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The WeTransfer API allows developers and advertisers to access and integrate the functionality of WeTransfer with other applications. The main API methods are integration of WeTransfer functionality... File Sharing 02.17.2015
Google Cloud Storage
The Google Cloud Storage API enables users to access and manipulate their Google Cloud Storage projects programmatically. Google Cloud Storage is a service for developers that allows them to store... Cloud 02.03.2015 offers a service for managing instances, droplets, and servers online. Developers can tag & organize servers, and trigger to run executions using containers of code on specific... Management 12.22.2014
theThings.IO REST
theThings.IO is a cloud service made for developers of IOT devices to store and query data. The service offers an easily deployable back-end component to things, a customizable front-end interface,... Internet of Things 12.19.2014
Astra is a cloud platform for media applications, enabling the storing and transcoding of images and videos. Using the Astra API, developers can implement storing static files with key-values,... Media 12.12.2014
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Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. A SaaS for developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single API to... Cloud 09.03.2014
Multcloud consolidates major cloud storage services into a single file manager interface with a single login. Multcloud assists in moving files between cloud storage accounts, editing metadata file... Storage 09.03.2014
DocuSign and Egnyte
Egnyte and DocuSign integration is the easiest and the most secure way to collaborate on 100% of your files irrespective of where they live, on-prem or in the cloud. Using this app, users can... Electronic Signature 01.23.2014
Backup Box
We move your stuff from anything to anywhere. Tools 09.28.2012
TopTechPhoto Space is a Lightroom plugin which allows easy storage for catalogs content onto a network(Dropbox, FTP, sFTP or samba) server, instead of a computer internal HDD, freeing up storage... Photos 08.16.2012
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Name Description Category Date
SnapCrowd is an online digital asset management platform. SnapCrowd allows users to store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, in the cloud. The SnapCrowd API allows developers... Media 09.12.2012
The Fiabee platform is designed for organizations willing to deploy cross-platform applications to mobilize business processes for internal and external users. The Fiabee REST API allows users to... Enterprise 09.11.2012
PirateUpload is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and download files to and from the PirateUpload community. The PirateUpload API enables users to get file information, and upload... Storage 09.10.2012
Buzzoola is an online video storage and distribution platform. Buzzoola features analytic reports on video distribution and viewing, tagging functions, and other media management features. The... Video 08.30.2012
Cloudcommons Insight
The service provides information and resources to support selection among and adoption of cloud storage and application hosting platforms. It maintains a listing of vendors and their service... Storage 08.24.2012
Amazon Glacier
Amazon Glacier is a cloud based storage service that is optimized for data archiving and backup. The service is meant for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several... Storage 08.21.2012
The service provides remote, cloud-based application hosting and data storage under Windows and Linux servers. It includes full controls for provisioning and removing functions within a customer... Storage 08.16.2012
DigitalOcean provides a simple, cloud based virtual server (droplet) service. With over 13,000 cloud servers currently in operation, DigitalOcean is a well-established provider of online storage... Storage 08.10.2012
Project Kenai SunCloud
Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's cloud hub for developer that hosts open source projects and code and provides a forum for developers to connect and collaborate. The Project Kenai SunCloud API... Project Management 08.02.2012
The service provides distributed file storage using HTTP requests to upload and download files stored in its network. Applications can store and retrieve files, or delete previously stored ones. The... Storage 07.25.2012
FileCopter is a free file hosting service that also pays users when other people download the users uploaded files. When a file is uploaded, a download link is generated and the owner of the files... File Sharing 07.21.2012
FileStorm offers a free and a premium file hosting service. Using the FileStorm API requires users to have an API key. This can be obtained by creating an account. The API allows users retrieve... Storage 07.17.2012
BayFiles is a cloud storage platform. It was created by two founds of The Pirate Bay. BayFiles allows users to upload their files they wish to share to storage servers. From there, users can offer... File Sharing 07.16.2012
Storm On Demand
Storm on Demand allows users the ability to store their information online in the company's solid state servers or to host their own cloud manageable server with an emphasis on scalability and... Storage 07.15.2012
FilePicker is a tool that allows users to access and upload their content to the cloud both from their local machines as well as online. Developers can use the API to integrate access to cloud... Storage 07.12.2012 is a provider of cloud based long term data storage clusters. attempts to differentiate itself from competitors such as Amazon’s S3, OpenStack’s Swift, and Riak by using... Storage 07.09.2012
The Doclanding API allows users to integrate other programs with the Doclanding service. Using this SOAP API, users can store and retrieve files from Doclanding, organize their files and cabinets,... Storage 07.05.2012
Uploadcare is a file uploading and storage service. It allows users to add a functionality to their website or application that permits end-users to upload files. It also provides a function for... Upload 07.02.2012
ShutterPro is an online, cloud photo storage and photo sharing service. ShutterPro also provides photo backup services. Users can make their photo albums public or private and can share photos across... Photos 06.03.2012
Cerrio is a cloud service for storing real-time data online. It provides an intuitive visual interface for developing and maintaining one's cloud. The Cerrio API provides users with non-... File Sharing 05.23.2012
MediaFire is a cloud-based service for storing and sharing files. Users can host and share any file type including documents, presentations, videos, and images. All accounts can upload and share an... File Sharing 05.22.2012
Memopal offers cloud based online storage that tries to make storage more efficient. The technology behind Memopal looks for the similarities across all data that users upload, store those parts and... Storage 05.09.2012
Google Drive
Google Drive is a cloud based storage platform that lets users access their data, including files of any format, from any device or application that connects to the internet. The Google Drive SDK... Storage 04.24.2012
CX is a cloud storage provider that offers features such as secure storage, real-time syncing, public and private sharing, interactive group collaboration, and intelligent discovery. The CX API is... Storage 04.23.2012
HP Cloud CDN
The HP Cloud Services CDN API lets users deliver static data from HP Cloud Object Storage to users around the world. The data is cached and distributed across HP and Akamai global networks for low... Storage 04.17.2012
HP Cloud Block Storage
This API lets users store data from their HP Cloud Compute instances for as long as needed. The HP Cloud Block Storage is ideal for applications requiring frequent read/write access such as web... Storage 04.17.2012
SensorCloud is a data storage, management, and visualization platform. SensorCloud offers data storage and management solutions, as well as data visualization tools. The SensorCloud API allows... Tools 04.15.2012
Carbonite Blog Importer
Carbonite is an online backup service allowing users to make secure and automatic backups of their hard drives. Users can restore lost files and access their backups from any computer or internet... Storage 04.14.2012
The service provides an open storehouse for key-value data intended to maintain persistent data for use in web applications. Storage accommodates case-sensitive, 5-128 character keys made up of... Storage 04.13.2012
EVS iDrive
IDrive Encrypted Versioned file System (EVS) is a service, primarily used by individual users and small businesses that provides secure, encrypted and versioned cloud based backup. The IDrive API... Storage 04.13.2012
The collection of REST-based services allow creation and operation of applications using the resources of the U.S. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). It supports High... Science 04.11.2012
HP Cloud Object Storage
HP Cloud Object Storage offers users online storage. With HP Cloud Object Storage, users can create containers and add objects as needed. Object sizes can be up to 5 GB. The API provides programmatic... Storage 03.22.2012
The service provides hosting, online storage, and a general platform for IT service management. The API allows applications to integrate general platform management functions, and to automate some... Storage 03.09.2012
The service provides an online storage and application hosting platform controlled either from a proprietary account portal or via API methods. It supports uploading, updating, retrieving, and... Storage 03.01.2012
Livedrive is a cloud storage and backup service. Livedrive allows users to upload files to the cloud for storage and sharing, as well as syncing. Livedrive also offers backup services. The Livedrive... File Sharing 02.29.2012
The service gives internet access to the file system on a user's PC through a hardware dongle plugged into a USB port. That access allows retrieval and sharing of locally stored files from... Storage 02.15.2012
Snapjoy is a cloud based platform for users to store and share their photos. Snapjoy organizes photos using metadata within each image, such as when and where it took place. Photos are kept private... Photos 02.09.2012
OwnCloud is a document and data storage and sharing application. Documents and data uploaded to OwnCloud are stored in the cloud. Users can sync their files, share their files, and encrypt their... File Sharing 02.01.2012
EdgeCast CDN
The service provides a content delivery network (CDN) to store, stream, and deliver rich media assets and other data with high performance and large capacity. It is designed to enable e-commerce,... Storage 01.30.2012
FlauntR by FotoDesk is an online application for image and photo editing, storage, sharing, and printing. Users can upload their images and photos, apply effects and other editing techniques, and... Photos 01.25.2012
Pervasive Data Integrator
The service provides a platform for data integration across multipurpose applications. It facilitates cloud data storage and exchanges of information between data repositories used by hosted... Storage 01.23.2012
The service hosts content, including media assets, in the cloud and delivers it, with control of appearance and branding, across multiple platforms. Service features include video encoding and... Media 01.18.2012
KIT Video
KIT digital is a provider of end-to-end video management software and services, helping users do everything from storing to broadcasting videos. The KIT Video platform is a cloud-based video asset... Video 01.15.2012 is a file sharing and publishing platform. Users can access up to 2 GB of storage for free. Users can use to share files and publish their files online. The API allows developers... File Sharing 12.20.2011
SpiderOak DIY
The service provides general-purpose online file storage and retrieval intended primarily for long-term archival purposes. It handles routine backup and file sync functions, with an emphasis on... Storage 12.13.2011
The service enables automatic backup and restore functions within other applications or systems. It manages storage in the Amazon WS cloud, allowing users to upload data for safe backup and retrieve... Storage 12.13.2011
ServerCyde is a service that allows users to build web application features without server configuration. Some features included with ServerCyde service are data storage, social network... Social 12.05.2011
Kaltura is an open source online platform for video publishing, management, syndication, and monetization. The associated APIs allow users to access every core service of the platform for... Video 12.04.2011
Exosite is a cloud-based data platform, providing businesses with a solution for managing communications between devices and users, running calculations and transformations on data, storing and... Cloud 12.02.2011
RightNow Connect
Service Oriented Architecture for integrating with the RightNow CX customer service and cloud storage platform. The system attempts to unify disparate recordkeeping systems to allow shared... Storage 11.22.2011
Hosted file sharing service that works via the Web and FTP. Provides shared FTP server that allows you to send files to and receive files from your clients, vendors, and teammates. Service allows... File Sharing 11.05.2011
SMEStorage Multi Cloud
SMEStorage provides a shared multi-cloud file system which is an entry point to multiple clouds. With their Open Cloud Platform, they sync file meta-data while the files stay on the origianl storage... Cloud 11.02.2011
Hosted service for cloud storage of digital assets and other content, duplicated among storage locations for security, with support for viewing, streaming, ongoing asset management, and content... Storage 10.21.2011
OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The Keystone Identity Service allows clients to obtain tokens that can be used to access OpenStack cloud services.... Storage 10.19.2011
CloudMine is a backend-as-a-service platform that removes the need for mobile app developers to build fully custom backend solutions for their applications. It offers a set of RESTful APIs that... Backend 10.19.2011
Let's Crate
Let's Crate is a file sharing service that allows users to create "crates" to upload files to and generate a link to share with others. The Let's Crate API allows developers to... File Sharing 09.13.2011
Fluidinfo is an online information storage and search platform for content publishers. Fluidinfo provides openly writable metadata on all types of items, and also allows data and metadata about web... Search 09.09.2011
Rackspace Cloud Files
Rackspace Cloud Files is an online file and media storage service. Cloud Files provides private or public file "containers" and media files are served via integration with the Akamai... Storage 08.31.2011
FluidVM is a service that handles systems management, local and iSCSI SAN storage, and network management, along with supporting virtualization technologies, web hosting, and data center environments... Tools 08.28.2011
Fileslap is a service that lets users upload files and share them on the web, with no downloading required to view files. Fileslap offers a free trial, then has a $7/mo plan or a free plan with a... File Sharing 08.20.2011 is a Swedish site that lets users share photo albums with their friends. The API lets users retrieve and post information to the service. Functionality exposed includes creating and... Photos 08.19.2011
DataLock Online Backup
DataLock Online Backup API allows users to create, edit and delete backup accounts in real time. It also allows the creation and modification of backup sets and full statistical calls. This API,... Storage 08.19.2011
SendSpace is an online file sharing service. Any file type can be uploaded to SendSpace and there is no limit on the number of downloads per file. The SendSpace API allows embedding of SendSpace... File Sharing 08.08.2011
Apple iCloud
iCloud stores user's content and wirelessly makes it available to all devices. iCloud Storage APIs allow application developers to store their apps' documents and key value data in iCloud... Storage 08.04.2011
Crocko is a file hosting service. Users can upload, organize, and share their files with Crocko. Users can also download their own files, as well as files that are shared with them. The Crocko API... File Sharing 07.31.2011
Joomeo is a personal media sharing application which allows you to upload content, organize it, and share it at your discretion. The Joomeo API uses XML-RPC to allows uses to create their own... Media 07.28.2011
AT&T Synaptic Storage
AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service is a web services-based storage solution that scales to any size and allows users to pay only for the storage they use. It provides capacity on demand and... Storage 07.07.2011
Apstrata provides a suite of on-demand Rich Cloud services aimed at simplifying the development and operation of Web-connected applications. Apstrata is a RESTful web service providing an interface... Storage 06.06.2011
StorageRoom is a cloud-based CMS for the data in user Mobile Applications. It provides a platform to manage content online and to integrate that content into one or multiple mobile or desktop apps.... Storage 06.03.2011
4shared is an online storage and file sharing service that was founded in 2005. Users can upload, store and share all types of files, including music, video, photos and documents. The 4shared API... File Sharing 03.30.2011
GoBox is a web service that give users cloud storage space to store and share files. It also provides a way for software developers to monetize their ideas. GoBox also provides a RESTful API, managed... File Sharing 03.21.2011
WebServius Short-Term Storage
The short-term storage API allows users to easily store a file at a publicly-accessible yet secret URL on the Web for a short period of time. Amazon S3 is used as the underlying storage engine. The... Storage 03.18.2011
Fluxiom is an online file storage and management system that can allow multiple users access to documents, promoting a collaborative environment. With the Fluxiom API, users can integrate Fluxiom... Storage 02.26.2011
Orange Personal Content
Orange is France Telecom's single brand for Internet, television and mobile. France Telecom is a leading telecommunications operator in Europe. The Personal Content API alpha is part of the... Storage 02.09.2011
The Minus API allows users to create galleries and upload images programmatically. Minus is a drag-and-drop sharing platform. Users can drag their pictures, documents, music, videos and other files... Storage 01.12.2011
CrashPlan PRO
CrashPlan PRO is a way for businesses to easily backup and store their data. The site offers software to be installed on the computers to be backed up or a developer API for businesses to integrate... Storage 01.11.2011 is a website that lets users store, share, and sell their music. The API is a RESTful API that allows developers to access services through their own applications. Music 01.07.2011
The Razuna API lets developers integrate Razuna into their custom solutions. Razuna is an open source digital asset management system. The API uses both REST and SOAP protocol and responses are... Storage 12.22.2010
AnyHub is a simple online storage and file sharing solution. You can upload files without even making an account. The AnyHub API makes AnyHub's functionality available to any application. Upload... Storage 12.21.2010
Scality accessors are software APIs that communicate with an application and enable storage virtualization. Scality supports multiple accessors such as RESTful APIs which allow for the development of... Storage 12.17.2010
The service is a simple online storage solution. The site provides several upload options and responds to new uploads with a short link and a secret deletion link. The API provides... Storage 12.08.2010
TappIn is a service that gives users the ability to access and share personal content from anywhere that today is only accessible from within the home. The API lets users list their own folders and... Storage 12.03.2010
CloudApp is a simple cloud-based, file-sharing utility. It allows you to share images, links, music, videos and other files straight from your desktop (Mac only for now). Once files are uploaded, the... Storage 09.27.2010
Dropbox is a storage service that syncs files online and across your computers via installed software. The API allows read/write access to the same files, piggybacking on Dropbox's file... Storage 08.04.2010
CloudCache offers an API with a RESTful interface to offer memcached-like cache in the cloud. Using OAuth, it looks very much like S3 and features fast, transient key-value store. The API offers... Storage 07.21.2010
The API offers a storage service that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. It features a library in Python via the JSON protocol. Storage 07.17.2010
Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform
Mezeo�s Cloud Storage Platform exposes storage with a RESTful API that allows developers to store, organize, share and publish content as well as supporting rich meta-data. Mezeo Cloud Storage... Storage 06.14.2010
Google Storage
Google Storage for Developers is a RESTful web service API for storing and accessing your data on Google's infrastructure. The service combines the performance and scalability of Google's... Storage 05.21.2010
The SugarSync API lets developers integrate SugarSync with their desktop and Web apps, build apps to extend SugarSync functionality, or simply leverage the SugarSync cloud. SugarSync is an on-demand... Storage 03.24.2010
OnpenDrive is online storage service. Customers can upload or manage files, create or manage folders. All is through secure SSL connections. The desktop application can allow you to access to your... Storage 02.20.2010
DivShare is a program that allows users to embed music, videos or documents into their website or blog. DivShare is a RESTful API that lets users send queries and returns information about DivShare... Media 12.17.2009
TeliaSonera Temporary Storage
The RESTful Temporary Storage API allows users to to temporarily store a file to the server. The stored file exists until it is read with a GET request or deleted with a DELETE request. This can be... Storage 12.10.2009
Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain Developer Network provides business-critical applications. By using Iron Mountain�s cloud, it can help you securely manage your data, and also protect growing amounts of data more... Storage 11.13.2009
DriveCast is a web-based media manager for your different devices, USB keys, smartphones, and cars. It collects your favorite content from the web (audio/video) so that you can load them onto your... Media 11.09.2009
Safe Creative
Safe Creative is an on-line world wide copyright registry, free and open to use. It allows creators/rightholders to register their works. The service supports many license types: traditional... Tools 11.07.2009
Foldier offers users tools for searching, aggregating, organizing and sharing personal content. The foldier API is a RESTful interface that allows external applications to request services from... File Sharing 09.12.2009
Estate++, a subscription-based virtual safe deposit box service to provide reliable access to information for planning and emergency purposes. Whether via natural disaster, theft, or even death and... Storage 09.10.2009
Mezeo provides a software platform for the deployment of white label cloud storage services that lets service providers quickly enter the cloud storage market. The Cloud Storage Platform API provides... Storage 08.29.2009
Muecs Applications Platform allows developers to create applications that allow our users to share interests. Your favorite media content such as: videos, photos and links, can be shared amongst... File Sharing 08.04.2009
Baconfile is a simple web interface for the Amazon S3 service. With Baconfile, users can upload their files, organize into folders, add a description, share the link, and add comments. Storage 07.16.2009
Name Description Category Date
CamScanner and
CamScanner is a mobile scanning app that leverages the phone's camera. Through its integration with, it allows users to save scanned images to Box. Mobile 09.21.2010
Whiteboard HD and
Whiteboard HD is a drawing application for the iPad. Through its integration with, users can important pictures from their Box account to be used in Whiteboard and save their drawings from... Office 09.21.2010
BoxBridge for Joomla
This Joomla extension allows users to display and share Box files from within the Joomla CMS. Storage 08.23.2010
SugarCRM and
SugarCRM is an online customer relationship management application, and its integration with allows SugarCRM users to view their content on Box within the SugarCRM environment. Customer Relationship Management 08.05.2010
Quickoffice Connect and
Quickoffice Connect is a mobile document editing suite, and its integration with allows users to load, edit, and save files in their Box accounts within Quickoffice. Storage 08.05.2010
Netsuite and
Netsuite is a web-based business software suite, and it is integrated with so Netsuite users can access their content on Box from within the Netsuite environment. Enterprise 08.05.2010
Intuit and's content management service is integrated with Intuit's Workspace software, allowing users to access their content on Box from within the QuickBooks application. Financial 08.05.2010
Google Apps and
Google Apps and are integrated, so Google Apps users can access their Box files from within Gmail, create file-based events in Google Calendar, and create Google Sites with content from Box. Email 08.05.2010
eSurvey and
eSurvey is a mobile form management application, and through its integration with, users can upload their forms and results directly to a Box account. Mobile 08.05.2010
Enthusem and
Enthusem is a service that allows users to send physical greeting cards online. Through its integration with, users can send cards containing content from their files. Email 08.05.2010
Name Description Category Date
Yandex.Disk Java SDK
Yandex offers Disk, a service for storing and sharing files. The Yandex.Disk API enables programmatic access and retrieval of these files from any device connected to the internet. The API can be... Storage 12.05.2014
Yandex.Disk Objective-C SDK
Yandex offers Disk, a service for storing and sharing files. The Yandex.Disk API enables programmatic access and retrieval of these files from any device connected to the internet. The API can be... Storage 12.05.2014
Yandex.Disk C#/.NET SDK
Yandex offers Disk, a service for storing and sharing files. The Yandex.Disk API enables programmatic access and retrieval of these files from any device connected to the internet. This API can be... File Sharing 12.05.2014
YouTube Video Sync JavaScript SDK 3.7.2 by Pubnub
PunNub is a synchronized YouTube video playback. This helps friends to watch videos simultaneously. The imaginary possibilities in adding sync to an application can happen in real life using the... Syncing 12.05.2014
DOCOMO Data Storage Android SDK
This SDK enables an interface with the DOCOMO Data Storage BOX API from an Android application. The API can be used to obtain and manage the files and folders stored in a user's cloud DOCOMO... Storage 11.26.2014
DOCOMO Data Storage iOS SDK
This SDK enables an interface with the DOCOMO Data Storage BOX API from an iOS application. The API can be used to obtain and manage the files and folders stored in a user's cloud DOCOMO Data... Storage 11.26.2014
Gmail API Client Libraries
Gmail aims to facilitate users' lives with more storage, less spam, and more efficiency delivered to mobile devices. Gmail API Client Libraries are available in Java, Javascript, .NET, Objective... Email 11.12.2014
DigitalOcean API Client in Java
The DigitalOcean API Client in Java is a library that wraps the DigitalOcean API's methods. Code samples and usage example are provided in the documentation. This library is made available under... Storage 10.18.2014
Alfresco PHP Library API
This is the official PHP library for interacting with the Alfresco platform API from a PHP application. The library is developed and maintained by Alfresco, and comes well-documented. Alfresco is an... Enterprise 10.06.2014
Box Ruby
The Box Ruby library is made for interfacing Ruby applications with the API. It is developed as an unofficial extension of the Box developer services. Using the API, developers may access Box... Storage 10.06.2014

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