Dropbox for Business

The Dropbox for Business API enables businesses to manage the lifecycle of their employee file sharing accounts with Dropbox. With the ability to perform Core API functions across all members of a team, the API can be used to view team usage statistics, check an audit log, and perform admin functions for team management. The API allows access to 4 basic parameters: Team information – an aggregation of team data, Team auditing – the team activity log, Team member file access – admin functionality grants the ability to perform any normal Dropbox action as any team member, and Team member management – a function that enables the creation, deletion, and editing of team members. The API accepts standard OAuth2.0 for authentication, is accessible over HTTP, and returns a JSON object.

Dropbox Core SDKs

The Dropbox Core API SDKs provide developers with several platform SDKs that they can import into their development environment. Developers can choose from different platform-specific libraries that wrap the raw HTTP calls to the Dropbox API. The SDKs are designed to shorten the distance between application and Dropbox integration. Supported languages & operating systems include:Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Android, iOS, & OS X.
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September 22, 2014

Dropbox Datastore

Dropbox Datastore API enables developers to store and sync structured data such as contacts, to-do-items, and more. This API lets developers to store and manage their application's data. Each datastore contains a set of tables, and each table contains a set of records that exist on their data. It can be accessed on multiple platforms both online and offline.

Dropbox Sync

Dropbox Sync API enables developers to integrate its features in their applications. The different features that Sync API has include reading, creating and modifying files, meanwhile Sync API is working in the background to automatically update any data that the users have.