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HP IDOL OnDemand Speech Recognition
The Speech Recognition API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers create a transcript of text in an audio or video file. This API currently supports broadcast quality content in a number of... Audio 03.21.2015
Nexmo Verify
Nexmo Verification API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo Verification services, enabling their users to verify phone numbers directly from their applications. Nexmo is... Verification 03.05.2015
Nexmo VoiceXML
Nexmo VoiceXML allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo Voice services, enabling their users to call, text to speech through Nexmo directly from their applications. Nexmo... Voice 03.05.2015
Sinch Verification
The Sinch Verification API allows developers to integrate Sinch phone number verification services into their applications. Developers also have the option to check the progress of an ongoing... Verification 02.22.2015
Yandex Speech Recognition
This Speech Recognition API is provided by Yandex and requires an API Key, which are available by request. The API currently supports queries (general search requests) and maps (for accessing... Voice 02.17.2015
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Name Description Category Date
Dom by Domino's Pizza
Users can order pizza with Dom, the new virtual assistant by Domino's Pizza. This voice recognition mashup can be found in Domino's app. It is available on the Apple App Store, Windows... Recognition 10.23.2014
CallHub is a voice broadcasting software and SMS marketing software that is used by many financial companies, marketing firms, small businesses, as well as political campaigns companies. Some of the... Voice 10.06.2014
Raspberry Pi and Plivo — Call Mom Button
This project was contributed by Andy Fundinger, a professional Python developer. Andy built this integration as a way to teach his students how to make calls to their mother's using Plivo... API 03.10.2014
This mashup is an example use of the Infoconnect API with a call center type application. Voice 12.02.2013
Santa Call
Let Santa Call makes phone calls to your friends, and play them a Christmas song. Voice 01.14.2013
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Name Description Category Date
Cloud-based service supporting business phone systems for small and medium-sized companies. The web-based phone designer tool allows users to build business telephone systems and advanced IVR systems... Telephony 11.21.2011
Cloud-based RESTful web service API supports building phone applications that answer inbound calls and initiate outbound calls (phone, Skype, or SIP), interact with Web applications, and send/receive... Telephony 11.21.2011
iCall is a service that offers free phone calls and VoIP, instant messaging, SMS services, and group messaging features via web and mobile applications. The iCall API allows developers to access and... Telephony 11.08.2011
THECALLR is the most efficient and simple way to bring voice to the center of your customer relationships. Make your customers happier and your life easier. THECALLR delivers communications as a... Telephony 10.19.2011
Enables mobile voice calling within social networks. Authenticates devices to linked Facebook, Twitter, iTunes users via social network user accounts, allowing users to opt-in to calls to/from linked... Social 10.11.2011
Cogent Mobile
Cogent Mobile is a voice CRM application that allows users to manage their CRM with voice commands, as well as using their CRM on mobile devices. The Cogent Mobile API allows developers to access... Office 10.10.2011
DIDWW is a service that provides local phone numbers in numerous countries and cities. DIDWW also provides call forwarding to VoIP, mobile phones, and other phones around the world. The DIDWW API... Telephony 10.03.2011
QWiPS is a social voice platform that lets users tag 30-second Qwips to any static image or text post. QWiPS social voice platform can be used to activate brand and publisher marketing programs and... Social 09.27.2011
PennyTel Open
PennyTel provides VoIP services in Australia. Services provided include ANI, SMS & Web Callback Options, Fax To Email, Mobile Broadband, Mobile VoIP, Shared Access Numbers, SmartDial, SMS, Visual... Telephony 08.29.2011
Phone calls, SMS and MMS all in one easy API. Our cloud communication platform enables web developers to integrate telephony technlogy into their applications. And do things such as control incoming... Telephony 08.19.2011
Hoiio Voice
Hoiio is a global communication service seeking to allow people around the world to communicate via telephone or SMS by routing through Hoiio service. The Hoiio Voice API provides powerful APIs to... Telephony 08.18.2011
Fake Call
Fake Call is an API that rings a phone. That's it. The service claims to help "polite introverts exit unwanted conversations or meetings." On the other end of the call is a fictional... Telephony 07.30.2011
Phono is a simple jQuery plugin and JavaScript library that turns any web browser into a phone; capable of making phone calls and sending instant messages. Users can also connect to SIP clients. The... Telephony 07.26.2011
The Quicktate API allows you to integrate our audio transcription backend into your applications. Using an XML-RPC protocol you can send your audio files to be converted into text. Service charges... Tools 07.17.2011
Direct Leap Technologies
Direct Leap Technologies supports non-profit communication and campaign efforts, namely phonebank and telemessaging campaigns. Direct Leap offers APIs for their two main services, Popvox (phonebank... Telephony 07.06.2011
Aculab Cloud
Aculab Cloud enables users to create scalable voice and fax applications. There cloud telephony platform presents high level APIs (Python and .NET) making it quick and easy to write a range of... Telephony 06.14.2011
AI Speech specializes in computer speech recognition, analysis, tone analysis and dialog management techniques. AISpeech JavaScript API provides AI Speech Ltd's pronunciation evaluation, speech... Voice 04.27.2011
Genband A2
Genband is a telecommunications and infrastructure service solutions provider. The Genband A2 Converged Applications Server is a leading SIP and IMS Applications platform that gives enterprise and... Telephony 04.20.2011
MessagingPeople is a software tool that makes it easy to send SMS, WAP, MMS, Voice, and Fax messages from a single program. MessagingPeople also provides developer APIs for creating applications... Messaging 03.21.2011
iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition
iSpeech is a company that provides high-quality text-to-speech and voice recognition software (SDKs and APIs). The iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition API allows developers to create 'hands-... Tools 02.27.2011
iSpeech Text-To-Speech
iSpeech is a company that provides high-quality text-to-speech and voice recognition software (SDKs and APIs). iSpeech Text-to-Speech began as a tool to help college students listen to text-based... Tools 02.27.2011
Ribbit Transcription on Demand
Ribbit is a phone company dedicated to a new way of approaching telephony; an open platform for voice innovation and an entire "developer success ecosystem" to support the developers. Using... Telephony 02.10.2011
Ribbit Messages
Ribbit is a phone company dedicated to a new way of approaching telephony; an open platform for voice innovation and an entire "developer success ecosystem" to support the developers. Using... Telephony 02.10.2011
Telenor Click to Call
The Telenor SOAP-based Click to Call API is one of the APIs related to the Telenor Service Gateway. This APIs allows developers to create applications that allow users to initialize calls to a phone... Telephony 02.10.2011
Audioboo is a mobile and web platform that allows users to record and upload audio for friends, family or others to hear. The Audioboo API allows developers to have their applications integrate with... Messaging 02.10.2011
Deutsche Telekom Conference Call
With our Conference Call API, several phone numbers in the fixed and mobile network can be linked up in phone conferences by calling up a simple web service. Non-binding, simple and fast. No... Telephony 02.09.2011
Ericsson Text to Speech
Ericsson Labs provides a text to speech utility, Ericsson Text to Speech API. The API can be accessed either through a RESTful web based interface, or through an Android SDK. The RESTful API can be... Tools 02.06.2011
Ericsson Async Voice
Ericsson Labs Async Voice JavaScript API is a set of JavaScript libraries that allow developers to embed Async Voice push-to-talk functionality into their websites. Async Voice allows users to... Chat 02.06.2011
Liquid11 Conferencing
There are two APIs for users to choose from: HTTP and JavaScript. Both APIs have been designed to allow users to create a conference and display the conference details (e.g. phone number to call, pin... Telephony 02.03.2011
Angel OutBound provides interactive voice response systems for what it calls "on-demand customer experience solutions." The company's platform specifically addresses the retail,... Telephony 01.25.2011
4PSA VoipNow
4PSA VoipNow Core is delivered with an API that enables the integration with third-party applications. 4PSA VoipNow Core is an Integrated Communications System for service providers and enterprises.... Telephony 01.13.2011
The 3NGNetworks API allows developers to intergate their existng applications with the 3NG VoIP Platform. 3NG is a provider of private label VoIP solutions. The API exposes the entire VoIP platform... Telephony 01.13.2011
PokeTalk is a web service that provides low-cost international phone calls to customers. The PokeTalk API allows developers to use PokeTalk's tools in their own applications. Developers need an... Telephony 01.07.2011
Nexiwave speech recognition API provides a web-service based speech recognition platform. It helps to search in the collection of speech recordings, automatically transcribe speech for data mining... Voice 12.06.2010
FreebieSMS Auto Dialer
The FreebieSMS Auto Dialer API lets users send an audio message to a landline or mobile phone. FreebieSMS offers bulk SMS provision to businesses who need to send SMS messages automatically. Public... Telephony 11.30.2010
The Solutecia APIs are a suite of tools based on Artificial Intelligence SOF.IA Artificial Intelligence Software. With the API users can create applications, accessed from the tag functions, controls... Tools 10.27.2010
Plum Voice
Plum Voice is a provider of telephony platforms that support VoiceXML, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Developers use the Plum API to create advanced voice applications including IVR,... Telephony 09.27.2010
PhoneTag API empowers developers to transcribe voice into text. Upload a sound file (wav, mp3 or gsm) and receive text in return. Supports automatic transcription, human transcription, as well as a... Tools 09.21.2010
QuickFuse is a unique voice application editor and platform that’s controlled from a web browser. Voice applications built on the QuickFuse platform are assembled by "snapping together"... Telephony 08.30.2010
Custom Toll Free Search
Custom Toll Free's toll free number search has the ability to return vanities using an English language dictionary and an algorithm to rank the results and return the top vanity matches. When a... Telephony 05.14.2010
Voice Delivery System
Voice Delivery System provides a voice synthesis API for text to speech applications. The API uses JavaScript and requires an API key and free registration. Flash is used to play the resulting audio... Other 02.17.2010
SpeechAPI enables web sites with speech recognition speech recognition and text to speech (TTS) capabilities. The API is free and allows you to use JavaScript to use and embed these capabilities... Tools 02.08.2010
NuGram Runtime
NuGram Hosted Server is a speech grammar sharing site based on the NuGram Server technology. NuGram generates speech recognitions grammars that may be used in VoiceXML applications. Those grammars... Telephony 12.18.2009
Standards-based phone API platform. Control phone calls with existing Asterisk client libraries (Adhearsion/Ruby, Asterisk-Java, PHP AGI, StarPy/Python, etc), or HTTP and JSON, or SIP -- even SIP... Telephony 10.12.2009
Tropo makes it simple to build phone, SMS and Instant messaging applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo's powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to... Telephony 08.29.2009
Orange Voicemail
Orange helps you create and distribute your mobile apps and solutions. The Voicemail API from Orange allows you to access your voicemail messages within your web application. Given your personal... Telephony 04.29.2009
Orange VoiceMashup
Orange helps you create and distribute your mobile apps and solutions. The Orange VoiceMashup API from Orange allows you to create an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) service using the VoiceXML... Telephony 04.29.2009
SpinVox captures spoken messages and cleverly converts them into text. This speech to text service then delivers your message to your choice of an inbox, blog, wall, or space. Tools 04.06.2009
Deutsche Telekom Voice Call
Via a simple web service call, Voice Call connects any two phone numbers from the fixed and mobile communications network. Non-binding, simple and fast. No contract commitment, monthly charges and... Telephony 02.26.2009
The By Voice API generates voice messages from content on the web site it is placed. The service converts a written text into speech files in mp3 or wav format to include in a flash movie or other... Voice 01.29.2009
Twilio provides a simple hosted API and markup language for businesses to quickly build scalable, reliable and advanced voice and SMS communications applications. Twilio provides a telephony... Telephony 01.09.2009
The fring API enables you to take your social application mobile. It provides access to fring main features like contact list, VoIP, chat & file sharing while wrapping other handset properties... Chat 12.26.2008
The NeoSpeech API allows you to convert text to speech (TTS). Use the TTS engine to produce natural-sounding speech audio in either a male or female voice. Supported audio formats are .pcm, .vox, .... Tools 12.05.2008
HummingBytes Q&A
HummingBytes Q&A allows you to communicate via Voice, or SMS and allows you to store and later retrieve the communications. Service is fee-based and mostly focused on health care, finance, retail... Telephony 12.02.2008
IIG Alerts
The Hummingbytes Interactive Information Gateway (IIG) API allows you to build custom alerts with responses. IIG is a voice, SMS, and email alerting system that can be used by businesses to send... Messaging 10.15.2008
Ringful provides a set of simple and powerful RESTful web services APIs for voice and mobile messaging applications such as iConference, Mobile ID Verification, and Facebook Voicetag. Ringful... Telephony 10.12.2008
Orange Click-to-Call
Use the Orange click-to-call API to initiate calls between two numbers using VoIP, landline, or mobile directly from your application. The users on each end of the line need not be Orange customers. Telephony 07.26.2008 is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talent. can be used by radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing... Other 06.15.2008
From their site: With MyVox, you can voice-enable any application you can imagine. MyVox turns any phone into a microphone hooked up to your application. Telephony 02.21.2008
From their site: Use Jott Links to blog from your cell phone wherever you are. Use Jott Links for social networking and micro-blogging. A Jott Link enables you to send a Jott to a Web-based service... Messaging 12.25.2007
From their site: is a website for instant messaging from absolutely anywhere. Whether you�re at home, on campus, at work, or traveling foreign lands, hop over to on any computer... Chat 11.02.2007
The Ribbit Phone Component will give Rich internet application developers the ability to make and receive calls, record/send and receive voicemail, as well as add and manage contacts. Telephony 10.28.2007
Offer your customers, audiences and supporters easy ways to record and play content: comments, reviews, testimonials, and opinions online. Let them call your website from any phone - landline, mobile... Telephony 10.20.2007
Research, compare prices, and shop from a wide array of phone products and services. Telephony 06.18.2007
From their site: the Jaduka API gives developers direct access to, and all the inherent benefits of, the world's highest-quality, ubiquitous public switched telephone network (PSTN). Based on... Telephony 03.10.2007
CDYNE Notify
From their site: Notify! is a Web service that runs on a patented and proprietary interactive voice messaging (IVM) technology platform. Notify! empowers users in any industry to reach their... Other 11.24.2006
Global IP Sound
Global IP Sound develops embedded voice processing technologies for real-time communications over packet networks. GIPS SoundWare™ provides better than PSTN voice quality and fidelity in end-to-end... Telephony 07.04.2006
The Skype API provides a mechanism for 3rd party scripts and applications to control Skype UI functions and implement additional or improved features to complement the Skype. Skype is the world'... Telephony 09.11.2005
Name Description Category Date
iPad mashup for finishing / revising documents on Google Docs with the help of an Acapela voice. Started for German, but applicable to all languages having Acapela voices. Dictionaries for user&#... Text-to-Speech 06.14.2012
Call in Weather Conditions and Forecast app. Weather 04.15.2012
vuzzbox is a user interface for visual web browsing using voice commands. vuzzbox is powered by Drupal, Twilio, iSpeech and Amazon's DynamoDB vuzzbox is the embodiment of the "... Visualizations 03.20.2012
Voice Broadcast
Don't just send text messages to phone; use Voice Broadcast to send your message, converted from text-to-speech, and play it via phone call. Voice 12.14.2011
Free Conferencing
Call up to 8 people with this free conferencing mashup that uses the Hoiio Voice API. Telephony 12.14.2011
JobSpeek is a free mobile job posting app that re-imagines the traditional job description. Our format lets you add a picture of your business and the ability to record a 60 second audio “hiring... Voice 12.08.2011
Access your personal phone book from any phone with a simple phone call or from a computer. A lost, stolen, uncharged or damaged cell phone doesn't mean you've lost access to your... Telephony 11.11.2011
A two-way phone greeting system for individuals to send text or audio messages using GreetGenie wish credits. Based on the Twilio API. Humor 11.11.2011
Most information available on the internet is not directly consumable by software systems. Information is locked away behind the presentation layer markup or javascript callbacks. Voice 11.11.2011
How to say
Pronunciations Android app based on Forvo API Voice 10.29.2011
Name Description Category Date
DOCOMO Speech Recognition Android SDK by FueTrek
This SDK provides an interface to the DOCOMO Speech Recognition API, enabling speech recognition to be added to Android applications. This particular Android SDK contains technologies powered by... Recognition 11.26.2014
DOCOMO Speech Recognition Android SDK by NTT IT
This SDK provides an interface to the DOCOMO Speech Recognition API, enabling speech recognition to be added to Android applications. This particular Android SDK contains technologies powered by NTT... Recognition 11.26.2014
DOCOMO Speech Recognition iOS SDK by NTT IT
This SDK provides an interface to the DOCOMO Speech Recognition API, enabling speech recognition to be added to Android applications. This particular iOS SDK contains technologies powered by NTT IT... Voice 11.26.2014
DOCOMO Text to Speech Android SDK
DOCOMO's Text to Speech API accepts inputted text in English, Katakana or Hiragana, and translates this into a natural sounding spoken voice. The API can be integrated into an Android... Text-to-Speech 10.27.2014
DOCOMO Text to Speech iOS SDK
DOCOMO's Text to Speech API accepts inputted text in English, Katakana or Hiragana, and translates this into a natural sounding spoken voice. The API can be integrated into an iOS application... Text-to-Speech 10.27.2014
DOCOMO Text to Speech Java SDK
DOCOMO's Text to Speech API accepts inputted text in English, Katakana or Hiragana, and translates this into a natural sounding spoken voice. The API can be integrated into a Java application... Text-to-Speech 10.27.2014
MindMeld SDK Android
MindMeld Android SDK site shows interface summary with respective interfaces and descriptions along with class summary with corresponding classes and descriptions. The majority of API calls and... Recognition 09.25.2014
MindMeld SDK JS
Expect Labs offers MindMeld Javascript SDK. In the site, users can find links to Github repository and MindMeld API. They also can review guides to install the SDK. To get started with integration,... Recognition 09.25.2014
MindMeld SDK iOS
References of MindMeld SDK are available for developers in the documentation site. The majority of API calls and responses are made from the MMApp object. In the sample applications section,... Recognition 09.25.2014
MindMeld Android SDK
The MindMeld Android SDK by Expect Labs is a set of development tools that enable developers to add voice-driven search to their Android applications. The most important functionality of this... Voice 09.22.2014
Name Description Category Date
Address Change
This example shows how to build a voice application that collects and changes caller address information.  This sample makes use of speech recognition and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free... Telephony 09.07.2010
Benefits Enrollment
This demonstration shows how to build a system that allows employees to enroll for benefits over the phone.  The application uses the QuickFuse interface and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free... Telephony 09.07.2010
Order Processing
This application demonstrates how to build an order and payment processing voice application using QuickFuse and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. Telephony 09.07.2010
Account Status
This sample application shows how to create a simple call flow that will query a database system to provide a caller with their account balance. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to... Telephony 09.07.2010
Ruby Yahoo! Weather
Asks for a 5-digit zipcode entry then retrieves and speaks weather info from Weather 07.26.2010
Python Yahoo! Weather app for Twitter
Asks for a 5-digit zipcode entry, then retrieves and sends weather info from to a Twitter account. Weather 07.26.2010
Python Newsreader
Reads the titles from Slashdot's RSS feed. Telephony 07.26.2010
Groovy Traffic
Simple Tropo mashup which allows the caller to enter a zipcode and hear a list of traffic incidents provided by Yahoo! Local. Telephony 07.26.2010
.NET Twilio Libraries
Applications used in coordination provide all of the needed .NET wrappers for quickly building .NET Twilio Applicatoins Telephony 06.05.2010
Twilio Sandbox CallerID registration
Lets you register the Twilio sandbox number as an outgoing CallerID Voice 06.04.2010