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AppThwack API enables developers to integrate a testing feature to their application. With the API, developers will be able to test their applications against multiple mobile devices. AppThwack will... Applications 09.21.2014
MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for natural language processing and machine learning customized for... Data Mining 09.15.2014
Traitify measures personality through a sequence of visual assessments. The API could be useful to understand users’ behavior, predict data and recognize pattern preferences. Developers in the field... Personal Information Management 08.07.2014
Leanplum is an integrated optimization tool for mobile applications. It comes with content management services for handling mobile content as well as marketing automation services, mobile A/B testing... Application Development 08.07.2014
Ghost Inspector
Ghost Inspector performs automated website tests in the cloud. The Ghost Inspector API allows developers to execute tests remotely in real-time and fetch results. The main value of this application... Testing 07.23.2014
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Jawaab Do
A question & answer portal with a unique feature that assures atleast 1 answer for every question (as of now accepting questions related to gadgets only). Q&A 01.19.2013
User driven review page in german. We are using the YouTube API to search automatically for YouTube User Channels matching our product names and fetching the feed using YouTube's API. Testing 08.28.2012
Quizlio periodically tests you by SMS from a Quizlet flashcard set. Testing 01.09.2012
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Measuring Traffic Load and API Requests per Second: An Interview with Load Impact

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