Twilio JavaScript Library

The Twilio.js library allows developers to establish audio connections between a web browser and a Twilio Application. Including the Twilio.js library gives developers access to a couple of objects. One, Twilio.Device, allows one to make outbound connections, accept incoming connections, and set up connection event handlers. Another object, Twilio.Connection, allows an application to interact with a call as it is happening -- mute, unmute, or send DTMF tones. The extensive documentation includes a Quick Start option.
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November 26, 2014

Twilio Client

Twilio Client allows browsers and devices to receive and send voice calls. This API could be valuable to integrate softphones, web conferencing, and click-to-talk services in applications. The site shows a quickstart guide in PHP where users can make calls from a browser, receive calls in a browser, and make calls between two browsers. Some of the prerequisites include a browser that supports Twilio client, an account, a web server to test the sample code, and a Twilio helper library. The library can be found in a redirected link and the code can be downloaded in a zipfile.

Twilio Voice

Twilio, a cloud communications company, offers Twilio voice, an API that can access phone accounts, numbers, calls, texts, and recordings. This could be helpful particularly for developers who want to gain new customers, because the service provides a wide variety of methods to understand clients' information. This API is about voice in telephonic environments. The site displays guides for calls, call queues, messaging, phone numbers, usage, accounts, and applications. Users can receive support through Twilio forum.

Twilio MMS

With Twilio, users can send and receive multimedia messages in US and Canada from one application with the aim to improve mobile marketing. The main value of the MMS API is that replaces the previous SMS API, offering updated documentation for developers. This API could be beneficial for clients who want to promote visual content to their consumers. Some of the resources available include URI, properties, message status values, and delivery errors. Additionally, the site displays examples in JSON, XML, PHP, Python, C#, Java, Ruby, and Node.js.