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The LDS API allows developers to retrieve's membership and calling directory. The API can serve the stake calling directory, stake photo directory, ward member and calling directory, and... Religion 04.13.2015
Territory Helper
Territory Helper is a free service that helps Jehovah's Witnesses design their congregations' territories. Users can design, create, manage, graph, and explore their territories through the... Religion 11.29.2014
Hebcal Jewish Calendar
Hebcal is a Jewish calendar and holiday web site. Jewish Calendar REST API provided on this website enables developers to integrate it into their applications. With this API, they will be able to... Calendars 10.26.2014
The getBible API allows users to retrieve Bible verses for their websites in the version and translation that they want. If no version is specified, the English-language King James Version of the... Other 04.08.2014
The City
The City is a social network for churches, enabling church communities to stay engaged. The City API is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City API, church... Social 03.24.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Church Management Software
This is a mash-up of Google Calendar, Google Maps with our church management software that tracks church events and locations of small groups that are meeting. Religion 06.12.2013
Ministry Ops
Ministry Ops is a simple hosted platform for churches and ministries to publish & share audio and video files. Just upload your video and it's converted, and distributed Video 03.19.2012
Worship Like a Pirate
Enter a Bible reference to have it translated into pirate text. Humor 01.04.2012
Like Bible is a project of a young christian college student who had an idea while cramming and writing finals papers. Users can highlight any word to learn and get more resources on the topic. Reference 01.04.2012 is website that does two things. Helps you easily create links to Bible verses like this one: Automatically creates Bible popups on your website. Religion 01.04.2012
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Name Description Category Date
The Bible Mapped
Mashup showing locations of 200 places mentioned in the Bible. Going for accuracy they try to pinpoint the locations of the ruins of ancient cities instead of using the locations of modern cities... Mapping 09.02.2006
Bible Meets News via Say4
Say4 gets the latest news from an RSS feed of the BBC, puts the title of each one of the headlines into a search of a database containing the full text of the Bible. The results are sometimes... News Services 04.13.2006
Quad Cities Churches Map Search
A map and search tool for finding churches and ministries in Illinois and Iowa. Mapping 03.18.2006
Nearly 200 Hindu temples in America on Google Maps. The site title, Stuladarshanam, means birds eye view in Sanskrit. Religion 01.31.2006
Hindu Temples in US
Google Map of Hindu temples. Use the state by state index at the bottom of the page to navigate. Mapping 11.22.2005
Uses the ESV Bible Web Service to display passages relating to a topic. Search 09.15.2005

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