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When Does Having an API Product Mean You Have a Solid Business Model? The WebKnox Example

When Does Having an API Product Mean You Have a Solid Business Model? The WebKnox Example

If you have created a powerful API-as-product, do you automatically have a business model you can monetize? German startup Webknox aims to answer this question and is worth following to see how the...
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Name Description Category Date
Intention Analysis
Intention Analysis allows users to identify inquiries, expressions of immediate needs, complaints or frustration in social media messages. It allows users to filter out marketing messages from... Social 08.13.2014
Wikisearch is a semantic search API that helps you find the specific Wikipedia page you’re looking for. It's designed to work even if you don’t remember its exact title, or have only a vague... Search 08.07.2014
IDOL OnDemand Expand Terms
IDOL OnDemand by HP offers an array of data processing APIs for format conversion, image analysis, indexing, search, and textual analysis. Preview capabilities exist to view how many of these RESTful... Words 07.23.2014
Leiki SmartProfiles
Leiki SmartProfiles provides text analysis services that can identify the meaning and context of pieces of text, even very short ones. This analysis is based on an ontology that includes over 100,000... Natural Language Processing 05.23.2014
ESA Semantic Relatedness
Amtera helps organizations conduct semantic searches through its Esprit Search Platform product, and helps them manage online marketing campaigns through its Sentient Web Marketing product. It also... Tools 03.21.2014
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Name Description Category Date
spoonacular is a semantic recipe search engine. Semantics 06.17.2013
JGE Automatic Content Generator
JGE Automatic Content Generator is a PHP script that will automatically add relevant high quality content to existing web pages. The software performs semantic analysis of the existing page'... Semantics 10.11.2011
RDFaCE (RDFa Content Editor) is a mashup that brings together different semantic web API's to facilitate semantic content authoring. Semantics 07.15.2011
TagsUp combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results. Search 02.06.2011
Veeeb Semantic Editor
Veeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels... Semantics 08.08.2010
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Name Description Category Date
DBpedia Spotlight
DBpedia is a web tool built to extract structured information from Wikipedia, convert it into RDF, and make it freely available on the Web. In a nutshell, DBpedia is the Semantic Web mirror of... Reference 07.27.2011
PopCV Semantic
The Semantic Engine Systems API is designed to help those in charge of hiring better sort through applications. The engine can access your inbox, scan through the attached resumes and CVs, and pull... Jobs 07.17.2011
The Coginov API takes information streams and applies sorting algorithms to extract the meaning and intent of the data. Used to simplify large volumes of data into understandable summaries. Use... Tools 07.17.2011
Daum Context Keyword
Daum is a web portal in South Korea that offers many Internet services to web users, including a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news. The Daum Context... Tools 07.08.2011
Crystal Semantics Content Categorization
Crystal Semantics provide content categorization services which enables the rapid contextualization of webpages in milliseconds. The API returns a ranked sequence of categories, ordered by relevance... Advertising 07.01.2011 is a content extraction and summarization service. can help users get the main details out of content (news articles, blogs, RSS feeds) without having to read through any irrelevant... Tools 06.29.2011
Lymbix Sentiment Analysis
Lymbix provides sentiment analysis services for any form of text-based communication. The service looks for the tone in messages such as emails and tweets. With the API, developers can integrate the... Tools 06.13.2011
Semantic Wire is a news reader and aggregator that extracts semantic metadata from articles. It is meant to provide access to machine readable news content. The service monitors thousands of news... News Services 05.30.2011
Dydra is a cloud-based RDF store, a database-as-a-service. Users can import their data and a SPARQL endpoint will be made available for their application to use. Users can perform most account... Database 05.12.2011
Seevl is a music discovery service. It provides fact-sheets, explanatory recommendations and semantic search for musical knowledge. Currently over 40K+ bands are covered. The Seevl API is provided... Music 05.10.2011
Syllabs develops technologies for semantic analysis of text content. The Syllabs API, lets developers integrate the functionality of the semantic analysis platform in their own web site or... Tools 04.27.2011
The Yummly Recipe API lets you lets you integrate recipes and faceted recipe search into your websites or mobile applications. Since Yummly understands the recipe –ingredients, diets, allergies,... Search 04.19.2011 is a natural language service. Using semantic and sentiment analysis, the service provides tools for determining meaning behind text. The API is a service for... Tools 04.10.2011
Diffbot Article
The Diffbot Article API is used to to extract clean article text from article web pages. It's powerful when combined with the permalinks that are extracted by the above APIs. The Diffbot Article... Tools 03.16.2011
The Maiana API allows users to store, query and modify their data in Maiana. Maiana is a social explorer for structured data. Maiana is a service to host, explore and share Topic Maps sources. The... Database 01.31.2011
SemantiNet Knowledge Graph
The Knowledge Graph API is a RESTful API that lets developers build complex queries that can draw data from many different web resources. Data is returned in a JSON format. Currently, users do not... Tools 01.29.2011
MetaGlance is a web service used to generate metadata for web pages, documents and text passages. Developers can insert MetaGlance code into their own websites and applications to automatically... Tools 01.29.2011
Extractiv is a service which automatically converts unstructured text into structured semantic data. It combines an extremely fast web crawler with powerful natural language processing technology.... Semantics 01.27.2011
PredictiveIntent IntentPredictionServer
The Intent Prediction Server provides high speed behavioral profiling and filtering services over the internet. The Intent Prediction Server is comprised of a set of powerful APIs and management... Tools 01.12.2011
TweetSentiments performs semantic analysis of tweets using a Support Vector Machines algorithm. Doing so, it is able to determine whether tweets are positive, negative or neutral in sentiment. This... Tools 12.20.2010
From website: DataSift provides very granular and modular 'sifting' functions from across a wide range of social and web input feeds, augmenting them with sentiment analysis, storage and... Social 12.19.2010
Watson deploys APIs to allow developers to programmatically access the semantic content (semantic data, ontologies) it collects, and to exploit the features it provides. These APIs are meant to be... Semantics 12.17.2010
Saplo Text Analysis
From website: Saplo is a Swedish company based on high profile academic research on semantic technologies. Saplo develops methods and technologies for automatic text analysis that mimic how humans... Tools 12.14.2010
30 Digits Web Extractor
This web harvesting tool has an API which allows one to start, stop, and monitor spider jobs from another web application. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML,... Web Site Management 11.22.2010
The Summarity API allows users to summarize the web page they are viewing. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON. Text 11.06.2010
Semantic Engines Semantic
The Semantic Engines Semantic API is deployed in a computing cloud and powers tools, including SenseBot, OpinionCrawl, and LinkSensor. It allows users to utilize a high-quality semantic or text... Semantics 11.05.2010
Semantic Contextual Advertising
Semantic Engines Contextual Advertising API identifies best matching advertising categories for a Web page. The API is deployed in a computing cloud and can be integrated with a client's... Advertising 11.05.2010
OpinionCrawl Sentiment Analysis
The OpinionCrawl Sentiment API allows client applications to assess sentiment on a Web page or a piece of text such as a blog comment. The API is deployed in a computing cloud. is... Sentiment 11.04.2010
The OpenDover API is a webservice which tags user documents based on sentiments found within the document. OpenDover is a webservice that allows users to extract the next generation semantic features... Classification 10.27.2010
The Ookaboo Semantic API is an search API for creative commons images that achieves unprecedented precision by using semantic web vocabularies to describe their content. Photos 09.08.2010
Yolink quickly scans search results, e-books, online documents, and web sites using key words, quotes, and word relationships to find what users are looking for. The API provides access to the cloud... Search 07.11.2010
hbookmark is a way to archive and sort links via twitter. The purpose of the hbookmark API is to expose hbookmark's functionalities through HTTP-based GET requests. The API supports the... Bookmarks 05.13.2010
The SuperTweet API is a toolkit that allows adding metadata and monetization to activity streams such as twitter, including semantic entity markup, link analysis, nonintrusive affiliate commerce... Social 03.13.2010
smartRealm SNAP
As a developer, you can use the SNAP API to submit a social graph to the smartRealm web service and receive scores for the individuals in the graph. The smartRealm SNAP (Social Network Authority and... Social 03.08.2010
O'Reilly Product Metadata Interface
This experimental O'Reilly Product Metadata Interface (OPMI) exposes RDF for all of O'Reilly's titles, organized by ISBN. The OPMI is a REST API and supports the following data formats... Reference 02.25.2010
The Bueda API increases the value of social media and user generated content. Bueda combines user-generated tags, existing ontologies, and semantic analysis in order to provide publishers with... Social 02.20.2010
Openly Local
Openly Local is a project to develop an open and unified way of accessing Local Government information in the UK. Openly Local uses a REST based API that allows users to access information such as a... Government 02.02.2010
targetAPI is a semantic targeting solution and predictive content personalization technology. It predicts a user's interests based on user�s �digital footprint� on the Internet: web pages... Recommendations 02.02.2010
ComplexityIntelligence Named Entity Recognition
ComplexityIntelligence Named Entity Recognition API allows users to extract names of people, locations, organizations and companies from text. With this API users can incorporate Natural Language... Tools 01.30.2010
Saffron Sierra
Saffron Sierra is a developer site for using SaffronMemoryBase(SMB). The SMB stores "associations" or "links" between things so while it is organized like a relational database it... Database 01.30.2010
This is the official data directory from the UK government. It seeks to give a way into the wealth of government data. The resources here are accessible via linked data formats like RDF. Government 01.20.2010
VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword
The VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API offers a programmatic way to access "mind map" data in the system. Given a word or search term this API will return a list of related... Semantics 12.20.2009
UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) is a lightweight ontology structure for relating Web content and data to a standard set of subject concepts. Its purpose is to provide a fixed set of... Reference 12.12.2009
Yebol is a new semantic search engine that currently has 10 million search terms and growing. From the website: " Yebol allows for a multi-dimensional search result instead of the normal one-... Search 10.18.2009
AlchemyAPI offers artificial intelligence as a service. We teach computers to learn how to read, and apply our technology to text analysis through a cloud-based API. Our customers use AlchemyAPI to... Tools 09.27.2009
Subj3ct is a new registry and clearinghouse service for Semantic Web subject identifiers. Subj3ct provides users with the capability to enable their web applications to define and exchange subject... Other 08.14.2009
The T-ma-tic API delivers structured data of similar and linked concepts so that you can create smart semantic apps. For example, the "Michael Jackson" T-ma-tic has the semecode 14995351 (... Search 08.09.2009
This API provides access to the Cyc Knowledge Base. OpenCyc is the open source version of the Cyc technology, a general knowledgebase and commonsense reasoning engine. OpenCyc includes the Cyc... Reference 07.12.2009
URL Classifier
ContextIn's URL classification service is based on advanced semantic analysis to provide accurate web page categorization. The URL classification service allows the organization of specific web... Tools 06.01.2009
GetGlue is a social networking service where users "check-in" to share what movies, videos, or TV shows they are watching, what they are listening to, and what they are reading with their... Social 05.30.2009
Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram|Alpha is a "computational knowledge engine" whose long-term goal is "to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and... Reference 05.16.2009
Amplify is a web service developed by Hapax that brings human understanding to content. Using patented Natural Language Processing technology, Amplify reads and understands every word used in text.... Semantics 04.20.2009
Sensebot Semantic Cloud API features extraction of semantic concepts from a page; creating �semantic cloud� of concepts describing a group of documents; generating a multi-document summary of a... Search 04.09.2009
The secret sauce behind Popego, the meaningtool API lets you extract semantic classification information from any phrase you submit. Other 03.12.2009
It's about The Concepts The BeliefNetworks service is about discovering concepts locked within data such as unformatted text documents, HTML documents, Word documents, PDF files, RSS feeds and... Recommendations 01.23.2009
Hakia is a semantic search engine. The API is currently in beta. In order to access the beta you must sign up for an account at Search 12.23.2008
Use the Evri API to get access to Evri's mapping of the entity web, or the web of people, places and things connected to one another via language. Portions of Evri's NLP-based (natural... Recommendations 12.14.2008
Use the Swoogle API to search semantic web ontologies, markup and documents hosted by UMBC. The system is the result of ongoing research. It provides a set of functions, such as search Semantic Web... Classification 11.28.2008
Ping the Semantic Web
Ping the Semantic Web is a repository for RDF documents. The API allows you to notify when you created/updated an RDF document on your web site. You can also import the list of recently created/... Standards 10.07.2008
The Sindice API provides programmatic access to its semantic search capabilities. It is based on the OpenSearch spec. Over 10 billion pieces of data can already be searched within 100 million web... Search 07.20.2008
The Zemanta API brings contextually relevant content from around the web to you as you type. The web service API brings finds related Articles, Images, Hyperlinks and Tags right to your app. Use the... Blogging 07.20.2008
The SemanticHacker API generates Semantic Signatures�. A Semantic Signature� is a representation of ALL concepts covered in a block of text. Each block of text contains semantic dimensions with... Search 03.22.2008
From their site: Reuters run a service called Calais. The Calais web service automatically attaches rich semantic metadata to the content you submit in well under a second. Using natural language... Other 01.31.2008
True Knowledge
True Knowledge is a new class of Internet search technology aimed at improving the experience of finding known facts on the Web. The True Knowledge Answer Engine gives consumers instant answers to... Search 12.06.2007
From their site: is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries... Wiki 08.08.2007
ClearForest Semantic Web Services1
ClearForest Semantic Web Services-1 (SWS-1) leverages the power of over a decade of research and product development in natural language processing, text extraction and event detection, making these... News Services 10.10.2006
The MusicBrainz database contains a huge amount of music metadata, which is maintained by the MusicBrainz community. Find information about artists, albums, tracks and labels. Mash the data with your... Music 07.16.2006
Name Description Category Date
Meaningtwitt is a mashup between Twitter, Google Visualization API and Meaningtool. It's intended for categorization of Twitter Users through the semantic technology of Meaningtool. Semantics 01.08.2010
Shows exponentially smoothed flu trends in Sweden based on self-reported health in Twitter messages. Semantics 01.03.2010
Tries to determine an author's age. Social 12.12.2009
Real-time news through quotes. Semantics 11.29.2009
The Attack Machine
An interesting way to explore all the things attacking, and being attacked. Content on The Attack Machine is automatically generated leveraging Evri's deep linguistic analysis of news, blog... Semantics 11.09.2009
Trendy!Bing provides Google Trends last hot keywords with Microsoft Bing search results. Semantics 11.02.2009
Transmission News
Our mashup recipe is very simple: 5x Twitter News service accounts, 1x Yahoo Geo, 1x Open Calais, 1x Google Maps, 1x Google Search and a little bit of Wikipedia. Mix all ingredients together with... Blogging 10.25.2009
Five Filters: Explore Independent Media
A free software project which analyses news and offers related stories coming from non-corporate sources. It is being developed as part of the Five Filters project to promote alternative, non-... News Services 09.25.2009
Define your favourite subjects and PeepToday will bring you each day news, videos that best fit your interests. Semantics 08.06.2009
SemanticTweet - where Twitter meets the semantic web. SemanticTweet is a simple web service that generates a FOAF RDF document for you from your list of Twitter friends and followers. It does this... Semantics 07.22.2009

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