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Nao Perca
The Nao Perca API is a SaaS solution that provides developers with access to thousands of POIs (points of interest) in Portugal. POI categories include stores, restaurants, museums, infrastructure,... Location 07.07.2015
Lufthansa Open
Use the Lufthansa Open API to build air travel apps. The REST API uses HTTP GET requests with responses in JSON. Register for an account to receive your API Token for authentication. Luthansa offers... Transportation 06.24.2015
Revinate is a software for hotels that aims to facilitate online reputation with the use of social media reviews. The company intends to revolutionize guest profiles with the goal to increase... Hotels 05.28.2015
Gogobot Search
The Gogobot Search API gives developers the ability to allow applications to use the Gogobot search index to search for places located near specified latitude and longitude as well as retrieve points... Travel 05.21.2015
Gogobot Review
The Gogobot Review API provides programmatic access to ranked reviews for hotels, restaurants, and things to do for tens of thousands of destinations. Gogobot is a travel service that helps people... Travel 05.21.2015
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Uber Calculator & Statistics
This simple web app allows users to calculate the current cost for Uber rides. This application uses the Google Maps API. Transportation 05.20.2015
Maco Travel CMS
Maco Travel CMS is a web based application that utilizes the TourCMS Marketplace API. Travel 05.14.2015
Going out in Paris?
"Où sortir à Paris ?" is a mobile application, designed for users in Paris, France. This application lets users find information about local events in Paris. Travel 04.15.2015
OzNewsy is a mobile application that enables users to explore the history and culture of their current location while being in Australia. This mashup uses National Library of Australia Trove API. Tourism 04.06.2015
Zilyo Vacation Rental
Zilyo gives you access to over 2 million accommodation listings across the world in over 200,000 destinations. Whether for leisure or business, Zilyo returns results for short term rentals ranging... Travel 01.18.2015
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TaxiMe is a cost estimate service that uses Google Maps to calculate cab fare. The site is based in Canada but provides cost and trip information for major U.S. cities. The TaxiMe API allows users to... Transportation 02.24.2013
Click A Taxi
The service provides automated ordering of taxi service in 5000 European and North American cities. The provider offers mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms as well as... Transportation 02.20.2013
ebookers provides global online booking options for travel products including a choice of over 250 airlines, more than 110,000 hotels, holidays, car hire and insurance. is part of... Travel 02.19.2013
DealAngel is a hotel rate search engine. DealAngel allows users to search for hotels by location, retrieving pricing and reservation information for booking hotels. The DealAngel API allows... Travel 02.18.2013
HotelDo offers its users a wide variety of hotels, tours, and related services which are located primarily in Latin America. As a local company they have a solid knowledge of the region, and they... Travel 02.17.2013
**Please note this API is not for public use. This profile is intended for informational purposes only** is a travel site that helps users find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals.... Travel 02.17.2013
Flight Explorer FastTrack
The Flight Explorer FastTrack web services provide registered customers with flight information such as origin, destination, departure time, estimated arrival time, and more. They also offer a great... Travel 02.16.2013
Villarenters is a worldwide vacation property rental company. Spain is their biggest destination with over 3,500 villas available, but their total offerings include over 28,000 holiday homes in 76... Travel 02.16.2013
Radixx International
Radixx provides state-of-the-art Passenger Services Systems (PSS) to more than thirty airlines on five continents. Radixx can provide solutions to replace a current reservations system, or it can add... Travel 02.16.2013
Toprural is a rural accommodation search engine built to promote rural tourism throughout Europe. The Toprural API provides users with GET requests for accommodation listings information, including... Travel 02.11.2013
Alpharooms Affiliate
The Alpharooms Affiliate website helps travelers find discount hotels, budget flights, and cheap holidays worldwide. The site provides access to information on over 250,000 hotels and hundreds of... Travel 02.05.2013
TripCheck is a service provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation and provides users with access to weather, trip planning assistance, and traffic information. The TripCheck API makes... Transportation 01.27.2013
Flight Routing
Flight Routing is an API hosted by Mashape. It lets users get flight routing options, currently covering European and US airspace. For European airspace, users can retrieve CFMU validated (time... Travel 01.24.2013
View is a service that provides community websites for various cities and towns in the UK, such as London, Manchester, and Cambridge. The View websites for each city and town offer event listings,... Travel 01.11.2013
Frontier Airlines Word Wheel Local
Frontier Airlines is a commercial airline whose primary hub is located at the Denver International Airport. Frontier Airlines is represented online by the Fly Frontier website. This site hosts the... Travel 01.05.2013
Toronto Pearson Connecting Guide
Toronto Pearson is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, and thousands of people make flight connections through it every day. To assist such travelers, the Toronto Pearson website provides free... Travel 01.05.2013
Bookabach is a New Zealand based rental service for bach owners and renters. The service offers over 6500 properties and has over 380,000 registered users. The Bookabach API allows users to add... Travel 12.27.2012
The service provides functions for vacation property rentals, either by property owners themselves or by property management agencies. Functions include web content management and site hosting,... Real Estate 12.26.2012
Caribbean Vacation Connect
Caribbean Vacation Connect is a social network built around Caribbean vacationers sharing travel information. The Caribbean Vacation Connect API allows developers to create applications that interact... Social 12.22.2012
Rezdy new
Rezdy is an online booking and reservation platform. Users can accept reservations and bookings online through their websites with Rezdy features. The Rezdy API allows developers to access and... Travel 12.02.2012
TaxiFareFinder is a taxi fare calculation ser ice that uses a proprietary algorithm that uses data from over 150 localities, distance, duration, and possible trip factors like traffic, driving speed... Transportation 12.02.2012
Eaupen provides an extensive map of places in Paris with free, publicly accessible drinking water. Such places include drinking fountains as well as restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Eaupen API lets... Travel 11.21.2012
9flats is a service for those who want to book a place or rent out a room, apartment or house, across the world. Users can rent out single rooms or entire locations for a single night or an extended... Travel 11.10.2012 is a platform for hotels, hostels, and other lodging companies to update their accommodations and information on many online travel sites. The API allows developers... Travel 11.09.2012
CAVAL is an initiative for developing open standards for data interoperability in the travel and tourism industry. The CAVAL specifications consist of a set of XML schemas and WSDL endpoints along... Travel 11.01.2012
Irish Rail Realtime
Irish Rail is Ireland’s national railway operator, providing passenger and freight rail services. The Irish Rail Realtime API provides realtime station and train data including estimation of train... Transportation 10.27.2012
National Citer
National Citer is a French car rental service. Its international network provides customers with more than 3000 outlets in over 80 countries, including 40 in Europe. Within its home country of France... Transportation 10.17.2012
Airport Transfer Worldwide
Airport Taxi Transfer Worldwide is a web based international transfer service, which offer transfers to and from airports, railway stations, hotels, apartments, addresses and more. The service allows... Travel 10.17.2012
RazorCloud is a vacation property management service that sources content from its property management service to distribute information and increase revenue for both suppliers and distributors. The... Financial 10.16.2012
Israel Airports Authority Utilities
The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) is a public corporation responsible for managing air-based travel to, from, and within Israel. The IAA provides the Utilities API, which enables users to retrieve... Financial 10.11.2012
Tiket is an Indonesian based company delivering ticket shopping and comparison services for a variety of industries. offers a one-stop shop for all your ticket booking needs: flights,... Travel 10.10.2012
JetSetMe is an application that displays real-time roaming of O2 mobile SIM cards in Europe, such as when the mobile goes abroad and returns home. The JetSetMe API allows developers to access and... Telephony 09.26.2012
StressFreeAirportParking offers a web-based booking service for users to arrange for an airport meet and greet. This service offers travelers a way to safely store their car while traveling. Users... Travel 09.25.2012
Traxo is an application to store digital and electronic travel information, a digital travel wallet. Traxo works with multiple travel sites so users can manage their travel information, travel... Travel 09.25.2012
South France Villas
South France Villas offers holiday villas for rent throughout Southern France. The South France Villas Developers API provides a RESTful interface for integrating search and data retrieval from the... Travel 09.20.2012
SITA World Tracer
SITA is a specialist in air transport communications and information technology. During the BETA period, SITA Worldtracer API is is available to existing contracted Worldtracer customers or to... Travel 09.20.2012
Access Taiwan
Access Taiwan aims to use open data and a unified protocol to make the treasures of Taiwan more accessible. The Access Taiwan API provides developer access to Taiwan tourism and travel data through a... Travel 09.18.2012
Serko Online
Serko Online is Asia-Pacific's first and only integrated online corporate booking engine, expense management system, and real-time financial reporting tool. It allows corporate customers to... Travel 09.16.2012
Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is the national storage and distribution facility for Australian tourism products and destination information. Its contents are compiled in a standardized... Travel 09.15.2012
AND GeoAccess
AND (Automotive Navigation Data) is a leading provider of digital mapping data used for navigation and location-based services. It focuses on developing digital mapping data in Europe, North Africa,... Mapping 09.14.2012
OctopusTravel is a hotel booking site offering an inventory of over 140,000 hotels worldwide. Users with websites that cater to visitors interested in travel can become affiliate partners with... Travel 09.14.2012
Ariett provides Purchase to Pay and Travel & Expense software solutions that allow organizations to automate Requisitioning & Purchasing Order Management, AP Invoicing, and Travel &... Enterprise 09.13.2012
hubermedia eTourist
Hubermedia is a website for facilitating the exchange of information useful to tourists and the tourism industry. eTourist is one of hubermedia's services. The eTourist API provides programmatic... Travel 09.12.2012
Vayant provides the travel industry with an innovative and unbiased core technology to search and price air travel.Vayant has created high-performance and mission-critical products relying on new... Travel 09.03.2012
Frommer's Unlimited helps businesses with travel products and services including content strategy, travel guide content, images and slideshows, multi-lingual search engine optimization, and other services.... Travel 09.03.2012
Arts Holland
Arts Holland is a consortium of Dutch cultural organizations dedicated to developing tools to guide tourists through Holland’s art landscape. The Arts Holland API, available in a RESTful interface... Travel 08.30.2012
LocalGuiding is a service that allows tourists to book travel excursions offered by local tour guides. LocalGuiding offers travel bookings with local guides for numerous cities around the world. The... Travel 08.27.2012
Novasol is Northern Europe’s largest company for vacation rentals. The Novasol API provides partner agencies direct access to the Novasol data, including listings and all applicable metadata, as... Travel 08.22.2012
TouringPlans Disney offers users travel tips for going to popular tourist spots like the Disney parks and Universal Studios. The site provides crowd based calendars to predict how crowded the locations... Travel 08.15.2012
Hoseasons is a leading UK vacation company. Hoseasons offers access to over 40,000 properties across the UK and Europe through various brands. Visitors can search for, compare prices and book their... Travel 08.15.2012
WuBook Wired
WuBook is an online booking service allowing hotels to support online booking and sync Internet Distribution Services. Wired!, the WuBook API, provides a web services framework for developers to... Travel 08.14.2012
Mountain News OnTheSnow
The service provides frequently updated reports of snow conditions, including new snowfall and related weather events, for ski resorts worldwide. It also provides information about resort facilities... Travel 08.10.2012
SkiWhere Global Ski Resort Locator
The service provides directory listings for approximately 2000 ski resorts around the globe. It generates listings of the nearest skiing facilities for any position on Earth specified by latitude and... Travel 08.10.2012
Connxys ReClaim
The ReClaim service offered by Connxys provides customers with an electronic tag to add to their luggage to prevent mishandling. The tag is highly durable and enables airline workers to quickly... Travel 08.07.2012
iGeolise Travel Time
The service provides estimate of travel time from a given location to a list of destinations and a specified travel mode such as walking, driving, train, bus, etc. It also provides a map of the... Transportation 08.06.2012
Is It Safe To Visit
Is It Safe to Visit is a travel advisory service. The website aggregates data from multiple nations’ state departments. When users type in the name of country, the website returns a warning and the... Travel 08.01.2012
Currently in beta, BusOnAir aims to provide a transportation service for people living in, and around, L'Aquila, Italy. This online resource and app enables locals to navigate L’Aquila’s bus... Transportation 07.30.2012
Everbread Haystack mini
Everbread's Haystack provides online travel agencies as well as travel meta-search websites with a highly customizable airfare shopping engine and multi-source data solution tool. The Haystack... Travel 07.30.2012
RestFul Web Services Airport
Airport codes are short codes that are used to identify specific airports. The RestFul Web Services Airport API allows users to retrieve detailed information about a given airport code using either... Travel 07.27.2012
Travelope aggregates deals from the top online travel sites and offers an uncluttered and simple interface in contrast to the flashier sites of larger travel companies. Deals are arranged by date as... Travel 07.26.2012
TRX, Inc. is a global company specializing in travel data, software, and solutions. TRUEXPENSE is a web-based product that automates the expense management process. The API provides customers with... Enterprise 07.24.2012
Rental Car Manager
The service provides a search, reservation, and booking platform for car rentals. It allows travelers to shop for rental cars and complete reservations. Agencies can track car availability and rental... Travel 07.23.2012
Woocation Distance
Woocation gives travelers information about the places they want to visit. The site does this by collecting as much data as it can about a place. The Woocation Distance API allows developers to... Mapping 07.21.2012
Max Booking
Max Booking is an online booking service. They provide an engine for processing reservations at tourism and hospitality businesses. Their platform allows businesses to categorically customize their... Travel 07.20.2012
Flextrip offers APIs which allow online travel companies to create and catalyze financial opportunities through a wide and diverse selection of tours and activities. Through the API, Flextrip offers... Travel 07.19.2012
Woocation Cityinfo
Woocation gives travelers information about the places they want to visit. The site does this by collecting as much data as it can about a place. The Woocation Cityinfo API provides information about... Travel 07.19.2012
Lodgix Vacation Rental
The Lodgix Vacation Rental API allows users to access the booking calendars, availability data, property images, marketing copy, and amenities and rate information for the properties listed on Lodgix... Travel 07.02.2012
HitchHiker Flight
The HitchHiker Flight API is the multi-content flight booking solution for each and every one of your individual projects. Use the Flight API as a basis to create your own travel booking platforms... Travel 07.02.2012
The Airport API is free API from SITA which can be used to retrieve information about airports. The API enables you to: - List all major IATA Airports. - Get specific details about an airport... Travel 07.02.2012
SITA BagTrac
Per provider, this was a trial API is no longer available having been replaced by BagJourney. Travel 06.26.2012
JacTravel is a tourism and hospitality services provider. With an extensive network of hospitality-related enterprises around the globe, JacTravel offers a wide range of lodging solutions. They... Travel 06.25.2012
Clerk is a cloud-based hotel management system. It offers a variety of plans to meet different-sized hotels’ needs. Clerk’s plans include several tools for room and reservation management. These... Travel 06.23.2012
American Tours
The service provides information about over 25,000 travel destinations in the United States along with tour packages specifically intended to appeal to foreign visitors. In addition to search access... Travel 06.22.2012
Hotelsbase is the world largest hotel database, of over 500,000 hotels. It lists hotels and their room prices all over the world. Information within the database includes facility information, map co... Travel 06.20.2012
LEAPIN web-check-in
The service connects hotel reservation and guest records with compatible locks at the property, allowing guests to access their rooms using confirmation codes verified against the service's... Travel 06.18.2012
SITA Boarding Pass
SITA's 2D Boarding Pass API creates and delivers an IATA and TSA standard compliant 2D boarding pass image based on information and boarding pass delivery preferences provided by the airlines... Travel 06.18.2012
Extentia is a global software development company providing custom software and application development services. Extentia has experience across multiple sectors including education, travel,... Travel 06.12.2012
Belair is an online travel portal that allows business partners to book and sell their own airline e-tickets on a self branded site. Partners can access all of Belair's travel products and offer... Travel 06.12.2012
Rezopia is a cloud based system for travel providers that allows for end-to-end management of travel reservations, contracts, operations and distribution. The software contains tools for travel... Travel 06.12.2012
Narnoo is a digital media platform for tourism and hospitality-based industries. It allows distributors and operators to upload media onto a centralized platform and distribute it from there. This... Media 06.10.2012
WikiSherpa gives mobile users an interfact to Wikitravel that lets them download and navigate Wikitravel pages on their iPhone or Android phone, and shows their listings on a map. WikiSherpa is a... Travel 06.06.2012
Looking4Parking is the UK’s leading airport parking comparison service. This service covers all 26 major UK airports and over 200 UK airport parking products. The API lets developers integrate... Travel 06.04.2012
Resort Data Processing
The service provides vacation property management functions for hotels, resorts, timeshares and condo rentals, RV resorts, and campgrounds. Services include website hosting, management of... Travel 06.01.2012
Carsolize is an online travel booking engine suited for small and mid-size travel agencies. Their software allows agencies to boost commissions via B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. Carsolize can offer agencies... Travel 05.25.2012
My Trails
My Trails offers users four API choices. The Location Based Search API returns information on shared trails and markers for latitude/longitude inputs from the My Trails database. The Client Upload... Mapping 05.22.2012
University of Washington Study Abroad
The University of Washington's Study Abroad program offers hundreds of opportunities around the globe for UW credit throughout the year. The Study Abroad API provides a public interface to... Travel 05.19.2012
Instamanager is a cloud-based vacation rental software provided by Bookt. The platform includes a public rental website and back-end reservation management software, among other services. The API... Travel 05.18.2012
WorldMate is a mobile travel itinerary management platform. The platform collates structured itineraries by recognizing and then parsing confirmation emails from travel providers worldwide. The... Travel 05.17.2012
Journeys Travel Insurance
The UK service provides travel insurance, either directly or via resellers on commission. It offers add-on trip insurance to travel booking products, with automated rate quotes and completion of... Travel 05.13.2012
Budget Your Trip
Budget Your Trip is a service that determines travel costs based on users’ information. Users register their trips and include expenses by category and location. The information the input will be... Travel 05.10.2012
Travelocity is an online service for travel shopping. Users can search, browse, and book travel, such as airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. The Travelocity API allows developers to access and... Travel 05.09.2012
BeachGuard is an online system originally used in Michigan that gathers beach sampling data from local health agencies. BeachGuard has since been implemented by three other states; Illinois, Indiana... Search 05.02.2012
Global Matrix
The service provides outsourced support for travel resellers, including research on rates and fares, selection of reservation options, and booking of reservations. It aggregates offering information... Travel 04.27.2012
The service provides hotel search and look-up function with ability to book accommodations. It is designed for integration with travel services to allow selection of accommodations, with reservation... Travel 04.26.2012
The service provides search and reservation booking for travel accommodations. It offers access to hotel room reservations, but also condos, villas, and apartments for short-term rental, depending on... Travel 04.26.2012
Tourism New Zealand
Tourism New Zealand’s website contains inspiring, up-to-date travel information about destinations, attractions, activities, and accommodations in New Zealand. The API makes the site's data... Travel 04.20.2012
Jet2 is the UK’s leading low cost airline flying from 8 UK airports to over 40 European cities. offers an affiliate program that allows partners to monetize their website traffic by... Travel 04.04.2012
Wego is a travel search engine where users can look for discounts on hotels, flights, vacation packages, activities and more. Wego compares and displays picing and availability from leading... Travel 03.27.2012
Open Data City specializes in applications involving large data sets. Their Zugmonitor API provides users with information about the trains, status, and train delays in the German Railway system.... Transportation 03.22.2012
TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites featuring reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more. The sites operate... Travel 03.20.2012
Name Description Category Date Indian Railways offers gateways for accessing real time train information from the Indian Railway database. Users can check train availability, booking logistics, track train time arrivals, and more using... Transportation 10.09.2014
Smssafar is an online booking company that provides customer services tailored to unique traveling needs. Some of these services include finding flights, booking hotels, and pairing users with... Booking 10.06.2014
TrivAsia is an online booking company that supplies information on different destinations in Asia. The TrivAsia services include booking flights, finding travel packages, searching for hotels, and... Booking 10.06.2014
Hamkry is an online booking company that provides customers access to travel-related information such as booking flights, buses, hotels, and car rentals. Booking 10.06.2014
Flymore is an online booking company that provides customers access to different travel-related offers and deals. Some of these services include booking flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals. Booking 10.06.2014
Signin is a travel booking company that offers different types of booking services such as air ticket, bus tickets, train tickets, car rentals, holiday packages, and more. Booking 10.06.2014
LaalBus is an online booking company for buses covering all regions of India. Customers will be able to find and book bus tickets for their travel needs. Booking 10.06.2014
OneStop TripOnline
OneStop TripOnline is an online booking company that offers access to information on different traveling-related services such as holiday packages, bus, rail and flight. Travel 10.06.2014
Places Near Me
Places Near Me is a web application that takes a user's location and locates nearby services. Types of places include gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Travel 09.26.2014
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application... Travel 09.25.2014
Name Description Category Date
Expedia Java Library by Expedia
Expedia Java Library is available on the code library page of Expedia Affiliate Network. Besides this HTTP Java Google request, an additional Java Cheat Sheet could assist in the creation of travel... Travel 05.12.2015
TripIt Ruby Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt Ruby Library by Concur Technologies allows developers to integrate the TripIt API into their Ruby applications and services. Travel 05.05.2015
TripIt Python Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt Python Library by Concur Technologies allows developers to integrate the TripIt API into their Python applications and services. Travel 05.05.2015
TripIt PHP Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt PHP Library by Concur Technologies allows developers to integrate the TripIt API's methods into their PHP applications and services. Travel 05.05.2015
TripIt PERL Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt PERL Library by Concur Technologies allows developers to integrate the TripIt API's methods into their PERL applications and services. Travel 05.05.2015
TripIt Java Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt Java Library by Concur Technologies provides bindings that allow developers to integrate the TripIts API's methods into their Java applications. Travel 05.05.2015
TripIt Erlang Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt Erlang Library by Concur Technologies provides bindings that allow developers to integrate the TripIt API's methods into their Erlang applications and projects. Travel 04.30.2015
TripIt C# Library by Concur Technologies
The TripIt C# Library by TripIt allows developers to integrate the TripIt API's methods into their C# applications and services. Travel 04.30.2015
Rendr Javascript Library javascript-airbnb
Rendr is a small library that allows you to run your Backbone.js apps on both the client and the server using Javascript. Allows your web server to serve fully-formed HTML pages to any deep link of... Travel 03.03.2015
Concur JavaScript SDK
Concur is a business travel company that aims to simplify expenses, budgets, and invoices. The SDK in JavaScript language is available on Github. This kit can be useful for developers who want to... Travel 02.02.2015
Name Description Category Date
Display a list of Tours based on a proximity location search
Full PHP code for carrying out a location based search and displaying a list of all product within a certain distance. Products 03.29.2010
Display a list of connected Tours
Simple code to display a list of all travel products from connected suppliers in the TourCMS Marketplace. Lists 03.29.2010
Kayak Search AS3
A utility to programatically access the Kayak Travel search service via Flash's ActionScript. Travel 11.11.2008