IBM Watson Machine Translation

The IBM Machine Translation API enables developers to translate text from one language to another. This is a beta release and may not be supported after a new beta is released or when the service leaves beta. As a result, this API is not recommended for production use. IBM Machine Translation is part of the Watson Developer Cloud.

IBM Watson Language Identification

The IBM Language Identification API allows developers to detect the language of any text sample that uses UTF-8 character encoding. This API is offered as part of the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, which is hosted on the Bluemix platform. Sample applications using the API with Bluemix are provided in Java, Node.js, and Ruby.

IBM Watson Concept Insights

The IBM Concept Insights API enables developers to work with concepts and identify conceptual associations in the content they submit. The provided content is auto-tagged against a concept graph, which is based on the contents of the English language Wikipedia. Terms are then linked to other Wikipedia concepts that are related but not explicitly mentioned in the provided content.

IBM Watson Concept Expansion

The IBM Concept Expansion API allows users to quickly expand and enrich a concept set to improve the performance of their analytics using IBM Watson. IBM Concept Expansion uses machine learning to take a known concept set and learn from it to reveal similar additional terminology. This service is ideal for use with unstructured source text that doesn't contain well-formed language, such as email, social media posts, and other informal communications.