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Supported by Etalab, hosts the French government's open datasets. The state, local authorities, and private entities pursuing a public mission may upload their datasets as well.... Open Data 09.30.2014
mTrip develops mobile solutions for the travel industry. The mTrip API can be used by tour operators, travel agencies, and their partners to sync client-side data systems with the mTrip platform. The... Travel 09.25.2014
Vacation Labs Tours & Activities
Vacation Labs is a marketing and technology platform for tour operators. It allows tour and activity operators to manage all their content, rates, inventory, and bookings on a cloud-based SaaS... Travel 09.01.2014
Triptelligent Shore Excursions
Triptelligent is a shore excursion marketplace for travelers on cruise ships. Cruise guests are connected with tour operators, local guides, and personalized services. The Shore Excursions API... Travel 04.04.2014
Trekksoft is an online platform for ticket, tour, and travel bookings and payments. Trekksoft offers a variety of online solutions for travel providers. The Trekksoft API allows developers to access... Travel 02.10.2014
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GP Hub
GP HUB provides tour operators with online access to more than 50 travel service suppliers via a single XML protocol, so that travel website owners don't need to develop specific API... Travel 12.07.2014
Attractions of America
Attractions of America lists top 10 attractions in each of the 50 States of America. Destinations include top beaches, top museums, top nightlife places, and top romantic destinations. The site shows... Tourism 10.31.2014
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application... Travel 09.25.2014
ArgenCities is a web app that delivers a Google Maps powered search of Argentinian cities. The tool displays useful city info such as weather using Forecast. It also features restaurants,... Geography 08.22.2014
Funtimeplanner helps users plan trips by providing information on the top events and venues across the UK. Tourism 11.08.2013
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Name Description Category Date
VMAP is the mecca for Travel Videos. You can explore the world by browsing videos on a map and you can share your travel videos for others to find. Mapping 04.09.2011
Allo Sortir
A web application used by members of the French AlloSortir Network (professionals working in the tourist industry and the leisure activities) to develop a regular communication with their contacts. Social 02.16.2011
Hotel and experiences search mashup. Travel 04.05.2010
Africa Bespoke
This tourism site is helpful to potential travelers to Africa, with its interactive content about southern Africa. This map helps you research your travel. Tourism 11.18.2009
Viamigo helps travelers, journalists and travel professionals find authentic, local experiences and insider adventures, by connecting them with travel services everywhere. Integrates the Rezgo XML... Travel 11.14.2009
Tourism network to share hobbies. Users can add points of interest on monuments, restaurants, hotels and other things that are of interest to them. Tourism 11.04.2009
Napa Wine Train Reserve Online
Query availability of the Napa Valley Wine Train based on date. Enter the date you plan to visit and the script requests information about that date from the Rezgo XML API, and then formats it. Transportation 09.10.2009
Travel Around the World
Provides a world tour with images, details, and videos of tourist spots that you can visit when you travel to that country. Travel 06.20.2008

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