53 Books APIs: Google Books, Goodreads and SharedBook

Wendell Santos
Mar. 13 2012, 08:00AM EDT

Our API directory now includes 53 books APIs. The newest is the Readmill API, a social platform for eReaders which we recently covered. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Books API. We list 11 Google Books mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of books APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 44 books REST APIs and 8 books SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 35 books XML APIs and 21 books JSON APIs.

The most common tags within books are 16 reference books APIs, 11 social books APIs and 10 library books APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 83 books mashups. We named Small Demons as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 53 books APIs.

  Abundant Barnes & Noble Price API: Book price retrieval service

  aNobii API: Book sharing service

  Bertram Books API: UK book retailing service

  Bible Gateway API: Bible lookup services

  Bible Lookup API: Bible lookup service

  bkkeepr API: Book reading social services

  Blurb API: Social book publishing platform

  Bol.com API: Dutch online retail store

  Book Glutton API: Convert HTML to EPUB

  Bookleteer API: Craft booklet creation service

  BookMooch API: Books exchange service

  Bookshare API: Accessible Books For Readers with Print Disabilities

  Bookworm ePub Reader API: Online book management service

  Bowker Book Metadata Service API: Book descriptive metadata service

  CatalogWS API: Academic library

  Copac API: Search UK libraries

  Direct Textbook API: Book price comparison service

  ESV Bible Lookup API: Bible lookup service

  Feedbooks API: Mobile book and RSS services

  Goodreads API: Book search and social book services

  Google Book Search Book Viewability API: Book search

  Google Books API: Book search services

  Hathi Trust Data Distribution API: Library catalog search service

  hon.jp API: Japanese eBook metadata service

  I'vRead API: Social Reading Record

  iTrackmine Simple API: Collection sharing service

  Library of Congress SRW API: Information database search

  Library of Congress Subject Headings API: Access to the Library of Congress Subject Headings

  LibraryThing API: Books database and community

  Living Stones API: Bible lookup service

  Luzme API: Ebook price data engine

  New York Times Best Sellers API: New York Times best-seller lists data

  O'Reilly Product Metadata Interface API: Book and publishing industry metadata interface

  Open Library API: Library data access

  OReilly Safari API: Book search

  PaperBack Swap API: Book exchange service

  PubEasy API: Publishing and book sales information service

  Random House API: Book search and viewing service

  Readernaut API: Social book review service

  Readmill API: Online eBook discussion platform

  ReadSocial API: Social reading service for reading applications

  SendToReader API: Send web pages to Kindle devices

  SharedBook API: On-demand reverse publishing system

  SharedBookshelves API: Book sharing service

  TasteKid API: Taste discovery service

  Unglue.it API: Digital content relicensing service

  USA Today Best-Selling Books API: Best-Selling Books Information Service

  USA Today Book Reviews API: Book review service

  What's on My Bookshelf API: Book trading community service

  WorldCat Identities API: Library data access

  WorldCat Search API: Library data access

  WorldCat xISBN API: ISBN and book edition linking service

  Yonda4 API: Reading lists and recommendations

Wendell Santos