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Proovl SMS
The Proovl SMS API a gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages using Proovl SMS services and client solution. This API uses SMPP or HTTP protocol to send messages and uses unique API Key for... Messaging 03.14.2015
Nexmo Number Insight
Nexmo Number Insight API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo Number Insight services, enabling their users to identify phone numbers through Nexmo directly from their... Names 03.05.2015
Nexmo Verify
Nexmo Verification API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo Verification services, enabling their users to verify phone numbers directly from their applications. Nexmo is... Verification 03.05.2015
Nexmo VoiceXML
Nexmo VoiceXML allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo Voice services, enabling their users to call, text to speech through Nexmo directly from their applications. Nexmo... Voice 03.05.2015
The LeadDesk API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LeadDesk with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.... Sales 03.01.2015
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Progressive Contacts
Progressive Contacts is a fundraising company that specializes in making phone calls (live, automated phone surveys, and automated phone calls) to reach supporters for different political campaigns.... Telephony 10.12.2014
Tele-Town Hall
Tele-Town Hall is a web company that provides elected officials, political candidates, non-profit organizations, associations, and businesses with mass personal communications. Tele-Town Hall helps... Telephony 10.12.2014
Sales Line Bot
The Hipchat and Plivo API mashup — an IVR system that use's HipChat APIs and post details of incoming calls, recordings and voicemails on your Plivo number to HipChat. API 03.10.2014
When you need to call your TeamSnap team in a hurry, use SnapBlast to instantly broadcast a phone message to the entire team. Sports 02.18.2014
Code It
Code It allows users to write code without leaving their Firefox OS phone. The aplication uses the HackerEarth API to help with enabling coding capabilities. Telephony 11.12.2013
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Exotel provides its users with virtual phone numbers that can be used for customer service, bulk SMS, and conference calls. These numbers come with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording,... Telephony 05.28.2013
Truecaller is a collaboratively generated global phone directory supporting number and name lookup, call filtering, social connections and more. The Truecaller API provides developer access to the... Telephony 05.27.2013
Mumble is an open source voice over IP system specifically designed for gaming. MumbleBoxes is a Mumble server hosting service designed by gamers. The MumbleBoxes API provides a RESTful interface... Telephony 05.22.2013
Rebtel Voice Platform
Rebtel Voice Platform is an international calling platform. Users can use Rebtel from their mobile phones to make international calls at various rates. The Rebtel Voice Platform API and SDK allow... Telephony 04.26.2013
Weemo provides video collaboration services that can be embedded into work applications and websites, allowing users to communicate without having to switch programs. The high-quality video feed is... Video 04.26.2013
The Rebtel Voice Platform makes it easy to add VoIP calling in any Android or iOS app: - Quick to start: Make your first VoIP call from within your app in a few minutes. Free to start. - Easy to... Telephony 04.24.2013
Talkray is a mobile application that allows users to make free phone calls, send and receive text messages, and send and receive photos. The Talkray API allows developers to access and integrate the... Telephony 03.28.2013
VoiceShot offers web-based voice broadcasting, text messaging, appointment reminders, virtual office phone systems, a virtual receptionist, and XML voice alert and notification services. VoiceShot... Telephony 03.19.2013
TTSEngine is a text-to-speech web service that also offers custom voices for text-to-speech commands in applications and websites. The TTSEngine API allows developers to access and integrate the... Tools 03.17.2013
SimpleVox is a phone and VoIP solution. SimpleVox is cloud-based offers a variety of telephony features such as voicemail, voice menus, wait music, and multiple lines on various types of phones (cell... Telephony 02.24.2013
Call Tracking Metrics
The service provides telephone call tracking for marketing and promotional campaigns. It associates a phone number with each campaign and routes any call properly while linking the caller to the... Telephony 02.20.2013
Kazoo by 2600hz is a telecommunications service solution. Kazoo provides a telecommunications infrastructure and monitoring services. The Kazoo API allows developers to access and integrate some of... Telephony 02.19.2013
Indiligo Inside
The service provides a platform for online interaction via real-time video, chat, and document sharing. It is intended as a service for remote meetings and presentations as well as other applications... Office 02.11.2013
CS Networks
CS Networks provides an SMS gateway that lets its users SMS-enable any application, website, or system. It can deliver messages to more then 220 countries with a throughput of 100 msg/sec over HTTP... Messaging 02.04.2013
mVaayoo SMS Gateway
mVaayoo is an Indian company that provides bulk SMS services. Its SMS Gateway can equip any website, application, or information system with high-speed, secure, 2-way SMS capabilities. This Gateway... Messaging 02.04.2013
The service provides text and media messaging to phones and mobile devices in Norway via the SMS and MMS protocols. It handles either single messages to individual numbers or bulk messaging to all... Telephony 01.21.2013
National Cellular Directory People Search
The National Cellular Directory is a people search website that lets users search for a person by name or by phone number using reverse phone lookup. National Cellular Directory Happy Hour People... Search 01.18.2013
Globalstar OSAT
The service provides an aid to scheduling satellite telephone calls. Its resources are specific to users of the provider's satellite phone hardware and intended to help these users identify... Telephony 01.17.2013
Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface
The Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface (CUMI) is a messaging API for Cisco Unity Connection that has been designed to be stable and simple to use. It is based on leading industry standards... Messaging 01.16.2013
Cisco Jabber Voice & Video
The service provides integrated voice and video communications via broswer-based telephony. Basic telephone call functions include making and receiving voice calls, hold and resume funtions, multi-... Telephony 01.15.2013
Eftel is one of Australia's largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Their customers come from the residential, small to medium business, and corporate sectors. Eftel's services include... Telephony 01.13.2013
China Telecom
China Telecom is a state owned telecom operator in China servicing over 600 thousand customers. China Telecom transitioned to promote the development of information applications, specifically for... Telephony 01.10.2013
The service provides geolocation information by detecting the nearest cellular phone access point and marking its location. It was developed to provide location to a phone's systems without the... Telephony 12.11.2012
Massphoning is a voiP based calling technology that allows users to schedule waves of hundreds of automated calls. The service is designed for emergency warnings, polls, surveys, encouragement... Telephony 12.05.2012
AT&T Call Management
The AT&T Call Management (Beta), powered by Tropo, allows developers to add real time, cross-carrier voice communications to their apps. The API offers communication commands such as answer, ask... Telephony 11.26.2012
Voicebuy VoIP
Voicebuy is a wholesale VoIP (Voice over IP) provider offering Internet Telephony services to carriers, providers and corporate customers. With Voicebuy API developers can create and manage user... Telephony 11.20.2012
NovelASPect is a leading application hosting provider for small to medium-sized businesses. NovelASPect offers everything from QuickBooks Hosting to Business VoIP services. Their hosted VoIP service... Telephony 11.15.2012
Maluuba Natural Language
Maluuba is a phone assistant app that uses natural voice recognition technology to turn users commands into actions. It can work with features such as calendar, reminders, weather, search, voice... Telephony 11.15.2012
Lime Cellular
The service provides services for outbound marketing and promotion campaigns, including mass email and SMS text messaging. Applications can use the services for communication opt-in forms, deliver... Telephony 11.12.2012
Setu Infocom
The service provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony with a number of features designed to give low-cost voice communications. Applications can schedule and send mass phone calls to recipient lists... Telephony 11.12.2012
Schedulr is a JSON web service which can invoke a URL at a scheduled time. In that callback implementation, users can either put the logic to complete the task online or if it's a time consuming... Telephony 11.09.2012
Mosaik Solutions Cellmaps
Mosaik Solutions, formerly American Roamer, provides a range of geospatial and map design solutions including CellMaps, an interactive global coverage map service. The Mosaik CellMaps API exposes... Mapping 11.01.2012
innovaphone PBX
The service provides a hosted platform for voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone communications. It interacts with network hardware like private branch exchange (PBX) devices to route telephony traffic... Telephony 10.22.2012
OpenCNAM provides access to Caller ID information based on simple access to comprehensive data. The OpenCNAM REST API allows developers to integrate real-time queries into any application. Responses... Telephony 10.16.2012
SMS.MIO SendMessages
SMS.MIO is an organized system that allows its users to communicate with each other via SMS, e-mail, fax, letter, and recommended A/R (letter registered with acknowledgement of receipt) either... Messaging 10.15.2012
8x8 Real Time Statistics Reporting
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 External IVR
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Click to Dial
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Web Callback
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Recordings
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Reporting
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 CRM
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
SAINTlogin allows users to log-in to a website or to a private network by dialing a number on their cell phones rather than by using passwords and user-IDs. The call is free since the system hangs up... Telephony 10.11.2012
Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation
The Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation APIs are a suite of APIs that give developers access to rich Service Provider IMS capabilities. The APIs give developers exposure to and allow for integration with... Telephony 10.09.2012
OpenSignal is an application that allows users to find the best cell phone, wi-fi, and mobile coverage by location. OpenSignal provides a database of cell phone towers, cell phone signal strength... Telephony 10.07.2012
Deutsche Telekom Tropo
Telekom Tropo is a cloud based voice platform and can be used to create communication applications, including speech-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), VoIP solutions, voice mashups and SMS... Telephony 10.04.2012
JetSetMe is an application that displays real-time roaming of O2 mobile SIM cards in Europe, such as when the mobile goes abroad and returns home. The JetSetMe API allows developers to access and... Telephony 09.26.2012
The Morris Communications Group provides businesses with the ability to switch SIP trunking services with a broadband connection, and other communication services. The MorrisComGroup API supports:... Telephony 09.24.2012
The service provides for wholesale exchanges of registered direct inbound dialing (DID) numbers from sellers who have extra capacity to buyers who need additional numbers. It lists available blocks... Telephony 09.21.2012
The Norway-based service provides telecommunications functionality via voice-over-IP (VoIP). Services include multi-party calling, voicemail and text notifications, text-to-speech conversion, and... Telephony 09.21.2012
The service provides incoming VoIP telephony functions for accepting and answering international calls. It establishes virtual telephone numbers local to callers, then forwards the calls via voice-... Telephony 09.21.2012
CloudTalk is a platform for communications for mobile and web applications. CloudTalk's platform allows for voice communication for applications. The CloudTalk APIs allow developers to access... Telephony 09.20.2012
SIPmly provides inbound and outbound VoIP phone service built around a control panel that allows customers to search, provision, and route phone numbers instantaneously. The SIPmly RESTful API allows... Telephony 09.18.2012
DNCIndia offers clients a web based platform to perform a Do not Call Scrub of the NCPR database. The service enables telemarketers to remove the numbers that are illegal to call from call lists and... Telephony 09.10.2012
Speap is an online phone company with the goal of offering cheap, reliable, global phone service in a simple and usable format. The Speap API allows developers to integrate Speap functions into third... Telephony 09.09.2012
Gigabark provides web-based voice and text broadcasting solutions with a focus on telephone and text broadcasts, surveys, and polls. The Gigabark API allows customers to link applications directly to... Tools 09.05.2012
WhyGo is a video conferencing and teleconferencing service that allows customers to book live video conferencing facilities all over the world. The WhyGo API allows developers to access and... Office 09.04.2012
Bulletin Messenger
Bulletin is a developer and supplier of product and service for messaging (SMS Text) between mobile devices and web applications. The Bulletin Messenger API is a simple RESTful SMS API allowing... Messaging 08.30.2012
Morris Communications Group provides Voice over Internet Protocol services. The Synergy-IPV is a custom built VOIP platform in which all telephone features are controllable directly from the user’s... Telephony 08.28.2012
The service provides cloud-hosted telephony functions such as voice over IP (VoIP). Its functions include a switch that monitors customer phone numbers for incoming calls and initiates calls when... Telephony 08.27.2012
The service provides outbound and inbound SMS text messaging for integration with customer service applications and others requiring rapid basic communications. It generates messages in response to... Messaging 08.24.2012
Trilibis SmartPath SDK
The Trilibis SmartPath is a scalable cloud-based mobile publishing platform. Combining device detection and rendering technolog with UI building tools, the SmartPath SDK enables developers to create... Backend 08.23.2012 is a text (SMS) sending and receiving service for Android phones. The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and to create... Telephony 08.21.2012
Radish Systems ChoiceView
Radish Systems is the maker of ChoiceView a service that allows businesses to share visual information in real-time during smartphone conversations. The service has the capability to send pictures,... Telephony 08.20.2012
CallsUp! is a mobile applications that automatically detects the best call mode to give the user the best rate for a given call. The service also is avaialble for landlines and mobile phones without... Telephony 08.20.2012
RouteSMS Javascript
RouteSms is a mobile messaging and bulk SMS solutions provider. They offer solutions such as SMS hubs, enterprise level messaging, bulk SMS, reseller platform and more. The API lets developers... Messaging 08.17.2012
Clarity is an app for individuals to network over the phone. It is meant to connect people seeking to impart or receive advice. The Clarity features allow individuals to schedule their conversation... Telephony 08.14.2012
Woopla provides telecommunication solutions for business and residential clients. Services include low cost international calls, SIP/VoIP termination, service numbers, and more. Among its value added... Telephony 08.09.2012
RingCentral RingOut
RingCentral provides cloud based phone systems which allow companies to break from legacy phone systems and utilize RingCentral's business phone system with fax and voice services. A few of the... Telephony 08.09.2012
The NumberLaundry website is a service provided by that provides useful information about phone numbers that are submitted. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The submitted phone... Telephony 08.07.2012
Parseco is a telecom API platform enabling developers to build mobile cloud applications. With Parseco's user-friendly RESTful APIs and libraries, developers upgrade their web and mobile... Messaging 08.07.2012
Voice-Jump offers VOIP services for individuals at home, for developers to build into mobile applications, and for business through a web portal. The Voice-Jump API includes several services: The... Telephony 08.06.2012
CallPixels is a service that lets users add phone numbers and call tracking to their existing affiliate offers. The numbers automatically screen callers and forward them to a customer's inbound... Telephony 08.06.2012
FCC Form 499 Filer Database
The service provides access to records of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about organizations that register to provide interstate telecommunications services, including common... Government 07.25.2012
WebServiceMart Phone3T
The WebServiceMart Phone3T API is a service for validating phone numbers. It can also provide additional information such as the city, state, and country from which a phone number originates. The... Reference 07.20.2012
The service provides phone-based access to expert advice and referral services. It allows those with questions and concerns to contact someone with expertise in the subject matter for information and... Advertising 07.11.2012
TextBelt is a telephony service. It provides outgoing SMS services for developers. TextBelt uses carrier-specific gateways to forward free SMS’s without advertisements. It can be used for testing... Messaging 07.01.2012
FullCourt Voice
FullCourt is a telephony app that connects mobile devices with web services. It transmits voice and other web-based messaging system to apps. The FullCourt service is a RESTful API that can be scaled... Telephony 06.26.2012
Clever Data
The Clever Data API exposes Clever's information retrieval functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data. <br> <br> Clever is an education-oriented data... Education 06.26.2012
TurboBridge is a high-definition audio conferencing service. TurboBridge offers conference calling features, such as conference rooms, dedicated phone lines, and multiple conference IDs. The... Telephony 06.18.2012
The service allows applications to deliver notifications, called Tile and Toast messages, to mobile devices running the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It centralizes and simplifies error and... Telephony 06.15.2012
CallME Click-to-Call
CallME! Click-to-Call is web-based calling service. Users create accounts linked to their phone numbers and can manage incoming and outgoing telephony functions. Click-to-Call can be used as a long... Telephony 06.14.2012
CallFire List Service
CallFire provides a VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. This API allows account holders to create and manage their personal... Telephony 06.11.2012
CallFire Direct Connect
CallFire provides a VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. The direct connect service gives users control over the CallFire dialer and... Telephony 06.11.2012
CallFire Record
CallFire provides a VoIP platform that powers voice broadcasts, call centers, call tracking, and text messaging campaigns. This API lets users create recording campaigns. Functionality includes... Telephony 06.11.2012
OnTime Outbound Calling
OnTime Telecom is a telephony solutions service. Their mass communications solutions help business correspond with their audiences by voice messages or SMS. Users can prerecord greetings and send... Telephony 06.10.2012
ClickMeeting is a web conferencing platform. It allows users to creating virtual meeting spaces for conferences including geographically distant parties. Users can select different features to... Telephony 06.08.2012
The service polls a mobile device and provides information about its capabilities and desktop configuration. It detects a range of over 500 capabilities including operating system, Javascript support... Telephony 06.05.2012
RTCkit is a telephony service that allows users to embed a component called Flash WebPhone in their websites. This component allows visitors to make phone calls from their browsers without installing... Telephony 05.27.2012
The service manages configuration of Over-the-Air (OTA) communication settings for interaction with mobile devices, including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), IAP(Internet Access Point) and MMS (... Telephony 05.22.2012
Plivo is a telephony platform for integration with other apps. It is built to be integrative and take desired call making and receiving functions off of developers’ hands. It provides capacity for... Telephony 05.13.2012
Gecko Landmarks
The Landmark API allows mobile companies to use landmark data and allow their customers to consume location information in text format. It takes a user's current position expressed in latitude... Telephony 05.11.2012
Plivo Framework
Plivo Framework is a communications framework for developers to build telephony apps from. It has libraries from Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP so that developers do not need to change their web... Telephony 05.10.2012
Nimbuzz is a mobile application that allows users to make and receive calls, message with contacts, and share files for free. Nimbuzz is a mobile social connection application. The Nimbuzz API... Telephony 05.09.2012
Across Communications
Across Communications is a web-based service that provides a platform and infrastructure for delivering messages from any computer connected to the Internet to a wide variety of communication devices... Telephony 05.08.2012
txtNation Payforit
txtNation is a Mobile Billing and SMS Messaging provider. The Payforit API allows developers to bill their users' phones without making them leave the WAP site. The API is a one off payment... Telephony 04.23.2012
txtNation HLR Number Lookup
txtNation is a Mobile Billing and SMS Messaging provider. The txtNation Gateway HLR Mobile Number lookup platform enables companies to retrieve accurate and efficient network information directly... Telephony 04.23.2012
Scout for Apps
Telenav Scout for Apps is an HTML5 service that allows users to offer premium voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation experience on their smartphone with just one click to any address or location. The... Mapping 04.20.2012
Telerivet is a service that lets people deploy their own SMS services world wide. Telerivet allows the SMS service to use a local phone number across all mobile networks. The SMS service connects to... Messaging 04.16.2012
YouMail offers a visual voicemail application for use on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone 7 platforms. With YouMail, users can organize their voicemails, access them through any... Telephony 04.12.2012
Name Description Category Date
Service offered through hospitals that gives parents of new borns the ability to set up a notification list, record a single message when the baby is born and the alert is sent to all recipients. Telephony 02.03.2012
Get Rhythm
Enabling record labels to offer previews to artist fan clubs months in advance of releases, driving up pre-sales. Music 02.03.2012
Experience dynamic augmented-reality driving and real-time collision detection. OnRoad improves driving in realtime using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native... Tools 01.31.2012
Light the Nixie Tubes
Lights up some nixie tubes using Twilio, AppHarbor, Nodejitsu, a Netduino, and an Arduinix Shield. Telephony 01.06.2012
Create a Custom API for Siri Using SendGrid&#039;s Parse API
This hack was created at [MoDevEast in Washington DC]( It was designed to be a proof of concept of how you can use the... Mobile 01.03.2012
Phone Polling
Create a poll, and poll all your friends over the phone. This is great for RSVP events. Beats asking &quot;Are you coming to my party tonight&quot; to 10 friends. Social 12.14.2011
Voice Broadcast
Don&#039;t just send text messages to phone; use Voice Broadcast to send your message, converted from text-to-speech, and play it via phone call. Voice 12.14.2011
Free Conferencing
Call up to 8 people with this free conferencing mashup that uses the Hoiio Voice API. Telephony 12.14.2011
Free phone chat
Using Twilio, is the first social network which permits registered users to make free chats by using their cell phones. It is sufficient to click on &quot;Phone chat&quot; and... Telephony 12.01.2011
Access your personal phone book from any phone with a simple phone call or from a computer. A lost, stolen, uncharged or damaged cell phone doesn&#039;t mean you&#039;ve lost access to your... Telephony 11.11.2011
Name Description Category Date
Freespee PHP Client
The Freespee PHP Client allows users to access the Freespee API using PHP code. Users can add the client to their code using Composer or a git clone. Telephony 11.29.2014
Twilio JavaScript Library
The Twilio.js library allows developers to establish audio connections between a web browser and a Twilio Application. Including the Twilio.js library gives developers access to a couple of objects.... Telephony 11.26.2014
Facebook Javascript SDK by Phonegap
Phonegap is an open source service that offers application development in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Among its projects, this third party developed its own Facebook SDK in Javascript, a kit supported... Application Development 11.24.2014
QuickBlox SDK
QuickBlox offers backend telephony services. For developers, QuickBlox could be useful to build a community adding instant messages to an app, promote interaction adding video, and stream... Backend 10.24.2014
CallFire PHP SDK
The CallFire PHP SDK is an official, open source software development kit for the CallFire APIs. The SDK includes documentation and usage examples and is updated regularly. Telephony 09.13.2014
Skype Java API
The Skype Java API is a library - based on the Skype4Java library - for accessing the Skype API. The Skype Java API has been Mavenized and includes several bug fixes. Telephony 08.11.2014
WWW-Twilio-TwiML is a library for Perl that is designed to make generating TwiML straightforward and simple. It allows developers to chain methods to create TwiML documents made of multiple TwiML... Telephony 06.20.2014
WWW-Twilio-API is a library that's designed to make it easy to connect to the Twilio API through Perl-based applications. This library does not include Perl code for handling TwiML. Telephony 06.20.2014
TwilioFluent is a collection of libraries for working with Twilio. It includes a fluent TwiML builder, validation code for Twilio request signatures, and helpers for ASP.NET MVC 3 that can return... Telephony 06.11.2014
TwilioSharp is a collection of C# libraries designed to help developers create applications that use Twilio's TwiML APIs. An example site is available to show the libraries in use. Telephony 06.11.2014
Name Description Category Date
Introduction to Data24-7 API
PDF explains how to use the Data24-7 APIs Telephony 10.02.2010
VoiceXML Programmer&#039;s Reference Manual
VoiceXML Tutorial and sample VXML code. Voice 09.28.2010
Address Change
This example shows how to build a voice application that collects and changes caller address information.  This sample makes use of speech recognition and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free... Telephony 09.07.2010
Benefits Enrollment
This demonstration shows how to build a system that allows employees to enroll for benefits over the phone.  The application uses the QuickFuse interface and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free... Telephony 09.07.2010
Order Processing
This application demonstrates how to build an order and payment processing voice application using QuickFuse and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. Telephony 09.07.2010
Account Status
This sample application shows how to create a simple call flow that will query a database system to provide a caller with their account balance. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to... Telephony 09.07.2010
Python Newsreader
Reads the titles from Slashdot&#039;s RSS feed. Telephony 07.26.2010
Groovy Google Reader Assistant
Reads your Google Reader stream over the phone. * Stub Tropo-specific calls to allow outside testing * Creation of dynamic grammars * Use of speech and dtmf * Use of prompts that can/cannot be... Telephony 07.26.2010
Groovy Traffic
Simple Tropo mashup which allows the caller to enter a zipcode and hear a list of traffic incidents provided by Yahoo! Local. Telephony 07.26.2010
Makes it easy to make your monitoring system call you when something needs attention. All it takes is a single HTTP call to initiate a phone call. Notifications 06.07.2010