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IBM Watson Visual Recognition
The IBM Visual Recognition API analyzes images and video frames in order to understand their content. It is capable of annotating images based solely on their visual content, without users having to... Recognition 02.11.2015
IBM Watson Relationship Extraction
The IBM Relationship Extraction API enables users to extract useful information - such as people, places, organizations, events, and the relationships between them - from text. This is the beta... Natural Language Processing 02.11.2015
IBM Watson Concept Insights
The IBM Concept Insights API enables developers to work with concepts and identify conceptual associations in the content they submit. The provided content is auto-tagged against a concept graph,... Text 02.10.2015
FRED - Open Knowledge Extraction
The FRED API allows users to perform Open Knowledge Extraction operations, which automatically create RDF/OWL ontologies and linked data out of natural language sentences. The results are enriched... Semantics 01.23.2015
Gini is an information management company that provides users a way to manage their information on the cloud, some of the features include information extraction, storage, backend, search. The Gini... Analytics 11.30.2014
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Name Description Category Date
spoonacular is a semantic recipe search engine. Semantics 06.17.2013
JGE Automatic Content Generator
JGE Automatic Content Generator is a PHP script that will automatically add relevant high quality content to existing web pages. The software performs semantic analysis of the existing page'... Semantics 10.11.2011
RDFaCE (RDFa Content Editor) is a mashup that brings together different semantic web API's to facilitate semantic content authoring. Semantics 07.15.2011
TagsUp combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results. Search 02.06.2011
Veeeb Semantic Editor
Veeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels... Semantics 08.08.2010
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Name Description Category Date
iPhone app that lets you browse through popular people and places on demand. Watching a TV show and don't recognize an actor? Learn more about them through related news stories, pictures,... Recommendations 07.20.2009
Gathers tweets about a search term that you enter and then evaluates those tweets for feelings. Tweets that include the search term flow down the screen as they are counted into positive or negative... Semantics 07.10.2009
Finds related web sites to a given one from within the pool of (previously) popular web sites on Semantics 07.07.2009
Unhub Movie Profiles
Provides links to relevant pages using the Glue API, creating a one stop site for researching a movie. Social 06.22.2009
GlueToGo is a tool that let's you see what your friends and other people on Glue are saying when you don't have access to Glue. It runs as a bookmarklet in your browser (any... Social 06.22.2009
Digg Diversity
Digg Diversity calculates fair data on digg stories and acts as a alternative front page for users who care more about original content. It is also an excellent example of the very difficult... News Services 06.10.2009
Helps you discover new videos available on the Web by grouping similar videos together, forming playlists, generating tags and semantics. Video 06.02.2009
How smart are your Twitter friends? This mashup grabs a dozen of the user's most recent tweets and then submits them to OpenAmplify for analysis. Results are shown in numerical and graphical... Blogging 05.21.2009
LinkSensor semantically analyzes pages on-the-fly and highlights key concepts in the text. When your mouse is over a highlighted word, LinkSensor suggests other relevant articles from the blog or... Blogging 05.15.2009
MDG Actors
Get inspired by who's acting to help reach the Millennium Development Goals. Uses semantic APIs including Reuters Calais and uClassify. A world finalist in the 2009 Imagine Cup competition. Natural Language Processing 05.10.2009
Name Description Category Date
PHP MonkeyLearn
This PHP integration allows developers to interface with MonkeyLearn from a PHP application. The snippet uses Unirest-PHP, which requires PHP v5.3+. MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and... Data Mining 09.15.2014
Java MonkeyLearn
This simple Java snippet is made for interfacing with the MonkeyLearn web API. MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into... Data Mining 09.15.2014
Ruby MonkeyLearn
This Ruby gem is made for interfacing with the MonkeyLearn web API. MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for... Data Mining 09.15.2014

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