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The Traackr API provides methods that help users discover their influencers, manage influencer relationships, and measure influencers' impact on their business. The API is part of Traackr's... Customer Relationship Management 04.03.2015
Zimbra REST
The Zimbra REST API allows developers to access functions provided by Zimbra's collaboration platform programmatically via REST calls. Zimbra is a secure, open source collaboration platform that... Collaboration 03.31.2015
Bungie has developed state of the art games such as Halo, Marathon, and Myth. Bungie's most current and newest game venture is Destiny. This Bungie API is the Destiny Companion API. To get the... Games 03.06.2015
Branch Branch Metrics
The Branch Branch Metrics REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Branch Metrics with other applications. Some example API methods include creating a deep link URL,... Referrals 03.01.2015
The YesGraph REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of YesGraph with other applications. Some example API methods include posting and retrieving referrals by social... Referrals 03.01.2015
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Profile Feeder
Profile Feeder provides a wealth of social profiles of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, and more all under one roof. Some of the social sites found in Profile Feeder include Facebook, Twitter,... Entertainment 01.21.2015
Weglore: Geotag Photos & Geo News
Weglore is a location based photo sharing app that allows users to explore the globe with map navigation and photo markers. The photo series incorporates smart social functions that enable filtering... Social 01.14.2015
Feelter’s algorithm incorporates big data social media cues into a website. The service collects, centralizes, and analyzes large amounts of relevant information on social networks, including posts,... Marketing 12.22.2014
WunderWalk is a web application that enables users to search for places of interest in urban settings. Users are able to customize and share their trips with others. Location 11.19.2014
Discourse Analytics
Discourse Analytics is an online social marketing platform that utilizes surveys, content consumption, social media, and conversations to communicate with and listen to their clients' audience.... Analytics 10.12.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Briibe is a non-profit organization that enables users to send messages to Twitter users (namely stars, celebrities, and famous people) to "briibe" them to reply with charity donations.... Charity 05.30.2014
WishClouds by CDScience is a social shopping app that lets people know when products go on sale or change prices. The WishClouds API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... eCommerce 05.29.2014
RiteTag is a service that analyzes trending tags on Twitter so that users can optimize their hashtag use. RiteTag's hashtag directory contains information on more than 3 million hashtags. The... Social 05.16.2014
MakeItApp is a social, collaborative service where people – referred to as “Talents” – can get together to create new apps. The Talent that proposes an app idea becomes the Project Leader for that... Application Development 05.08.2014
Wish is a social network for sharing products. Users can find, collect, and share products with their friends, enabling a connected shopping experience. The Wish merchant platform enables... eCommerce 04.27.2014
Livingsocial Monocle
Livingsocial is an online marketplace to buy and share things to do within your local city. The Livingsocial Monocle API provides location based searches that are geo-based. The searches find deals... eCommerce 04.22.2014
Apperian Crowdsourcing Ideas
Apperian is a mobile app management platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value. The Crowdsourcing Ideas API... Recommendations 04.16.2014 is a service for consolidating the user's social networking services. It generates websites that are similar to vCards, electronic business cards that can be used to share personal... Social 04.12.2014
LiveWello is a social health management platform. Patients can manage their health using the support of family, friends, and health practitioners. The LiveWello API allows developers to communicate... Medical 04.12.2014
Honbu is designed to help people working at the same company communicate and collaborate on projects. Because Honbu provides a secure online environment, users can safely share business information... Enterprise 04.08.2014
Unison is a collaboration service that allows users to create "rooms" as workspaces for each of their teams or projects. Rooms allow users to store and share their files, questions, and... Social 04.03.2014
iCarpool is a carpooling network. Services include Real-Time Ridesharing SMART Vanpool Management, and SchoolPool Module. The iCarpool API enables utilizing iCarpool's infrastructure in... Transportation 04.02.2014
YouMagine is a 3D printing community. The YouMagine API enables sharing and collaboration within that community. Applications include a web-based design app that allows you to post designs, a... Social 04.02.2014
CircleCount is a google+ analysis site that tracks the number of circles profiles are in under the assumption that the number of followers is a metric that measures a person's influence on... Social 03.31.2014
The Kloudless API allows developers to code once and integrate many cloud storage services into their apps. Developers can connect applications to multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box,... Storage 03.30.2014
Brivo Labs SAM
Brivo Labs is an internet of things company that offers web-hosted solutions, allowing businesses to remotely control access to offices, warehouses and buildings. The main value of Brivo is the... Internet of Things 03.30.2014
Forage City
Forage City, created by Youth Radio, working with the food justice community, is an online and mobile app enabling users to find and share backyard fruit with neighbors and non-profits, making... Food 03.28.2014
VerticalResponse REST
The VerticalResponse REST API allows developers to utilize its marketing tools in their own applications, so that end users can manage marketing campaign contacts, organize contacts into lists, post... Email 03.25.2014
The City
The City is a social network for churches, enabling church communities to stay engaged. The City API is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City API, church... Social 03.24.2014
One Degree
One Degree provides a way to find, manage, and share nonprofit services, that includes reviews and feedback. Currently available for the San Francisco Bay area. The API enables access to their free... Database 03.23.2014
Brandwatch uses proprietary technology to search the social web and monitor mentions of its clients brands or products. It gathers data from social networks, blogs, forums, and other sites, then... Social 03.20.2014
Trulioo provides social identity information for businesses to verify their users. It detects spammers, determines legitimate registration, and authenticates users. Supports most major social... Security 03.13.2014
Dating DNA
Dating DNA is a dating website. The Dating DNA API provides dating features and services that can be added to social networking sites and internet devices. Dating DNA API can be used with social... Dating 03.13.2014
Slack is a tool for managing team communications. Slack brings together all of a team's messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, GitHub, and other services in one... Tools 03.11.2014
Beats Music
Beats Music is a music curation service that allows users to input location, mood, company, and the service streams music that it thinks will fit the situation. It will also help users develop... Music 03.10.2014
HollyStock Celebrity
HollyStock is a celebrity stock exchange where users acquire a portoflio of celebrities that gains or uses loses based on the the number of times the celebrities are mentioned in the news that day.... Entertainment 03.06.2014
OpenGraph Hybrid way to get Open Graph information from websites. Many sites still do not provide OG tags so the OpenGraph site utilizers spiders to search sites for graph available data. The OpenGraph... Tools 03.05.2014
Tweet Sentiment
Tweet Sentiment is a service that can analyze a tweet, Facebook post, or similar text string for sentiment using natural language processing techniques. The service may categorize sentiment as... Social 03.04.2014
Have I been pwned
Have I been Pwned is a database of usernames and email addresses that have appeared on breached website disclosures. The site contains breach data from 16 websites, and contains over 161,000,000... Database 02.27.2014
Your Fishing Report
Your Fishing Report is a social platform for fishing enthusiasts allowing members to send messages, share photos and videos, manage their profiles, connect with friends, and much more. The Your... Social 02.24.2014
PlanetGR is a Greek information and social platform, connecting Greeks with other users as well as a wealth of interactive resources. Some of planetGR is exposed through via API. The API allows... Social 02.21.2014
Postcard is a content management, publishing, and sharing solution. Postcard allows users to create content, share, and publish on all of their networks and websites at the same time. The Postcard... Tools 02.20.2014 allows users to share data from mobile, tablets, and pcs, and them to other devices and accounts across social media platforms. provides an API to access the different functionality... Social 02.20.2014
IsaaCloud is a cloud-based gamification stack. The IsaaCloud Engagement API is public. The IsaaCloud API documentation is public. A developer IsaaCloud account with limited computing, bandwidth,... Database 02.20.2014
LayerVault Designer News
LayerVault is a site for creative professionals that provides hosting and other cloud services. The Designer News feature of the site provides a feed of the top design related stories in the news.... News Services 02.18.2014
Kimono Sochi Olympics
Kimono is an API creator that turns websites into APIs by extracting the data based on patterns, not by screen scraping. The Kimono Sochi Olympics API allows users to access to up-to-date athlete,... Sports 02.18.2014
CrewRevu allows users to create a snapshot of their online social activity to give employers a better idea of who they are and present their own personal brand. Users can showcase information taken... Jobs 02.12.2014
Juice In Da City
Juice In Da City is a social site celebrating urban rap culture, hosting videos, photos, radio, and event tickets. The Juice In Da City API exposes the platform's user base, providing developer... Social 02.11.2014
The DSN is based on a monthly transmission of personal data of employees, automated payroll software, after payroll, via a single reception point responsible for allocating data to the recipients.... Enterprise 02.06.2014
Populr is a platform that allows users to create websites for anything quickly. Users can create web pages for anything, share the link, and track the link. The Populr API allows developers to... Web Site Management 02.06.2014
Fluxifi is a useful platform that offers data visualization, data integration and data aggregation. Developers might find its API valuable if they want to simplify complex content from websites,... Data 02.06.2014
Leaderboarded is an online platform for creating community leaderboards. The platform uses social and business data to assign individuals scores and rank them against their peers. This can be used as... Social 02.06.2014
City blast is a social media tool for real estate agents. The service offers a personalized team of social media experts that update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles with relevant, researched... Real Estate 02.06.2014
Wishsms offers access to a large database of quotes & SMS messages. The content is broken up into over 50 categories that users can peruse and resuse at their leisure. offers... Messaging 02.05.2014
VSee is a video conference and screen share service that provides users with a private and secure way to collaborate through video communication. The service provides one-click application sharing,... Video 02.05.2014
Ziggeo is a video recording and playback service that places an emphasis on interviews. Interviewers can set up a room, send question they'd like answered, and interviewees can record and submit... Video 02.05.2014
ProofHub is all-in-one, web-based project management software. It allows team members to plan and organize projects using calendars, notes, charts, lists, timesheets, chatting, and discussions. Users... Project Management 02.04.2014
Venturocket is a service that helps job seekers get in direct contact with hiring managers and recruiters, rather than relying on a resume to get them a call. Venturocket functions like a dating site... Jobs 02.04.2014
Everysport is a Swedish website that provides visitors with information and services relating to all kinds of sports. Site members can create user profiles, participate in discussions, create groups... Sports 02.04.2014
LawfulBank is a group of individuals focused on ending debt slavery for the average person. The LawfulBank API allows users to make calls to get lists of friends, get mail, get notifications, and get... Social 02.03.2014
Koninklijke Bibliotheek WLIC
The dataset "Watermarks in Incunabula printed in the Low Countries" (WILC) offers access to over 16,000 watermarks from books printed between 1450 and 1501 (incunabula) in the Low Countries... Education 01.29.2014
Elvanto is a church platform management service that aims to provide all the organizational, planning, and financial tools for a religious organization. The Elvanto API uses REST calls and can return... Database 01.22.2014
4C is a big data and social analytics platform. 4C collects public social data and provides insights and analytics about the relationships between consumers, brands, and behavior. The 4C API allows... Advertising 01.21.2014
YouSecond is a social network for adults, that allows users to search profiles, chat, share photos, write blogs, play games, and much more. The YouSecond API exposes the platform’s functionality,... Social 01.21.2014
Podium is real-time content management service that allows users to push updates and information to user apps and proprietary applications through a single device. The Podium API allows app managers... Enterprise 01.21.2014
MusicGraph is a music information service that has millions of music facts that can be used to search for new artists or incorporated into applications. The MusicGraph API uses REST calls, returns... Music 01.20.2014
RoundSky Lead-Seller
RoundSky is a U.S. based advertising service that specializes in payday loans, title loans, and installment loan products. The company provides its services primarily to direct payday loan lenders,... Advertising 01.20.2014
Coinroll is a bitcoin gambling service where users can use bitcoins to wager on a variety of games in hopes of increasing their holdings. The Coinroll API allows users to make calls to create an... Entertainment 01.19.2014
Gittip is a weekly crowdfunding "gifting" platform. Users of Gittip can send and received weekly payments to and from other Gittip users. The Gittip API allows developers to access and... Payments 01.17.2014
Metro Imaging
Metro Imaging is a professional photographic printing service that operates in the U.K. The service allows professional photographers to submit photos for a full exhibition package from retouch and... Photos 01.14.2014
Elsawt is a Lebanese social networking platform that aims to provide a media outlet for everyone. Participants can use the platform to consume and share news in a variety of formats using Elsawt... Social 01.12.2014 content is a personal website for an individual who is a fan of programming, drinking cider, and pursing political activism. In the blog he maintains he includes a REST based API to... Blogging 12.30.2013
The TeamLeader API allows users to interact with the different aspects of the TeamLeader system including: the CRM, opportunities, invoices, subscriptions, products, tickets, time tracking &... Project Management 12.30.2013
Cloud Lending Inc provides technology to assist small and medium sized business to manage loan and investment portfolio for lending institutions. The Cloud Lending Inc platform allows creation of... Financial 12.27.2013
Mifos is an organization comprised of microfinance institutions and IT and business professionals who work to expand the technological capacity of micro-lending networks to increase their impact... Financial 12.27.2013
PopClogs is a website where people can post and share their life goals - things they want to accomplish before they "pop their clogs." People can explore each others' goals and lists... Goals 12.24.2013
Ink is a file storage service that aims to power the connectivity between different user devices. The InkFilePicker API allows users to make Javascript or REST calls. The REST API returns JSON and... Storage 12.23.2013
Digiguide is a TV guide provider which allows users to customize to individual preferences and needs. It was designed to accommodate both TV fans and media professionals, Digiguide's TV guides... Calendars 12.22.2013
Shivtr is a service for creating online gaming communities with up to six games on each community website. Shivtr supports hundreds of games across many platforms and genres. Its websites are mobile... Games 12.21.2013
WeChat is a social messaging application that works across different and multiple platforms. WeChat offers instant messaging, chat, video calls, and voice chats. The WeChat API and SDK allow... Social 12.20.2013
MaxCDN is a content delivery network serving high data utilizers that operating the advertising, gaming, CMS, and other regions. The MaxCDN API allows users to access features of their MaxCDN account... Backend 12.20.2013
Face++ is a facial recognition and detection service that provides detection, recognition and analysis for use in applications. The Face++ API provides the detection and analysis of facials including... Tools 12.17.2013
SparkleShare provides space on the internet for users to store their stuff. SparkleShare is an Open Source product allowing users to store, share, and sync files. The SparkleShare API allows... File Sharing 12.17.2013
ShrinkTheWeb PagePix
ShrinkTheWeb offers a website to screenshot service. The PagePix API allows users to utilize a URL to Image service that does screen captures on a single or automated basis. The API uses REST calls... Tools 12.17.2013
Mapillary uses crowdsourced photos to map different parts of the world. Users can take photos with their mobile devices and upload the photos to the Mapillary website. Mapillary is currently in... Mapping 12.17.2013 is a service for building modern, good-looking forums. The service is designed to handle the technical aspects of forum creation and management on the user's behalf, allowing them to... Social 12.17.2013
We Heart It
We Heart It is a photo-based social networking application. We Heart It allows users to discover and share images, photos, and content with their friends and followers. The We Heart It API allows... Social 12.13.2013 is URL Based Web Scraping scraping tool. The service was designed to avoid complicated script writing or implementation time. Users enter the URL into the web tool and the scraped data is... Tools 12.12.2013 is a screen scraping service designed to allows users to pull information from websites that done make it readily available programmatically. The API allows users to make REST... Tools 12.12.2013
Yieldkit is an asset and website monetization service that works through both companies and an affiliate network. The Yieldkit API uses Javascript, allows for more advanced integration, and is... Advertising 12.10.2013
Design 'N' Buy
Design 'N' Buy is a product customization service. The T-shirt Design Software, provided by Design 'N' Buy is an online turnkey e-Commerce solution with full integration with the... eCommerce 12.06.2013
Octopus-Newsroom is a producer of newsroom computer systems to facilitate the presentation and delivery or news. The Octopus-News API allows users to integrate third-party applications with a variety... News Services 12.06.2013
Hummingbird is a social site for tracking, sharing, and discovering new anime. Hummingbird’s API can be used to programmatically access information about an anime work, information from a user’s... Social 12.04.2013
Deskero is a brandable customer support desk that comes with native integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It uses a multi-channel ticket system, which allows Deskero to... Enterprise 12.03.2013
Amplifier is provided by a user account on packagist. Amplifier is an extension of Facebook PHP SDK. It was designed to cut down development time on some tasks like whether a person liked a page or... Backend 12.02.2013
Fswire is a social market data service that delivers relevant information to the financial markets community. The service uses proprietary algorithms to filter data from social applications such as... Financial 12.02.2013
kudosKit by ironSource
kudosKit is a user appreciation platform for application developers and publishers to integrate into their applications. kudosKit provides different appreciation options, like boosting social... Other 11.30.2013
SolidOpinion is a commenting and discussion platform. Website owners can integrate SolidOpinion into their websites to allow their visitors to engage in discussion, conversation, and leave comments... Messaging 11.29.2013
Scribble Maps
Scribble Maps is a map drawing and sharing platform. Scribble Maps allows users to draw, save, and share maps. The Scribble Maps API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Mapping 11.27.2013
TechShaker is an open database for the tech ecosystem in Europe. The project aims to add value to the tech community in Europe and around the world by collecting and sharing relevant data. Database... Database 11.25.2013 is a linking system for mobile and web applications. provides application developers and publishers with the ability to link their apps for easy sharing and tracking, just... Social 11.20.2013
Mind42 is a collaborative browser-based online mind mapping tool. The ideas submitted get arranged into a tree or star format to help display connections. The maps can be used for to-do lists,... Tools 11.17.2013 is an online collection of Pony Reactions, a meme in which sprite images of characters from the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are shown making a variety... Social 11.17.2013
Fallout: Equestria Resource
Fallout: Equestria is a crossover fanfiction series derived from the Fallout video game series and the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fallout: Equestria Resource is the hub... Social 11.17.2013
Clearleap is a video library distribution service that allows users to manage, distribute, control, and interact with video libraries across tvs and multimedia displays. The Clearleap API allows... Video 11.13.2013
Prowork is a real-time collaboration service designed for all kinds of projects where team members are spread out. Prowork is available online, on many types of mobile devices, and via API. Users can... Tools 11.12.2013
ShopYourWay is a social network based shopping platform where products, retailers, and recommendations are generated by what your friends buy and review. The ShopYourWay developer platform comes with... eCommerce 11.11.2013 Platform is a real-time mobile photo broadcasting platform. It is creating an ecosystem for all 80,000 camera apps. The service aims to make mobile photos more open and integrated online as well as... Photos 11.08.2013
Bynd is a backend as a service platform for building social and mobile sites and apps. The Bynd REST API provides the ability to programmatically write, read, update and delete objects. The API... Backend 11.05.2013
Ingenia is a tagging and categorization service. Users isolate blocks of text and assign their own tags to them, this provide a sample upon which Ingenia can the begin to apply tags and categories to... Classification 11.04.2013
Name Description Category Date
Whapl is a mobile application that allows users to locate and share their locations with their friends. By using this application, individuals can determine locations (both theirs and their friends)... Location 09.25.2014
PaperShip is an app that allows users to annotate & share documents. The app syncs with a user's Mendeley and Zotero accounts. The app is available on the Mac Store for iPad, iPhone, and Mac... Documents 09.25.2014
Text Analysis in Google Spreadsheet
With the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, web users can analyze text from social media using Google Spreadsheet. The way this add-on works is by copying and pasting text from the social media channel to be... Text 09.24.2014
Synced with multiple news sources and platforms, Mesh network provides users with access to a vast amount of news content from around the web that are focused on socio-economic issues. News Services 09.15.2014
Feedly iOS
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes.</br> </br> Feedly... News Services 08.21.2014
Feedly Android
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes. <br> <br> Feedly... News Services 08.21.2014
SiteSummary Dashboard
SiteSummary Dashboard is a simple AngularJS "web app" that serves as a little demo created for the free SiteSummary API. It allows you to quickly see how many likes, shares, comments etc... Social 07.08.2014
StarterPad is a free social network for entrepreneurs. Startup users help one another to become more successful. In addition, Startup leverages the Facebook and Twitter APIs to allow users to log in... Social 06.11.2014
With this free tool, you can streamline your social media marketing campaigns. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to schedule and automate postings to them. Dosocial... Social 06.11.2014
Social page authority checker
Enter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social... Social 03.17.2014
Name Description Category Date
Twitter Java Library by Twitter4J
The Twitter Java Library by Twitter4J is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API. The library allows for integration in Java applications with Twitter services. Twitter4J is an unofficial... Social 03.30.2015
Linkedin Android SDK
The Linkedin Android SDK gives developers the tools needed to integrate LinkedIn into Android applications. Some of the things this SDK provides are: SSO authentication, deeper linking into member... Social 03.27.2015
Google Plus Domains Java Library
The Google Plus Domains Java Library allows developers to integrate the Google Plus Domains API's functions into their Java applications. Developers can add the library to their Maven or Gradle... Social 03.17.2015
Google Plus Java Library
The Google Plus Java Library allows developers to create Java applications on top of the Google Plus platform. Developers can add the library to their Maven or Gradle projects using the code provided... Social 03.17.2015
Socrata Open Data Java SDK soda-android-sdk
This SDK is for access to the Socrata Open Data API for Android developers working in Java. Socrata Open Data API (SODA) provides access to a wide variety of social data. Add the SODA client to your... Government 03.11.2015 Omni-Auth Ruby Library omniauth-appdotnet
This unofficial Ruby library is for using OmniAuth as a login strategy with It was built specifically for use by Users of this library will need an OAuth2 Client ID and Secret from... Social 02.17.2015 Python Library apppy
A Python library for working with the API. Use an existing token or your client id/secret token to interface with Apppy. This library is machine generated and uses a JSON endpoints library to... Social 02.15.2015
Buffer Ruby Library
The Buffer Ruby Library is a wrapper that allows developers to integrate the Buffer API's tweet management and scheduling functions into their Ruby applications. This gem is currently in Alpha... Social 02.11.2015
GameUp Client SDK for iOS
GameUp is a gaming service for game developers that is full of many features and developments. The GameUp iOS SDK is compatible with iOS 5+ and bundled with dependencies. Some of the GameUp iOS SDK... Games 02.09.2015
GameUp Client SDK for Android
GameUp is a gaming service for game developers that is full of many features and developments. The GameUp Android SDK is compatible with Android 2.3+, contains dependencies, and is published onto... Games 02.09.2015
Name Description Category Date
Url Shortener gem – api wrapper in ruby
This how-to is a walkthrough on implementing the Ruby wrapper for the API. Written by Nasir Jamal, the tutorial gives step by step instructions on installation, authorizing client classes, how... URL Shortener 09.29.2014
Google Plus Signin in ASP.NET
Website Integration Guide
Spring Social Twitter
Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Twitter Social 11.30.2011
Spring Social Facebook
Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for Facebook Social 11.30.2011
JGE Automatic Content Generator
JGE Automatic Content Generator is a PHP script that will automatically add relevant content to existing web pages. Uses Calais to perform semantic analysis of an existing page&#039;s content to... Social 10.06.2011
YQL-ing the PeerIndex API
An introduction of how to use PeerIndex with YQL. Social 08.16.2011
PeerIndex API Calls
Basic and extended API calls. Social 08.15.2011
07.11.2011 how to
You can use many functions with our API. This is a so called REST-API which means, that all functions are called by a HTTP request. That request returns data als XML or JSON. Social 03.24.2011