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F9Analytics Lease Optimizer
F9Analytics, owned and operated by Codeworks, offers financial analytics tools for commercial real estate. The F9Analytics Lease Optimizer employs an algorithm that considers metrics such as lease... Financial 01.21.2015
Zilpy Rent Estimate
Zilpy is a web service that can provide a fairly accurate estimate for rental prices given a property address, using data mining algorithms that consider crime rate, school ratings, walkability,... Real Estate 12.23.2014
Landlord Secure
Landlord Secure is UK based, servicing landlords by offering referencing, insurance, eviction services, and tenant tracing. Developers may add programmatic tenant tracking to their web systems by... Rentals 10.07.2014
VivaReal is a real estate service that provides housing availability for Latin-American based listings. With this API, users have the capability to retrieve listings, view listing details, listing... Real Estate 09.16.2014
Tripping allows users to search for vacation rentals across multiple rental sites, giving visitors access to more than one million short-term rentals and vacation homes around the world. The Tripping... Travel 11.30.2013
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Name Description Category Date
RentToOwnQuest is a mashup of Oodle and Google maps API's. They provide listings for all kinds of properties from rent to own homes, owner financing, to lease option houses - you name it.... Real Estate 06.13.2013
Rentenna leveraged the BlockAvenue API to pull down local Block Reviews about nearby streets and neighborhoods and mashed it up on their property detail pages to help people who are looking to rent... Rentals 03.27.2013
Apartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space. Rentals 06.04.2012
Deep Blue Apartments
This web site integrates the popular Joomla CMS framework with a Google Maps API integration, to facilitate both geographic search, proximity search, directory search. The aim is to bring the... Rentals 01.16.2012
Fast, simple vacation rental search. Listings from HomeAway, FlipKey, and AirBnB laid out on Google Maps Rentals 10.28.2011
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Name Description Category Date
MyApartmentMap Rentals
Track rents from all over the U.S. Just drag the map marker and get real-time rental statistics from any area you are interested in. Charts 03.05.2009
My Apartment Map
A Google Maps mashup that shows apartment rentals from different sources using many features from Google Maps. Additional APIs are used to create value-added features. Rentals 01.11.2009
Makes home rental hunting suck less. Basically an improvement on - uses Craigslist and includes more listings, favorites list, and good filters. Zoom in to see popular businesses. In... Rentals 01.02.2009
Travel site that searches and compares travel fares and travel deals from over 100 sites. It also provides shopping interface to shop more than 20,000 travel products. Uses eCommerce APIs from Amazon... Hotels 09.21.2008
Chicago Apartments
Apartment finding service for Chicago, The Homestead Group. Uses the Peekacity API. Rentals 07.04.2008
Cazoodle Bay Area Apartment Search
A Bay Area apartment search mashed up with Google maps. Mapping 04.27.2008
Housing Lookup
Flash-based interface for searching for rentals and housing. Uses Craigslist and Yahoo Maps. Mapping 04.25.2008
Am I paying too much in rent? How much should I pay to rent this apartment? What did it rent for before me? How much are my neighbors paying for their apartments? Real Estate 04.03.2008
Search Holiday Flats in Germany
Mapping based search to find German holiday rentals. Compare to find by location, like nearest one to the beach. German 02.25.2008
Free online rental market facts and analysis service dedicated to helping renters and investors make better rental and investment decisions. Rentals 01.12.2008

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