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Bugsnag Events
The Bugsnag Events REST API allows developers to access and integrate the event functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing project events, retrieving event... Tools 07.24.2015
Bugsnag Errors
The Bugsnag Errors REST API allows developers to access and integrate the errors functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing account and project errors,... Tools 07.24.2015
Bugsnag Projects
The Bugsnag Projects REST API allows developers to access and integrate the projects functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing account projects, retrieving... Tools 07.24.2015
Bugsnag Users
The Bugsnag Users REST API allows developers to access and integrate the users functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing account users, retrieving user details... Tools 07.24.2015
Bugsnag Accounts
The Bugsnag Accounts REST API allows developers to access and integrate the accounts functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing accounts, retrieving account... Tools 07.24.2015
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SE Ranking
SE Ranking provides SEO services like website tracking positions in any search engines and target regions, backlink monitoring, website audit, keyword suggestion ideas, online marketing plan, white... Tools 05.25.2015
Mashit is a tool to help webdesigners and webdevelopers find color and font combinations for a website during development. APIs used are ColourLovers and Google Fonts. Design 05.17.2015
Grasshopper is a simple demo application that uses the API to graph a website's recent views using D3.js / C3.js. Tools 05.14.2015
Use this Mashup to convert a document of any file format into a downloadable HTML file. This mashup uses the HP IDOL OnDemand View Document API. Documents 05.12.2015
Geobytes IP Address Locator
Geobytes IP Address Locator is a web application which can be used to locate IP addressed. Related API for this mashup is Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities List. Geography 04.06.2015
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Mozilla DOM
The Mozilla DOM API is a Document Object Model for HTML and XML documents. It connects scripts or programming languages to web pages, providing structural representations of documents. Developers are... Tools 03.26.2014
Mozilla Telephony
The Web Telephony API from Mozilla enables web content to handle phone calls from Javascript code. Web content is able to manage the following call functions: dial out, answer, reject, hold, and... Telephony 03.26.2014
Mozilla Vibration
The Vibration API from Mozilla enables web apps with the ability to access the vibration hardware included on mobile devices. Using javascript, it is designed to addresses the need for tactile... Tools 03.26.2014
Mozilla Camera
The Camera API from Mozilla enables the ability to upload pictures taken with a device camera directly to a web page. Utilized with the File API, which accesses the photograph, you can create a URL... Photos 03.26.2014
Mozilla Gamepad
The Gamepad API from Mozilla provides new events on a Window object for reading gamepad and controller state. It also enables the ability to query the state of connected gamepads with an added... Games 03.26.2014
Cilenis is a language analysis service that helps users to analyze and extract information of texts. The Cilensis API allows users to integrate language technology into a users software using a cloud... Tools 03.24.2014
AppLamp Wifi LED
The AppLamp Wifi LED lighting is a way to control your home LED lights with an APP from a smartphone or tablet. The API is a javascript API that can send commands to the AppLamp Wife Box over UDP. It... Tools 03.23.2014
This collection of distance calculators, route planners, and other travel-related calculators, uses postcodes and ZIP Codes to make its calculations. Primarily for the United Kingdom, the service... Tools 03.21.2014
ESA Semantic Relatedness
Amtera helps organizations conduct semantic searches through its Esprit Search Platform product, and helps them manage online marketing campaigns through its Sentient Web Marketing product. It also... Tools 03.21.2014
Microsoft OneNote is a notebook tool, subdivided into sections and pages, where users can jot down and organize notes, insert images, online content and drawings, and also record audio or video.... Tools 03.20.2014
Scalyr Logs
Scalyr Logs is a real-time, cloud-hosted server log monitoring service. It brings all of the user's event logs together in one place and then structures and parses their data for searching and... Tools 03.19.2014
jsDelivr is a free, public, open-source CDN (content delivery network) that offers JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks, and more. Anyone can submit a project to jsDelivr for... Tools 03.18.2014
RealFaviconGenerator is a service for creating favicons that will work across multiple platforms. Favicons are provided for use with desktop PCs and Macs as well as for iOS, Android, and other mobile... Tools 03.18.2014
UPS TradeAbility
UPS TradeAbility APIs manage the trade issues that occur with international shipping. They provide information and services in real-time, with up-to-date regulations and licensing information, watch... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Time in Transit
The UPS Time in Transit API allows businesses to include complete shipping transit time information on their websites and e-commerce applications. Customers can view time information on all... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Signature Tracking
UPS Signature Tracking API provides Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) with a digital signature and full delivery address. This information is provided in seconds and enables companies to have a shorter... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Quantum View
The UPS Quantum View API provides various shipping information including: shipment manifest information, status updates, and event alerts for inbound and outbound shipments. Businesses can see... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Locator
The UPS Locator API provides developers a way to include a search for UPS shipping locations into applications. The search is based on type and available services and can find the following types of... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Gemini
The UPS Gemini APIs enable easy and quick information organization. With these APIs you can automate order management and processing, calculate rates, generate labels and documentation, search orders... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Rating
UPS Rating API identifies all UPS services available, domestic and international, and displays rates catered to package specifications. Customers can compare, rate, and select the most fitting... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Address Validation-Street Level
UPS Address Validation Street Level ensures that shipping addresses are valid. With this API, if there is an error in the shipping address, a list of potential valid addresses is provided. Address... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Address Validation
UPS Address Validation allows programmers to code and integrate UPS functionality into business applications and e-commerce websites. This API ensures that shipping addresses are valid. If there is... Shipping 03.18.2014
NYPL Digital Collections
NYPL Digital Collections API provides access to portions of the New York Public Library's digitized collections. They are available as machine-readable data records that users can search, crawl... Search 03.14.2014
Trulioo provides social identity information for businesses to verify their users. It detects spammers, determines legitimate registration, and authenticates users. Supports most major social... Security 03.13.2014
Wix is a web development platform for users to create Flash and HTML5 websites, mobile sites, and customized Facebook pages. It is cloud-based and utilizes drag and drop tools. The Wix API gives... Tools 03.13.2014
Slack is a tool for managing team communications. Slack brings together all of a team's messages, files, and posts from Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, GitHub, and other services in one... Tools 03.11.2014
Desmos provides users with a free in-browser graphing calculator built on HTML5 technology. This calculator is capable of quickly plotting any equation, from the simple to the complex. Additional... Tools 03.11.2014
Beats Music
Beats Music is a music curation service that allows users to input location, mood, company, and the service streams music that it thinks will fit the situation. It will also help users develop... Music 03.10.2014
Alertra is a website monitoring service that notifies users via phone call or SMS when an outage or slowdown occurs with their websites, servers, or routers. It also has with the unique ability to... Tools 03.07.2014
Kairos Facial Recognition
Kairos is a facial recognition API that allows users to integrate advanced security features into their applications and services. There are four API methods detailed in the documentation, including... Photos 03.06.2014
OpenGraph Hybrid way to get Open Graph information from websites. Many sites still do not provide OG tags so the OpenGraph site utilizers spiders to search sites for graph available data. The OpenGraph... Tools 03.05.2014
Everything Fonts
EverythingFonts provides a font conversion tool, a directory of fonts, a font marketplace for having font work done, and other font tools. The Everything Fonts font conversion API allows users to... Tools 02.27.2014
Sumnotes is a PDF and note taking service that allows users to upload PDFs and the site will extract any notes or highlights into a separate document. This API allows you to extract annotations and... Tools 02.27.2014 is a website of search tools that allows users to add search tools into third-party websites, as well as add sitemaps. The API allows users to access site maps, feeds, URLs, Account... Search 02.27.2014
Webpage Analyse
Webpage Analyse is a free website analysis tool that collects, analyzes, and processes domain-related information from a variety of sources. They also offer independent tools for discovering whois... Tools 02.27.2014
Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform. Amplitude provides data and statistics and information about mobile applications to inform decision making by the mobile application publishers and... Tools 02.20.2014
Postcard is a content management, publishing, and sharing solution. Postcard allows users to create content, share, and publish on all of their networks and websites at the same time. The Postcard... Tools 02.20.2014
IPTranslator, by Iconic Translation Machines Ltd., provides high-quality domain-adapted cloud-based machine translation solutions for the Language Services Industry. These machines are adapted to... Tools 02.20.2014 is an Icelandic web service that scrapes open data from public websites, providing developer access to various types of Icelandic data. Examples of available data include Icelandic company... Tools 02.20.2014
AYLIEN Text Analysis
The AYLIEN Text Analysis API consists of eight distinct Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning APIs which, when combined, allow developers to extract meaning and... Tools 02.17.2014
Joomag provides digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting services to individuals and organizations of all sizes. The Joomag API allows 3rd party applications to programmatically create... Tools 02.17.2014 is a human translation service that users can integrate into their own applications and services. When users publish their content, they can send it to where at least two people will... Tools 02.15.2014
Rigor is a real-time performance monitoring service for websites, applications, and APIs. It monitors user flows and business transactions, enabling users to identify issues before their end users... Tools 02.12.2014
IPv4 is a free IP Lookup service for non-commercial use. provides a public free REST API for doing a lot of Geotargeting or IP Address Lookups through multiple response formats. It... Tools 02.11.2014
NoteHub is a free, anonymous pastebin designed specifically to provide one-off publishing for Markdown pages. Users can specify a font and color scheme for each page. Pages come with their own short... Tools 02.08.2014
CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C. It can handle cross-dependency resolution, semantic version managements, and automatic integration. CocoaPods does not automatically resolve... Tools 02.08.2014
Bahaquote is an invoicing and expensing service that provides users with access to online invoicing, expense monitoring, mobile access, email marketing, and other features. The Bahaquote platform can... Financial 02.07.2014
Populr is a platform that allows users to create websites for anything quickly. Users can create web pages for anything, share the link, and track the link. The Populr API allows developers to... Web Site Management 02.06.2014
Project Sunblock
Project Sunblock is a content verification tool that offers brand safety for digital advertisers on the web. The tool monitors and protects online brands by combining content analysis, image... Advertising 02.06.2014
SatisfactionHub is a satisfaction survey and site metrics tool for websites. The service aims to help users grow their customer base by measuring customer satisfaction and encouraging fans to spread... Tools 02.06.2014
Atama is a UK based company that focuses on developing app-enabled products that work with smartphones. Current products include Seasame, a wireless lock that automatically locks your Mac computer... Tools 02.06.2014
Databox is a data connection and dashboard service. Databox provides features that allow users to connect to datasources, visualize data, and analyze data. The Databox API allows developers to... Tools 02.05.2014
PLACEHOLD.IT is a web service providing customizable image placeholders. PLACEHOLD.IT accepts simple HTTP calls allowing developers to specify dimensions, format, custom text, and background and text... Application Development 02.05.2014
The Gender API uses data collected from publicly-available government resources and crawled from social networks to enable users to automatically determine customers' genders based on their... Tools 01.31.2014
GrabzIt is a service for taking screenshots of websites using JavaScript. Most screenshots are generated in only a few seconds and may be rendered as thumbnails, full screenshots, or some size in-... Tools 01.31.2014
JPG Optimiser
JPG Optimiser is a simple tool that allows users to reduce the size of JPG image files without reducing the images' quality. Users can upload an image for size reduction on the website, or they... Tools 01.31.2014
PNG Crush
PNG Crush is a simple tool that allows users to reduce the size of PNG image files without reducing the images' quality. Users can upload an image directly to the site for "crushing,"... Tools 01.31.2014
CSS Minifier
CSS Minifier is a simple tool for removing all unnecessary characters from the input CSS code without compromising its functionality. Users can shorten their code on the website by pasting it into... Tools 01.31.2014
TidyStock is an inventory management service that provides clients with the tools to managed stock using best practice accounting, perpetual stock method and average cost, track unmanaged stock –... Tools 01.31.2014
License Direct
License Direct is an application that allows users to verify the registration status of over 15 million licensed professionals throughout the USA. The License Direct API can be integrated and used... Tools 01.30.2014
Statwing is a data analysis tool. Statwing provides various data analysis and visualization features. The Statwing API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Statwing with... Tools 01.30.2014
Qordoba is an online translation provider. Qordoba provides translation services for web content, documents, and all types of text. The Qordoba API allows developers to access and integrate the... Tools 01.29.2014
HinKhoj Hindi TextPad
HinKhoj Hindi TextPad is a service that allows users to add text boxes to their sites that make it easier for users to enter Hindi-language text. Users can type using a standard keyboard, and the... Tools 01.29.2014
SpeedOf.Me is an internet speed testing service written in HTML5 rather than Flash or Java. It works on both desktop and mobile devices without requiring the user to download an app. It provides a... Tools 01.29.2014
JavaScript Minifier
JavaScript Minifier is a simple tool for removing all unnecessary characters from the user's JavaScript code without compromising its functionality. Users can minify their code on the website by... Tools 01.28.2014
USPS Price Calculator
The USPS (United States Postal Service) provides both Domestic and International Price Calculator APIs. These allow users to quickly calculate postage rates for their domestic and international... Shipping 01.23.2014
TSYS is a payment acceptance service that provides a services from payment processing and merchant services, to gift card servicing and exchange rate payment services. The TSYS API allows users to... Payments 01.23.2014
FarmSense creates digital tools for DIY farmers, delivered via API. The FarmSense API currently delivers three services. • Day Lengths returns a JSON string of solar data for a specified place and... Tools 01.21.2014
Captain Pass
Captain Pass is a web service allowing businesses to build, distribute, and manage PassBook Passes. The Captain Pass API provides a RESTful interface for creating, delivering, and updating passes.... Tools 01.21.2014
Robust Links
Robust Links indexes online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia or the U.S. Census. Robust Links offers several services derived from this indexed data, some of which are exposed via API.... Tools 01.12.2014
FlatTurtle Reservations
FlatTurtle provides digital signage that visualizes location-based data for office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings and other customers. The FlatTurtle Reservations API allows... Tools 01.11.2014
Health of Iceland
Health of Iceland is a site dedicated to real-time monitoring of various metrics important to Icelandic society. These metrics include radiation levels, on-line services availability, public... Tools 01.11.2014 is digital verification service that allows users to validate their group affiliations and memberships online to get access to exclusive benefits. The API allows developers to access... Verification 01.07.2014 RGB Picker provides a simple RGB color picker widget that users can add to any webpage by inserting a few lines of JavaScript code. A demo of this widget is available with the documentation. The Croar... Widgets 01.02.2014 Calculator provides a simple JavaScript API that allows users to insert a calculator into any webpage using a couple lines of JavaScript code. A demo page is provided to show what the calculator looks... Widgets 12.24.2013
American Bible Society Journeys Registration
For nearly 200 years the American Bible Society has worked alongside ministry partners, Christian churches, and national Bible societies to share the Bible’s message. Journeys is an American Bible... Tools 12.23.2013
RBL Watcher
RBL Watcher allows users to check and monitor IP addresses against 77 Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBLs). These are lists of IP addresses linked to activities such as spamming. Developers can use the... Tools 12.23.2013
OnlineNIC is an internet services provider that offers SSL, domain name, reseller hosting and other services. The OnlineNIC API allows users to Order SSL, Cancel SSL, Reissue SSL, Change Approver... Tools 12.23.2013
TinyPNG is a file compression service that reduces the files size of PNG images and preserves full alpha transparency. The TinyPNG API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to make calls... Tools 12.22.2013
Face++ is a facial recognition and detection service that provides detection, recognition and analysis for use in applications. The Face++ API provides the detection and analysis of facials including... Tools 12.17.2013
Trustev is an online fraud detection and prevention solution. Trustev allows merchants to verify online shoppers and their payments to prevent and eliminate credit card and online fraud. The Trustev... Security 12.17.2013
ShrinkTheWeb PagePix
ShrinkTheWeb offers a website to screenshot service. The PagePix API allows users to utilize a URL to Image service that does screen captures on a single or automated basis. The API uses REST calls... Tools 12.17.2013 is an error tracking service that allows users to log errors in the cloud. Users can easily search through their error logs via advanced search capabilities, and the level of access that... Tools 12.16.2013
CHAIN-REDS is a project for promoting access to globally distributed digital resources such as data, services, storage, and tools. Users can access the more than 22 million open access resources... Reference 12.16.2013
Worldwide-FXC is a currency conversion service that provides users with up-to-date currency conversion, a currency exchange finder, and the Worldwide-FXC currency exchange API. The API uses... Financial 12.16.2013
MobileMinerApp allows users to monitor and control bitcoin, litecoin, and other cryptocurrency mining rigs remotely. The MobileMinerApp API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to query... Financial 12.16.2013 is a URL shortening service that allows you to share links on the internet and get paid for each visitor that accesses your URL. Use the service to earn money from web traffic, or simply use... URL Shortener 12.15.2013
Bestly is an A/B testing platform for native mobile applications that aims to make testing new app variations easy. The service enables users to easily make data-backed decisions about about... Testing 12.15.2013 is a application management service that allows users to create public or private application status pages. completes up-time monitoring processes by providing a unified... Tools 12.15.2013
Hello Salut
Hello Salut is a service that allows users to greet online visitors in their native languages. Users may choose to detect the visitor's language or IP address themselves and then call Hello... Language 12.13.2013 is URL Based Web Scraping scraping tool. The service was designed to avoid complicated script writing or implementation time. Users enter the URL into the web tool and the scraped data is... Tools 12.12.2013 is a screen scraping service designed to allows users to pull information from websites that done make it readily available programmatically. The API allows users to make REST... Tools 12.12.2013
Codebox is a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can run on all kinds of platforms and devices. The IDE gives users the power of a full Ubuntu terminal inside their browsers.... Tools 12.12.2013
Exciting Printer
Exciting is a studio that develops a variety of digital projects. One of these is Printer, in which users are shown how to build small printers that connect to the internet, create custom content for... Tools 12.12.2013
Rainforest QA
Rainforest QA is a website testing service. Rainforest QA allows website publishers and developers to create and run functionality and bug tests for their websites across multiple browsers. The... Tools 12.10.2013
Bug Analytics
Bug Analytics is an Android crash reporting tool that can be integrated with applications with a single line of code. The service tracks and reports on crashes providing analytics and issue tracking... Tools 12.08.2013
Ai Applied Language Detection
Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact... Language 12.07.2013
Luxcloud is a channel centric marketplace. The LuxCloud marketplace contains a Cloud Service Layer (CSL). CSL provides neutrality across the various cloud services' platforms allowing sales... Tools 12.06.2013
Screenshot Shark
Screenshot Shark is a screenshot service that allows users to build screenshot features into applications as well as make calls to capture websites. The base level subscription comes with 4,000... Tools 12.03.2013
Twinword Word Association Quiz
Vocabulary test with levels and exam-specific words (SAT, GMAT, etc). Customized word association quiz for game and e-learning software. Tools 11.30.2013
Name Description Category Date
EGO size
Automatic tool which generates reports of any website with suggested actions for site improvement. Domains 03.14.2014
Fast Criminal Records
Fast Criminal Records provides the most complete online criminal records on anyone you know - instant, anonymous & accurate. Database 03.04.2014
Captcha Bypass Service
An efficient Captcha Bypass Service. Tools 02.26.2014
Double Translation
Through Our Dictionary You can translate text from and to more than 51 Languages easily ,With just one click you get double translation one from Google translator Other from Bing translator two are... Translation 02.07.2014
People Search World
People Search World is a people search engine allows anyone to search public records, emails, US addresses, phone numbers and more for millions of people nationwide. Reference 01.15.2014
New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports. Sports 12.28.2013
Lyrics Feast
Lyrics Feast allows users to search lyrics and watch videos of their favorite songs. Lyrics 12.16.2013
This mashup is an example use of the Infoconnect API with a call center type application. Voice 12.02.2013
Canvas prints
You can order all kinds of portrait painting for your parents or other families member. Printing 12.01.2013
Batch URL to Image Converter
Convert url to full size image or thumbnail in batch. Capture webpages/websites screenshot from their URLs in batch. Make images of web pages (convert web pages to images) in batch. Tools 11.28.2013
Name Description Category Date
Diffbot C++ Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot Client by Mike Tung provides C++ library for use with Diffbot APIs. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot JavaScript Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot JavaScript Client by Diffbot uses JSONP protocol to support cross domain communication and supports JavaScript in Diffbot Analyze and Article APIs. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot C# Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot C# Client by Diffbot is developed for .NET 4.0 and later and supports all Diffbot APIs, including Crawlbot and Batch API. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot C Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot C Client by Diffbot is a C language library that supports Diffbot Article, Frontpage, Product, Image and Classifier (Analyze) APIs. This Client requires lib curl and libjson-c to use. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot PERL Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot PERL Client by Diffbot provides a PERl language library for the Diffbot REST APIs. This Client requires a Diffbot user token to implement. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot Go Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot Client by Diffbot implements a Go language library for Diffbot APIs. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot Objective C Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot Object-C Client by Diffbot allows general calls to be made to Diffbot Analyze and Article APIs using Objective-C programming language. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot Python Client Library by John Davi
Diffbot Python Client Library by John Davi allows the user to identify and extract web page parts in Python language. Tools 06.01.2015
Diffbot Ruby Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot Ruby Client by Diffbot is the official Ruby library for use with Diffbot APIs and Crawlbot. This library uses Faraday as a HTTP middleware library. Tools 05.31.2015
Diffbot R Language Client by Diffbot
The Diffbot R Language Client by Diffbot provides a simple function to be used to retrieve the JSON response of URLs provided with parameters to this function. Diffbot.R file and Curl and RJSONIO R-... Tools 05.31.2015
Name Description Category Date
Scripting Twitter with Perl
Twitter direct message with Perl and LWP (libwww-perl), for a much more convenient solution. I designed it to be used like a sort of universal paging service. Blogging 07.02.2008
Phoogle Maps
PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the database to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site. With about 5 lines of PHP code you... Mapping 11.19.2006
Amazon Simple Queue Service
Yahoo! MapMaker for Microsoft Excel
This Excel template provides an easy way to create Yahoo! Maps without coding. Mapping 10.28.2005