews. Visitors to your site can get information or reviews, and they can then leave their own reviews. Food 11.23.2008
The goal of the Praized API is to make it easier for developers to build services using data about merchants and places. Use the Praized API to build local search into your app quickly. Praized is... Recommendations 10.23.2008
Mycitymate Location
Use the MyCityMate Location API to insert venues, reviews, your present location, and more into your web site, social network, or application. Mycitymate is about finding and sharing the places in... Recommendations 09.20.2008
Directed Edge
Use the Directed Edge API to locate connections among a collection of items. With Directed Edge, you can help your users find interesting information, good music, cool people, and exciting events. If... Social 09.15.2008
The Zemanta API brings contextually relevant content from around the web to you as you type. The web service API brings finds related Articles, Images, Hyperlinks and Tags right to your app. Use the... Blogging 07.20.2008
From their site: A set of RESTful services, which developers can use to leverage our unique capabilities. These services can be used to build applications for the desktop or mobile environments,... Recommendations 04.27.2008
From their site: Get reviews and ratings for places. Track recent reviews for places. Get social info for users (friends, pictures, and favourites). Recommendations 04.13.2008
From their site: The ThisNext API provides access to ThisNext data. It may eventually support data entry and data manipulation. ThisNext is an online media and social-shopping company where people... Recommendations 04.12.2008
Notches is a free, open, distributed platform for reviews. The platform handles normalization, entity aliasing, summarization, personalization, spam prevention, gaming detection, and... Recommendations 03.16.2008
From their site: Use this public API and use our wonderful product recommendation services to make your own recommendation application. Advantages: we give better results; you can use boo-box API to... Recommendations 01.27.2008
From their site: Find the best of local using reviews and ratings written by people just like you. Create a network of friends you can trust. Share your local knowledge and start reviewing today.... Recommendations 01.01.2008
From their site: QuarkRank provides the information for making decisions at the point of purchase. QuarkRank has the capability to automatically summarize the opinions of millions of consumer reviews... eCommerce 12.18.2007
From their site: Powerful recommendations technology. Personalize your online shopping experience for each and every individual customer. Once you receive your Retailer ID, just add a few lines of... Recommendations 12.17.2007
Note: No online documentation of the Loomia API is available. Contact provider for details. Recommendations 10.12.2007
Note: No developer documentation is available without signup. From their site: Baynote delivers on-demand recommendation technology for websites. Recommendations 10.09.2007
The Yelp APIs are RESTful APIs and users can retrieve business review and rating, information for a particular geographic region or location.display review information for a particular business,... Recommendations 08.03.2007
From their site: The Criteo predictive engine is a powerful tool that analyses consumer behavior and provide them with relevant product recommendations. The Criteo Quick-Start API allows you to start... Recommendations 01.30.2007
From their site: EasyUtil Recommendation web service provides a web API to make recommendations in the format of "people who liked this item also liked those items". Recommendations 02.07.2006
Note: WSRelater is now Aggregrate Knowledge. Not currently offering a public API (as of January 2007). Recommendations 11.27.2005
SmartTravelDeals publishes the best travel deals on the web. We publish current travel offers to worldwide destinations and connect you to the direct booking path. Travel 09.14.2005
Name Description Category Date
Discovr Movies
There are so many movies in the world today. How do you find a new movie to watch? Discovr Movies makes it easy to find a new movie that you&#039;ll like. The app is an interactive map of the... Recommendations 02.04.2012
TotalGuide G2
Rovi TotalGuideâ„¢ G2 enables you to develop and market differentiated products with a highly customizable, content discovery and guidance solution that encourages consumer engagement through deep,... TV 01.17.2012
Bandcamp Scrobbler
A music discovery tool built on Bandcamp and Browse through and listen to Bandcamp&#039;s extensive catalog of independent music with intelligent recommendations powered by Audio 01.11.2012
Ness Dining Guide
Meet Ness, a beautiful new way to discover restaurants. Ness learns your likes and uses them to recommend restaurant. The more you use Ness, the better it works. Localization 01.09.2012
AllMusic by Rovi
AllMusic by Rovi takes the best of and packages it into a convenient app for mobile music discovery. AllMusic lets you tailor your experience, offering personalized recommendations based... Recommendations 01.04.2012
Ditto is a location iPhone app that lets users get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. Localization 01.04.2012
Loqly is a platform to discover places around you and ask/answer questions about local businesses. With Loqly, users can ask for business recommendations or search for a business and ask specific... Recommendations 01.04.2012
Are you always going to the same bar, club or restaurant and want to find something new that is similar to the one you like? Use wahili to find new but similar nightlife spots! Localization 01.03.2012
foursquare for webos
When you check-in someplace, we&#039;ll tell your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. People check-in at all kind of places - cafes, bars,... Localization 01.03.2012
SpotiLast generates a personalized Spotify playlist based on the artists suggested to you by Music 12.13.2011

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