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SMSpubli offers an API for their bulk SMS messaging service. Using the SMS API, providers can send up to 100 SMS per second supporting over 200 countries worldwide. Using the API, requests can be... Messaging 01.10.2015 Developer is a regional Bitcoin and Litecoin market. Their public market API allows users to retrieve the market volume, prices, and transaction history. It can also get aggregated data points for... Bitcoin 10.21.2014
ICANE Statistical
ICANE, the Statistical Office of Cantabria (a region in the north of Spain) publishes the Statistical Data and Metadata API of Cantabria. Currently, the API provides access to all data and metadata... Government 02.06.2014
XML Travelgate
XML Travelgate provides XML-based integrations for connecting with the travel industry's suppliers. These integrations cover a wide range of industry sectors and services, including hotel... Travel 01.24.2014
Guubie is an email marketing platform designed specifically for startups. Guubie can be accessed through any standard browser or through its app for Mac or Windows. Users can perform unlimited A/B... Email 01.23.2014
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Mapa del Paro
Mashup of Spanish Unemployment on Google Maps. You can view the regional differences in Spanish unemployment at Mapa del Paro, a series of Google Maps which show the unemployment rate at municipal... Jobs 03.03.2014
A little game where you can test your knowledge about de Catalonian cities. Games 01.28.2012
La Liga Fútbol Español
La Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga. It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay... Spanish 01.06.2012
Barcelona Bicing mashup with Google Maps
Are you wasting your time walking from one station to another? You can't find a bike? Or you can't find a slot to put the bike you are using? With this app you'll see how... Spanish 07.12.2011
Spanish traffic information in real time and via Twitter. Maps of traffic incidents, price of fuel in gas stations, charts, reporting of incidents via user tweets. Mapping 05.06.2010
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Name Description Category Date
Spain Traffic
Real-time traffic and incidences of road issues in Spain, including information from fixed and mobile radar. Spanish 02.18.2008
Video Celebrities
Find celebrity videos, especially for Latin stars. Uses the YouTube API. Note that some videos are adult content and not safe for work, NSFW. Video 10.18.2007
Social mashup that marks unused or empty houses in Spain. Mapping 09.28.2007
GoolzOOm, Google Maps and Spanish Cadastre and Sigpac. Spanish 09.18.2007
Gay City Map of Madrid
Map of gay bars, clubs, hotels, shops etc. in Madrid and in the Chueca neighborhood. Spanish 09.15.2007
CyberAndorra Widget
See hotel availabilities and reserve a room in the principality of Andorra, which is on the border of France and Spain. Widgets 08.17.2007
Real Estate in Spain
Search real estate in Valencia, Spain. The agency specializes in investment real estate and management. Spanish 06.21.2007
Zangoa allows you to discover rural accommodations in Spain and to learn about their environment. Spanish 06.19.2007
Nestoria Espana
Property search engine for Spain of property data. Mapping 05.24.2007
Pictures of Bilbao
Pictures of Bilbao, Spain. Click on photo detail to get mapped of location. Photos 05.16.2007

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