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Okidokeys is an auto-lock provider for home doors and locks. Okidokeys allows users to lock and unlock their home or office doors via an application on their smartphone. Public documentation is not... Home Automation 01.05.2015
AppThwack API enables developers to integrate a testing feature to their application. With the API, developers will be able to test their applications against multiple mobile devices. AppThwack will... Applications 09.21.2014
With energyhive API, developers will be able to create applications with the functionality of monitoring electricity use from computers or smartphones. Developers will be able to access the API by... Monitoring 09.18.2014
Automatic REST
The Automatic REST API allows developers to access and integrate data and functionality from Automatic with other applications. Some example API methods include returning objects by tags, retrieving... Transportation 06.04.2014
Pebble is a smart wristwatch, enabled with Bluetooth technology that can connect to smartphones. The Pebble API and SDK allow developers to create applications for Pebble alone or for Pebble to... Other 04.14.2013
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Bookn, Japanese eBook Search for Windows Mobile
Japanese eBook search application for Windows Mobile 6 smartphones. Provides iPhone-like UI with customizable settings. Requires Japanese version of Windows Mobile 6. eBooks 03.01.2008
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