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Orange Wifi Locator
The Orange Wifi Locator API lets developers to integrate the Orange wifi hotspots locator into their applications, enabling their customers to locate the nearest Orange hotspot in their area. This... Wi-Fi 04.21.2015
Workfrom Places
Workfrom Places API allows developers to integrate its services into their applications, enabling their users to find cafes, bars, coffee shops, libraries and dedicated coworking spaces with WiFi,... Wi-Fi 03.29.2015
Hotel WiFi Test
The Hotel WiFi Test REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Hotel WiFi Test. Some example API methods include retrieving WiFi information by hotels, retrieving... Hotels 03.23.2015
Print From Windows Phone
Print From Windows Phone offers an API in SOAP format that can be used to send documents to print using the print spooler software. Users need to install the software on the PC to connect to the... Printing 09.08.2014
IronWifi provides network authentication service via hosted RADIUS servers, that can be deployed within minutes. The API provides authentication for users, visitors or mobile devices, before allowing... Security 07.29.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Wifi and Plugs
This nifty app shows locations in London where you can be sure to get Wi-Fi and Plugs. Data is sourced from and user submitted entries. Wi-Fi 04.26.2014
4sqwifi enables users to find nearby WiFi hotspots along with the password. It works for locations worldwide. It uses Foursquare's API and its user-generated venue tips. Wi-Fi 01.03.2012
Ennovation HotSpot
Chinese-oriented WiFi hotspot web database, which is available from mobile XHTML as well. Content in Chinese. The database is increasing and an API for mobile and web is planned. Search 06.13.2009 is a socially-driven wifi locator. Find hot spots near you and all of their essential details. Collaborate with our community by rating wifi speeds and adding your favorite wifi... Wi-Fi 03.12.2009
Turf Stomping
Turf Stomping is a location-based turf battle game that rewards and encourages traveling and learning about different neighborhoods. This game requires a laptop and works anywhere in the world where... Mapping 12.06.2008
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Name Description Category Date
Cup of NYC
A Google Maps mashup of coffee houses in New York. New York City 01.25.2007
wi-Map Bristol
A map of wireless networks and their coverage in the centre of Bristol UK. Mapping 01.22.2007
Easy to use mashup for finding Free and Pay WiFi hotspots in the US. Search by address or browse by double clicking on the map. Extensive listings. Wi-Fi 01.02.2007
Rhapsody Remote
Use this mashup to turn your Pocket PC into a remote control to search through the Rhapsody catalog, queue up songs and control the Rhapsody client software all from a WiFi connected handheld. Music 12.18.2006
Findmesomewifi uses Google Maps to display the locations of wifi hotspots, wordwide. Many sources listed via large database. Wi-Fi 11.21.2006
Find WiFi Hotspots by Cell Phone
Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator finds the closest Wi-Fi hotspots in a given location. You are closer to the internet then you realize, we just help you get connected. SMS, WAP and email. Messaging 05.30.2006
Realtime WiFi Map for Montreal
Google Maps mashup of the Iles Sans Fil WiFi network in Montreal, Canada. Note: loads slowly. Mapping 05.11.2006

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