LinkedIn JavaScript SDK

LinkedIn connects over 200 million professionals worldwide. Because the API works with all languages, the JavaScript SDK functions as a console to try a variety of calls against the JS API without posting the pages to a server. Mainly developers will encounter examples with login, members, sharing, company profile, status, recommend, and people search features provided by LinkedIn. With this SDK and the number of resources available on the site, web and mobile applications can be developed with the goals to drive traffic, grow user base, and increase engagement.
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December 22, 2014

LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn is a social network service for professionals. The API LinkedIn People Search could help developers to access information about people. This is an API about personal information. As LinkedIn discloses in their website, this API is part of the Vetted Access Program. It is recommended to obtain approval from the company first. The following permissions are required: basic profile default, all or none grant, optimization for 3 permissions and permission changes. Similarly, the next calls are offered: user’s own data, user’s network data, groups data and company data. The API format is XML and requires OAuth for authentication.