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VideoSync is an API that enables synchronized playback of embedded YouTube videos across multiple windows, browsers, and devices. When users start, pause, or performs another action on a Youtube... Syncing 08.22.2014
The AnyMeeting API offers clients access to a scalable business videoconferencing solution. Developers can access the AnyMeeting API to share data and programmatically interface with presentation and... Teleconferencing 08.20.2014
Eyedea Recognition
Eyedea is a recognition service that offers eyeface, vehicle, copyright and plate detection. The main value of the API could be to have access to an instant understanding about objects, users, and... Recognition 08.13.2014
The Internet Music Video Database (IMVDb) is a large online collection of music videos, artists, and credits. Users can create an account with IMVDb to browse and find new popular music videos,... Database 08.08.2014
With Gyazo, users can capture and share screen images in social media. The main value of this API is that besides pictures, Gyazo also supports GIF and video formats that can be captured when the... Screenshots 07.29.2014
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G Downloader
G Downloader is a website that lets users download videos from many of the most popular video sharing sites without having to leave the site, all for free. Users can search for videos on G Downloader... Video 07.29.2014
Videva is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the music catalog and the Youtube video... Music 12.18.2013
Funny Vines -
This Mashup aggregates Vine videos from around the world. Have fun searching for new videos that you have not yet seen. Video 11.22.2013
Punk'n'Roll - Watch and Listen to Rock Music
Watch and listen to Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Grunge and other rock music genres compiled from submissions to rock music subreddits. Music 11.19.2013
MvBanana is a radio station that plays music videos. This is a fun way of discovering new or forgotten music. Music 09.17.2013
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Name Description Category Date
BrightTalk is a webinar and video meeting service provider. Some features include real time Q&A, slides, feedback, and recording abilities. The BrightTalk API allows developers to access and... Enterprise 12.04.2012
Wookmark is a social site for collecting and sharing images and videos. Users can organize their images with groups and follow other users for inspiration. The Wookmark Plus upgrade allows users to... Social 11.29.2012
Bonsai is an online graphics library. Bonsai provides features such as rendering, asset management, paths, and other image and video management tools. The Bonsai API allows developers to access and... Media 11.25.2012
Flowplayer is an HTML5 video player for the web, mobile, and tablet. Flowplayer offers features like various skins, CSS customization, and embedding ability for websites and applications. The... Video 11.23.2012
FetchApp is an online service that allows users to sell digital goods through various applications and websites. FetchApp allows users to sell digital goods such as photos, music, e-books, and videos... eCommerce 11.23.2012
Veo Video Converter
Veo Video Converter is an online video conversion service. Users can upload videos via a URL or from their own PC and have them converted online without limits on the number of conversions. The... Video 11.21.2012
Magisto is a video editing application. Users can make videos, upload them to Magisto, and edit their videos with a variety of features. The Magisto API allows developers to access and integrate... Video 11.16.2012
Bandpage is an online platform for musicians, bands, fans, and the music industry can connect and interact. BandPage lets musicians manage their online presence by updating and sharing info, music,... Music 11.13.2012
TenHands is a video conferencing and collaboration service. TenHands can be integrated with collaboration applications such as Google, DropBox, Box, and LogMeIn. The TenHands API allows developers... Video 11.09.2012
Flixwagon is a video sharing and social networking platform. Flixwagon allows users to create videos in real time and share them live. The Flixwagon API allows developers to integrate the... Video 11.09.2012
Applicaster is a platform that helps companies create, customize, and deliver mobile broadcasts to their customers and users. Applicaster offers interactive tools for mobile video and live content.... Video 11.09.2012
Pirateplay is a Swedish video streaming service that allows users access to streams of Swedish television (SVT Play, Channel 5 Play, TV3 Play, TV4 play and more) along with a library of useful... Video 11.08.2012
Open Spreety
The service provides lookup access to an extensive database of video and media content available in varying formats and from different suppliers. Video resource listings are categorized by genre and... Video 11.07.2012
Everytime is a tool that allows people to save and share music and video from the web or computer. Media can be shared either publicly or privately, as well as bookmarked on the user's browser... Bookmarks 11.04.2012
Smotri is a streaming video site that allows users to upload video files. The API provides a RESTful interface for uploading or downloading videos, searching for files, authenticating... Video 10.31.2012
8x8 External IVR
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Click to Dial
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Web Callback
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Recordings
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 Reporting
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
8x8 CRM
8x8 is a company who specializes in services to fit the needs of businesses in the areas of voice, video, mobile, and unified communications. They offer a suite of APIs to couple your needs with the... Telephony 10.13.2012
The service provides a platform for interacting with mobile devices to provide videos and other entertainment content, SMS text messaging and 'enterprise messaging,' and other services. It... Entertainment 10.12.2012
Scaled Recognition
Scaled Recognition uses image recognition technology to convert textual data in image files to UTF-8 (documents, files, receipts), and also allows you to recognize the positioning of faces in a... Social 10.10.2012
Tout is a platform that allows users to shoot short video status updates via cameras on smartphones and the web. Touts are shared real-time and automatically to, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest... Social 10.10.2012
Remote Potato
Remote Potato is a media service that allows users to access media stored at their homes from anywhere with web access. The Remote Potato API provides the data required to create multiplatform apps... Media 10.09.2012
ReelSurfer is a service that lets users clip and share any video from any website. In order to clip a video, users can use a bookmarklet or go to the ReelSurfer site and enter the URL of the video.... Video 10.04.2012
Lemonwhale is a cloud video service delivering on-demand and live video experiences. The Lemonwhale API is divided into two parts with separate endpoints: a public call used for common requests in... Video 10.03.2012
The service provides a capability to discover the file URLS for video displayed by a specified web page. Documentation specifies a list of dozens of video hosting platforms from which it can capture... Video 09.27.2012 is an adult video grabber which grabs videos and meta-data from adult video sites. The API allows developers to automate video grabbing through a RESTful interface and returns JSON... Video 09.25.2012
OpenHallway is a usability testing service that was created to make the web more usable. The site allows users to create a test scenario for a website, send the link to a participant, then record the... Video 09.25.2012
InteliVideo is an instructional video platform. Producers of educational and instructional videos can use the platform to host their content. InteliVideo recommends its services to support... Video 09.14.2012
WorldStream TV
The service provides aggregated access to video, audio, and multimedia content from across a wide range of cultures, languages, and ethnicities worldwide. Video options include subscription access to... Entertainment 09.06.2012
The service provides video management for recorded lectures as part of courses at universities in Switzerland. Instructors can use the system to create videorecordings of lecturers and class... Education 09.04.2012
WhyGo is a video conferencing and teleconferencing service that allows customers to book live video conferencing facilities all over the world. The WhyGo API allows developers to access and... Office 09.04.2012
Mosami is a cloud-based service for building real-time interactive video experiences and delivering them to the browser. The API offers access to media processing algorithms - face tracking,... Video 09.04.2012
Overwolf is a service that allows users to integrate social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and IM clients into video and mobile games. The Overwolf API allows developers to access and... Games 08.30.2012
Buzzoola is an online video storage and distribution platform. Buzzoola features analytic reports on video distribution and viewing, tagging functions, and other media management features. The... Video 08.30.2012
Kamcord is an application that allows users to record and share their plays on mobile and web games. Kamcord works in the game, so users don't have to leave the game to record and share their... Games 08.22.2012
Virool is a video advertising service that allows advertisers to promote their video ads on applications, games, and websites from publishers. Publishers can monetize their content by allowing... Advertising 08.22.2012
BrightRoll is a video delivery platform and network. Its solutions are designed for advertisers and publishers to streamline their content delivery means. For advertisers, BrightRoll offers... Video 08.21.2012
YuMe is a video delivery platform and service. Its extensive infrastructure offers opportunities for advertisers, publishers, app developers, and more. YuMe connects them in network that shares their... Video 08.21.2012
Picovico is a slideshow creation tool. Its platform allows users to upload photo sets and arrange them in desired order. Users can spiffy up their presentations with Picovico’s themes and styles.... Video 08.15.2012
SproutVideo is a simple and easy to use video hosting service for businesses. Features include security options, HD video support, customizable players, playlist creation and customization, analytics... Video 08.14.2012
Gridvid is an FFmpeg based distributed video transcoder which allows transmission and processing in the cloud via REST API's. Gridvid was created by CPUsage, a cloud computing service that... Video 08.09.2012
Veenome is a unique video data service provider. Their product intakes video and puts out descriptive metadata about it. Objects, brands, faces, and more, are recognized by Veenome and turned into... Video 08.03.2012
TwitchTV is a video game broadcasting and chat community featuring gaming personalities, players, tournaments, leagues, and commentary. The TwitchTV API, composed of a REST API and a Javascript SDK,... Social 07.31.2012
Viddy is a social video sharing service. Its iPhone application lets users shoot 15-second video clips and push them to social networking sites. The clips can be enhanced with filters and other... Video 07.31.2012
SubDB is a free, centralized subtitle database intended for use by opensource and non-commercial software. Users upload subtitles that can be freely download by others. With the SubRank algorithm,... Video 07.30.2012
Angel Eyes
Based in China, Angel Eyes provides cloud-based, image and video recognition and analysis services. Through their services, users can precisely detect image types from a large collection of files as... Photos 07.26.2012
FoxTranscribe provides human transcription services for video and audio content. The FoxTranscribe API allows other applications to integrate with our service to provide transcription capabilities... Tools 07.19.2012
StormSwift is a mobile video distribution platform that can be used to send consumers video messages to their mobile devices. The StormSwift API allows users to retrieve video information... Video 07.17.2012
Medizza TV
Medizza TV is a web-based TV platform. Users can create networks of multiple channels and populate them with original video content. These channels can be monetized as packages and video storefronts... Video 07.15.2012
True Key Video Hosting
TrueKey Video Hosting is an online video publishing solutions provider. Businesses can use their services to manage and stream proprietary video content. Users can upload videos to encode them in a... Video 07.15.2012
Chute Media
The Chute Media platform helps web and mobile app developers build any photo or video app they can imagine. The Chute Media platform includes a REST API and a set of developer tools that add greater... Photos 07.10.2012
Aviberry is a cloud-based video encoding system. It accepts videos from multiple sources including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and S3. Aviberry works with almost all media formats and can tune the output video... Video 07.10.2012
Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible workspaces with over 4500 meeting rooms, 1200 video studios, 38000 day offices and hot desks available on demand, hourly and daily. Earn... Enterprise 07.09.2012
Click2Stream is a video-feed hosting platform. Users partner with Click2Stream for space on their server to host live feeds from their cameras. Their live feed can then be parked on a permanent page... Video 07.08.2012
Streamio is a media management platform for businesses. Client can manage video content on Streamio’s web-based platform. Once videos are uploaded, clients can categorize their videos with Smart... Media 07.07.2012
MailVU is a video platform. Individuals can create and distribute video content. MailVU offers its API to service providers and universities. The API allows the developer incorporate video recording... Video 07.06.2012
LiveRail is a company providing online video advertising services. LiveRail AdServer is a leading online video platform with 25% of online video ads delivered through the platform. It allows users to... Advertising 07.03.2012
Kensei Media
Kensei Media is a video hosting service. Clients upload and arrange their videos in the Kensei video dashboard. From there they may redistribute any videos to websites or mobile devices. Kensei... Media 07.02.2012
Impossible Software
Impossible Software is a video advertising solutions provider. Their products allow advertisers and content producers to customize videos with cloud-based editing and delivery tools. With these web-... Media 07.02.2012
Latakoo Flight
The Lakatoo Flight API allows uses to send,store, and share large video files (HD or SD) over the internet. The API allows for integration of Lakatoo Flight into user applications. Using the REST... Video 07.02.2012
Kinomap provides geolocation solutions for video-making. Users who films of their travels, bike rides, or runs can create maps that track the route of their journey. With their smartphones or GPS-... Video 06.27.2012
Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides a free, online education to anyone, anywhere. The site contains over 3,200 online videos covering subjects from finance and physics... Education 06.27.2012
JM Data MovieApp
JM Data Services specializes in products for retailers of rental movies and maintains a large database of movie information. It also provides the MovieApp API, which allows users to search for movies... Video 06.25.2012
AutoNetTV Relay Pipe
The service provides content for automotive business websites and on-site displays. Available material includes videos on common repair procedures and general car-care tips, along with text,... Content 06.25.2012
Mediaplatform provides a platform for utilizing video media for purposes of archiving and sharing across the web. Provides solutions to problems involved in the production, delivery and management of... Media 06.24.2012
Viocorp is the leading online video broadcaster in Australia. One of their main products is Vioad, an online and mobile video advertising engine. Vioad includes functionality such as ad targeting,... Advertising 06.21.2012
Yahoo Wretch
Wretch is a Taiwanese social site that provides users with free album and blog hosting services. The Wretch API allows users to access the functionality and data from the Wretch site including... Social 06.21.2012
Twistage is a hosted online video platform that provides video workflow and management for organizations. The company also provides whitelabel services for businesses that want to leverage online... Video 06.19.2012
The service builds a catalog of media assets, especially video clips and features, and makes them available, within the requirements of rights specified by the owner. It manages content files and... Media 06.18.2012
CoveritLive is a live-blogging platform. It allows journalists and bloggers to cover events in real time. CoveritLive also provides Social TV and Chat Events solutions. These options offer entire... Video 06.13.2012
Videobl is a free video capture tool that enables anyone to request video answers, responses comments and feedback from anyone by simply sending out a link. videobl can be used to conduct video... Video 06.11.2012
Twitvid is a social network that lets users search for, watch and share videos on topics and people of interest. The Twitvid API exposes all of the site's data for use by devleopers in third... Video 06.08.2012
Pixorial is a video creation, collection, and curation application for both web and mobile. Users can collect videos, store them, create videos, and share them with their friends and family. The... Video 06.08.2012
Video Grabber
The service uses the public URL for an online video to access the file containing the content and make it available for downloading and saving locally. It requires no application installation. Rather... Video 06.08.2012
The service provides an online platform for interactive web-based meetings and webinar broadcasts. It manages video feeds from attendee PCs, if desired, and distributes presenter content with... Video 06.08.2012
Video.js is a JavaScript-based HTML5 Video Player. It provides a common control skin built in HTML/CSS, and supports fullscreen and subtitle capabilities. Video.js fixes cross-browser inconsistencies... Video 06.04.2012
MyVidster is a social video website. It allows users to share, view, and collect their favorite videos. Users add videos to their collection by bookmarking them to MyVidster from around the Internet... Video 06.03.2012 Remote Control provides a JavaScript API to help users integrate their remote control with Zinc's online video functions. Programmable functions include play, pause, record, fast-forward, rewind, next... Video 05.30.2012
Bambuser oEmbed
Bambuser is a video sharing service. It is designed for individuals and brands to stream live video feeds over social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr. Bambuser can capture and save videos, and... Video 05.29.2012
Bambuser Metadata
Bambuser is a video sharing service. It is designed for individuals and brands to stream live video feeds over social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr. Bambuser can capture and save videos, and... Video 05.22.2012
Koemei provides video and audio asset transcription services. Koemei transcribes video and audio files, indexes the transcripts, making the video and audio files searchable on the web. The Koemei... Media 05.21.2012
Digitalsmiths is a video search and recommendation service that creates and leverages data around video content including TV, film and live events across any connected device. Digitalsmiths solutions... Video 05.17.2012
Qumu is a business video platform provider. Qumu's video platform lets businesses capture, manage, and distribute live and on-demand content. The Qumu Video Control Center gives businesses... Video 05.17.2012
eCoComa Video
The eCoComa Video API allows users to search for videos from a variety of online sources. Given a keyword to search for, the API retrieves a list of videos that are associated with the specified... Entertainment 05.10.2012
GoalBit is an open source video delivery platform that includes features such as live and on-demand content, premium and user-generated content, large scale and enterprise deployments and more. With... Video 05.10.2012
Screenr Business
Screenr Business is a web-based screen recording service designed for businesses’ client and colleague support systems. It allows clients to capture errors and share the video privately with... Video 04.27.2012
Sapo Social
SAPO is a Portuguese Internet service provider whose main web site acts as a web portal featuring a directory of Portuguese sites. SAPO Services provides a large suite of web services and... Social 04.26.2012
Meridix is a service that lets users webcast their own sports and events with live audio and video. The webcasts have the ability to launch game trackers and live scores. When an event is completed,... Sports 04.02.2012
The PBS COVE API was created with the intent of exposing PBS video metadata to users. A wide range of data can be pulled using the API including title, descriptions, video type, link to transcript,... Video 03.21.2012
TED is a non-profit that holds a set of conferences devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading." TED has opened their library of over 1,000 TEDTalks and users can access it through an API. The API... Video 03.21.2012
Gomi is a cloud video encoding platform. The Gomi API allows users to automate the transfer, encoding and delivery of audio and video. It features support for the most popular web video delivery... Video 03.20.2012
DaCast offers a fully integrated platform for live and on demand video streaming. Broadcasters can stream their video and monetize their content via video ads, pay-per-view and/or subscriptions.... Video 03.14.2012
Getty Images Connect
Seamlessly integrate Getty Images' expansive digital content, powerful search technology, and rich metadata into your publishing tools, products and services! Search for images from our... Photos 02.21.2012
The service provides a scalable platform for distributing and tracking video online. Applications can use the service to mass-distribute and track video as part of promotional or other outreach... Video 02.19.2012
Utribo Connect
Utribo Connect, is software-as-a-service that offers click-to-call and click-to-video. Businesses using Utribo can route web users to a live person using voice or video through the use of a link that... Telephony 02.15.2012
VoiceBunny is an online platform for voiceovers and voice talent. Customers of VoiceBunny can search voice talent, upload projects for voiceovers, and run voiceover contests. The VoiceBunny API... Other 02.11.2012
The service streams video from affiliated providers via wireless or wired network connections to television sets and other video display devices. Applications can establish public or private channels... Media 02.09.2012
Name Description Category Date
ShowHear is a concert browsing service that enables you to quickly browse videos of artists playing in your area. Music 03.11.2013
World Movie Search
World box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch. Movies 03.04.2013
Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos
Generates a random English Premier League footbal (soccer) player and list their top 10 youtube videos. A fun time consumer to see video highlights of some of the lesser known players. Sports 02.09.2013
you tube streaming stations. Popularity and related category algorithms. Similar to youtube's "play all" feature, but does not require the time consuming process of setting... Video 01.21.2013
App Review Tube
Search and watch app reviews for iOS and Android. Allows you to also watch reviews being watched by other people. Applications 01.02.2013
MapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform... Mapping 10.12.2012
fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox
FuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption. Music 10.08.2012
Towns Of The World
All the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world. News Services 10.03.2012
Music Video Search Engine
Search and download Music Video and MP3 music Search 10.03.2012
User driven review page in german. We are using the YouTube API to search automatically for YouTube User Channels matching our product names and fetching the feed using YouTube's API. Testing 08.28.2012
Name Description Category Date
Google APIs Client Library for PHP
The Google APIs Client Library for PHP allows developers to access Google APIs (e.g. Google+, Google Drive, YouTube) using PHP code. The library requires PHP 5.2.1 or higher and the PHP JSON... Data 05.29.2014
Twitch SDK
The Twitch SDK provides developers with a C API that can be used to add live streaming to games. The SDK can be initialized with a Client ID and uses OAuth 2 authentication. Functionality exposed... Games 05.19.2014
Virtuix Omni
Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality interface, an omnidirectional treadmill video game peripheral to maneuver within virtual reality games. The Virtual Omni SDK gives developers the necessary... Games 05.08.2014
AS3 Library for YouTube API
The YouTube ActionScript library provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface to the YouTube API. Application Development 11.11.2008
ActionScript YouTube Library
This library provides an easy-to-use set of wrapper classes to consume YouTube Data API web services. Video 11.11.2008
ActionScript 3 YouTube Library
An ActionScript3 library for searching videos from YouTube. Application Development 07.27.2008
PHP Wrapper for Flickr API
From the site:Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the web service API provided by Flickr, a web based photo storage service. Phlickr requires that PHP5 be compiled with the CURL and SimpleXML... Photos 07.07.2008
Objective-C Wrapper for Flickr API
ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API framework written in Objective-C. It aims to simplify the work needed for creating a Flickr desktop application on OS X. Photos 07.07.2008
.NET Wrapper for Flickr API
The Flickr.Net API is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language in .Net Framework 1.1, .Net Framework 2.0, .Net Compact... Photos 07.07.2008
Official YouTube Objective-C Library
An Objective-C library for YouTube from Google. Built around GData APIs to provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web. Media 07.07.2008
Name Description Category Date
VideoSurf Search API Usage Example
How to retrieve and display the latest episodes of "30 Rock" using VideoSurf's search API. Includes PHP snippet. Video 07.21.2009
Youtube PHP Script
if you are looking for an easy and legal way to publish youtube videos at your website you have reached the right place. with this fabulous and free php script you get access to the great amounts of... Video 06.07.2009
Ruby Implementation of Vimeo API
A full featured Ruby implementation of the Vimeo API Video 02.07.2009
Python for Brightcove
Python Implementation of the Brightcove Backend Integration API. Video 02.07.2009
MTV API Video Tutorial
This tutorial including a screencast shows a user how to discover the MTV API with the Firefox browser and includes working Python code. Music 11.07.2008
Using the Netflix API: A step-by-step guide
Good hands-on tutorial on how to build applications with the Netflix API. Walks you through sign-up through using OAuth, JSON and getting movie data. Video 10.02.2008
Python Wrapper for Flickr API
From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate: Photos 07.07.2008
Perl Wrapper for Flickr API
Perl interface to the Flickr API Photos 07.07.2008
Using the YouTube API PHP client library
A video that demonstrates how to use the YouTube API with the PHP client library to upload a video to YouTube. The screencast explains the most important parts of the YouTube demo application and... Library 05.16.2008
Coding the YouTube API with JSP
Example of how to code YouTube with Java and JSP pages. Application Development 05.02.2008