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The Genius REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Genius with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving and posting annotations, retrieving... Annotations 06.05.2015
IBM Watson Concept Insights
The IBM Concept Insights API enables developers to work with concepts and identify conceptual associations in the content they submit. The provided content is auto-tagged against a concept graph,... Text 02.10.2015
Dandelion Wikisearch
With this experimental API, users could find Wikipedia pages if they can't recall the exact title. Dandelion Wikisearch can be useful for developers who work with Internet data and who are... Wiki 09.10.2014
Wikisearch is a semantic search API that helps you find the specific Wikipedia page you’re looking for. It's designed to work even if you don’t remember its exact title, or have only a vague... Search 08.07.2014
Robust Links
Robust Links indexes online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia or the U.S. Census. Robust Links offers several services derived from this indexed data, some of which are exposed via API.... Tools 01.12.2014
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Name Description Category Date
My Wikia
My Wikia is a mobile application for Wikia, a resource for pop culture topics such as movies, video games, TV shows, and more. My Wikia is designed for iPad. Wiki 10.27.2014
Display the best twick about a topic above the wikipedia article. Site is in German. Wiki 03.24.2011
Wikipedia Mobile
See wikipedia articles faster and more economic in mobile devices. You can find and read any Wikipedia article more clearly and quickly on your mobile device. Wiki 10.30.2010
A historical library of Academy Award-nominated films. A visual carousel with information from Wikipedia and Amazon. A cover-flow style interface to film history. Video 04.13.2010
Search Wiki
Create and modify custom search engines including Google AJAX Search. Wiki 07.28.2009
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Name Description Category Date
AskJot is a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords. Use its page analysis to find keyword links to custom search results pages that search multiple services at once for that keyword. Reference 11.21.2008 - Map of Video and Wikipedia
MapOfVideo lets you find videos and Wikipedia articles related to a specific location identified using Google Maps. Winner of AOL Truveo video mashup contest. Video 08.15.2008
Wikipedia Roll
Wikipedia-roll is a global and dynamic version of articles from Wikipedia. Gives access to a global vision of a subject through the definition and items of the article in Wikipedia. Then by mashup... Wiki 07.22.2008
Search and Map Wiki
This mashup is a Geo-wiki which helps you to map wikipedia. Mapping 06.13.2008
Search Videos by Location
Search for a place or browse the map to find Wikipedia articles and videos associated with that location. Video 06.02.2008
The BricaBox Platform is a hosted community CMS, collaboration, wiki designed for social content applications. Wiki 05.05.2008
ClickPoint is a little game with OpenLayers and Google Maps. The goal of the game is to find random places on the map. Mapping 04.24.2008
Deki Wiki Digg Extension
An extension for the Deki Wiki platform that contains functions for accessing stories from Digg. Wiki 03.29.2008
Deki Wiki Twitter Extension
An extension for open source Mindtouch Deki Wiki platform that allows integration of Twitter data. Wiki 03.29.2008
Babelplex Bilingual Search makes it possible to perform a bilingual search of the World Wide Web, images, videos, and Wikipedia. Wiki 03.25.2008

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