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Crowdfunder is a UK based platform where people can crowdsource funding for unique projects. Crowdfunder projects typically involve social endeavors related to community, charity, environment, art,... Crowdsourcing 10.15.2014
Vufind Social
Vufind believes in using profits for the good for humanity. The company offers social analytics services collected from photos, videos, text, likes, shares, and clicks. Because most users connect to... Social 10.08.2014
Qualys provides cloud security and compliance solutions, Qualys API allows developers to support their network using by integrating the it into their own applications. With this API, developers will... Cloud 10.06.2014
Unofficial Ello
Ello is a social network service without ads. Initially, this project was created to be used privately. Now open access is available to users. However, they need to request an invitation to join the... Social 10.06.2014
Reddcoin is a platform that allows people to transfer money from any social media applications to anyone around the world. The ReddAPI allows developers to integrate the reddcoin feature into their... Bitcoin 09.29.2014
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Discourse Analytics
Discourse Analytics is an online social marketing platform that utilizes surveys, content consumption, social media, and conversations to communicate with and listen to their clients' audience.... Analytics 10.12.2014
Veracity Media
Veracity Media is a social marketing company that specializes in web design and development, social organization, and audience engagement and analytics. Veracity Media helps political campaigns,... Politics 10.12.2014
RallyBound is a social fundraising platform that lets individuals from around the web to create custom campaigns for their causes. Some of the features available on RallyBound include custom campaign... Social 10.12.2014
Zoomph is a social platform that enables people and businesses to create searches that gather information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. From the data collected, Zoomph helps... Social 10.12.2014
Snapcious is a social marketing company that provides customers with a mobile platform which they can use to upload and their photos via various social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook,... Images 10.12.2014
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Name Description Category Date content is a personal website for an individual who is a fan of programming, drinking cider, and pursing political activism. In the blog he maintains he includes a REST based API to... Blogging 12.30.2013
The TeamLeader API allows users to interact with the different aspects of the TeamLeader system including: the CRM, opportunities, invoices, subscriptions, products, tickets, time tracking &... Project Management 12.30.2013
Cloud Lending Inc provides technology to assist small and medium sized business to manage loan and investment portfolio for lending institutions. The Cloud Lending Inc platform allows creation of... Financial 12.27.2013
Mifos is an organization comprised of microfinance institutions and IT and business professionals who work to expand the technological capacity of micro-lending networks to increase their impact... Financial 12.27.2013
PopClogs is a website where people can post and share their life goals - things they want to accomplish before they "pop their clogs." People can explore each others' goals and lists... Goals 12.24.2013
Ink is a file storage service that aims to power the connectivity between different user devices. The InkFilePicker API allows users to make Javascript or REST calls. The REST API returns JSON and... Storage 12.23.2013
Digiguide is a TV guide provider which allows users to customize to individual preferences and needs. It was designed to accommodate both TV fans and media professionals, Digiguide's TV guides... Calendars 12.22.2013
Shivtr is a service for creating online gaming communities with up to six games on each community website. Shivtr supports hundreds of games across many platforms and genres. Its websites are mobile... Games 12.21.2013
WeChat is a social messaging application that works across different and multiple platforms. WeChat offers instant messaging, chat, video calls, and voice chats. The WeChat API and SDK allow... Social 12.20.2013
MaxCDN is a content delivery network serving high data utilizers that operating the advertising, gaming, CMS, and other regions. The MaxCDN API allows users to access features of their MaxCDN account... Backend 12.20.2013
Face++ is a facial recognition and detection service that provides detection, recognition and analysis for use in applications. The Face++ API provides the detection and analysis of facials including... Tools 12.17.2013
SparkleShare provides space on the internet for users to store their stuff. SparkleShare is an Open Source product allowing users to store, share, and sync files. The SparkleShare API allows... File Sharing 12.17.2013
ShrinkTheWeb PagePix
ShrinkTheWeb offers a website to screenshot service. The PagePix API allows users to utilize a URL to Image service that does screen captures on a single or automated basis. The API uses REST calls... Tools 12.17.2013
Mapillary uses crowdsourced photos to map different parts of the world. Users can take photos with their mobile devices and upload the photos to the Mapillary website. Mapillary is currently in... Mapping 12.17.2013 is a service for building modern, good-looking forums. The service is designed to handle the technical aspects of forum creation and management on the user's behalf, allowing them to... Social 12.17.2013
We Heart It
We Heart It is a photo-based social networking application. We Heart It allows users to discover and share images, photos, and content with their friends and followers. The We Heart It API allows... Social 12.13.2013 is URL Based Web Scraping scraping tool. The service was designed to avoid complicated script writing or implementation time. Users enter the URL into the web tool and the scraped data is... Tools 12.12.2013 is a screen scraping service designed to allows users to pull information from websites that done make it readily available programmatically. The API allows users to make REST... Tools 12.12.2013
Yieldkit is an asset and website monetization service that works through both companies and an affiliate network. The Yieldkit API uses Javascript, allows for more advanced integration, and is... Advertising 12.10.2013
Design 'N' Buy
Design 'N' Buy is a product customization service. The T-shirt Design Software, provided by Design 'N' Buy is an online turnkey e-Commerce solution with full integration with the... eCommerce 12.06.2013
Octopus-Newsroom is a producer of newsroom computer systems to facilitate the presentation and delivery or news. The Octopus-News API allows users to integrate third-party applications with a variety... News Services 12.06.2013
Hummingbird is a social site for tracking, sharing, and discovering new anime. Hummingbird’s API can be used to programmatically access information about an anime work, information from a user’s... Social 12.04.2013
Deskero is a brandable customer support desk that comes with native integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It uses a multi-channel ticket system, which allows Deskero to... Enterprise 12.03.2013
Amplifier is provided by a user account on packagist. Amplifier is an extension of Facebook PHP SDK. It was designed to cut down development time on some tasks like whether a person liked a page or... Backend 12.02.2013
Fswire is a social market data service that delivers relevant information to the financial markets community. The service uses proprietary algorithms to filter data from social applications such as... Financial 12.02.2013
kudosKit by ironSource
kudosKit is a user appreciation platform for application developers and publishers to integrate into their applications. kudosKit provides different appreciation options, like boosting social... Other 11.30.2013
SolidOpinion is a commenting and discussion platform. Website owners can integrate SolidOpinion into their websites to allow their visitors to engage in discussion, conversation, and leave comments... Messaging 11.29.2013
Scribble Maps
Scribble Maps is a map drawing and sharing platform. Scribble Maps allows users to draw, save, and share maps. The Scribble Maps API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Mapping 11.27.2013
TechShaker is an open database for the tech ecosystem in Europe. The project aims to add value to the tech community in Europe and around the world by collecting and sharing relevant data. Database... Database 11.25.2013 is a linking system for mobile and web applications. provides application developers and publishers with the ability to link their apps for easy sharing and tracking, just... Social 11.20.2013
Mind42 is a collaborative browser-based online mind mapping tool. The ideas submitted get arranged into a tree or star format to help display connections. The maps can be used for to-do lists,... Tools 11.17.2013 is an online collection of Pony Reactions, a meme in which sprite images of characters from the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are shown making a variety... Social 11.17.2013
Fallout: Equestria Resource
Fallout: Equestria is a crossover fanfiction series derived from the Fallout video game series and the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fallout: Equestria Resource is the hub... Social 11.17.2013
Clearleap is a video library distribution service that allows users to manage, distribute, control, and interact with video libraries across tvs and multimedia displays. The Clearleap API allows... Video 11.13.2013
Prowork is a real-time collaboration service designed for all kinds of projects where team members are spread out. Prowork is available online, on many types of mobile devices, and via API. Users can... Tools 11.12.2013
ShopYourWay is a social network based shopping platform where products, retailers, and recommendations are generated by what your friends buy and review. The ShopYourWay developer platform comes with... eCommerce 11.11.2013 Platform is a real-time mobile photo broadcasting platform. It is creating an ecosystem for all 80,000 camera apps. The service aims to make mobile photos more open and integrated online as well as... Photos 11.08.2013
Bynd is a backend as a service platform for building social and mobile sites and apps. The Bynd REST API provides the ability to programmatically write, read, update and delete objects. The API... Backend 11.05.2013
Ingenia is a tagging and categorization service. Users isolate blocks of text and assign their own tags to them, this provide a sample upon which Ingenia can the begin to apply tags and categories to... Classification 11.04.2013
Nutribu aims to transform nutrition into a social experience. The Nutribu API provides developer access to food and nutritional data. Exposed resources include metadata describing users, products,... Food 11.03.2013
Oktopost is a social media platform designed specifically for the needs of B2B marketers, allowing for large scale social media distribution and establishing actual ROI of social campaigns. The API... Advertising 11.02.2013
Fancy Hands
Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant service with a network of individuals across the United States that fill requests for members. The site offers service that a personal assistant normally would,... Tools 11.02.2013
ShareMojo allows users to share products and offers that they like by using a ShareMojo share button or referral link. If someone buys a product by clicking a user's referral link or share... eCommerce 11.02.2013
Rdio oEmbed
Rdio is an online music radio service that provides access to millions of songs in almost every genre. Users can play songs whenever they want, as many times as they want, or they can listen to... Music 10.31.2013
Vimeo Advanced
Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic... Video 10.30.2013
ProProfs Quiz Maker
ProProfs is an online Quiz maker tool. It offers tool to create and share two types of namely scored and personality quizzes. The site provides the option to upload any documents including videos... Education 10.30.2013
Dudu is a multilingual social network that offers a translation technology that allows users speaking different languages to communicate freely by translating phrases from one language into another... Social 10.28.2013
BTCjam is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending service. The company aims to mae the lending process easily accessible from around the world, where users can choose the interest rate they can afford by... Financial 10.27.2013
CRM Text is an SMS platform company that connects developers to the world of short code SMS and 2 way text messaging. CRM Text Solution' API allows users to establish real-time, two-way text... Messaging 10.25.2013
Karmacracy is a service for people who like to share content online. Share links on social networks via Karmacracy's url shortener and receive detailed statistics on the relevance of that... Social 10.24.2013
nToklo develops eCommerce tools to help retailers capture, process, and apply user data to the development of social commerce. The nToklo API allows customer applications to implement the nToklo... eCommerce 10.19.2013
SLI.js (pronounced SLY-J-S) is a simple, drop-in javascript that creates social signin/social login in one easy step. The tool is free to use and requires no registration. All you have to do is... Social 10.15.2013
NationBuilder Election Center
NationBuilder is an open platform for users to create online communities centered around issues relevant to them. Users can create community organization websites, access a people database, and use... Government 10.15.2013
NationBuilder is an open platform for users to create online communities centered around issues relevant to them. Users can create community organization websites, access a people database, and use... Social 10.15.2013
Zeebox is a free app that is designed to be used as a second screen while watching TV. It can help users get additional information about a show, find extra content, socialize with people watching... Media 10.08.2013
Cubeia Social
Cubeia Social is a social poker network that enables anyone to create and run their own social poker site using play money. Cubeia Social handles the technical aspects of the game so that operators... Games 10.07.2013
Billed as the professional network for physicians, Doximity is a social platform that includes national directories of physicians and facilities, online services such as HIPAA-secure faxing and text... Social 10.03.2013 is an online community that allows people to enjoy music and video content together in a real-time socially interactive environment. Use to create parties with friends and peers from... Music 09.29.2013
Bonanza Bonapitit
Bonanza is an online marketplace with integrated social features that allow members of the community to engage other buyers and sellers. The site offers newsletters, seller profiles and real time... eCommerce 09.29.2013
AchieveMint is a rewards platform that integrates with applications already used, such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and others. AchieveMint allows users to earn rewards for posting healthy... Goals 09.25.2013
Addy is an application that allows users to create, save, and share locations using a customized URL link. Addy also allows for map views and visualizations, as well as address book functionality.... Mapping 09.23.2013
Collabinate offers an API that lets developers add activity feeds to applications. The hosted service engine enables activity streams, social feeds, and microblogging for everything from mobile games... Social 09.15.2013
Scrazzl is a social discovery platform for research materials, built to help scientist make improved decisions about research products and solve technical problems. The scrazzl API provides... Science 09.14.2013
Ark is an email, search, and people search application. Ark provides an email application that compiles all social information about contacts and provides a social search engine for people and... Social 09.13.2013
SecureSocial is a cloud based social and global identity platform that focuses on security and privacy for its users. Message and document content is secure, even from service operators. SecureSocial... Social 09.08.2013
Quag helps connect people who have made similar searches or share the same interests. This allows people looking for the same answers to share information and experiences. The Quag API allows users... Q&A 09.05.2013
**Removed per provider** SalesFUSION is a marketing automation platform. SalesFUSION provides various marketing features, such as email marketing, lead capturing, social marketing, and marketing... Enterprise 09.04.2013
GraphDive is big data platform. GraphDive provides features for data analytics and personalization that shifts through data to provide various data points from social platforms on users. The... Enterprise 09.04.2013
BigWorldData NDWI
BigWorldData is a scientific information provider that uses satellite data to monitor the effects of drought, reduce water usage and crop usage, evaluate irrigation systems, and derive other... Science 09.03.2013
Roll20 is a web-hosted platform for tabletop games that allows groups of pen-and-paper gamers to play out campaigns entirely online. It provides text and video chats, player journals, turn tracking,... Games 08.29.2013
Firefly provides cobrowsing services, which allow customer representatives to connect with a customer's browser and show them features or fill out forms for them. Unlike screensharing, Firefly... Collaboration 08.29.2013
Twitcher provides simple JavaScript methods by which users can access Twitter's API. It was created by Steer, a web development teaching group, in response to changes that Twitter made to their... Social 08.28.2013
Athletable is an office sports tracking platform, supporting the creation of leaderboards and competitive statistics for office sports such as ping pong or foosball. Users simply create an... Games 08.28.2013
Streamzoo is a photo sharing and editing service. The app is capable of applying borders, filters, and many other editing effects, as well as adding hash tags and sharing on social networks. The... Photos 08.24.2013
FIMFiction is a fan-fiction site dedicated to stories based on the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. FIMFiction exposes story information through a simple API. Information types include... Social 08.22.2013
PinnedURL provides link redirection services with link management and analytics. Customers can shorten long affiliate URLs into PinnedURLs for use on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,... Social 08.22.2013
Listiamo is a list management, creation, and sharing service. Users can create lists, work on lists with other people, and search lists. The Listiamo API allows developers to access and integrate... Lists 08.21.2013
Google Plus Domains
The Google+ Domains API allows users to build applications that can interact with with Google+. This could be prepopulating circles and admins within a business for new employees, integrate... Social 08.21.2013
Bistri Conference
The Bistri Conference API allows developers to build a simple video chat application in only a few steps. The service is compatible with WebRTC enabled browsers and is easily integrated into custom... Video 08.20.2013
Poptip is a service for quickly collecting peoples' opinions via Twitter. Journalists, brands, and curious individuals can use the service to tweet a question and collect their followers'... Social 08.19.2013
NoteShred allows users to send sensitive information via encrypted, password-protected notes that automatically delete themselves when read. Users simply write a note, assign it a password, and... Messaging 08.19.2013
PhyloBox is a service for creating and sharing phylogenetic trees online. Trees can be viewed anonymously without signing in, but users who do sign in can save and return to their phylogenetic trees... Science 08.15.2013
TimeShout is a event database designed to promote local events through sharing capability and visitor participation, all through community input. The service includes calendars, public submissions,... Events 08.14.2013
Path is a private social networking and content sharing application. Path allows users to share information, photos, videos, and other content with a select number of people. Path also has one-on-one... Social 08.12.2013
Betterific crowdsources innovation by prompting users to finish the phrase “Wouldn’t it be better if…” Users can then vote the ‘betterif’ up or down. The Betterific API provides access to... Social 08.10.2013
Videolicious is a video and HD video creation application. Users can make videos from various content and video clips with Videolicious. The Videolicious API allows developers to access and... Video 08.09.2013
Gamedonia is a social game development platform that aims to help developers to make better games by offering a scalable, and high availability backend solution with reliable servers and support from... Games 08.09.2013
Findings allows users to share quotes found online using a chrome extension or bookmarklet. Users can choose between a "clip" option that lets them simply save a quote and a "customize... Social 08.08.2013 ("open-source talks") is a forum where people can discuss open-source projects with other users. It is designed to replace mailing lists, which are currently used by many open-source... Social 08.08.2013
The Old Reader
The Old Reader is a feed reading service that allows users to view their content and share notes and comments with friends who get the same content. Currently, users can search for their friends... Feeds 08.08.2013
Engagor is a social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Engagor allows users to manage their social media content and posts, monitor and analyze results, and engage with their... Social 08.06.2013 is a one-click image sharing service allowing users to upload an image to share or link to. Images depicting inappropriate or illegal content, or design elements, will be removed, as will... Photos 08.06.2013
Doorkeeper is an event promotion service that helps promoters build a network of participants called a "community." Invites for future events can be sent instantly to everyone in a... Events 08.05.2013
Honey is an enterprise social network solution for today’s workplace information challenges. The tool allows you to discover, discuss and archive content that matters to you and your colleagues.... Enterprise 08.05.2013
Hollybyte is an online video platform that offers a solution for managing, distributing and monetizing digital video across multiple channels and devices. Hollybyte offers multiple video uploading... Video 08.05.2013
jwmoz Pinterest
Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can post and share images, which are referred to as "pins." It can be used to collect recipes, project ideas, clothing items,... Social 08.02.2013
Coderbits Profile
Coderbits is a social and professional network for software developers and designers that builds knowledge portfolios by automatically pulling profile data from 60+ sources, including GitHub, Stack... Social 07.23.2013
InAppSocial is a social engagement service that strives to enhance the customer experience with mobile apps and mobile content. The platform provides a mobile optimized conversation engine that... Social 07.19.2013
Nexalogy Nx
Nexalogy offers social media analysis solutions that help users to filter through the clutter of online social media environments and to identify and analyze the key actors, themes, and ideas that... Social 07.19.2013
Sociagram is a social video application that also enables electronic gift giving and eCommerce services. Companies can use Sociagram on their sites with the Sociagram video plug-in. The Sociagram... Video 07.18.2013
Name Description Category Date
Feedly iOS
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes.</br> </br> Feedly... News Services 08.21.2014
Feedly Android
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes. <br> <br> Feedly... News Services 08.21.2014
SiteSummary Dashboard
SiteSummary Dashboard is a simple AngularJS "web app" that serves as a little demo created for the free SiteSummary API. It allows you to quickly see how many likes, shares, comments etc... Social 07.08.2014
StarterPad is a free social network for entrepreneurs. Startup users help one another to become more successful. In addition, Startup leverages the Facebook and Twitter APIs to allow users to log in... Social 06.11.2014
With this free tool, you can streamline your social media marketing campaigns. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to schedule and automate postings to them. Dosocial... Social 06.11.2014
Social page authority checker
Enter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social... Social 03.17.2014
Twitter Hashtag Blaster
In a few clicks, adds an official Twitter Button to your WordPress site that you can change to target any hashtag you want. When clicked, it preformats a tweet that includes a bitly link back to... Social 03.09.2014
A realtime map of Northern Lights locations and photos. See the current aurora forecast and latest Flickr and Twitter posts related to the Aurora Borealis. Mapping 02.20.2014
Hulimail notifies you the instant someone important to you joins your mailing list. Email 02.17.2014
Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool
This tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v. Sentiment 02.03.2014
Name Description Category Date
foursquare-php is a PHP client for accessing the Foursquare API. The client can only be installed into projects using Composer, a PHP dependency manager. Social 10.10.2014
fourmer is an unofficial Ruby wrapper for the Foursquare API designed to make it easier for users to create new campaigns, specials, and venue groups for their venues using Ruby. Social 10.10.2014
Skittles is a Ruby client library for version 2 of the Foursquare API. Detailed documentation and usage examples are provided for the library. Social 10.10.2014
foursquare2 is a Ruby wrapper for version 2 of the Foursquare API. Users will need to implement the OAuth2.0 gem as well, since the foursquare2 gem doesn't handle the API's OAuth 2.0... Social 10.10.2014
Dailymotion Python SDK
This is the official PHP SDK that allows developers to integrate the Dailymotion API into Python applications. Using the Dailymotion Graph API, developers have a simple way to publish, access, and... Video 10.09.2014
Dailymotion Objective-C SDK
This is the official SDK that enables developers to access the Dailymotion API from an iOS or Mac OSX application. Using the Dailymotion Graph API, developers have a simple way to publish, access,... Video 10.09.2014
Dailymotion PHP SDK
This is the official PHP SDK that allows developers to integrate the Dailymotion API into a web application. Using the Dailymotion Graph API, developers have a simple way to publish, access, and... Video 10.09.2014
Dailymotion JavaScript SDK
This is the official JavaScript SDK made for developers to construct JavaScript applications that integrate with the Dailymotion Graph API. Using the Dailymotion API, developers have a simple way to... Video 10.09.2014
Instagram Python Library
Released and supported by Instagram, this library allows Python applications to interface with the Instagram REST and search APIs. One can follow updates to this library on the Instagram Developer... Photos 09.26.2014
Instagram Ruby Library
Released and supported by Instagram, this library allows Ruby applications to interface with the Instagram REST and search APIs. One can follow updates to this library on the Instagram Developer... Photos 09.26.2014
Name Description Category Date
PeerIndex API Calls
Basic and extended API calls. Social 08.15.2011 on Aloqua
Display short explanations on the Aloqua browser. So you can see what is explained nearby. Search 07.22.2011
Text anyone&#039;s twitter username to 203-403-NAME (203-403-6263) and instantly get a vcard for them that you can easily import into your phone address book. Messaging 07.11.2011
Awesome Pics allows you to generate your own Google, Facebook business cards. Put your pic in the Cover Page of Times Magazine, Get clicked in Times Square, New York etc. And publish these pics to... Photos 06.22.2011
MindBody API Tutorial
Justin Martin&#039;s experiences using the Mindbody API Social 04.28.2011
Fetch tweets to Excel
Functions for fetching Twitter tweets by keyword into an Google Docs or Excel spreadsheet, or other MS Office applications Search 03.29.2011 how to
You can use many functions with our API. This is a so called REST-API which means, that all functions are called by a HTTP request. That request returns data als XML or JSON. Social 03.24.2011
Sample source code for using Raydash. An example of using raydash to make a stranger connect website. Add actual stream pointing functionality. Social 02.23.2011
MashMe is a Music Hack Day NYC app - it generates a mashup based on predicted user taste. Twilio is used as an option to send the generated mashup to someone&#039;s phone. Music 02.16.2011
Credits API Documentation
The Facebook Credits API enables a user to use credits as a method for purchasing digital and virtual goods within an application. Social 02.03.2011