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Metasploit Remote
Metasploit is a penetration testing software developed by Rapid7. Metasploit's main features are to scan for and verify vulnerabilities, and to manage security assessments. The Metasploit API... Software-as-a-Service 11.12.2014
Spirent TestCenter REST
The Spirent TestCenter REST API can be used by web applications in order to perform system tests in virtual cloud environments. Using the REST API, developers can specific a sequence of steps to test... Testing 11.04.2014
Testdroid Cloud
The Testdroid Cloud REST API allows subscribed users to test their application on the latest Android and iOS devices at once. The Cloud-based API delivers detailed test results, full logcat outputs... Testing 10.14.2014
AppThwack API enables developers to integrate a testing feature to their application. With the API, developers will be able to test their applications against multiple mobile devices. AppThwack will... Applications 09.21.2014
MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for natural language processing and machine learning customized for... Data Mining 09.15.2014
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Jawaab Do
A question & answer portal with a unique feature that assures atleast 1 answer for every question (as of now accepting questions related to gadgets only). Q&A 01.19.2013
User driven review page in german. We are using the YouTube API to search automatically for YouTube User Channels matching our product names and fetching the feed using YouTube's API. Testing 08.28.2012
Quizlio periodically tests you by SMS from a Quizlet flashcard set. Testing 01.09.2012
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