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ProgrammableWeb first covered a little over a year ago as it released APIs during Hackfood the Hackathon. Since then, has made significant strides in its relationships with develope...
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MasterCard Local Favorites
MasterCard Local Favorites API lets developers integrate the API services into their applications, allowing their users to search for local restaurants in their areas. Information returned from... Data-as-a-Service 04.04.2015
Workfrom Places
Workfrom Places API allows developers to integrate its services into their applications, enabling their users to find cafes, bars, coffee shops, libraries and dedicated coworking spaces with WiFi,... Wi-Fi 03.29.2015
The API facilitates online ordering and in-restaurant printing for restaurant delivery services. The API uses JSON over HTTPS and requests are authenticated via HTTP Basic Auth. Use the... Ordering 02.23.2015
The Trackin API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trackin with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email dev@trackin.... Restaurants 02.17.2015 is a web based company that provides users with information about restaurants in and around Belgium, Serbia, and The Netherlands areas. The lets developers integrate its database with... Restaurants 01.11.2015
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Name Description Category Date
Places Near Me
Places Near Me is a web application that takes a user's location and locates nearby services. Types of places include gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Travel 09.26.2014
WhatWine is a mobile application that acts as a personal sommelier to those that love to pair wine with their meal. This application helps customers to quickly choose an appropriate type of wine to... Wine 09.15.2014
Eattr is an application to find local restaurants in India. The app features 25 cities in India to help users discover food in the closest place depending on the current location. This app includes a... Food 08.23.2014
etrigg leverages multiple APIs to help you find events and happenings nearby your current location. Simply allow etrigg access to your location and sift through the options until you find your... Events 06.01.2014
Restaurant Finder
The Restaurant Finder app leverages the Zomato API. It offers a convenient way to find restaurants around a particular location Restaurants 03.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Table's Ready
Table's Ready is a paging system that uses your guest's cell phones instead of expensive pager systems. Messaging 08.24.2011
Type in your city or zip to all the find fast food near you. Food 08.23.2011
Busylunches (BL) is your Social Eating Experience at Work. You can simply enjoy the way you organize your lunch event with colleagues/friends. With BL, you can : * create a lunch with your... Restaurants 12.02.2010
NZ Herald Restaurant Guide
Get the dish on restaurants in New Zealand. Restaurants 09.08.2010
Seek it
A belgian restaurant search engine using the google maps api. Mapping 08.22.2010
NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife
See Manhattan Nightlife from a bird's eye view and find your scene with our built in real time Twitter feeds and Foursquare Tips/Checkin Data. Check out your favorite spots by Male:Female... Entertainment 07.28.2010
Restaurant Gift Certificates
I took all the discounts on and sorted them by 3rd party ratings from sites like yelp. Food 07.12.2010
For restaurants who are tired of keeping customers chained to a small radius with those antiquated pagers. Keeps your waiting list for you and uses text messages to notify customers when their table... Restaurants 06.10.2010
eatbytweet is a restaurant Tweets mashup covering thousands of restaurants across the US. Use eatbytweet to view up-to-the minute restaurant specials and reservation information. Food 06.05.2010
MSN Restaurant Finder
Find restaurants in New Zealand using MSN integrated with the Menu Mania API. Food 02.02.2010

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