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Mashup Name Category Datesort descending - Web videos with subtitles
Video 04.08.2007
Messaging 09.20.2007
Speak It All
Translation 10.05.2007
Vamos Al Shopping
eCommerce 11.15.2007
Wiki 03.25.2008 Realtime Chat Translation
Chat 03.30.2008
Free2IM Chat Translation
Messaging 05.22.2008
How to Say In
Translation 06.09.2008
Truveo Video Translator
Video 06.10.2008
2lingual Google Search
Search 08.06.2008
Jollo Language Translation Comparison
Translation 02.05.2009
Application Development 04.01.2009
Google Translator Widget for Mobile
Translation 04.19.2009
Wijng Learn Languages
Video 04.24.2009
4 in 1 search
Search 04.29.2009
Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype
Chat 05.17.2009
Translation 05.26.2009
Blogging 08.20.2009
Games 12.11.2009
Humor 12.30.2009
everygain Translator
Translation 03.18.2010
Furthere, Your Twitter Driven Weblog
Blogging 03.29.2010
Fast & Quick Online Translator
Translation 04.26.2010
Voxilate translator
Translation 06.04.2010
Quisoft's mashup playground
Translation 08.25.2010